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COLLECTION PLATES Quartered Oak or Solid Walnut Red or Green Plush Centers

EACH Plain, size 10 inches

$2.50 Carved Rims, 10 inches

4.50 Plain, size 12 inches

3.00 Carved Rims, 12 inches

5.00 Delivery extra.

No. 4A, light oak; No. 4D, dark oak; No. 4W, walnut.

Size 42x19% inches, %4 inch thick. NEW HAND-CARVED HYMN BOARD-New

and artistic design. Size 42x19% inches, 4 inch thick. Made in the best grade of oak (light or dark wood), or natural shade of walnut. The word HYMNS is in raised wood letters. Price, complete, including slides containing the words Psalter, Sel., Hymns and four sets of numerals. No.4A, light oak, $20.00; No.40, dark oak, $20.00; No. 4W, walnut, $25.00, delivery prepaid.


Our Guarantee with Each Board Our Hymn and Register Boards are all carefully shipped in special cases and guaranteed in perfect condition, otherwise they can be returned at our expense.

Self or Non-Collecting Services In Aluminum or Quadruple Silver Plate, with 36 or 44 glasses, ranging in prices from $4.75 to $12.50.

Send for descriptive catalogs.


Headquarters : PHILADELPHIA, Witherspoon Building New York, 156 Fifth Ave. Chicago, 509 S. Wabash Ave. St. Louis, 505 N. Seventh St. San Francisco, 400 Sutter St. Nashville, 415 Church St. Pittsburgh, 202 Fulton Bldg. Cincinnati, 420 Elm St.


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My Friend-Do you remember the Home of Your Boyhood-in the Country: Most City Men were Born in the Country, and most of their Children's Children will be Born in the Country, and the Reasons are Many and Obvious. If you were born in the Country, You will never Forget the Old Home. It was just a simple, unpretentious House, set about with big trees, with circling meadows and fields rich with the promise of harvest.

Inside the House was the Table spread with snowy linen, the Big restful Beds, the Old Open Fireplace, and the old Family Bible, holding the simple annals of the Family and the Heart and Conscience of the Home. And when you came IIome from the Fields, there was always assurance of good Things to Eat when You “Put your feet under Father's Table," for Mother was There to See to That.

taking their Children out into the Clear Sunlight in the Country, where they will be as Healthy and Happy as You were in your Boyhood Home.

How about You, My Friend? Why don't You give your Boy and Girl a Square Deal and an Even Chance? You ought to Try and give Them a Real Home, and You ought to start NOW. And I would Further advise you to get a Home in the Rain Belt of Gulf Coast Texas, where you can grow Three big Crops a Year on the same Soil, without Irrigation or Fertilization.

Do You Know that Growers of Figs, Strawberries and Early Vegetables clear a Net Profit of $300 to $500 an Acre in Gulf Coast Texas ? Do You Know men have realized more than $1,000 an acre Growing Oranges in Our Country? If you Do Not know these things, you should read up on the subject, and you must not fail to get our Book, whicb

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In those days Father was to you the Greatest Man in all the World, and you still revere him as A Grand Old Man. He was just a plain farmer, a simple, upright man, with no Mortgage on his Roof, no Lien on his Growing Crops, Master of Ilis Land, and Master of Himself.

I suppose You often ask Yourself why You didn't stick to the Old Home, with its assurance of Peace and Plenty. I Know Why. It was the Call of the City. It Lured You and Fooled You, just as it has thousands of your Fellows. You have long since learned that your Progress in the City was more apparent than Real; that you are Like the Slave on the Treadmill-always striving, but never really getting on.

And so, Today, there is Another Call that Tugs at Your Heartstrings, and makes You Resolve for the Future. It is the Call of the Country, It is a Call that is Ever Old and Ever New, and it is Growing every Day. More and More Men are leaving the dust and grime of the City's Streets, and

contains nearly 100 photographs of growing Crops, etc.

What would You think of a little Town of about 1200 People situated near our lands, where they ship on an average of $400,000 worth of Fruit, Vegetables, Poultry, Eggs, etc., a Year? During 1910 this Community shipped nearly $100,000 worth of Strawberries alone.

We are situated within convenient shipping distance of three Good Railroads, and in addition to this have the inestimable Advantage of Water Transportation through the Splendid Harbors of Galveston and Velasco, so that our Freight Rates are cut Practically in Hall.

The Climate is extremely Healthful, and Superior to that of California or Florida-Winter and Summer-owing to the constant Gulf Breeze.

Our Contract embodies Life and Accident Insurance, and should You die, or become totally Disabled, Your Family, or any one else You name, will get the Farm-without the Payment of another Penny. We will absolutely Refund your Money if you should be Dissatisfied, according to the Terms of our Guarantee.

Write for Our Free Book. Fill out the blank space in this column with Your Namo and Address, plainly written, and mail it to the Texas-Guli Realty Company, 1336 Peoples Gas Building, Chicago, I.

Read it carefully, and then use Your Own Good Judgment.

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on Discoveries in Bible Lands OU may now have within the pages of one periodical a complete equip

are throwing on the Bible. The department will appear in every alternate issue of The Sunday School Times. Its purpose is to put the general reader into possession of all that he really needs to know of the latest discoveries, or of new light from former discoveries, in the field of archeology and the Bible; so that, by simply following this department, he may be confident that nothing of real importance to Bible students has been turned up, anywhere in the world, that he does not know about.

The Sunday School Times has engaged an American archeologist of high standing to serve as editor of the department: The Rev. Professor Melvin Grove Kyle, A.M., D.D. He is familiar with Oriental lands through repeated and prolonged travel and research. You will not be asked to wade through a mass of technical material. It will be related directly to the popular reading of the English Bible. Yearly Subscription Rates : Single subscriptions, $1.50. Five or more, sent to separate addresses, $1.00 each, One Free Copy with every ten paid for in a club. The Sunday School Times has been enlarged by one-third. "It is issued fifty-two times a year. THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES CO., Clifton Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Missionary Outfits and Supplies

MONTGOMERY WARD & CO., CHICAGO, ship more merchandise to Mission Fields direct to missionaries, than all other American houses combined. This is because the great Catalogue House makes a specialty of missionary business, keeps posted as to requirements, and fully understands how to pack and guarantee safe delivery to any and all mission fields.

Our golden rule for nearly forty years of business has been: "Troat Our Customers As W. Would Like to Bo Treated If We Were the Buyers."

Wo have the best export shipping organization in America We handle large quantitios of foroign froight for other merchants who aro glad to pay for our supervision, and get the benent of our low carload rates.

Wo gladly givo missionaries and their friends the benefit of our facilities for shipping their household goods, donations, etc.

Wo can save you time, worry and money.
A large start of experts is at your service.

If you are interested in shipping to missionaries, or if you are going as a missionary, writo today to Mr. M. D. Howell, our Export Manager. Mention the field and ask any questions as to supplies, shipping, etc. He will gladly give you the benefit of his afteen years' experience in this line of work. Get a copy of our catalogue today. See what other missionaries, many of thom no doubt known to you, say about our wares and methods.




Wearing Apparel-Dross Goods—Notions-Foods-Medicines-Scientific and Surgical Instrumonto-Photographic Apparatus Sporting Goods- Guaranteed bigh-grado Bicycles Sowing Machinco-Pianos and Organs, Standard Brands, Prices lower than Department Stores. OUR MISSIONARY LEADER-Tho bost Folding Organ in the world-4 full octaves, 2 sets of

roeds, rich, powerful tone, folds up and can be carried like a suit case, weight 32 pounds. $28.98.

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