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How and where the




2.42, 43•

fuccour at Modin, for the Priests, Mattathias and his fonnes, Eudas, Fonstban, and Simon, and the rest that went about to repaire the ruines of the Church and

Common-wealth; these the faithfull 1 Mac. Church repairing, * and finding delive,

rance and comfort, by Judas especially, † Mac.

or rather by Christ in him t, Thee left 3:5.-8.

him not till shee had brought him into the Temple, where she foone after cleansed the Sanctuary, and restored the purity of Gods worship, and offered sacrifice according to the Law , so that fhee found

great comfort and joy in the duties of m 1 Mac. Gods worshipm. Thus againe found 4-42,46. they Christ in a typicall Saviour, held

him by faith, and, with courage and zeale, brought him into the temple and Sanctuary,the house and chamber of her mother: that is, of the former Church of Israel, or of the Catholique Church, for the Church of the former

ages is the mother of the latter ; or the whole Church is the mother of each part in usuall phrase of Hebrew speech : The Temple is the house of both, the SanAtuary is the chamber of her that bare her.

Ch.3. Church found Ć hrift.

87 I charge you, Oyee daughters of Ferufa- | Verse s. lem, by the Roes and by the Hindes of the field, that yee firre not up, nor awake my

love till he please.

I charge you,&c.] See the same words opened , chap. 2. 7. The Church chargeth all her daughters, all her members, to take heed, left by their undiscreet dealing,or any wicked practise they stirre up the neighbour Princes of Syria and Egypt ; not to disturb the peace of the Church, and to provoke Christ againe to leave them defolaté ; which though fason and Menelaus and Alcimus broket, yet 12 Mac. they prevailed not fo far, but Chrift was 14:14. ftill found in the temple of the faithfull till his coming in the flesh.

Who is this that cometh out of the wil. Verse 6. derneffe like pillars of smoake, perfumed with myrrh and frankincense, with all powders off the merchant ?

Who is this that cometh out of the wilderneffe.] This is a description of John Baprift, and of the Church gathered by his Miniftery in the wildernesse: which is fet forth,

First, by the admiration and inquifitiveneffe of the old Synagogue after him



Tohn Baptists Ministery how foretold. Ch.3. and his baptisme: Who is this that com

meth, or ariseth, &c. which was ful611 Joh.1.19. led ! : to whom the Jewes sent Priests Luk. 3.15 and Levites to aske him, Who art thou?

and all men mused whether hee were not the Christ.

Secondly, by the place of his arising,

and the Church with him, in the wilderm Lukc 3. neffem. Mar.1.334 pillars of smoake, which,

Thirdly, by the manner of arising, like

First, ariseth from fire, as the Church arose from zeale and fervency of Johns Ministery.

Secondly, ascendeth on high, as the propagation of this Church did , even to

Jerusalemn. 106.

Thirdly, fills the countrey , as the

Church did with rumour and increase of Mar. 3. it è.

Fourthly, by the excellent fragrancy

and sweetnesse of the graces thereof perChap.i. fumedp, preserving from putrefaction

such was the powerfull zeale of Fohn and his Ministery, strongly fragrant as

Myrrh, and preserving his hearers from lat. 3.7, Pharifaicall hypocrisie: Frankincense is of like strong fragrancy, and of chiefe use

Mar. 3.





Ch.3. Solomons bed what it signifies. 89 in making of the holy Incense 9; by 19 Exod.30 which prayer was signified", to intimate amo

r Pfa. 141. the fragrancy and fervency of his pray- 2 ers,who taught all his disciples to prays. "Luke 11.

With all powders of the merchant.] To wit, perfumed with the sweet graces of God, e filled with the holy Ghost a- (Luke 1. bove all Prophets, yea, above all that 15, were borne of women u whence also u Mac, 11. hee seasoned all sorts of his hearers with 9,11. graces and directions fit for their severall callings .

x Luke 3. Fifthly, by the doctrine of Fohn, who 10.-14. exprefly preached the Lord Jesus manifested in the flesh.

Behold his bed which is solomons, three-Verse 7. score valiant men are about it , of the valiant of Israel.]

Behold his bed which is Solomons. ] This Doctrine the Church of that time recei. ved and beleeved: In which Doctrine, that first Church first discerned and beleeved,

First, the Temple of Christs body; for the bed y was taken, as also it is here, y Chap. r. for the Temple, which was the type of

2 John 2. Christs body z. Now,this as Fohn pointed a, Behold the a John T.,


16.& 3. 1.





Solomons bed what it fignifies. Ch.3. Lamb of God; as here it is said, Behold , his bed. This Temple it is the Temple of

Solomon, of Chrift; in him the Godhead Col.a... dwellech bodily.

Secondly, the guard of Angels attenJoh. 1.5.. ding it,co prevent the feare of Herods enMat.2.13,

mity and others.

Thirdly, the maker of his humanity, verse 9. King Solomon made himselfe a Couch, the word may bec translated Coach or Couch : this latter I rather take,partly for the Etymologe of Apirion, fol. 38. to be fruitfull as the brides bed is, and partly for agreement with the former word bed, ver.7.

No earthly father, but Chrift by his

owne Spirit made his own body, and his i Luke 1.

own bed in his mothers womb i.

Fourthly,the matter of it, the wood of Lebanon, for the Virgin Mary dwelt in Nazareth of Galilee at the foot of Lebanon.

· As Solomons Temple , the type of

Christs body, was made of the wood of Holi.

Lebanon, the cedar which is free from

corruption; fo was the body of Christ k Pfal.16. found from seeing corruptionk.

Fifthly, the ornaments of it, which were,




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