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* ¡Cor. 11. 23,34. & 14.26, 48.

* A&.4.

1, 3. &







116 The beauty of the Primitive Churches. Ch.4.

without mixture of humane inventions*.

2. Order, decency, edification of all aimed at in all the duties administred,"

3. Fervency and frequency in prayer* 31. & 13. and fasting.

Thirdly, looke at their Christian com,

múnion, and you may see, * A&.4.

1. Their unity one with another

2. Love, and large-heartednesse one † A&.4

towards another t, especially to their Mi+ Gal.4.

nisters *.

Fourthly, looke to their Discipline, and you may see the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Presbyters, Pastors, Teachers, first, teaching ; secondly, exhorting; thirdly, ruling: and all by, first, preaching ; secondly, writing; thirdly, private conference, fourthly, good examples :

(No Churches unprovided of Presby* A&.14. ters, in the plurall number *.)

Thirdly, the Deacons providing for the poore, Act.6.3.-6.;

Fourthly, both forts chosen by the Church, &.6.3,5.

Fifthly , Excommunications dispensed 1 Cor.5. upon weighty occasions, and with great pred Cor. reverence, and with good successe. 2.63-8. Sixthly , Synods imposing no other





Ch.4.The fiituation of Lebaron and Amána. but necessary things either in themselves, or for the present use of the Church, Ats 15. 26.

This comely frame and order of the Church Paul beholding, joyed in it* The Church was now called a Spouse after Christ had taken our nature upon

* Col.2.5


Come with me from Lebanon, (my Spouse) | Verse 3. with mee from Lebanon : looke from the top of Amana, from the top of Shenir and Hermon, from the Lions dens, from the mountains of the Leopards.

Come with me from Lebanon.] It is a famous hill in the urtermost border of Israel northward: Amana a bill more northward on the west of Syria, looking into Syria, Mesopotamia, Cilicia, & all Asia the less.

Hermon and Shenir. jTwo names of the same hill,though happely given to divers parts, called also Syrion or Sien *.

The Lions dens and mountaines of the 9.& 4048. Leopards. ] Jerusalem † and the Temple + Mat.21. in our Saviours time was made a den of theeves and robbers; but in the Apostles | .7. time, after the Ascension, the Rulers Luke 19. grew more fierce and cruell, spilling the bloud of Stephen, and making havocke of


* Deut. 3.

13, Mar.12.



H 3

118 Christ hath removes for his Church. Ch.4.

the Church : So then in this verse, Christ calls his Church of the Christian Jewęs,

First, to behold from Lebanon, Hermon, Amana, the Church of the Gentiles gathered in Antioch, Phenice, Cyrene, Cyprus, do.

Secondly, to come out from those dens of ravenous persecutors at Jerufalem, and to prepare her felfe to dwell among the Gentiles. Upon the persecution of Stephen the faithfull wandred into these parts, and preached the Gospell

partly to the Jewes, and after to the * A&.11. 1 Gentiles also * ; whereupon great num+ AA.11.

bers of the Gentiles beleevedt: Which when tydings thereof came to Jerusalem, it was as the voice of Christ calling the Church of Jerufalem to send Barnabas to

them, to see the Churches there and to ver. 22. establish them *. Afterwards when the

Church of the Genciles increased in number and grace, and the Jewes increased and grew up in blasphemy and rage against the Gospell, Christ called his Church at Jerusalem to leave those dens and mountaines of Lions and Leopards.

My fifter. ] This implieth that Christ




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A&. 22• 21.& 13: 46. Verse 2:


Ch.4. The Church of the Gentiles called Sister. 119 now speaketh not to the mother Church of the Jewes, but to a fister Church, the Church of the Gentiles, such a sister as is also a spouse, a true Church, now first called a fister by reason of the accession of the Church of the Gentiles.

Thou haft ravished my heart, my sister, many spouse, thou haft ravished my heart with one of thine eyes, with one chaine of thy neck.

Thou hast ravished my heart, thou hast ravished my heart. This implies that Christ was overcome exceedingly with the love of the Church: for such repetitions imply, in the Hebrew. Phrase, a superlative excellency.

This Church so affecting Christ was Antioch,the first Church of the Gentiles, feared between Amana and Lebanon : for Barnabas, seeing the grace of God upon them, was not a little glad of it, so that his spirit was stirred up to exhort them to continue and grow up went out and fought Saul, to bring him 13,24: among

and they both spent a whole yeare there, and did winne much people, so that that Church was first called Christian, they first had their husbands name, the name of Christ first put



; yea, hee * A&.11.

them* ,

ver.253 26.

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H 4


27, 28. & 13.1.

who and what the Churches eyes. Ch.4. upon them, for the forwardnesle of his love to them and theirs to him.

With one of thy eyes.] The eyes of the Church are severall', according as the Church may be severally considered : for if the Church be considered as assembled together to publike duties, fo the Ministers of the Church are the eyes, amongst

whom they at Antioch excelled, as Aga+ A&.11. bus tand others; among whom the Lord

was efpecially delighted with Barnabas and Saul, who were sent immediately by

the Spirit of Christ to enlighten all the * A&.13. neighbour countries. So they two, joy2. to A A. ned in one office, were as one eye to en

lighten all the parts. But if the Church be considered in the members


the + John 8. eyes thereof are knowledge and faitht:

In this Church faith excelled, resting upon Christ alone without Moses his Cere

monies, which the Jewes would have * A&.15. thrust upon them *.

With one chaine of thy necke.] Chaines + Cant.r. fignified Lawes † binding as chaines.

Now the Church of Antioch sending up Paul and Barnabas to Jerusalem, about the contention which Cerinthus (as the stories thinke) and others raised at An



1, 3, 3:


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