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By THOMAS LONG, B. D. One of the Pre-

bendaries of that Church.

Exod. xvi. 8.
Your marmurings are not against us, but against the Lord.

Printed for Richard Royston, and are to be Sold by George

May, Bookseller in Exon. MDCLXXX.

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Right Reverend Father in GOD T H O M A S Lord Bishop of

{amplugh E X E T E R:


HIS Sermon not reaching the ears of those for
whom it was chiefly intended, I have by your Lord-
ships dire&tion offered it to their hands

, that it may be as a Glass not only to fhew them their distorted

faces but infectious breaths, which may fix Some Spots on the glass it Self

, but such as (I doubt not ) will be easily wiped off. 1 have attempted a very difficult work, The governing of an unruly evil

, for as St. James sayes, every kind of beasts Chap.3.7: and serpents have been tamed by man, except the

Serpent that is within him, the Tongue,which no man can tame. It was made to be our Glory, but we generally turn it to our shame, especially while therewith we seem to bless God, but curse and Speak evil of those who bear most of his Image, bis Magistrates and Ministers

, v. 9. It is


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The Epistle DedicatORY. full of deadly poyson, such as never hurts less than three at once, the person sandered in his good name, by Calumny; the person that listeneth to him, in his Charity, by Prejudice and evil surmises; and himself most of all, by doing the Devils work in Nandering his brethren, v. 8. It is a Fire, faith St. James, v.6. and the worst of fires, for it is set on fire of hell; (i, e.) the Devil the father of lyes; He is that god of Contention who imploys these boutefeaus as Mars did his Priests to scatter Coals of fire in ihe Temple and inflame the whole course of Nature. Oiher evils be seen and avoided, but the shoots out arrows that fly as invisibly in the day as in the dark;. it is of such a Versatile and Proteus-like nature, thai no knot can hold it, but it defies the Laws of God and man. Our tongues are our own, we ought to speak, who is Lord over us? Psal. 12.

I should not have enlarged this discourse but that I per: ceive Calumny is become the malus genius of the Nation, which seems to be pollessed not with a dumb. but a talka: tive Spirit

, that hath turned Religion into. lying and slan, dering. And such, mens Religion, St. James assures us, is vain, ch. 1.26. 'Tis like that wherewith the. Dotaries of Mercury did worship him by casting Stones at his Image and murdering their brethren in Effigie

. Our Apojile discovers the root of this evil to be a bitter zeal, or envying and strife in the heart: the blistering of the tongue is caused by an ulcerous heart; and tis from within out of


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