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Ch.6.. The power of the Fewes calling.

The power of their calling appeares in their earneftneffe and zeale of their Ministery, in breaking the hard shell of their hearts wherewith they were formerly inclosed, ver:11. In stirring them up to fight manfully, and terribly Gods Sattels against the enemies of the Church, ver.13.

The Lord {peedily hasten the coming ofthis shulamite that we maybehold her, Amen.




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THE CANTI CLES, •105cion

SONG OF SONGS 1971 blond

opened and explained. ***




Ore beautiful are this feet with fhoses, O Prin-
Ices Daughter ! the joynts of thy thighes are like
Jewels, the worke of tbe hands of a cunning work-

2 Thy navell is like a round goblet,which wanteth not liquor: thy belly is like an beap of wheat, set an lagu maith lilies.

5fby two breasts are like two young Roes that are twins.

4. Thy neck is as a tower of Ivory : thine eyes like the fish-pooles in Hefbbon, by the gate of Batbrabbim : thy nose is as the topper of Lebanon, which Lookers toward Danasik 5 Thine head

upon thee is like Carmel, and the haire of thine bead like purple, the King is beld in the galleries.


Ch.7, The Song of Songs,

6 How faire , and how pleasant art thou, 0 love, for delights!

Ź This thy Stature is like a palme tree, and thy breasts to clusters of grapes.

8 I said, I will gee up to the palme tree, I wių take hold of the boughes, thereof : now also tby breasts fball be a clusters of the vine , and the smell of thy nose like apples.

9 And the roofe of thy mouth like the beft dine for my beloved that goetb downe sweetly, eaufing the lips of those that are afleepe to peake.

10 I am my beloveds, and bis defire is too wards mee,


27122 Come my beloved, let me gre forth into the field: 41, lodge in the villages,

12 Let us get up early to the vineyards, let
we fee if the vine flourish, whether the tender
grape appeare, and the pomegranats bud foreby
there will give thee my loves.
.. 13 Tbe mandrakes give a smell, and at our
gates are all manner of pkafant fruits, new and
old, which I bape laid up for shee , my be-
levede citit

pris til Í! mii?



bih THE



Severall estates of the Fewish Church. Ch.7.



His Chapter to the end of the fourth

verse of the eighth Chapter, describeth a fóure-fold estate of the Jewish Church... When they shall come to be converted unto the Lord: to wit,

First, as it shall be in gathering and growing up,

ver. I 53:) Secondly, as it shall be, growne up to her Srature and Maturity, ver.6,7

Thirdly, as it shall be further enfarged by the acceffc of the Gentiles, ver,8,10,

Fourthly as it shall multiply and stretch it felfe into the Country villages, and throughout the Land of Israel, vers. 11.

Ver.4. of Chap.8. That in verf. 11. the Church inviceth Christ, and with him her selfe to have recourse into the Country villages, is plaine in the words of the former verses, which set forth a three-fold estate of the Shilämite converted, is evident by the Repetition of the verses, verse 3,7,8. and all with some difference; and the breasts are so described, verse 3. and set forth an unsettled Ministery, quickly stirring up


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Ch.7.The fert being shod fignifie 3. things. - 205 and dowñeto gather this Ghurch and the fcattered Members ofit.

This Church then in gathering, is described by ten parts ; Feet, Joyats of Thighes, Navell, Belly, Breasts, Necke, Eyes, Nose, Head, Haire.

How beautifull are thy feet with shooes, o Vele t. Princes Daughter ! the joynts of thy thighes are like Fesols, the work of the hands of a cunning workman.

How beautifull are thy feet with shooes, o Princes daughter ! ] In her feet shod with shooes there is a three-fold beauty : for it implyeth,

First, her returne out of Captivity, as on the contrary, bare feet is a figne of going into Captivity:

Secondly, her challenging and recovery of her lost Inheritance in Ifrael, Ruth 4. ver.7,8.

Thirdly, her walking in that peace of conscience which the Gospel preparech:

Eph 6.15. whereas he that walketh bare-foot, either gathereth a thick brawny skin upon the foles of his feet ; or if his feet be more tender, hee pricketh them ever and anon with thornes, or little sharp stones, as scruples : a conscience not furnished with

Irai, 20. 1,-4



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