Names and Their Histories: Alphabetically Arranged as a Handbook of Historical Geography and Topographical Nomenclature

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Rivington, Percival, 1896 - 392 pages

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Page 104 - Then felt I like some watcher of the skies When a new planet swims into his ken; Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes He stared at the Pacific and all his men Looked at each other with a wild surmise Silent, upon a peak in Darien.
Page 55 - Had I permitted myself any innovation upon the original term, it would have been to convert it into Australia; as being more agreeable to the ear, and an assimilation to the names of the other great portions of the earth.
Page 223 - This, then, was the long promised view and the long expected exit out of gloom ! Therefore I called the tall peak terminating the forested ridge, of which the spur whereon we stood was a part, and that rose two miles E. of us to a height of 4600 feet above the sea, Pisgah, Mount Pisgah, because, after 156 days of twilight in the primeval forest, we had first viewed the desired pasturelands of Equatoria. The men crowded up the slope eagerly with inquiring open-eyed looks, which, before they...
Page 107 - I ever saw. It seems entirely composed of rocky mountains without the least appearance of vegetation. These mountains terminate in horrible precipices, whose craggy summits spire up to a vast height, so that hardly any thing in nature can appear with a more barren and savage aspect than the whole of this country.
Page 261 - The full title of the Bishop in the patent appointing him is Bishop of the Isle of Man, of Sodor, of Sodor and Man, and of Sodor of Man, thus embracing the Isle of Man, the adjacent islet of Sodor, and the old Hebridean diocese of Sodor now included in the See of Argyll and the Isles. Sofala, a district north of Zanzibar, on the East African coast, is an Arabic name meaning the 'lowland.' The full name is Sofalatu I Dhahab, the
Page 157 - Elizabethtown was made the capital of the colony; other immigrants arrived from Long Island and settled on the banks of the Passaic ; Newark was founded ; flourishing hamlets appeared on the shores of the bay as far south as Sandy Hook. In honor of Sir George Carteret, who had been governor of the Isle of Jersey, in the English Channel, his American domain was named NEW JERSEY.
Page 179 - ... manifested a particular regard for the common people, and studied their ease and advantage. The same love of mankind led him to repair and form public roads ; to build bridges where necessary ; to make rivers navigable for the purposes of commerce; and to project that grand canal which would have opened a communication between the German Ocean and the Black Sea, by uniting the Danube and the Rhine.
Page 44 - the name of the river of the Amazons was given to it because Orellana and his people beheld the women on the banks fighting as valiantly as the men. It is not that there are any Amazons on that river, but that they said there were, by reason of the valour of the women.
Page 67 - ... During the crop season, in the months of April, May and June, steamers are run weekly. The Cunard Company also have a. monthly service between Halifax, Bermuda, Turks Island and Jamaica, under contract with the Admiralty. The Bermudas were first discovered in 1515 by a Spanish vessel, called La Garza, on a voyage from Spain to Cuba, with a cargo of hogs, and commanded by Juan Bermudez, and having on board Gonzalez Oviedo, the historian of the Indies, to whom we are indebted for the first account...
Page 217 - ... changed, and the emperor Probus (276-282) at length threw the culture of the vine open to the provincials. Probably it was only in consequence of this that the vine gained a firm footing on the Seine as on the Moselle.

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