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A. W. HALSEY, D.D., JOHN Dixon, D.D., WILLIAM H. Scott, Committee



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Rev. James Russell Miller, D.D.

THE BOARD OF FOREIGN MISSIONS-Outlook for the Coming Year

The Opportunity Now Presented to the Christian Church in Cnina
The China Revolution:

I. The Story of the Revolution, Rev. F. W. Bible
I. The Cost of the Revolution
III. After the Revolution:

A. The Unrest
B. The New Freedom

C. The Open Door
Recent Text-books and Literature on China. Dr. T. H. P. Sailer
“Points for Pastors"

Monthly Concert

Through Thick and Thin. Rev. Dr. S. Hall Young
A Forward Step in the Southwest
Spanish Americans of the Southwest
The Churches at Work Among the Spanish-Americans
Romanism in the Southwest
Degenerate Sects
Freak Sects
Heathenism Invading America
What the Christian Churches Have Done in Mormondom
The Holy Rollers. Rev. Geo. W. Brown

Young People's Department Notes
THE BOARD OF MINISTERIAL RELIEF. B. L. Agnew, D.D., LL.D., Cor. Secretary.
THE COLLEGE BOARD, Robert Mackenzie, D.D., LL.D., Secretary
THE BOARD OF CHURCH ERECTION, Duncan J. McMillan, D.D., Secretary
THE BOARD OF EDUCATION, Joseph Wilson Cochran, D.D., Secretary
THE BOARD FOR FREEDMEN. Rev. Edward P. Cowan, D.D., Cor. Secretary
Book Reviews

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Alexander Henry, D.D. Bus. Sup., and Trees., Frank

M. Braselmann.
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Street, Phila., Pa. Moderator, Rev. John F. Carson, The Board of Church Erection.-

Ofice, 156 Fifth Ave., D.D., Brooklyn, N. Y. Slated Clerk, Rev. William N. Y. Secretary, Duncan J. McMillan, D.D. Treasura,

Henry Roberts, D.D., 1319 Walnut Street, Phila., Pa. Mr. Adam Campbell. The Board of Home Missions.-Office, 156 Fifth Ave., The Board of Ministerial Relief.-Office, 1319 Walnut

N. Y., N. Y. Secretaries, Charles L. Thompson, D.D., Street, Phila., Pa. Secretary, Rev. Benjamin L. Agnew, LL.D.. John Dixon, D.D., Mr. Joseph Ernest McAfee. D.D., LL.D. Treasura, William W. Heberton, D.D. Treasurer, Mr. Harvey C. Olin.

The Board for Freedmen.-Ofice, 513 Bessemer Bldg., The Board of Foreign Missions.-Office, 156 Fifth Pittsburgh, Pa. Secretary and Treasurer, Rev. Edward

Ave., N. Y., _Secretaries, A. Woodruff Halsey, D.D., P. Cowan, D.D. Associate, Rev. John M. Gaston Mr. Robert E. Speer, Arthur J. Brown, D.D., and

The College Board.-Office, 156 Fifth Ave., N. Y., N. Y. Stanley White, D.D. Treasurer, Mr. Dwight H. Day.

Sec. Robert Mackenzie, D.D., LL.D. Office Sec, and The Board of Education. -Office, 1319 Walnut Street, Ass. Treas. Rev. G. R. Brauer, to whom all remittances

Phila., Pa. Secretary, Rev. Joseph Wilson Cochran, should be sent.
D.D. Treasurer, Mr. Edward R. Sterrett.

Permanent Committee on Temperance. - Ofice, The Board of Publication and Sabbath School Work 72 Conestoga Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. Sear elary and

-Office, Witherspoon Bldg., Phila., Pa. Secretary, Rev. Treasurar, John F. Hill, D.D.

THE ASSEMBLY HERALD is the Official Magazine of the Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A., published for the

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Hotel and Sanatorium-Atlantic City, N. J.

A name symbolical of merit.

Of the best material, scaled
and voiced for your building.

ORGANS Not stock in any part, but designed and built to meet the existing conditions. 1520 KATER ST.


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Our Organs Are Our Best Salesmen

Wernersville, Pa.
A First-class Hotel. F. L. YOUNG,

General Manager



The Magazine of the Presbyterian Church, U. S. A.

AUGUST, 1912

Rev. James Russell Miller, D.D







R. MILLER, whose death occurred in
Philadelphia on the 2d of July, 1912,

was widely known throughout our own and other lands through his writings.

As Editorial Superintendent of the Board of Publication and Sabbathschool Work, position which he filled with distinguished ability from 1880 to the time of his death, he had the editorial oversight of all the books and periodicals issued by the Board. He gave special attention to the Westminster Teacher, through which thousands of Sunday-school teachers received inspiration and instruction; and he was also much interested in Forward and the other Sundayschool publications of the Board.

He was a prolific writer of devotional books, which have had a remarkably wide circulation. A number of these books have been translated into foreign languages.

In addition to his literary work Dr. Miller had the privilege of being helpfully associated in pastoral work with three of the fore

most churches of Philadelphia. From 1869 to 1878 he was the pastor of the Bethany Church, to which, with the aid of the Superintendent, Hon. John Wanamaker, he was able to

give an impetus which has made it one of the leading churches of our land. From 1881 to 1897 he was connected with the Holland Memorial Church, and saw it grow from an humble mission field into a church

1,200 members with school of above 1,600.

Dr. Miller signed from the Holland field to devote himself exclusively to

the editorial work of the Board, but the call of the pastorate was too strong to be resisted, and he

again laboring in an obscure mission

which through his tireless labors was destined to develop into the important St. Paul's Church, with its splendid plant, 1,500 members and fourishing school of 1,300 teachers and scholars. Dr. Miller was the pastor emeritus of this church at the time of his death.






Looking Forward to Rally Day


it is possible to enlist the interest of all the members of the congregation—the old as well as the young—Rally Day will be a far more helpful day for the church at large and for each department, than it would be if observed by only one organization.

There are, at least, three aspects of church work that should be united in making Rally Day a success. These are the congregational service held on Sunday morning; the Sunday school; and the young people's societies.

In churches where the Sunday schools meet in the afternoon, Rally Day can be held in the morning for the congregation, in the afternoon for the Sunday school, and in the evening for the young people.

N time of peace prepare

for war.” In time of vacation prepare for work.

August may seem to be a month in which many of our churches and Sabbath schools cannot hope to do much effective work, but it is for this

very reason a good month in which to plan for further effort.

Experience has shown that one of the best ways for entering vigorously upon the work of the fall and winter months is by having an enthusiastic Rally Day.

Such a day needs to be carePlanning for

fully planned for quite awhile Rally Day.

in advance. We have to decide what we will do, and how we will do it. It is desirable that the representatives of the different organizations of the Church, which are to participate in the Rally Day services, should confer together so that their plans will not in any way conflict, but rather combine for the accomplishment of the ends in view. The pastor and superintendent should be leaders in the preparation for Rally Day, and it may be well for them to call the conference which will determine the plans and provide for their execution.

It has been found that Rally A Congregational

Day is

most successful Day.

when the entire congregation is interested in its services. It was originally a Sabbath school anniversary, but, like so many other methods of work, experience shows that what is good for one department of the Church is good for others as well. If

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societies, in conference with the officers of the which can qualify upon seven points is known church, for the evening service. These plans as a Progressive school; the one that attains should then be combined, and an invitation sent them all, is a Standard school. Many of our to the families of the church, announcing the schools are “Progressive," but few are, as yet, services of the day and urging a full attend- "Standard.” It would be well for schools that ance upon them all.

have not reached the entire ten points to enter This need not interfere with any special in- upon a new effort on Rally Day to accomplish vitations that may be sent to members of the this. Sunday school or young people's societies.

While the offering is not the

The Offering.
What shall our Sunday schools

most important feature of Rally Plans for the

set before them on Rally Day Day, it has an important place. Some ten years Sunday School.

as their plans for fall and ago, the General Assembly recommended that winter work? The answer to this question our Sunday schools devote their Rally Day will be determined, to some extent, by local offerings to the work for the foreigners in conditions, but there are some matters of a

America. general character that should be of interest to The Sunday school Board publishes religious us all. The first is the proposed increase of papers and Sunday school helps in foreign twenty-five per cent. in our Sunday school languages, and sends out colporteurs to work membership.

among the foreigners in the United States. This is a suggestion of the Sunday school The expense of this work is more than $20,Board, growing out of its twenty-fifth anni- 000.00 annually, while the Rally Day contriversary of missionary work. The Board feels butions of our Sunday schools amount to that its mission of religious education to the about $10,000. This makes it necessary to boys and girls of our land does not include take money for our foreign work that might those only who are living in communities be spent in promoting Sunday school missions. where there is no Sunday school.

There are

We are hoping that the gifts this year will multitudes of our American youth who are

show an advance upon those of former years. growing up in ignorance of God's Word and entirely without Christian training, in the very shadow of some of our city churches. It is a startling fact that there are in the United States as many boys and girls who are attending no Sunday school as there are in our schools. It is our duty to find these youth and bring them into some school where they may study the Word of God and fit themselves

NYÁRI MINDENNAPOS ISKOLAINK. for Christian manhood and womanhood.

The Board suggests that each Sunday school sets before it on Rally Day as a definite aim, the effort to increase its membership twentyfive per cent. before the close of the Church year. If this should be done by all our schools, it would add three hundred thousand new members to the Sunday school.

Another subject that should The Standard

claim the attention of every one of Excellence.

of our Sunday schools on Rally Day, is the Standard of Excellence. This It will be seen from this brief survey of Standard proposes ten points of excellence to Rally Day that it has in it great possibilities which all our schools should strive to attain. for good, and if carefully planned for may be These points are believed to be within the reach the means of arousing a new enthusiasm and of every school, and yet they are sufficiently inspiring the entire congregation to earnest advanced to require some effort upon the part effort as the church takes up its fall and winter of any school in securing them. The school work.

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