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Ch.8.What Churches come in after the fewes. 241 from the Wildernesse of Arabia, is said to leane upon her beloved in an Arabian word; as when the holy Ghost was to speak of the - Babylonian Caprivity (or Winter, being past, he useth the Babylonian or Caldean word. Sothen, when the Cant. 2.11. Churches of Fude shall see such a goodly Church spring from some small helpe, our of the Wildernesse of Arabia, beyond their expectation, they Niall say of her, Who is this that cometh out of the Wilderneffe, leaning upon her beloved a trusting by faith on him, and thereby'attaining and enjoying fellowfhip with him : for to leáne is purasan act of faith or trusting * and the gesture implyeth familiar love *.

Iraised thecunder an apple-tree.] Christ;' | 20. or the Church ofthe Jewes by his power raifed up his Church: by the meanes of some inferiour Magistrate, refémbled here by an Apple-creejas before *: For though hee was not so high and mighty as the veroz. Cedars of Lebanon, orthe Okes of Bashian, yet eminent hee was, and his shadow good, and his fruit cordiall and comfortable.

And the meanes of the gathering of this Church, being at first but an inferi

* Pro. 3.5. * John 13

23, & 20,

# Cant. 2.


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Gal.4. 26.
Verse 6.

Leaning an act of Faith. a: Ch.8. our Magistrate ; the Church had more need and use of faith to leane upon her beloved, when foveraigne authority did not countenance the work.

There thy mother brought thee forth.] To wit, the Mother-Church of the Jewes, or the Catholique, which is the Mother of us all. - Set me as a feale upon thy heart, as a seale upon thine erine, for loveis strong as death, jealoufie is cruell as the grave : the coales thereof are coales of fire which hath a most vehement flame. giset me as a feale upon thine heart, musta seale upon thine arme.] That is, let ine be deep engraven as a feale is into thine heart, or affection, and as a feale on thine arme, let me be continually in thy fight and remembrance. 1 And because the heart is the seat of the will, and the arme of ftrength, therefore fase defireth his deep affeâion and mighty strength and power alwaies to be present with her for her comfort and peace; si

Før tovelis strong a death.] Death Dheweth his strength, 1. First, in fubduing all forts of people high and low. young and old.

Echt Secondly,

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Ch.8. How Love as strong as deathit

Secondly, accepting no compassibn, nor yeelding to any opposition, but going through with his works such strength oflove shall this Church fhew to Christ fabduing all before her to the obedience of Christ, and not suffering any impediment to detaine her from him12 H

fealosisie is cruell as the grave.] Jealousie is a mixt affection of zeale or fért vent love, and carries at any corrivals a rage with wrath against them: So feri vent then thall the zealous love of this Church be to Christ, that the may not endure any fuch things as Thaill steal away the peoples hearts from Chrift, or alienate or lessen his affection to her, butas

the grave, 1. First, fhe shall devoure all such things; and bury them out of sight; And

Secondly, there hold them under forever. 10.00

The coales thereof are coabesiof five, which have a most vehement flame.] The ardercy ofthis love shall as coales of fire, 4 s. First, enflame her in all her férvices to Christ. Secondly, burne up as stubbte all im




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.. Flames of God, divine and vehement; 244 The zealows love of the Church to Ch. Ch.8.

First, all inward green lusts. Secondly, outward entanglements. (Vehement flame :) Hebr. Flames of God, that is, excellent or extraordinary; for in Scripturephrase;che things of God

are transcendently excellent, as the *Rev.15.2 Harpes of God *, the Trees of God *.

and indeed this vehement love being kin-
dled by Gods heavenly Spirit, cannot
be quenched with earthly things.
cic Many weaters cannot quench love, neither
Can the floods drowne it : If a man would give
all the substance of his house for love, it would
utterly be contemned.

That is neither adversities, though never so many,or deep, or strong, as many waters and foods, Thall withdraw this love from Christ ; nor all the treasures, and pleasures,and credit, which the substance of any mans house might procure us, shall be of any reckoning in comparison of Christ,to withhold our hearts from him.

We have a little fifter, and the hath no breasts, what shall we do for our sister, in the day when she shall spoken for.

We have a little fifter. &c.] The Church of Fadeaand Aßyria hearing of some good


Verse 8.

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Ch.8.The Church of Egypt why a little Sister,

245 people growing up & coming on in Egypt, they are solicitous what course to take for them for their growth and establishment.

A little fister. ] In comparison of the Ifa.19.18. Jewes or Assyrians, for but five Cities in the Land of Egypt (peak the language of Canaan, and one of them shall be called the City of destruction.

And she hath no breaks.] No Ministers to give to them the sincere milk of the

1 Pet. 2.2. Word or the meanes of consolation in their oppressions and distresses.

Ifa.g.20. In the day when see shall be spoken for.] When the fulnesse of time shall come, that she shall grow up to such a multitude of Professors, as may be fit to have a settled Church established amongst them; for there is a company grown up to be a fit Spoufe for Christ. When there

many good Christians as may constitute a well ordered Church.

Iffhe be a wall, we will build upon her apa- Verse 9.
lace of silver : and if she be a doore, mee will
enclose her with boards of cedar.

If she be a wall, we will build.] That is, if
she have a Christian Magistracy; for the
Magistrate is a wall.
First, high, to keep out invasions of



are so

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