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Ch.8. Chrifts coming desired by his Spouse. than fhall be punished, even Leviathan that crooked Serpent, and the Dragon that is in the sea shall be slaine ; In that Ifa. 27. 1, day fing ye unto her, a vineyard of new wine; 2. yea, the Lord will keep it, he will water it every moment, left any hurt it, he will keep it nighe and day, yea, Christ will one day free his Church from all oppression, and give free paffage to all his ordi.

Finally,this serves to teach us all what use 13. affection we should have to the coming of Christ to Judgement, to desire him to be as the Roe or a young Hart upon the mountains of pices ; to take us up into the highest heavens, where are all manner of sweet and fragrant and pleafäng things, evěz fulneffe of joy for evermore.

The faithfull Spokies of Christ doe Pfa.16.11. earnestly debite his coming to Judge- 2 Tim.4.8. ment, but Harlots would put off his coming : A chaste wife, and a loyall Spouse desires her husband to send no more letters, but to hasten his returne, and come

home; but a haflor would have her husC

bands coming deferred , so they whose hearts are a whoring after the world, neither desire Christs coming, nor love his


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Christs coming desired by his Spouse. Ch.8. appearing. That we may therefore shew and approve our felves to be the true Spouses of Christ, desire his hasty coming, and say, as Revel. 20.20. Even fo come Lord Fesus, come quickly, Amen. The Lord work this good work and frame of grace in our hearts, for Fesus Christs sake

, Amen. Alas who shall live when God doth this Numb.24.23.

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