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Chap.i. The word like to spikenard. 37 dedicated Vessels of gold and silver • 1 : 2 Chro.

While the King stteth at his table.] That Verse 12. is, whiles Fehosaphat fits at rest and peace, refreshing himselfe at home, God esta- r 2 Chro. blishing his kingdome in his hand and giving him riches & honors in abundance.

My spikenard. ]Anointment of all others Verse 12: most precious, * of all other spices spike- * Plin.lib nard is of greatest estimation. This the A-14.62!. postle John calleth very costly, wherewith our Saviour Christ was anointed by Mary.

By spikenard is here meant the preaching of the Word, which is of all savours the most precious, even the favour of life 2 Cor. 2.

When Iehosaphat was established in rest and peace, he sent forth the Priests and Levites, to carry the sweet favour of the word throughout all the cities of Judaht. It 2 Chro.

A bundle of myrrh.] Myrrh is an odo. 17.8,9. riferous tree, that sweareth out a sweet Plin. lib. gumme called Stacte, which is preferred 12. ca. 16. before all others.

This gum is also called from the tree Myrrh , his smell is strong and fragrant ; and fit to preserve from putrefaction; and it is of much use in embalming, and God himself recounteth it amongst the princi- Exod: 30. pall spices


unto life.

С 4

Be- / 23.


Verse 13.

I let.2.2.


Who the Churches breasts. Chap.1. Betweene my breasts.] The breasts are thosethat give milk , the sincere milke of the Word to the Churches children, to wit, the Priests and Levites. These when Fehosaphat sent forth to give milke to the cities of Judah, he sent with them a company of Noblemen, religious Princes, who added the more authority to the Priests and Levites, and are therefore

themselves said to teach in the cities of € 2 Chro. Judaht. Thus these Princes were as a

bundle of Myrrh amongst the Priests and the Levites, to decide all controversies mongst the people, both in matters concerning God and the King; to preserve the people, and one another free from

corruption in all matters, whether of Reu 2 Chro. ligion or civill Justiceu. Yea, and Jeho.

saphat himselfe representing Christ the Churches welbeloved upon earth, he rested in the bosome of the Church as a bundle of Myrrh, sweet, and strongly preserving the people from corruption: from Beersheba to mount Ephraim hee

went about, throughout all the people,to * 2 Chro. bring them backe againe to the purity of

Gods worship *

As a cluster of camphire. ] Camphire is





Verse 14.


Chap... Christ as camphire to his Church. 39 a shrub for smell like unto spikenard, wa. sting the obstruction of the spleene, and by the very smell of it making men vegegetiores, and firmiores, more lively and Plin. lib. more strong, yea , and available also a- 21. ca.18 gainst the biting of serpents : such was Christ to his Church, when the children of Moab and Ammon, and mount Seir, ga- Chron thered themselves together against the 20.12. children of Israel in Engedi; for by the ministry of Fehaziel, he made Fehosaphat and his people,

First, more strong in faith, to rest on | Chron God and his Word.

Secondly, more lively and heartily to praise God: yea, and he saved them from their enemies, themselves not striking a stroke ; though their enemies the breed of the old serpent put them before in great verse 3,11 feare.

Behold, thon art faire my love, behold, thou Vase is art faire.] The doubling of the words expresseth the superlative degree,by an usuall Hebraisme, faire faire , that is, very faire: which sheweth the estate of the Church in Hezekiahs time, who returned and set the Priests and Levites in their courses restored their burnt facrifices and


20.14,15, 16.-20. verse

21, 22, 23, 24


1. Ver.

<31. 1,2

Verse 15.

The Church faire under Hezekiah. Chap.i.

oblations, fanctified the Priests,called all 2. Chron. the people to the Passeover , prayed for 29.& 30. their healing,tooke away all the Images,

Groves, and high Places.

Thou hast doves eyes.] That is, chaft and Plin. lib." | loathing uncleannesse,as Pliny reports the 10.cap.34. doyes to be. Hezekiah loathed even the

monuments of Idolatry, even the brazen Serpent, (though sometimes Gods ordinance) when once the people went a whoring after it: so by this means,abuses

crept into the Church, in the dayes of 2 King. Foram, Usziah, Fotham, Ahaz, are not re18.40 corded till they come to be cleansed, left

the joy of the marriage-fong should be darkened by the mention of so sad occurrencés; whence also it is, that the abuses that crept in after the death of Hezekiah, in the dayes of Manaffehand Ammow,are not mentioned till their cleansing came, recorded in the dayes of Tofiah.

Behold, thou art faire may beloved, yea pleasant,also our bed is greep.]This is the estate of the Church in the dayes of good lofrah, who reformed it to the like estate of purity and beauty as in the dayes of Hezekiah, yea, in this he exceeded him, in taking away the high places which


Verse 16.

2 Chr. 34• 1.7

Chap.i. The estate of the Church under Fosiah. 41 Solomon had built for his wives Idols, as 2 King. also some other corruptions of Ahaz, ver.

23•13: 12. and besides, he made all the people to worship the Lord onely, and to serve him *.

* 2 Chron. Tea pleasant.] It being more then faire, 34-32,3 3. so young a man to work fo

great a worke of reformation.

Our bed is greene.] The house of God was the Temple, the bed in the house were the ordinances of God, wherein God was wont familiarly to embrace his spouse, and she him.

Thefe in Fosiahs time flourished in greatest purity, † so that there was no t 2 Chron; Passeover like unto his.

35.18. Our bed is green. ] It is an allusion to the spring time, when the worship of God began to flourish againe, after a winter time of miry and dirty pollutions.

The beames of our house are cedar , and our Verse 19: rafters (or walls, or galleries) of firre.] These words set ont the beauty of the Church, 2 Chro. 34 in regard of the repaires of the Temple 8:14. made by Fofiah.

The use is to observe the severall use 1. beauties and ornaments of the Church,

which are,


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