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Chap.i. . . Kisses of his mouth, what...? 15 mouth, doc.] It is a prayer ofthe Church, or (which is all one) some chiefe member of it, for a pledge of Christs, sweet and familiar acquaintance, and love, and fellowship with her : Kisses are pledges and incentives of love. r Men (hall kiffe his lips Pro. 24 that answereth upright words. Tħis is the 26. effect of upright Answers , men kiffe his lips; but God kiffing a mans lips, is the cause of mans anfwering upright words; his breathing into our mouths a rightanfwer, maketh us speake accordingly:as, on the contrary, when one answers perversly, unjuftly, erroneonfly, Sacan then hath kissed them with his kisses, hee hath fitteen as a

lying spirit in their mouths.

22:23,14 [The kisses of his mouth, ] which is more then the kisses of his lips , the one is a filent gesture of love, the other implyeth also amiable speeches, when Christ,

First, bythe voyce of his Word, or w

Secondly, by the breath of his fpirit, doch either,

is First, put wisdome or grace into our hearts, or

! Secondly, fpcake peace or comfort to our soules.


I creo

* 1 King


Pfal 119





16 Spirituall wisdome brings peace. Chap.i. [Ifa.37. SI create the fruit of the lips, peace, peace,

&c. Solomons wisdome is the grace of Pov. 17. God, as wickednesse is folly; + The beginu Ecclef. ning of this wisdome is the feare of God, u the

end of it is the keeping of Gods Commande

ments. This wisdome who fo findes, findes *Pro.8.

Christ, * the wisdome of the Father, in

whom God is well pleased with us, and Mar. 3037. in whom 'he (as it were) kisseth us: this

wifdome doth not only enable us to walk godlily to our salvation, but likewise fits us to goe in and out before our families, before our people, and so enlarges us to all duties of our callings: And to walk in the wayes of this wisdome, brings peace

to our soules, and to those that live under y Pro.z.17 us. Y All her paths are peace.

For thy love is better i hen wine. ] The favour of God in giving wisdome, and

thereby peace to a mans felfe and others * Pfa, 104. depending on him, is more worth then

wine, (that is) then whatsoever makes Pro.3.13. the heart of man * glad. This prayer 31.6,7

was powred out by Solomon, the chiefert Jud.9.13. member of the Church in this time, when * 1 King-3 he prayed for wisdome, t and preferred

Chron. it before long life , riches, victory over 1.7,10,11. his enemies, &c. Pro. 16.10






Chap.i. Spirituall graces called ointments.

17 Or else this whole verse may expresse the desire of the Church to Solomon, that he would expresse his love to her by his divine Sentences, * and Bookes , and * Ecclef. Songs, which are better then their civill | 12.9. peace, then the sitting under their own + 1 Kin.4. Vine and Fig tree.

Because of the favour of thy good oynt- Verse 3. ments.} Good ointments are the gifts and graces of Gods Spirit, a But the anointing a Job,227 which ye have received of him, &c. fo called, because they heale a broken heart as boyle : the oyle of Gods grace heals the b Luke 10. bruises of the foule.

Secondly, as oyle doth make the face isa.61.3. to shine, clo doe they.

c Pla. 104 Thirdly, d as by the holy oyles all the i !5. vessels of the Tabernacle were consecra

d Exo.10. ted; so by these graces all the vessels of 23.36. mercy are consecrated to God. Fourthly, by the oyntment were anoin-1 c 1 Sam.

16.3. & ted to their offices e Kings, f Priests,gand 101: some Prophets; hso by these graces are * Exod.40 we anointed to God our Father in Christ, ?;!

g i King. i Kings, Priests, and Prophets. Savour is 19.16. the manifestation of these graces,as oynt- A&. 1.8. ments are manifested by their favour. Thy name is as an gntment powred forth.] Job. 11.3.

B 2


Eccl. 8. 1.

& 2.4,70
¡Rev. 1.6.

Verse 3.

Verse 3:

28. & 4.

18 Solomon honoured for his wisdome. Chap.i.

That is , precious, sweet, and famously renowned'; Therefore doe the Virgins love thee. The Virgins in this Song are such as

Christ hath not yet espoused to himselfe, k Can.8.8 'k nor spoken for in way of marriage; 1 Can 6.8

1 such as carnall Jewes, or the Gentiles.

Love thee.] That is,
First, honourably esteem thee.

Secondly, affect thy fight and fellow,

ship. m 1 King.

Thirdly, seeke after thee, m This was 31,34. &

fulfilled in Solomon : his owne people re5.7. & 10. i verenced him,even all of them; his name 1,7,8,9.

was famous in all nations round about him: all the Kings sent to him, and of all

people, some came to hear his wisdome. n King. The Queen of Sheba cometh from the

uttermost parts of the earth to heare it, & 0 1 King counteth his people happy under it:Hiram

King of Tyre blessedGod for his wisdom. Verse 4: Draw me.] It may well be the speech

of Solomon to Christ, praying that Christ would draw him to the Father, neer unto him in holy duties, and promising to bring all the people to run with him af. ter God. Or it may be the speech of the Church to Salomon, defiring him to draw them together, by publick edicts and


10.1, 2.


P 2 Chro.

2.2, 3

Verse 4.

Chap.1. What meant by Chambers.

19 proclamations, to the solemne duties of Gods worship, and promising to come freely , to runne together willingly in the times of such assemblies; which was done P.

The King hath brought me into his chambers.] That is, into those bride-chambers, where Christ familiarly converseth with them ; which were three.

First, the Tabernacle at Gibeon.
Secondly, the Ark at Jerusalem.
Thirdly, the Temple.

Into these , 9 Solomon brought the 9 2 Chro. whole congregation of Israel to folemne 1.2-6

i King. 8. facrifices.

5.-14. The words following in this verse, -63. shew a three-fold respect which the people beare to Solomon.

First, they rejoyced in him.

Secondly, they remember his love better then wine.

Thirdly, the upright love him.

Their rejoycing in him, is recorded : : King. their remembrance of his love more then | 8.66.7 wine, is there also implied; for departing from the meeting with such glad hearts, they afterward remembred the comfort thereof, as more blessed then the

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