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ihe heart that all these impurities do proceed. Wherefore according to our Saviours method, I have endeavoured to cleanse first that which is within, and to suppreß the first motions of murmuring and discontent, by applying the lenitives of Right reason and Christian Religion which teacheth us to be of a meek and calm, a cool and quiet Spirit, to do our own busines, and be content with such things as we have, and not to quarrel at the providences of God and the Administration of publick affairs.

But now men are grown presumptuous, self-willed, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities and things which they understand not, 2 Pet.2.10. They are not afraid to insinuate as if the King favoured the plot, which hath been declared to be against His Majesties person, and the Established Religion. They quarrel tbe Succession, and would put by the true and undoubted Heir. They insinuate that His Majesty is no friend to Parliaments, and would Rule us by an Arbitrary power. And to the Church of England, they accuse ir for declining apace to Popery, and approving Popish, Socinian and Pelagian Dočtrines, as Lowes du Moulin, and the Author of the Celeusma'; when it is confessed by foreign Divines, ihat it is the greatest fence against those pernicious error They talk as if the church. Governours were mere Thorns, and the infiruments of the Devil , exercising Tyranny and

Oppression, whereas the termes of Conformity - as».to se


The Epistle DEDICATORY, people, are confessed to be much more facile, than ever They were since the first Reformation. And in truth the Indulgence granted to such men hath destroyed more by 1000 to one, than that which they call persecution (i.e.) the execution of good laws. They tell the people of an utter impossibility of Conforming to the Church of England, because of many heinous fins in that conformity, (Baxter's Plea for peace,) and that the conformists are generally guilty of Perjury. And these baits are dispersed through the Nation, and greedily Swallowed by the Credulous people who consider not what deadly hooks are under them. And how great a matter a little of such wild fire kindleth! Against these false suggestions and dangerous murmurings, the ensuing dis. course is intended.

The Persians were wont to observe an Anniversary Festival which they called the death of Vices; and as an Embleme thereof, they destroyed as many Serpents as they found in the Land. I could not devise how to celebrate this happy Festival better than by endeavouring the mortification of those murmuring and discon. tented vices which were the cause of our former troubles, and reduced us to fo lowo a condition, that none but Gods own hand could deliver us, as with all thankfulness we acknowledge. But as Ezra says, ch.9.13. If after all that is come upon us for our evil deeds, for which God hath punished us less than we de


ferve, and hath given us such deliverance as this, we should again break his Commandments, and neither fear him for bis Judgments

, nor obey him for his Clemency, but continue to be as our Faihers were, a murmuring and rebellious gener ation, may not our God be justly angry with us, till he have consumned us so that there be no remnant nor escaping? May we not fear that he will deal with us as he did with the murmuring Ifraelites

, who for forty years together under the various and miraculous dispensations of mercies and judgments fo grieved his Holy Spirit that he Swore in his wrath they should never into his rest? Psal

. 95. Our fins have really brought us to that brink of destruktion which our guilty fears make us to apprehend with horror, and yet we strive with all our might to cast each other into that gulf which like an open Sepulchre is prepared to swallow us all. Archimedes is said to have invented such an Engine, as if he could have found where to fix it, he would have undertaken by it to remove the Globe of the Earth out of its place. This Engine some Mathematicians suppose to have been a Screw; which lost invention, some of our Age hape recovered. And if male-contented Spirits be permitted to insinuate to the hearts of the credulous people

, their fears and jealousies

, their lyes and Nanders, their murmurings and discontent, they would in a short time remove the well Established Foundations of Church and State.


The Epistle DEDICATORY. The God of Peace, Unity and Concord who stilleth the raging of the Sea, allay the madneß of such people. And give us all that peace which the world cannot give; that our hearts


be set to obey his Com"mandments, and also that by him we being defended - from the fear of our enemies, may pass our time in "rest and quietnes, through the merits of Jesus Christ our

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6. Saviour.

So daily prayeth

Your Lordships most Humble

and Obliged Servant,



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Say not thou, what is the cause that the for

mer days were better than these? For thou dost not inquire wisely concerning this.


HERE is nothing wanting to complete the Solemnity of this Day, or indeed the happiness of the Whole Nation, besides Thankful and

Obedient hearts to God and the King, for the many incomparable blessings which under them we now enjoy. That character which the Royal Prophet gives, Pfal. 144. of a blessed people, agrees well with us : for first, (which is the foundation of all ) we have the Lord to be our God, v. last. And our God hath given Salvation to our King, ver, 10. He hath delivered David his Servant from the peril of the Sword. And again, he hath delivered



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