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Of the whole Book of


Lively describing the Estate of the Church in all the Ages thereof, both Jewilh

and Christian, to this day. And modestly pointing at the Gloriousnelle of the reftored Estate of the Church of the Jewes, and the happy accede of the Gentiles, in the approaching dayes of Reformation, when the

Wall of Partition thall be taken away. A Work very usefull and seasonable to every Christian; but especially such as endeavour and thirst after the ferling of Church and Scare, according to the Rule

and Patternc of the Word of God.

Written by that Learned and Godly Divine fobre
Cotton, Batchelor of Divinity; and now Paftor of the

Congregation ar Bofton in New-England.

Printed by J. Young for Charles Green, and are to be

fold at the Signe of the Gun in Ivie. Lane, 1648.

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opened and explained.



He Song of fongs, which is Solomons.

2 Let bim kisle me with the killes of bis mouth : for thy love is better then wine.

3 Because of the favour of thy good ointments,thyName is as ointment powered forth, therefore doe the Virgins love tbee.

4 Draw me, we will run after thee : the King bath brought me into his chambers : we will be glad and rejoyce in thee, we will remember thy love more tben wine, tbe upright love thee.

5 I am blacke , but comely, co ye daughters of Jerusalem) as tbe Tents of Kedar, as the curtaines of Solomon.

6 Looke not upor me because I am blacke, because

A 2



The Song of songs. Chapi. the Sunne batb looked upon me : my Mothers children were angry with me, they made me the keeper of the Vineyards, but my own Vineyard have I not kept. 7

Tell me, (O thou whom my soule loveth) where thou feedest, where thou makest thy flocke to rest at noon : for why should I be as one that turneth aside by the flocks of thy, companions ?

8 If thou know not (O thou faire ft among women) goe thy way forth by the footsteps of tby flocke, and feed thy kiddes besides the shepheards tents.

g I have compared thee, O my love, to a company of horses in Pharaobs chariots.

10 Тby cbeeks are comely with ropes of jewels, thy neck with chaines of gold.

11 We will make thee borders of gold, with studs of silver.

12 While the King fitteth at his table ,my Spikenard spendetb forth the smell thereof.

13. A bundle of myrrhe is my welbeloved unto me, be shall lie all night beropixt my breasts.

14 My beloved is unto me, as a cluster of Camphire in the Vineyards of En-gedi.

15 Bebold, thou art faire my love : bebold, thox art faire, and baft doves eyes.

16 Behold, thou art faire, my beloved, yea, pleaSant : also our bed is green.

17 The beames of our house arc Cedar, and our rafters of firre.



Love-songs ancient.


title of the 45.

Cant.1. ver. 1. The Song of songs, which is

Ver.2. Let him kisse me with the kisses of his

mouth, for thy love is better then wine. IT was the manner of ancient times, at Espousalls and Nuptialls to indite and fing* (Epithalamia) love-songs : a The * Ruth



feeme to be 11, 12. penned by one of the chiefe singers of the a t'fal.4s. Temple , (who now were all of them Prophets; t Asaph, Heman, Feduthun,) t-Chron. upon occasion of Solomons marriage -5.1.c0 . with Pharaohs daughter ; for though shee was a stranger by birth from the common-wealth of Israel, yet his marriage was lawfull with her: And therefore, notwithstanding this marriage, his love to God is still commended, Solo- b King. mon made affinity with Pharaoh King of E

c verse 3. gypt, and c Solomon loved the Lord, &c. For indeed herein Solomon was,

First, a type of Christ, admitting the Gentiles into the fellowship of his marriage-bed.

Secondly, this Pharaohs daughter be

B 3


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