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Verse 2,3

54 The Church how a rose and lilly. Chap.2.

2 Sam. ded out : * The wicked are as thornes and Mic. 7.4.

bryars, t and store of them growing up in the Church.

When the Church is as a garden ina Cant. 4. closed a, then bryars and thorns are wee

ded out z but neither Magistrate nor Mi

nister did his duty in removing offences b Mat. 6. in those dayes: bso lillies of the field are 28,29.

taken for lillies neglected, which neither take care for themselves, nor others take care for them.

Thirdly, as the role of the field, or lillies of the vallies, or lilly amongft the thornes, is continually,

First, subject to be prickrand rent with thornes.

Secondly, trodden under-foot by the heards of beasts, fo the Church was then subject,

1. To be vexed with the wicked growing up with her.

2. To be trodden under-foot by the beasts of the field, the Babylonians, the

Egyptians. C 2 Chro. Foiak, how fweer a Roe! how faire 35.22, 23, a Lilly ! yet how untimely trodden down

by Néché? The other Kings were placed, :Chro.36. difplaced, imprisoned, and the whole





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Chap.2. Christ in Gedaliah an apple tree.

55 kingdome with them, at the pleasure of the Babylonians and Egyptians: and in the end, the whole Church laid waste by the Babylonians.

Againe, Christ is the roseand lilly, as being,

First, sweet with the favour of bis graces.

Secondly, beautifull.
Thirdly, medicinable.

When the Church is corrupt in it felfe, it is


faire and sweet in Christ; d In him our life is hid in our worst ta-d Col 3.3 king: he being white as a lilly by the purity of his righteousnesse, we likewise are white as lillies in him cloathed with his righteousnesse.

As the apple tree among the trees of the Versc 3. wood, so is my beloved among the sonnes, I fate mee downe under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste.] A tree first, not tall as the Cedar of Lebanon, not strong as the Okes of Bashan; but a tree of middle stature, implying an inferiour Magistrate , not fo high and mighty as the Monarchs of the world, yet such whose shadow yeelds, First , refreshing to a man wandering



Babylon the Churches Wine cellar. Chap.2. and fainting in a wilde forrest.

Secondly, whose fruit is sweet and comfortable, such was Christ to his

Church, dispensing himselfe in Gedaliah, * 2 King. whom * Nebuchadnezzar made governour

over the remnant of the people that were left in the land.

First, under him, as under a fhadow, e 2 Kin, 25. they were fearelefle and safe c: but after 23.-25. he was cut down, they were driven from

under his shadow, and durft stay no lon

ger in their own countrey,which was left fVerse 26 as a wilde forrest f.

Secondly, they gathered, * Jer. 40

First, much sweet summer fruit*. 10. - 12.

Secondly, much good instruction and & Jer.40.6 direction from Jeremiah and Barach who

both lived with him.

Wine cellar. ] Heb. House of wine ; not

so fitly termed banquetting house, which Eccler.

Solomon expresseth by another namet. A wine cellar is a low vault', under the ground, darke, cold, raw and gloomy; yet replenished with vessels of liquor, which refresheth and inlargeth the heart, and openeth the mouth.

This house to the Church, was Babylon, whither God brought his people

& 43.6.

Verse 4.


i Dan. i. 19,20,

Chap.2. The comforts of the Spirit as wine. 57 into captivity,which at first view seemed dolefull and heavy, but afterward yeelded to them


sweet tastes, yea deep draughts of Gods favour : Gods Spirit coming upon men, makes them feeme as full of new wine h. It refresheth and Ads 2.1 enlargeth the heart, and openeth the 13. mouth,

First, to the praise of God.

Secondly, to the edification of his Church. Such a spirit God powred upon Daniel, Ezekiel, Shadrach and his fellowes i in the captivity.

And his banner over me was love.] Banner;

First, for an ensigne of defence to the Church.

Secondly, for a fagge of defiance to their enemies: How lovingly and glorioully(as with a banner of love displayed) did God defend the three children and Dan. 3.25. Daniel himselfk ?

How did God offer defiance to Idola 22. try in the three children!!

Stay mee with flaggons and comfort mee with apples, for I am ficke of love.] I, the Verse s. Church is here faint and ficke, and ready to swoone, for desire of further fellow.

k Dan,6,

1 Dan. 5. 16. - 18. & 6.10.



be either a narration Magiftrates what to the Church. Chap.2. ship with Christ, and for her owne help desireth,

First, Flaggons of wine to stay her.

Secondly, Apples to comfort her ; as indeed apples doe comfort the heart and

stomach, prevents swooning, and re*Ferneligs 2 Physici- straines poyson*: Thus Daniel, through

abundance of Revelations was faint and fičke, and desirous of more cleeré know

ledge of his visions, and of the Churches + Dan.8. deliverance and found the † Angel ready 27. & 10, to refresh and strengthen him: And the

other members of the Church feeling such sweet taste of Christs presence amongst them in the captivity, were (doubtlesse) earnestly desirous of more full enjoying him perfectly,

First, by the ministery of the Prophets, as by flaggons of wine.

Secondly, by the magistracy of Daniel and his fellowes, whom the King set up for inferiour Magistrates, as by apples,

the fruit of the apple trees. Verse 6. His left hand is under my head, bis right

band doth embrace me.
The words

how it is, or a prayer that it may be; so
in the originall, the blessings of Gods


13.ver.35. 19.

Dan, 2


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