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POPULAR USE Everyone knows that the Bible is the most interesting and fascinating book ever written. But in order to fully appreciate its wonderful charm and its wealth of hidden beauty, it is necessary to know more about the Holy Land and its people, to have the benefit of authoritative ments upon the text and some simple method of easily and quickly locating the different incidents and thrill

ing events of Bible history. There Palm trees and pyramids seen by Joseph and Mary when they fled with the Christ-Child into Egypt to es- are many books based


the cape Herod's cruel law.

Bible, and Bible history, it is true, but the use of such collection of books requires so much skill and labor in referring from one book to another as to make it impracticable for ordinary use. Realizing the great need for a simple yet complete and combined "biblical library" at a price within the reach of all the Society has prepared and now offers the

Self-Interpreting Bible Library

Consisting of 4 splendid volumes containing the complete Authorized Version of the Bible with Commentaries and Study Helps on the same page with the text, History of the People of Bible Times, Bible Atlas, Life of Christ and the Prophets, Dictionary Concordance, Cross Inder--beautifully illustrated with a wonderful collection of photographs of the Holy Land arranged in connection with the text. It makes reading the Bible a pleasure and a delight and opens up a world of beauty and interest that has been almost meaningless to the average reader. Edited by Bishop John H. Vincent. Endorsed by Bishop D. G. Tuttle, Rev. Frank W. Gunsaulus, Gypsy Smith and leading ministers of the Protestant denominations, INTRODUCTORY PRICE-EASY TERMS THE 448 ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHS To introduce this wonderful “Bible Library" to

Realizing how much easier it would be to apAssembly Herald readers, a Special Introductory

preciate the Bible if everyone could visit the Price on the present edition only is offered. This

Holy Land and see for themselves the places low Introductory Price will be named in direct

and scenes of Bible History, the Society equipped letters to those sending free coupon below. The

a special Expedition at a cost of $25,000 to tour Edition is going fast. Don't delay but mail Bible Lands and to secure actual photographs of coupon now before you forget it.

all the places made sacred by the footsteps of

Christ and the great events of Bible History. The Handsome Illustrated Portfolio-Free

result is a truly priceless collection of 448 wonTo those who respond promptly, we will mail derful Biblical and Historical photographs, by free, copy of our splendid 48-page Portfolio, means of which the Society now brings Bible "Footsteps of the Man of Galilee," containing Lands to us in our own homes. beautiful 7-in. by 10-in. photographs of principal scenes in life of Christ, together with other specimen pages from the SELF-INTERPRETING BIBLE LIBRARY. Send 2c stamp to help pay cost of mailing.


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Each and every one guaranteed to be absolutely perfect. GUARANTEED FOR ONE YEAR-WHICH IS AS LONG AS ANY GUARANTEE Shipped anywhere on approval, without deposit-subject to five days' trial and examination in your own office with the understanding that if you find the slightest thing to criticise if you think you can get greater value for your money-if for any reason you do not wish to keep the machine, send it back at OUR EXPENSE. No salesman will call upon you. We do not employ them. The burden of proof rests with the typewriter itself. It must be its own salesman-we depend entirely upon the value of the machine to secure your order.

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Kent and Madsen's

Historical Maps for Bible and General Class Use

The introduction of graded lessons in many Sunday schools and
the new appreciation of the importance of Biblical geography
have created the demand for a new type of Biblical Maps adapted
to the needs of individual departments and classes. Pastors and
teachers are also demanding the same for use in their studies.
To meet these demands this new series of historical maps of
Bible lands has been prepared.

The Series consists of seven maps mounted conveniently on a small metal tripod which can be easily shifted from place to place and can be used where no wall space is available. The maps are a revised and condensed edition of the Historical Maps for Bible students (wall maps) edited by Professor Charles Foster Kent, Ph.D., of Yale University, and Albert Alonzo Madsen, Ph.D., and first published in 1906. The aim has been to condense all the matter in that series (except the topographical map and chronological chart) in a smaller number of maps, thus reducing the size of the sheet without a proportional reduction in the size of the maps.

At the low price, no school need be without them Sheet No. I.

A map of the Sinaitic Peninsula with Palestine to the north and a por

tion of the Nile and its delta to the southwest. Sheet No. 2,

Pictures Palestine as it was during the period when the Israelites were

finding permanent homes in the eastern and western portion of it. Sheet No. 3.

Represents conditions in Palestine during the period of the United Hebrew

Sheet No. 4.

Presents a picture of conditions in Palestine after the exile and during the
days of the restored Jewish community and of the later Maccabean king-

dom. Sheet No. 5.

Presents Palestine in the time of Christ and illustrates the Gospel stories.
Sheet No. 6.

Contains the lands of the ancient civilized world, including the valleys of
the Tigris and Euphrates, the Syrian coast, and a portion of the Nile

Sheet No. 7.

Presents the great Roman Empire during the first Christian century and

illustrates the journeys of St. Paul. Set complete with metal tripod $5.00, delivery prepaid

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