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£ s. d.
GALLUCCI. Theatrvm Mvndi, et Temporis .

vbi Astrologiae principia cernvntvr ad Medi-

cinam accomodata, Geographica ad Naviga-

tionem . . nunc primum in lucem editum .

Ioanne Pavlo Gallvcio Salvensi avctore

sm. 4to. numerous woodcuts with inovable pieces,

including a full-page inap of each of the two

Hemispheres; fine copy in the original limp

velluin, with a large woodcut bookplate bearing the
arms and name of Christopher Baron of Wolcken-
stein, 1594

Venetiis, 15895 оо
See a Spanish translation described in my Bibliotheca



Transactions of the Bombay Geographical
Society. Vols. 1-XVIII and XIX parts i
and 2, with a General Index to the first seven-
teen vols. 8vo. with numerous maps and plates,
some of them coloured ; UNCUT Bombay, 1836-71 18 10 O

Very rare. The set is as issued, excepting the
Index-vol., which is bound.


RECUEIL de VOYAGES et de Mémoires publié

par la Société de Géographie, 6 vols. 4to. with

inaps and plates

Paris, 1824-40 4

4 0 0

CONTENTS: 1. Voyages de Marco Polo ; II. Ruines

de Palenqué, Recherches sur l'ancienne population de
l'Amérique, Mémoire sur la Perse, etc. etc.; III.
Orographie de l'Europe, etc. etc.; IV. Jourdain Catalani,
Andia y Varela, Gul. de Rubruk, Du Plan de Carpin,
Bernard le Sage, Sæwulf, etc.; V, VI. Géographie


Bernard Quaritch, 15 Piccadilly.


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GEORGIA. Some Account of the Designs of the

Trustees for establishing the Colony of Georgia
in America, original prospectus, consisting of two
folio leaves, with a map printed at foot of the fourth
page, n. d. (1733)-REASONS for establishing the
Colony of Georgia . . [by Benjamin Martyn]
with a fine frontispiece and tail-piece by John Pine
(the engraver of the famous Horace), and the same
inap as in the prospectus, 2 leaves and 48 pp. 4to.
1733-bound together in i vol. 4to. red morocco
extra, by Zaehnsdorf

The first two printed documents relating to the State
of Georgia.

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GERALDINUS. Itinerarium ad Regiones syb

Æqvinoctiali plaga constitutas Alexandri Geral-
dini Amerini .. 12mo. with engraved and
printed titles ; 12mo. red morocco, silk linings, gilt

Romæ, 1631 4 15 0
Geraldinus, who died in San Domingo in 1525, was
the first bishop in the New World. This is his Diary,
ending 1522.


Gverre del Regno del Brasile accadvte tra la
Corona di Portogallo, e la Repvblica di Olanda,
2 vols. in 1, sm. folio, with engraved and printed
titles, 2 portraits and 23 large folding maps and
plates ; calf

Roma, 1698 3 30
A well-written book, by an author thoroughly
acquainted with the subject. The engravings are
executed with masterly skill.

£ s. d. GILBERT (Sir Humphrey) A DISCOVRSE OF A

Written by Sir Hvmfrey Gilbert, Knight.

Small 4to. with the folding woodcut map in fac-
simile; old calf

Henry Middleton for Richarde I hones, 1576 40 00.

ExcessivELY RARE. Bolton Corney's copy fetched £46 in 1871, and a badly restored copy (with facsimile map) brought a long price in a London sale in 1883. This is the only copy that has passed through my hands; and there was none in either the Barlow or the Ives collections. It is an essay to prove the practicability of the North-West Passage. Gilbert, who was drowned off Newfoundland in 1583, is renowned as the first Englishman who attempted to found a colony in the New World.

There is an interesting preface by George Gascoine, and a Prophetical Sonnet by him concerning the future fame of Sir Humphrey.

The book is bound up with the First Edition of " The Worlde or an historicall description of the most famous kingdomes and commonweales,” translated (from Botero] by IR [Robert Johnson), John Faggard, 1601. This first edition is a very rare book, unknown to the bibliographers.

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GILLIAM (Albert M.) Travels over the tablelands

and Cordilleras of Mexico, 1843-44, including a
description of California, 8vo. maps and plates ;

Philadelphia, 1846
GONZALEZ DE MENDOZA (Juan) Historia de

las cosas mas notables, ritos y costvmbres del
gran Reyno de la China . . con vn Itinerario
del nueuo Mundo (por Martin Ignacio], 12mo.

Anvers, Pedro Bellero, 1596
For the first and other editions, see my Spanish

I 10


£ s. d. GORDON (Pat.) Geography Anatomized, or

compleat Geographical Grammar, 12mo. numer-
ous coloured maps; in the original blue morocco gilt,
a pretty binding

1693 014 0 GOOS (Pieter) DE ZEE-ATLAS ofte Water-Wereld,

waerin vertoont werden alle de Zee-Kusten van
het bekende des Aerd-bodens . . roy. folio,
engraved frontispiece, and 40 folded sheets of maps
(Pascaerten); fine copy in vellum

Amsteldam, 1669 4 4 0
Peter Goos was only the publisher, but his name is
used to designate the various issues of these remarkable
and important charts. They include nine maps of special
interest to the American student, besides the general
World-map. The two maps of Eastern Asia and the
South Sea, are similarly interesting to the Australian
collector, and show traces of their derivation from the
charts of Tasman's

GRYNÆUS, with the Munster Map. NOVVS

ORBIS Regio || num ac insularum veteribus
incognitarum, || una cum tabula cosmographica,
& aliquot alijs consimilis || argumenti libellis,
quorum omnium catalogus || sequenti patebit
pagina. || His accessit copiosus rerum memora-
bilium, index. Small folio, with the large folding
world-map designed by Sebastian Munster ; red
mnorocco extra by David, gilt edges
Basileæ, apud Jo. Hervagium, inense || martio,

anno M.D.XXXII. (1532) 7 10 O
First EDITION; being also the first Collection of
Voyages produced in Germany:

The collection of the various works of which the
Novus Orbis is composed, was made by Joanncs Hutlich.

6 s. d.

Grynæus wrote the preface (or rather dedication) as a
friend of the publisher.

The book begins with Munsteri (Seb.) Typi cosmo-
graphici declaratio; then proceeds to reprint the
Itinerarium Portugallensium. This is followed by
Vesputii Quatuor Navigationes from the Cosmogra-
phia); Emanuelis Epistolæ ad Leonem X, 1513 (first
printed at Rome) ; Vartomanni (Lud.) Navigatio (from
the Latin translation made by Madrignano); Broccardi
Terræ Sanctæ Descriptio (from the edition printed at
Venice in 1519); Marcus Paulus de regionibus Orien -
talibus (from the text printed, as is thought, by
Gerard Leeuw); Haithon de Tartaris (from the edition
printed at Hugenau in 1529); Michov de Sarmatia (it
had been printed at Cracow in 1517, at Augsburg in
1518); Paulus Jovius de Legatione Moschovitarum (it
had been printed at Rome in 1525); Petri Martyris de
Insulis nuper repertis decas quarta printed at Basel in
1521) ; and Stella de Borussia antiquitatibus (it had been
printed at Basel in 1518).

GRYNÆUS, with the Finæus Map. NOVVS

ORBIS Regionvm ac Insvlarvm veteribus
incognitarum ... Small folio, with the large
double heart-shaped Map designed by Oronice Finé
for this edition ; in a seventeenth-century French
binding stamped with Fleur-de-Lys

Paris. apud Galeotum a Prato, 1532 10 10 O
- the same, a very large and very fine copy in old
calf, froin the Sunderland library

Paris. apud Joannem Parvuin, 1532 12 12 O The famous cordiform map of Oronce Finé is seldom seen. It is one of the most curious and ingenious productions of early Chartography. Nordenskiöld says,

In a geographical point of view this map far surpasses that of the Basel edition, as well in its greater richness of names and topographical details, as in due attention being here paid to the latest geographical discoveries."

There is no difference between the two issues except

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