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to serve Christ, and live to Christ, I may fay, the Table of the Lord is prepared for you, turnished for you : Je fus Christ invites you to come thereunto, and you will be welcome Guests; whom he will feast and satisfy. Bring with you desires of Communion with Chrift, of con formicy to Christ in Holiness, and fear not to come, for he calleih you.--Which leads to

... PROP. 3. Such as thirst after fpiritual Blessings, are invited by Christ, to come to him for chem. They aró the next and immediate Subjects of his lavitation. And three Ways he invites them. : 1. By his written Word. In the Gospel, which Jesus Christ has left us in Writing, there are many lavitaci. ons to such as spiricually thirt : as in forecited Job. vii. -97. If any Man ibirst, let bine come to me and drink. So Rev. xxii, 17. Let him that is cthirst, come. And who. Toever will; let him.take the VVaters of Life freely. Such Invitations as these; récorded in the Scriptures, are as re. ally made to those who fpiritually thirst now, as to them who lived in the Days of Christ and his holy Apostles, The Voice of Christ in all those Invitations is directed 10 every one that thirsts, to the end of the World. When. ever then you read any such Invitation, you may apply it to yourselves, if you thirst after spiritual Blessings, and may say, Christ herein calls to me to come to him. For he as really does so, as if he had invited you by Name.

2. By the Ministry of the Word. -Gospel Ministers are Christ's Messengers, whom he fends to invite thirsty Sinners, to come to him for the Waters of Life. This our Lord represents to us in the Parable of the Marriage-Feast, Mattb. xxii. 2, 3; 4. The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto a certain King which made a Marriage for his Son, and fent forth his Servants to call then that were bidden to the Wedding, but they would not come. Again, be sent forth orber Servants, saying, Tell them which are bidden, Behold, I have prepared my Dinner, my Oxen and my Fallings are killed, and all Things are ready; come unto the Marriage. In the preaching of the Word, the Ministers of Christ do call upon Sinners to go to Christ for all spiritual faving Bleslings. And their Calls are the Calls of Christ. For Christ calls by them. 2 Cor. v. 20. Now then we are Embassadors for Christ, as though God (Incarnate) did beseech you; we pray you in Christ's Stead, be ye reconciled to God. And hence it is, that Christ owns the Calls they give to Sinners, and follows them with his Bleffings lo as effectually to turn them to himself.:.

3. By the Motions of his Holy Spirit on their Souls. The Spirit of Christ does, under the Gospel, work upon the Hearts of Sinners. He convinces them of their finful and undone Estate by Nature, of the Evil and Danger of their. Ways of Sin; he convinces them of their Need of Jesus Christ to be the Saviour of their Şouls from Sin and Wrath. He raises in them Desires after an Interest in Christ, and saving Blessings. Now all these Workings of the Spirit on the Souls of Men, are so many inward Calls and Invitations to repair to Jesus Christ, for that Mercy and Salvation which they need. 'Tis Christ who sends the Holy Spirit to do these Things. Job. xvi. 7, 8. I will send the Comforter to you, and when he is come,be ball convince the VVorld of Sin, of Righteousness,and of Judgment. And therefore the secret Calls of the Holy Spirit, are the Calls of Jesus Christ by whom he is sent,

APPLICATION, Use I. Of Exhortation to all, to labour after. thirfly Defires of Spiritual Blessings. O rest not until you find in you ardent,longing Delires after such Blessings. ---Some Things here by way of Motive and Direction.

i Mor. If you do not thirst after spiritual Blessings, you will most cèrcainly miss of them. If they are not defired, they shall never be enjoyed. Christ pours Water only on the thirsty Soul. Ifa. xliv. 3. For. I will pour VVater on bim that is thirsty, and Floods upon the dry Ground. He gives living Warer to none but them thac ask it, John iv, 10. Thou wouldelt have ofred of him, and be would bave given thee living VVater. If therefore you do not long, and seek for spiritual Blessings, you will have no Share in them. And if you parcake not of them, you will die in a christless and graceless Estate, which will be Bitterness in the latter End. You will dic in your Sins, which is a most dreadful Thing. That was an awful Denunciacion, Hob. viii. 21. re shall die in your Sin. : 2 Mol. You will eternally and penally thirst for fpiritual Blessings in the other World, but in vain. Tho you may now despise, and not desire chese Blessings, yet it will not be so always. In Hell, Sinners will earnestly beg for an Interest in Christ, in Pardon, Peace with God, and eternal Glory, but all to no Purpose. Then it will be too late, to desire and cry for those once disregarded Blellings. So far shall they be from obcaining chese special Favours, as that they shall not obtain the least common Favour ; not so much as a drop of Water to cool their Tongues in these burning Flames, Luk. xv. 24, 25.-And Oh ! what à Torment will ic be, : crave, and never to have! The wise Man says, The Desire accomplished, is sweet to the Soul, Prov; xiii. 19. `And confequently, on the other Hand, the Desire not accomplished will be bitter and painful to the Soul. O lec us fear, left it come to this with us ac the last.

Direct. 1. Study the Vanity and Empliness of all earthly · Things, which our Desires are so apt to go out greedily after, One great Hindrance of Desires after spiritual Blessings, is our immoderate craving and pursuing'temporal Bleffings. And never shall we really pant afcer spiritual Bleffings, 'cill our inordinate Desires after the Creature be abated. And therefore Christ, who in the Text calls on us to thirst after spiritual Blessings, doés in the following Verse call us off from a Pursuic of worldly Blessings. Now, chat our Desires after these outward. good Things may be moderated and deadened, let us seriously ponder upon the Insufficiency and Unsatis. . factoriness of all created visible Enjoyments. The very best of Creatures are but Cifterns, broken Cisterns, that


can hold no Water, Jer. ii.: 13. There is nothing in them, that can really refresh and facisfy the Soul, as we may hereafter see.

Direct. 2. Study the Excellency and Necessity of Spiritual Blessings. Take a View of them in their tranr. cendent Worth and Excellency. No Blessings are comparable to there. They are of an excellent, divine, heavenly Original, flowing down in an immediate Way from the God of all Grace. They render such as are poflefled of them, the most excellenc. Creatures in the World, Pfal. xvi. g. Prov. xii. 26. Thereby they are made conformed to the glorious God himself, whose Image consists in Knowledge, Righteousness, and true Holiness. No Blessings are of such Excellency'as chese. Think hereon..-- Again, ponder upon the absolute Necessity of spiritual Blessings. Though never fo excellent, yet if we could do well enough without theni, we need not be so solicitous for an Incerest in them. · Bue they are such Blessings which we stand in the greatest Neceflicy of. Without them, we cannot serve God, we cannot glorify God, we cannot enjoy God. Witha out them, we cannot be happy in this World or thac which is to come. Miserable shall we be for ever, if we live and die uninterested in these Blessings. O then consider; if any Things are worthy to be desired, thefe Blessings are so. They are our Crown and Glo i fy, our Felicity and Blessedness. He chać has chere, is truly rich and honourable. Meditate hereon.

Direct. 3. Beg of God to raise Spiritual Desires in your Souls. 'I is God only that can open your Eyes to fee the real Excellency and Necefiity of fpiritual Blessings: And ’uis God only that can draw forth the Defires of the Soul after chem. None can come lo Christ wich Delires after an Interest in Christ and his Benefits, but fuch whom the Father draws, Joh. vj. 44. Cry then lo God in Christ, as the Spouse did, Coint. i. 4. Draw me ; we will run after thee. .

USE 2. Exhortation to fuck as do fpiriiuaily chir ; Go to Christ. for the Satisfaction of your Detires. Are


there Soul-longings in you after spiritual Blessings ? repair to Christ for them. Go to him, and spread all your Wanıs and Desires before him, and intreat of him ihe fupply of them.---Confider, that he is able to satisfy all your Desires. He can do for you abundantly above and beyond all that you are able to ask or ca think. There is an All-fulness dwells in him, from whence your empty Souls may be filled, as will hereafter be shown. He can pardon your Sins, though ne. ver so great. He can mortify your Lusts, though never so strong. He can sanctify your Souls, though never so filthy ----And as he is thus able to do for you, so like: wise is he willing to do all this for you. His Invitati. ons given to you testify this, as may be thown under the next Doctrine. Go then to Jesus Christ for all that Mercy and Grace you need, and be assured that he will give Grace and Glory to you, and withold no good Thing from you.

Doct. II. The Invitations of Jesus Christ to chirsty Souls are general, free, earnest, and repeated. I fall fpeak to each of these particularly, and briefly.

1. The Invitations of Jesus Christ to thirsty Souls are general.--. Every one that thirsts, is here called upon by Jesus Christ to come unto the Waters, and to buy and eat, to buy Wine and Milk. None of them are excluded or excepted. So the Invitation of Christ runs in other places. Joh. vii. 37. If any Manthirst, let hiin come to me and drink. Any Man, whoever he be, that thirsts after Christ and his Benefits, is invited to come to him, that his Thirst may be satisfied. So Ret. xxii. 17. Leo him that is athirst, come : and wholoever will, let him take the Waters of Life freely. Sucb as desire fpi. ritual Blessings, as have a Will to partake of them, are invited to come and take them. Let a Man chirst, be he who he will, and what he will, the Call of Chrift: to him is, to come to Christ for what he desires...

2. The Invitations of Jesus Christ to chirsty Souls are free ---- They are here invited to come, and buy,


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