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Efficacy of Do.ftirs up drowsie spirits. Ch.7. in her preaching of Christ, causing the lips of those that are afleep to speak. Such shall be the sweet and powerfull efficacy of the Doctrine of the Church then, as shall cause the sleepy and drowsie professors, whether amongst us Gentiles,or amongst the Jewes, to open their mouthes and {peak plentifully to Gods praise. When the Apostles spake(the wonderfull works of God) in strange tongues, some of the people thought them to be full of new wine, but they were deceived, and were willing so to account of them in mockery. But these people shall be full of new wine of the Spirit and Word of God, to open their mouthes to speak as the Apostles did, the wonderfull workes of God. I am my beloveds, and has desire is towards

This profession of the Church, that she is her beloveds, argueth,

First, her familiar fellowship with Christ.

Secondly, her faith, or confidence of her interest in him, or his in her.

Thirdly, her open profession of the fame. That his desire is towards her, argueth


Verse 10.


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& 4.7.


Ch.7. Christs strong love to his Church.

227 the strength of his affection toward her, and it is the fame word used *, which Gen.3.16 thereimplyeth two things:

First, the strength of their affection to their husband, and their elder brother.

Secondly, the subordination and dependance thereof


their will : the former is here also meant, the latter doth not stand with the Soveraignty and Headfhip of Christ over his Church: Unlesse Ephes. s. thus farre, to intimate Christs tender regard of the will and defire of his Church; as hec would be as unwilling to deny them,as loving husbands be to deny their wives any thing.

Come my beloved, let us goe forth into Verse 11 the field : let us lodge in the villages.

In these words, the Church inviteth Christ to visit the Country villages about her, implying,

First, her prayers to Christ, that with her he might lodge there, plant and set Churches there,

Secondly, her care to také and observe all opportunities to advance such a work.

Let us get up early to the vineyards, let us Ver:12. fee if the vine flourish, whether the tender


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Verse 12.


228 The faithfull shero their affection to Christ.Ch.7*

| grape appeare, and the pomegranats bud forth, there will I give thee my loves.

Let us get up early to the vineyards, let us see if the vine flourish.] Meaning if any opportunity should offer it felfe,to plant Religion amongst them; then Christ and Thee might be forward to further the fame.

Thirdly, her promise to Christ to employ her best endeavours to such a fervice.

There will I give thee my loves.] The Joh.21. love of the Church to Christ is especial

ly seen in feeding his Lambes and Sheep: She therefore offereth to Christ free use of her dearest and best affections to set forward such a work.

Fourthly, her discerning of fome good beginning of such a work.

The Mandrakes give a smell, and at our gates are all manner of pleasant fruits, nebo And old, which I have laid up for thee, o may beloved.

The Mandrakes give a smell.] Which is Gen.3o.

Ja Country field herb, yet amiable, which
argueth some fruits to be gathered in the
And at our gates are all manner of pleasant


Verse 13


Ch.7.The Chur. willing to employ all for Chrift. 229 fruits, new and old.] And therefore, out of the abundance of her owne store, she can supply the Country with all fit helps, to her further gathering and establishment.

which I have laid up for thee, O my beloved.] She profefseth her desire to employ all her store to Christs advantage, and therefore abounding with Ministers, and other fit Officers for gathering and establishing the Country Churches about her, she expresseth her readinesse to bring them out to his service and use, as if they were some good houshold provision, laid up by her for such a use. The accesfe of the whole Land of Israel to the City is profitable. The Land shall be called Beu. Ilai.62. 4. lah, as well as the City Hephzibah, ver. 10. A Causey is cast up for a mutuall recourse of Country to City.

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That thou wert as my brother that sucked the

breasts of my mother! when I fhould finde thee out, I would kile thee , yet I should not be depised.

2 I would lead thee, and bring thee into my motbers bouse, who would instruct me: I would cause tbee to drinke of -fpiced wine, of the juyce of my pomegranate.

3. His left hand should be under my bead, and bis right hand should embrace me.

4 I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, tbat

yee stirre not up, nor awake my love untill bee please.

5 (Who is this that cometh up from the Wildernesse, leaning upon her beloved) I raised thee up under the apple tree : there thy mother brought tbee forth, there she brought thee forth tbat bare thee.

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