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166 Want of watchfulnesse dangeroits. Ch.6.

is the true voice of Christ among them : This Church here could discern the voice of Christ even in her sleep, how much

more easily if she had been well awake? use 3. Thirdly, this is to exhort both Ministers

and other faithfull Christians to watchfulnesse, lest otherwise corruption in do+ Arine and worship grow amongst the people, till the locks of Christ be wholly dabled with superstitions ; the locks of

Christ, to wit, the common Christians. use 4: Fourthly, this


teach us to know : that they provide not well for the directi

on of their own judgements, that depend upon the voice of the ancient Churches for theirchief pattern and guidance in doAtrine and worship: who would build upon the words of a man (though otherwise a good man) when he is half aflé

Fifthły,herce we may difcern it is better the Church should open to Chrift,appearing before him in the naked fimplicity of his worship, then to cover our felves and his worship with the blankets and inyentions of mens weaving, which will but lull the Church alleep in drowsie performances of perfun&ory worship, and cause Christ to withdraw himself from us.


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Christ upon

Ch.6. Perfecutions inflame our affections. 167

Sixthly, this may teach us to know to ucc 6. our shame and griefe, that our drowsie hearts will neglectro open to his calling and knocking, unless he be pleased to put the finger of his spirit into our hearts, to open an entrance for himselfe.

Seventhly, the faithfull must not won- ufc 7. der, if, opening their hearts to Christ and fecking after him, sometimes they finde him nor; for it was so with the Church here, and hath been fo with the faithfull in all

ages : We negle&ing to receive him when hee offereth himself, we must not wonder if for a time he neglect us.

Eighthly,we may from hence learn that use 8. bad Ministers wil sooner bear with any disorder in people, then serious seeking after Christ and after the purity of ordinances.

Ninthly,we may here fee persecutions a- use 9. lienate not theaffections of the faithful,but infame them to more ardency and earnest pursuite after Christ, as this Church did.

Tenthly,it may be knownthe Church use 10. hath lyen in a deep sleep, when common Christians can more acknowledge the Church then Christ himself, when they can see her to be the faireft among memen, but know notanyeminentworth in Chrift.


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Faithfull Christians before Luther. Ch.6.

Eleventhly, che estate of many Churches, in many ages, maketh but one body of Christ, in every of which Christ manifesteth himself, in some members more eminently then in others.

. Twelvethly, Chrift had his faithfull people and members in the world before Luther was born ; yea, he shewed himself glorious in sundry of them, in the darkest times of Popery

Thirteenthly,in Christ it's well known there is nothing but what is lovely and desirable ; even persecutions for his fake are lovely and glorious.',

Fourteenthly, it is no comfort, or but finall, to know Christ to be every way precious and excellent , unlesse wee can also say, hee is ours: This is my beloved, this is my friend, Oyee daughters of Ferufalem.

Fifteenthly, the affectionate faithfull preaching and setting forth of Christ, stirreth up in others a faving knowledge of Christ, and hearty affection to him. The Church here describeth Christ affectionately and faithfully, speaketh of him as her owne;

whence the daughters of fe. rufalem are converted and stirred up to seek after him.


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Ch.6. The state of the Churchreformed. 169

Lastly, hearts truely touched with sin- fuse 16. cere defire after Christ, chose rather to seek him in the Church, in the fellowship of the Church,then by waies of separation, as this Church did : Whither is thy beloved turned afide ? that we may seeke him with thee.

My beloved is gone into his garden.] Cant... The holy Ghost in these words descens deth to set forth the state of the Church reformed by the Ministery of Luther, and other late Divines, as in the verfe following the calling of the fewes.

This reformed Church is diverfly described :

First, by Christs visitation of her, together with the ends thereof:

1. To feed in the gardens,
2. To gather lilies, verfe 2.

Secondly, by her mutuall fellowship with Christ, verse 3.

Thirdly, by her degrees of rising : wherein she is likened to be, verse 4. :

1. As Tirzah.
2. As ferufalem.
3. As an army with Banners.
Fourthly, by her members, ver. 5,6,7.
1. Eges.

2. Haire.


The fate of the Churcb reformed. Ch.6.

2. Haire.

3. Teeth.

4. Temples.

Fiftly, by compariug the severall reformed Churches, as amongst themselves, and preferring one above the rest of the reformed Churches there.

1. As Queenes, 60.
2. As Cancubines, 80.
3. As Virgins without number, verfe 8.
4. As a Dove ; and who,
First, to Christ is undefiled.

Secondly, to the whole Church as an onely dne, as a choice one.

Thirdly, to the rest :
1.1. Bleffed, to the Daughters.

2. Praised, to the Queenes and Concu bines, verse 8,9.

My beloved is gone downe into bis garden, to the beds of spices, to feed in the garden, and to gather lilies.

My beloved is gone down into his garden: ] The Church, which Christ next visited, and wherein he was first found in. that generall Apoftafie wherein the Church sought Christ and could not find him. In the former Chapter was the Church



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