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JANUARY STUDY.—“Money and Home Missions."
Whence the Money Comes.
How it is Administered.
Increasing the Supply.

Leaflet Aids,

Aunty Parson's Story.
Budget Method, The-How to Work It.
Comprehensive Scheme of Church Finance, A.
Little Argument With Myself, A.
Making Home Missions Sacred.
Phases of Home Mission Admninistration.
Some Things Your Money Does.
Stimulus of Self-Support, The.
Subscription Method of Raising Missionary and

Benevolent Funds, The.
Successfully Financing a Church.

A Patriotic Program for “the Sabbath nearest
Washington's Birthday"--recommended by General
Assembly as HOME MISSION DAY in the Sunday
school. Title, "Christian Patriotism Our Country's
Best Defense."
Have you ordered supplies for

your Sunday school? The photograph of "The Defenders,” and the special letter from President Taft make the cover a "worth while" souvenir, and the program

which can be given in fifteen minutes-should develop loyalty to the cause of PRESBYTERIAN HOME MISSIONS. Every member of every Presbyterian Sabbath school should have a share in this one patriotic Sabbath school service. Send for samples or supplies of programs and envelopes to Miss M. Josephine Petrie, 156 Fifth Ave., New York City.

January-Money and Home Missions.-Whence the

Money Comes; How it is Administered; In

creasing the Supply. February-The Indians.-Evangelization and Nur

ture by Christian Ministry; Education and De-
velopment by State and Church; Place and

Destiny in the Nation's Life.
March-Immigrant Communities.-The Ministry of

the Church; Methods of Approach; Forms of

April-Christian Citizenship.-Cooperation in Re-

form Movements; The Church and the Com

munity; The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. May-Cuba and Porto Rico.--Educational Needs in

Cuba; Multiplying Churches in Porto Rico;

Medical Needs of Tropics.
June-Alaska.-The Native; The Miner; A Per-

manent Civilization.
July—Lumber and Mining Camp Regions.-Coal's

Cost in Lives; Family Life; The Evangelism

August-Degenerate Sects.-Mormonism; Paganiz-

ed Forms in Southwest; Holy Rollers and Oth

erg in Older East. September—The Country Community -Rural De

cay Affects Rural Churches; The Church the
Test of Prosperity; The Community Conserves

Man's Whole Llie.
October-The City.-The Growth of the City; The

Dominance of the City; The Influence of the

November-The Frontier.-Modern Methods of

Pioneering; "Preaching to a Procession;"

Church Life and Land Corporations.
December-Inter-Church Federation. What Keeps

Churches Apart? What Tends to Bring
Churches Together? The 1912 Meeting of the
Federal Council.


Comparative Statement of Receipts for CURRENT WORK for the Months of November, 1910-11




Decrease From Churches

$17,647.18 $19,370.06 $1,722.88 Woman's Societies

24.00 323.50

299.50 Sabbath Schools

931.38 688.61

$242.77 Young People's Societies.

413.05 268.83

144.22 Individuals, etc...

2,391.77 11,749.44 9,357.67 Woman's Board of Home Missions. *24,501.83 *21,276.91

3,224.92 Legacies.

2,601.82 3,762.24 1,160.42 Total.

$48,511.03 $57,439.59 $8,928.56 Comparative Statement of Receipts for CURRENT WORK for the 8 Months ending November 30, 1910-11



Decrease From Churches.....

$96,256.30 $105,588.20 $9,331.90 Woman's Societies.

444.50 1, 106.40 661.90 Sabbath Schools.

6.777.30 7,064.48 287.18 Young People's Societies.

4,006.54 3,793.39

$213.15 Individuals, etc....

35,398.61 38,979.22 3,580 61 Woman's Board of Home Missions.. *166,340.82 *206,589.03 40,248.21 Legacies ...

80,649.00 343,148.99 262,499.99 Total. ....

$389.873.07 $706,269.71 $316,396.64 *Includes receipts from all sources through Woman's Board.



FOREIGN MISSIONS The Pictured Story of Our Work

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HE Board of Foreign Missions in the pictorial pages which

follow, has tried to give the readers of The ASSEMBLY

Herald a glimpse, a bird's-eye view, as it were, of its manifold work on the foreign field. It has been impossible to go into detail, but a few of the phases of work it has attempted to show are represented in these pictures.

Page I and Page II the educational work of the Board from the Kindergarten of Japan-No. 5 on page 24-up to the Forman Christian College of India, No. I on page 1. The kindergarten, the primary school-No. 5, page 1 and No. 5, page 2—the teacher at work with his class, No. 2, page 1, and the industrial work of our schools in different countries—page 2, four pictures.

Page III gives a glimpse of the medical work in its varied forms from the primitive mode of treating a surgical case in AfricaNo. 1, to the ward in the David Gregg Hospital in Canton, China, No. 4-The Christian teaching given in the hospitals is pictured in No. 5, while the humanitarian work of the medical missionary is brought out in bold relief by the third picture of this page where we have the doctors ready for their work among those stricken by the plague.

Page IV. treats of the evangelistic side of the work. Preaching al a country fair in Korea, the missionary ready for a trip in Syria, -The Presbytery tent in China where candidates for admission to the church may be examined as to their fitness. From Laos land the missionary camp: and as a result of the evangelistic effort a group of Christian Endeavorers.

Page V deals also with the evangelistic side—see cuts No. 1 and 2. but also gives a hint of another phase of the busy missionary's life. The work of translation and the press by means of which the Gospel is sent far and wide. We have chosen the view of the large Mission Press at Shanghai with its native typesetters engaged in setting up the English type, and a view of the office of this same press where the missionary must needs spend hours of each day in keeping accounts and attending to the more secular side of the work which leads, however, to the same blessed end—that of reaching the perishing multitudes with the Word of God.

The output of this single press for the year reported on at the last Assembly, was 68,705,370 pages of which 34,269,450 were Scriptures, hymn books, catechisms and tracts.

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Dr. Packard, Persia, with Kurdish Chief for


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