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206 fewes converted are of great authority.Ch.7.

truc peace, exther waxech fenfleffe and
brawny, or else fcrupulous and anxious:
all the three things are beautifull and glo-
rious ; as on the contrary, it is a great
disturbance and deformity to goe into
captivity, to sell and foregoe a mans
Inheritance, to walke unquietly and an-
comfortably: and if it be beautiful and
glorious to returne oue of bodily captge
vity, and to recover the earthly Inhe_
ritance; how much more is it together
with these outward things, to joybie a
returne out of spirituall captivity, and
recovery of an everlasting Inheritanc
as the Jewes shall doe at their con-
lo Princes Daughter !] So called,

First, because they are borne of God, the Prince of Princes.

Secondly, the Jewes converted fhall be of much glory and authority, even as the Kings of the Earth.

The joynts of thy thighes, &c.]The word fignifies wholo bories of the thighes; they, for their apt and ready turning in their conversion to God, are like wellwrought precious Jewels, the work of the hand of God, the Spiricuall work

Revel. 16. 12.



Ch.7. Who to be admitted to the Sacrament. man of all the workes of the Church.

Thy navell, &c. thy belly is like the novell, dr.] The navell and belly are both hid. den parts, not conspicuous to them with out, and therefore set forth the two My{teries, or Sacraments of the Church, Baptisme, and the Lords Supper. The Navell, serving for the nourishing of the Infant in the wombe, resemblech Baprisme , nourishing Infants, and new born babes in the womb of the Church.

It wanteth not liquor:

First,of the Spirit of Christ to fan&tific and cleanfe us from fin.

The belly : to wit, the Lords Supper, is as an heap of wheat, for store of excellent, and sweet, and fine nourishment, fet about with lilies, becaufc oncly the faithfull pure Christians fhall be admitted to partake in that Sacrament.

The Lords Table shall not be set about with weeds, profane and scandalous finners, but with Lilies, worthy Communicants.

Thy two breasts (the Teachers of that Church) are like two young Roes : For their agility, skipping up and down to fuckle the converts; implying that the first Mi



Verse 4.

Faith to what compared. :?: Ch.6. nistery of the Jewes, at the conversion of that people shall rather be as the Evangelifts, bound to no certain place, than as Pastors fixed to any settled Congregation, which yet outwardly, they shall bea"!

That are twins.]

First'; for their likenesse in disposition. . Secondly, brotherly equality.

Thy necke is as a tower of Ivory : thine eyes like the fish-pooles in Hefbox; by the gate of Bath-rabbim : thy nose is as the tower of Lebanon, which looketh toward Damascus.

Thý necke is as a tower of Ivory. ] The neck ( as above) is the faith of the Church, joyning Christ and his Church together, as the neck doth the head and body.

Ås a tower, for strength; of Ivory, fór

preciousneffe, for which faith is com1 Per.1.7. . mended.

Thine eyes are like the fillo-pooles in Heshbon, by the gate of Bath-rabbim. ] For the abundance of water, meaning teachers, that they fhall yeeld even teares of Repentance at theirconversion ; partly, for


Chap 4 verse 4.

2 Pec.1.1.



Lebanon how scituated.

209 the great wrong they had done our Savi

Zech.12. our ; partly, to consider the unspeakable 10. and undeferved kindneffe of God towards Jerem. 3. them.

8,-9.8 Thy nose is like the tower of Lebanon, which looketh toward Damascus. ] There was a double house of the Forrest of Lebanon , the one in Jerusalem, built by sodomon, so called by way of resemblance: in which hee put his golden shields, whence Shishak raking them is said to take 1 King.; them out of Jerusalem : of this House 2. & 10, speaketh Isaiah, Chap.22.ver.8.

1 King 11 There was another House built in the 252-26. forrest of Lebanon, as appeareth by this place, which is said to look toward Das mascus, to distinguish it from the other which is in Jerusalem.

Lebanon it selfe stood in the utmost Confines of Israel, Northwards towards Syria : and therefore this House built in Lebanon is said to look toward Damascus, the chiefe City of Syria. Now Lebanon being full of all manner of fweet and fragrant trees, and shrubs, and spices; the tower built in Lebanon muft needs be compassed with the sweet smelling om dours, to the great refreshing and de




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Verse 3

Lebanon how scituated. Ch.7. light of fuch as should lodge in it.

Hence the nose of this pure Church is compared to this tower; because they that dwell in this Church shall be won

derfully refreshed with the sweet odours 2. Cor.z. of the Ministery, which is the sweet fa

vour of life unto life : as also with the fa-
voury conference of good Christians,
and their faithfull and godly conyer-
Thine head


thee is like Carmel, and the haire of thine head like pårple; the King is held in the galleries.

Thine head upon thee is like Carmel.] Carmel excelled for fruit, and fulnesfe in feeding cattell, and therefore is reckoned

with Lebanon, and Sharon, and Bafhan, faand 35. 2. mous for fertility. . 1 Sam.1s. The head of the Church under Christ

is the Civill Magistrate. The meaning
then is thatthe Magistrate of this Church
shall yeeld store of sound and sweet nou-
rishment to the people, by giving and
maintaining free passage to each holy Or-
dinance of God, and also by wholesome
Lawess and lastly, by good example of
godly life.
The haire of thy head like purple.] The

Ila. 339.

ver. 17.

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