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titled, "Information for Immigrants Concerning the United States, Its Opportunities, Government, and Institutions." This is published in Swedish, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Hungarian or Magyar, Bohemian, Croatian, Danish-Norwegian, and German. The Government publishes also a pamphlet on “Naturalisation of Aliens in the United States," which is available in English only. These may both be obtained upon application to the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization, under the Department of Commerce and Labor, Washington, D. C. The North American Civic League for Immigrants, 173 State street, Boston, Mass., publishes a series of leaflets entitled, “Messages for Newcomers to the United States." These are printed in English, Yiddish, Italian and Hungarian They are helpful and inspirational, though they do not follow a carefully systematized course of lessons ir. American government. The Connecticut Daughters of the American Revolution, througn Doubleday, Page & Co., New York, has publislied ":1 Guide to the United States for Italian Immigrants," by John Foster Carr; this will be published in Yiddish also, and can be purchased in quantities for ten cents each, single copies, fifteen cents.

SOME RECENT PUBLICATIONS. Balch, Emily:-Our Slavic Fellow Citizens, pp.536 (Char

ities Publication Committee, New York, 1910) $2.50. Berry, Robert M.:-Germany of the Germans, pp. 278

(Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1911) $1.50. Byington, Margaret F.:The Pittsburgh Survey: Home

stead, the Households of A Mill Town, pp.292 (Chari

ties Publication Committee, New York, 1910) $1.70. Coolidge, Mary Roberts:--Chinese Immigration, pp. 531

(Henry Holt and Company, New York, 1909.) Deniker, J.:The Races of Man, pp. 611 (Charles Scrib

ner's Sons, New York, 1909.) Fairchild, Henry Pratt:-Greek Immigration to the

United States, pp. 278, (Yale University Press, New

Haven, Conn., 1911) $2.00. Fishberg, Dr. Maurice:-The Jews, pp. 571, (Charles

Scribner's Sons, New York, 1911) $1.50. Fitch, John A.:-The Steel Workers, pp. 350. (Charities

Publication Committee, New York, 1910) $1.71. Garlanda, Prof. Frederico:--Translated by M. E. Wood:

The New Italy, pp. 406, (G. P. Putnam's Sons, New

York, 1911) $1.50. Jenks, Jeremion W. and W. Jett Lauck :The Immi

gration Problem, pp. 496, (Funk & Wagnalls Com

pany, New York, 1912) $1.75. Ripley, Dr. William Z.:-The Races of Europe, pp. 624,

(D. Appleton & Company, New York, 1899.) Sergi, G.: The Mediterranean Race: A Study of the

Origin of European Peoples, pp. 320 (Charles Scrib

ner's Sons, New York, 1901) $1.50. Shaler,Nathaniel S.:The Neighbor, pp. 342, (Houghton,

Mimin & Company, New York, 1903.) Steiner, Dr. Edward A.:-The Broken Wall, pp. 219,

(Fleming H. Revell Company, New York, 1911)

$1.00. Zimmern, Helen :--Italy of the Italians, pp. 291 (Charles

Scribner's Sons, New York, 1906) $1.50. Annual Report of the Commissioner-General of Immigra.

tion: Department of Commerce and Labor Washington, D. C., for years ending June 30.

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Post Cards-set of 8%-15 cents.
Ellis Island.
Evening School in New York-Twenty-seven Nationalities

An Open-Air Service.
In the Italian Quarter, New York City.
Vacation Cooking School, New York City.
In the Detention Room, Ellis Island.
Nature Work in Vacation School, New York City.
Vacation School, New York City.

Colored Post Cards-25c. per dozen.
Little Italy (6 subjects.)
The Ghetto (6 subjects.)
Immigrants at Ellis Island, N. Y.

Monthly Concert MARCH STUDY.-"Immigrant Communities." The Ministry of the Church. Methods of Approach. Forms of Service.

Leaflet Aids. Bohemians of Texas. Chart Showing Wave of Immigration, A. Christmas at Ellis Island. Church Building for a City Immigrant Community, A. Discovery of the Pole, The. Gary: A Steel Center. How to Reach the Immigrant. Immigrant People Emigrating. Italian Traits. Million a Year, A. Old and New Immigration. Our Cosmopolitan Population. Our Ministry to the Immigrant: A Symposium. Reaching the Immigrant. Stereopticon Lecture-Making Americans—10c. Typical Buildings Employed by the Presbyterian Church

among Recent Immigrant Populations (Large Sheet

of Illustrations.) What is the Presbyterian Church Doing for the Immigrant?

Book Aids.
The Broken Wall, by Steiner.
Immigration Tide-Its Ebb and Flow, by Steiner.
Against the Current, by Steiner.
The Mediator, by Steiner.
Through the Miú, by Priddy.
Immigrant Races in North America, by Roberts.
Races and Immigrants in America, by Commons.
Little Aliens, by Myra Kelly.
Aliens or Americans? by Grose.
Incoming Millions, by Grose.

APRIL STUDY.-"Christian Citizenship."
Cooperation in Religious Movements.
The Church and the Community.
The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Leaflet Aids.
Getting at the Heart of the Downtown Problem.
How to Help the Immigrant
The Country Church Program,
Wall Street Sagacity.

Book Aids.
The United States, A Christian Nation, by Brewer.
Christian America--Is the Republic a Christian State? by

Conservation of National Ideals, by six authors.

Young People's Department Notes

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At the gate of the West I stand,
On the isle where the nations throng.
We call them “scum o' the earth”;
Stay, are we doing you wrong,
Young fellow from Socrates' land?
You Pole with the child on your knee,
What dower bring you to the land of the free?
Hark! does she croon
That sad little tune
That Chopin once found on his Polish lea
And mounted in gold for you and for me?
While, watching these folk and their mystery,
I forget that they're nothing worth;
That Bohemians, Slovaks, Croatians,
And men of all Slavik nations
Are "polacks”—and “scum o' the earth."
Stay, are we doing you wrong
Calling you “scum o' the earth,”
Man of the sorrow-bowed head,
Of the features tender yet strong,-
Man of the eyes full of wisdom and mystery
Mingled with patience and dread?
Have I not known you in history,
Sorrow-bowed head?
Man-lift that sorrow-bowed head.
Lo! 'tis the face of the Christ!
Newcomers all from the eastern seas,
Help us incarnate dreams like these.
Forget, and forgive, that we did you wrong.
Help us to father a nation, strong
In the comradeship of equal birth,
In the wealth of the richest bloods of earth.

Under the Missionary Education Movement

Asheville, N. C., June 25th to July 4th.
Silver Bay, N. Y., July 12th to 21st.

is., Aug. 2d to lith. Cascade, Colo., July 5th or 9th for one week. Under Mr. Gelston's supervision-Presbyter

ian. Winona Lake, Indiana, July 9th to 16th. Lebanon, Tenn., July 18th to 27th. Storm Lake, Iowa, July 30th to Aug. 6th. Hollister, Mo., Aug. 13th to 20th. Pocono Pines, Pa., Aug. 22d to 29th.

The Christian Endeavor Home Missionary Topic for which we shall provide the next program is for April 28th, "The Home Mission Work of My Denomination-a Bird's-eye View.” This topic is most opportune, coming as it does in the first month of the new fiscal year. It should have faithful, prayerful preparation, under supervision of the pastor, or some one thoroughly informed of the specific work assigned by the General Assembly to the Board of Home Missions and the Woman's Board. Our young people lack this knowledge and too many show no desire for it. There is some encouragement along this line of training, but room for vast improvement. The young people are well worth all the time and talents we can devote to them.

A good suggestion comes from Rev. J. G. Reynolds, of Effingham, Ill., who tells us of his “Morning Worship Club” as a means of keeping the young people interested in the church services. He says: “The children enjoy staying after Sunday school for the services when they realize they are a part of the congregation, and that a record is kept of their attendance. Those of our church are arranged in three companies—Company Y, young ladies almost sixteen, Company G, the girls under fourteen, and Company B, the boys under sixteen. Names are enrolled on cards and each company has a captain who keeps the record of attendance. Each company has a social once a quarter. This could be enlarged to include attendance at their young people's meetings and preparation for them. Lack of preparation is one of the sins of the day in our young people's work.

M. J. P.

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Josiah Strong


Comparative Statement of Receipts for CURRENT WORK for the Month of January, 1911-12



Decrease From Churches

$25,891.19 $26,794.79 $903.60 Woman's Societies

56.00 114.00

58.00 Sabbath Schools

2,672.84 2,413.51

$259.33 Young People's Societies. 1,352.00 773.04

578.96 Individuals, etc.....

3,151.16 3,427.19 276.03 Woman's Board of Home Missions. *51,235.91 *39,314.49

11,921.42 Legacies.

4,037.89 16,853.87 12,815.98 Total.

$88,396.99 $89,690.89 $1,293.90 Comparative Statement of Receipts for CURRENT WORK for the 10 Months ending January 31, 1911-12 APRIL 1st TO JANUARY 31st


Decrease From Churches...

$159,445.51 $161,747.29 $2,301.78
Woman's Societies..

619.50 1,220.40 600.90
Sabbath Schools..
12,920.94 12,788.50

$132.44 Young People's Societies.

6,967.24 5,935.04

1,032.20 Individuals, etc..... 52,162.83 51,677.70

485.13 Woman's Board of Home Missions. *262,385.30 *311,803.35 49,418.05 Legacies ...

99,965.30 413,478.36 313,513.06 Total.

$594,466.62 $958,650.64 $364,184.02 *Includes receipts from all sources tbrough Woman's Board.


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Using the Assembly Herald in a Missionary Meeting




A Visit with the Assembly Herald to Mission Fields Near and Far


Opening Exercises. SCRIPTURE READING, PRAYER, HYMN, “Rescue the Perishing." 1. "ON THE TRAIL OF THE IMMIGRANT*"'

His Needs.
The Human Need of the Immigrant, page 127, read from 13th line to close.
2. His Need of American Christianity; pages 128-9, paragraph entitled “The

3. His Need of the American Language; pages 131-2, paragraph entitled “The

Opportunity of the Church.
4. Picture of an Immigrant Home; page 139, paragraphs 2 and 3.

HYMN: "Who is on the Lord's Side?”.

The Church's Ministry to His Needs. 5. A Soul-Saving Plant in a Steel-Making Town; page 133, read to 6th line

of 2d column. 6. A Good Use for a Basement; page 134, paragraphs 1 and 2. 7. A New Point of Approach; page 136, second article, paragraph 1. 8. What the Church's Ministry Can Make of the Immigrant; poem entitled “The Scum o' the Earth,” page 144. HYMN: “Lord, While for all Mankind We Pray.”

PRAYER. II. GLIMPSES OF THE SUNRISE KINGDOM 1. Winning Japan Means Winning the East, page 150, read from line begin

ning “Japanese Ethics,” etc., to close of article. The Present Problem in Japan; page 151, read from line beginning "Our Missionary Problems in Japan," etc., to close of article.

HYMN: "Watchman, Tell Us of the Night.” 3. A Theatre Meeting and What It Accomplished; page 152, paragraphs 2 and

4, page 153, paragraph 4 to close. 4. Preaching the Gospel in a Heathen Temple; page 154, paragraphs 1, 2 and 3. 5. A Thankful Convert; page 156, paragraph 4.

Hymn: "Fling Out the Banner.”


The Church in a University; page 161, paragraph 3;

The Church and Its Ministers; page 164, paragraphs 2 and 3. 3. A New Way of Extending the Sabbath School; page 166, paragraphs 5 and 6.

HYMN: "The Church's One Foundation."
4. What Another Church Can Teach Us; page 168, paragraphs 3, 4 and 8

to close.
5. A Splendid Record; page 170, paragraphs 1 and 4.
6. A Boy's Reason; page 173, article.

HYMN: “Jesus Shall Reign Where'er the Sun." * Borrowed from Prof. Steiner's book of this title.


I. 2.

SUGGESTIONS FOR THE MEETINGS. This program is planned to take three-quarters of an hour. To complete it in this time will require that persons taking part shall respond promptly.

Ask those attending the meeting to bring with them their own copies of the Assembly Herald and to follow the readings as they are given. Be sure

to announce the topic and to give the page and paragraph of the selection before it is read.

See that those who are to read shall have time to familiarize themselves beforehand with the selection assigned them. Caution them to read distinctly, in a clear, full voice, and to stand where they can be seen by all. No one should read from the back of the room.

The readings should be Interspersed with hymns and short prayers, so that the people may rest and variety be maintained.

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