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Ch.6.The Feroes whence and how to be called.

191 verse, either of both, together with these Churches that are as Qucenes and Concubines, doe give honourable testimony of these Congregations that are most reformed, and wish them all prosperity, the good things of this life, and a better.

To blesse is more than to praise : Praise is the acknowledging of any good thing in her, but blessing is the acknowledgement, First, of Divine good things : and

Secondly, those drawing the Churches and themselves therein neerer to God.

Who is see that looketh forth as the mor. Verle 10. ning, &c.] In these verses, the calling and 13. and arising of the Church of the Jewes is described by six Arguments:

First, by the unexpectednesse of her arising, joyned with the admiration of it, Who is the that looketh forth? ver.10.

Secondly, by the place of her arising, the morning or the East Countries.

Thirdly, by the degrees and beauty of
First, fresh as the morning.


her grace:

192 The Fewes whence and how to be called.Ch.6.

Secondly, faire as the Moon.
Thirdly, bright and cleer as the Sun.

Fourthly, terrible as an army with Banners, ver.Io.

Fourthly, by Christs visitation of her with the end of it, ver.ii.

Fifthly, by the unexpected helpes which this Church found for her return, verse 12.

Sixthly, by the earnestnesse of her calling given her, Return, Return, foure times repeated.

Who is this that looketh forth: ] These

words expresse the unexpected admirable Chap.3.6. arising of a new Church, and that after

the Reformed Churches of the Gentiles; she is a Shulamite, alluding to Salem, the ancient name of Ferusalem, the Mother City of the Jewes.

This Church then thus arising, is that of the Jewes which we look for ; whose beginning for sudden conversion of mul

titudes, shall be admirable to themselves Ifa.66.8.

and others. & 49.120

As the morning. ] Her arising is re

sembled by the morning, Revi6.

First, because this Church shall arise from the Easterne Countries.




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and 60,

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& 60, 21

Ch:6.The Femes shall be terrible, and to whom. 193

Secondly, her arising shall belike a new Refurre&tion from the deados:

Rom.11. Thirdly, her arising shall be speedily,

Ifa.$8.8. as the same phrase intimates.

Faire as the Moone, bright as the Sunne.] 19, 20. The Moone is faire by beauty communi- Ifa.6.1.23 cated to her from the Sun. In the Suns 'brightnesse is light, heat, refreshing, and all in a glorious manner. The Citizens Ifa 33.24 of that Church hall all at that time, or at least the body of them have their fins forgiven them by the righteousnesse of Christ imputed to them. They shall en Ifa.59.21. joy abundant light of heavenly know ledge. They fhall excell in purity of holineffe. They shall abound in confolatie ons to the refreshing of themselves and others.

Ifa.66.10, Terrible as an army with Banners. ] Read Rev.19.14,21. The Armies of the Jewes Thall be terrible to the Turkes and Tar

Ezek 38. fars, and to the false Prophet then driven from Rome by ten Christian Princes and associating himselfe to the Turke for suc

Zech.14 20, 21.


& 39. cha


I went downe into the Garden of Nuts?] The Jewifh Synagogues, so called, because of that voice of hardneffe and

N blindnesse

194 The Fewes fhall appeare unexpectedly.Ch.6. Rom.1s. I blindnesse drawne over their hearts, as

it were a hard Nut-shell over the Ker:

8, 10.

Cor.3. nell.


To see the fruits of the vallies. ] Valleyes lying in the shade between two mountaines, bring forth fruit late: so the Jewes are long before they bring forth fruit unto Christ.

To see whether the Vine flourished , and the Pomegranates budded.) The Jewes, thar for hardnesse of heart, are like a Garden of Nuts; yet when their conversion shall be wrought, will be as Vines and Pomegranates, bring forth

sweet and wholesome fruics to the reJudges 9. freshing of God and Man.

Or ever I was aware , my soule made me like the Charets of Amminadab.] Or set mee upon the Charets of a willing people; not that any thing cometh at unawares to Christ in his owne perfon; but because to his Ministers, that in his Name shall


into this Garden of Nuts,

The Jewes shall appeare unexpectedly, prepared to embrace Christs calling: they shall finde the Jewes as Charets of willing people, ready to march with





Ch.6.The Fowes called shall march in armies. 195 them; whitherfoever in Chrifts Name they shall call; their foule fhould no fooner desire it, but they should be set in all readineffe', where alfo is intimated the willing readinesfe of a willing people a

Ila 66.20. mong the Gentiles to convey the sewes and 4.9. into their Country, with Charéts, and | 23,24 Horses, and Dromedaries.

Returne, returne, o Shulamite : returne; Verse 13. return, that we may looke #ponthee : what will gee see in the Shulamite? as it were the company of two Armies.

Retarne , returne, O shulamite, returne..] This call fo often repeated, doth imply,

67. First, the earnestresse of the Ministers that shall them.

Secondly, the haste that they would have them to make in going through with their conversion,

That we may looke upon thee, or behold ther.] It is the desire of the Ministers, and of all the faithfull, to behold this glorious Church when thee shall be called.

What will ge fee in the Shalamite ? ] But, as it were, the company of two Armies, or the hoste of Mahanaimi:


Irai.62. v.

Gen 32.

This 1-2.

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