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Either of the three volumes of the EDITOR'S SERIES of the HOMILIST," which are now ready published at 5s. 6d. per volume, will be sent POST FREE DIRECT to any address in Australia or America, for 6s. 9d. Address-Robert Johnson, care of Editor of the "Homilist," Holly Bush, Loughborough Park, London.


THIS Volume, the TWENTY-EIGHTH of the entire Work, is the third of the New Series-THE EDITOR'S SERIES. It is so called because the Editor has determined to bestow upon it special attention, and make it in every respect the best that has appeared. He is certain that no competent and impartial critic will compare these Volumes with any of the preceding ones without pronouncing a verdict for their superiority.* If success is to be taken as a test of merit, these Volumes have the advantage, for their circulation has been unsurpassed.

Although upwards of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND VOLUMES have been sold, it will be gratifying for our friends to know that the demand is as great as ever.

The following is a testimony from an able clergyman :-"With respect to the EDITOR'S SERIES of the HOMILIST, any praise from me would be simply superfluous. I have, as you know, always held in the highest esteem the skill, originality, freshness, and genius with which it has been conducted, but I must confess that the last Series is in all respects incomparable."

"A London Vicar" says: "I can conscientiously say that I do not believe that the HOMILIST has ever been approached by any Pulpit Serial of the past or present, and that this First Volume of the Editor's Series is amongst the best of all the Volumes that have appeared."

Extract from Dundee Daily Advertiser.—“Without copying Robertson of Brighton, there is a prevailing spirit in this publication which perpetually reminds you of his sublime utterances. Dr. Thomas is a man of a spirit so profound and comprehensive, so Catholic and charitable, that the HOMILIST could not be other than that which it is. For the man always underlies the book which he writes. The HOMILIST is so rich in exquisite utterances that the attempt at quotation in this notice would be to commence illimitable enlargement. On the whole, we have two things to remark in this publication:-viz., first, that the HOMILIST is the best preacher's manual which we know; second, the last Volume is the best, being the commencement of a New Series."

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