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42 Good Lawes hinder not Chriftiar liberty. Ch. 1:

First, to enjoy each ordinance of God in his ranke and place : it is as if the cheekes , or open face of the Church were decked with rowes of jewels. Feroboam made Priests of the basest of the people ; and such defect or corruption of Gods ordinances, is a blemish conspicuous in the face of the Church.

Secondly, good Kings ought to put upon their people wholesome Lawes, and strait binding to the purity of Religion and the worship of God: it is no impeachment to their Christian liberty as Anabaptists dore, but an ornament to their beauty, making their necks comely

as with chaines of gold. It was the com*, Chro. mandement of Afa, * Whosoever would not

seek the Lord God of Israel, should be put to + 2 Chro.death. And Josiah took away all the abomi

nations out of all the Countries that pertained to the children of Ifrael, and made all that were present to serve, even to serve the Lord

their God. ufc 3 Thirdly, people to be ready to binde

themselves by folemn covenant and oath to keep such Lawes , and to assist their Princes in cleansing their uttermost borders and corners of the kingdome from




Chap.1. Ministers sent out and courtenanced.

43 Superstition and Idolatry ; and it is no impeachment of Christian liberty to bow to Christian Lawes: yea, it is the beauty of a Christian Church to weare those chaines, those Lawes, which were made for the good of the Church, and it was their profanenesse and rebellion that say, * Let us break their bands afunder, and caft

* Pla.2.3away

their cords from us. Fourthly, Princes to send forth favou- uCc 4. ry and gracious Ministers into all quarters of their dominions, that all their people may taste and feele how sweet che preaching of the Word is. This is the ornament of a Church, when Christian Princes so provide that all places may be furnished with preaching Ministers this is to open a box of spikenard that the smell thereof may Aow forth;but to leave them relished with the dregs of Superstition, this is a blemish. Fifthly,to see that the Nobles and Ma- uses:


13. gistrates countenance Priests and Levites, and by their authority to give the free passage to the Word, and to prevent disturbances which else might be offered to Ministers in their Churches, yea,

all Magistrates to prevent corruptions in


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use 6.


Chro. 20,12.

Verse 22.

Inveterate abuses to be removed. Chap.1. matters, whether of Religion or civill justice, is as if a bundle of Myrrh should lodge in the breasts of the Church.

Sixthly, the Lord Jesus to refresh and strengthen the hearts and spirits of his people in publicke calamities, and to fave them from the malignity and venome thereof,he is then as a cluster of camphire to the Church in the vineyards of Engedi, as he was to Iehosaphat and his people * when they knew not what to do.Chrift is an ornament, and encourageth both Priest, Prophet, and Prince, to sing a Pfalme of Thankefgiving. And suppose enemies should be as a cluster in the border of the Church, how easie a thing is it for God to strengthen, and be as a cluster of camphire, to ftrengthen and encourage them against thefe biting serpents.

Seventhly, not to foster and tolerate inveterate corruptions, though received from worthy Ancestors , but to hate all abuses in Gods worship, even the very monuments of Idolatry , and to take them away, as Hezekiah did the brażen Serpent;and to set each ordinance of God in his place : the Church then is very fair, The hath doves eyes.


use 7.

2 King 18.4.

Chap.1. God can purge a corrupt


45 Eightly, young Princes to begin be- use 8. times to lift up their hearts to redresse abuses in the Church, to imitate the best of their predecessors; yea, and to go beyond them as Fofiah did, and to restore Gods worfhip to her native beauty and integrity. It is a faire, yea, a pleasant thing to behold this forwardnesse in any; much more in young Princes.

Ninthly,to enjoy the worship of God, use 9. purged from all Superftition, Idolatry, and from all devices of men, it is as if a bed were greene, fresh, Aourishing and fruitfull: in such worship Christ delights to reveale and communicate himselfe familiarly with his people, and loveth not to come into a harlots bed, decked with the laces of tapestrie of Egypt.

Pro. 7.16. Tenthly, luppose the Church againe use ro. and againe be laid wast, so that in stead of camphire is Maffe and Idolatry, it is an easie thing with God to fend a Fosiah, to root out such Superstitions, that though abuses crept into the Church for three or four Princes lives , yet God can cleanse and reform her, as he did in Fofiahs time. God lookes not at the corruptions of his Church, thereby to loath her, but to heal


46 Christ delights in pure ordinances. Chap.i.

her, and thereby to glorifie his grace in her recovery, rather then his holinesse in the discovery of her pollutions.

The bed is here mentioned in the spring of her flourishing, when it began to wax green, not in the winter season of her dirty pollutions; and before, the chast eyes of the dove recorded, abhorring unclean

nesse, not the eyes full of adultery, bring2 Pet. 2.

ing (piricuall pollutions into the Church: when there is any Superstitious worship, there it is overspread with winter, but when it is purged, then is the bed green; when Gods ordinances are kept pure, there Christ delighteth to be.

Eleventhly, it is an ornament of the Church to restore her with beames of cedar, and her walls or galleries with firre :

cedar is famous for durablenesse, enduPlin. lib. ring even to eternity, saith Pliny: firre is 13.cap. s. acceptable for his sweetnesse , and while

he groweth, for his heighth , ftreightnesle and perpetuall greennesse: Solomon house or Temple was of old a lively type, partly,

Firtt, of the humane body of Christ, Joh. 2. 19. the Temple of the Deity: Col.z.g. Secondly, of the mysticall body of


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16, 41.


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