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The Song of songs. Chap.. the Sunne hath looked upon me : my Mothers children were angry with me, they made me the keeper of the Vineyards, but my own Vineyard have I not kept.

7 Tell me, so thou wbom my soule loveth) where thou feedest, where tbox makest thy flocke to rest at noon : for why should I be as one that turnetb aside by the flocks of thy, companions ?

8 If thou know not (thou fairest among women) goe thy way forth by the footsteps of tby Aocke, and feed thy kiddes besides the shepheards tents.

g I have compared thee, O my love, to a company of horses in Pharaobs chariots.

10 Thy cheeks are comely with rowes of jewels, thy neck with chaines of gold.

Il We will make thee borders of gold, with studs of silver.

12 While the King fitteth at bis table ,my spikenard spenderb forth the smell thereof.

13. A bundle of myrrhe is my welbeloved unto me, be spall-lje all night betwixt my breasts.

14 My beloved is unto me, as a cluster of Camphire in the Vineyards of En-gedi.

15 Behold, thou art faire my love : bebold, thou art faire, and baft doves eyes.

16 Behold, thou art faire, my beloved, yea, pleaSant : also our bed is green.

17 The beames of our house arc Cedar, and our rafters of firre.



Love-songs ancient.


Cant. s. ver. 1. The Song of songs, which is

Ver.2. Let him kisse me with the kisses of his

mouth, for thy love is better then wine.

* Ruth

title of the 45.

IT was the manner of ancient times, at

Espousalls and Nuptialls to indite and fing* (Epithalamia) love-songs : - The


feeme to be 11, 12. penned by one of the chiefe fingers of the a Temple , (who now were all of them Prophets; + Asaph, Heman, Feduthun,)t1 Chron upon occasion of Solomons marriage 25.5.60 5. with Pharaohs daughter; for though shee was a stranger by birth from the common-wealth of Israel, yet his marriage was lawfull with her: And therefore, notwithstanding this marriage, his love to God is still commended, Solo- b: King. mon nade affinity with Pharaoh King of E-ve: gypt, and c Solomon loved the Lord, foc. For indeed herein Solomon was,

First, a type of Christ, admitting the
Gentiles into the fellowship of his mar-
Secondly, this Pharaohs daughter be-


c verse 3.


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The use of marriage-fongs. Chap.I.

came a Profelyte to the Jewish Religion, d Pfal 45. a Hearken (oh Daughter) and consider, and

incline tbine care ; forget also thine owne people, and thy fathers houfe, &c.

Now, though that marringe song was penned upon that occafion; yet it ascendeth farre above all earthly respects of worldly marriage, and by a divine and heavenly workmanfhip sets forth a heavenly marriage-fong betweene Christ and his Church: of like Argument was this song penned by Solomon himselfe ; not to expresse his affections to Pharaohs daughter, or hers to him, or the good parts of either of them: no, nor the like respects to


Shunamite rest of his wives, as fome have vainly conceived, for then how abfurd and monstrous were some of his comparisons, likening his Spouse to a company of bor ses in Pharaohs Chariot, her Head to Carmel,her Eyes to Fish-pooles, her Nose to a Tower, her Teeth to a flock of Sheep, her whole Selfe to a terrible Army with Banners ? But his scope is to defcribe the estate of the Church towards Christ, and his respect towards her, from his own time to the last judgement, as afterward it shall appeare.


amongst the


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Chap... who perforated in this song.

Now, through this whole marriagesong this Decorum it keepeth, that though the calamities of the Church be as well described throughout this song, as the comfortable condition of the fame in all ages; yet such dismall passages are yailed and shadowed under fome sweet and amiable resemblances, left the joy of a marriage feast should be darkened by unseasonable mention of fo fadoccurrences; neither are all the paffages of the estate of the Church in every age here described, (for how can that be in so fhort a song:) but the chiefe heads of things in every age arc sweetly, and shortly, and lively, not onely pointed at, but decyphered. Theseiverses contain,

First, the title of the whole book,ver... The tide Secondly, the description of the estate of the Church in the dayes, Firft, of sa lomon, ver. 2.-4.

Secondly, of Solomon and Rehoboam, verfe 5.

Thirdly, of Rehobosin, verfee-9.
In the title we have
First, the form of the book, It is a Song.

Secondly, the excellency of it. A song of fongs.


3 Ticle.

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Psalms, Hymns, Songs. Chap.i. Thirdly, the Author of it, which is so

lomons. 15:13 Col.3.6. The Song of songs, &c. In Coloff: 3:16.

there is mention made,

First, of Psalmes.i.371..! koriste
Secondly, Hymnes.

Thirdly, spirituall Songs.

* Amangit the Hebrewes there were Psalmes. Psalmes made to be sung with Instru

ments, as well as with voyce, and contained arguments of all forts, for Petition,

Thankelgiving, and Instruction. Songs.

Songs were chiefly made for the voice. Hymnes. Hymnes are properly praises of God:

though any of these are sometimes put for all.

First, this doth let us see, that it were his car to be wished, that this Booke were tür

ned into verfé or meeter in each language, that we might sing the Canticles as the Hebrewes did.

Secondly, this teaches us to strive for such a gracious frame of spirit, that we mighe alwayes bce fitted to sing to God.

This Song containes the estate of the Church, as well in the worst as best times; yet Solomon can as well fing in


ure i.

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