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my Commandments and keepeth them, He it is that Loveth me.

Let us all therefore most highly Value, moft earnestly Study, these Commandments, this Law of his, which is the only sure Guide to direct our Affections to him, the only infallible proof of our Love of Him. Let us, like Holy David, make his Statutes our Delight, our Joy, our Riches, our Meditation, our Counsellors. And That Love that firkt mov'd us to study them, will receive daily increase and improvement by being conversant in them, will make us Taft and See home Good the Lord is, by making us every Day more and more like Him; and when we shall have such an Experimental feeling of the Good that He is, by Doing the Good that he Commands, new beams of Loveliness will continually break in upon our Spirits, and attract our Wills, 'till our imperfect Love below shall receive Perfection above, and our Exercise on Earth become our Reward in Heaven. In Heaven, where not only Vice and Sin, but even meaner Virtues and Graces shall find no admittance. They shall fail, and cease, and vanish: Love only shall Enter there, and Live and Reign, in uninterrupted Fruition of what it loyes to all Eternity.

To wbich God of &c.

F. I N I S.

Books Printed for and Sold by Anth. Peiley.

The Doctrine of the Trinity Prov'd from Scripture. A Sermon Preach'd before the University of Oxford at Se Man ry's, on Sunday May 13. 1711. • Peace and Unity Recommended. A Sermon Preach'd before the Univerlity of Oxford as St. Mary's, on Sunday

Aug. 17. 1712. Boch by cbe Author of the Collection Entitled the Common Prayer ihe best Companion.

Cathedral Service Decent and Useful. A Sermon Preach'd before the University of Oxford at St. Mary's, on Cæcilia's Day 1713. by W. Dingley B. D. Fellow of C. C. C.

39. Articoli Eccleliæ Anglicanæ, brevibufque notis illustrati, & Concenigs Veterum, live Appendix ad 39. Ariiculos Ecclefiæ Anglicanæ, Edit. II. Aurhore Edvardo Welchman.

The Divinity of Our Blessed Sarioor Pror'd from Scriplore and Antiquity. A Sermon Preach'd before the Uniporfity of Oxford at St. Mary's, on the Epiphany Jan. 6th, 1711. In which Mr.whiston's Arreinpt to Revive the A rian Herely is Consider'd, by Richard Ibbetson M. A. Fellow of Oriel Coll. in Oxford.

A Sermon Preach'd on the Anniversary Fast for the Maps tyrdom of King Charles the first in the lat Century

A Sermon Preach'd at St. Mary's before the University of Oxford, upon Act-Sunday 1710. by Thomas Coney, D. D.

Marcus Antoninus, Lib. XII. Notis Illustrati, gr. lat. Cura Ibbetson, 8vo. E Theatro.

Sophocles Tragæd. Gr. Lat. cum Scholiis, per Johnfor. 2 Vol.

An Elay on the Usefulness of Mathematical Learning, 8vo.

Corn. Nepos com Fig. Cura Adams, 8vo. E Thcatro.

Bp. Milles's Answer to Mr. Dodwell, on the Iinmortality of the Soul, 8vo. E Theatro.

Sandersoni Physica, 8vo. Oxon. · Scheibleri Philosophia Compendiosa, 8vo.

Commentarii de Scriptoribus Britranicis, Auctore Joanne Lelando, Londinate, Cura Hall. 2 Vol. E Theatro Sheld. 1709. Ignatii Epistolæ Genuinæ, Gr. Lat. cum Annotationibus

Bp. Pearsoni,

Ep. Pearsoni, & Thome Smith, S. T. P. Illuftrat. E Theatro Sheldoniano, 1709.

Sectionum Conicarum Elementa nova methodo demonftrata Editio. zda. emendata , pluribusque in locis aucta & illuftrata, per Jacobum Milnes. 8vo.

Dr.Wells's Geographical Tables, both Antient and Modern.

Remarks on Dr Clarke's Introduction to his ScripcareDoctrin of the Trinity, By Edward Wells D. D.

A Letter to the Reverend Dr. Clarke, in Answer to his Letter to Dr. Wells.

A Recantation-Sermon against the Errors of Popery, Particularly Transubstantiation. By Will Aylmer lately Profelor of Divinity in the Roman Church.

The Church of England Man's Companion; or a Rational Illustration of the Harmony, Excellency, and Usefulness of the Book of Common Prayer, &c. Wherein all the Rubricks, Prayers, Rites and Ceremonies, &c. are explain'd and vindicated, and coinpar'd with the Ancient Liturgies, and the Practices of the Primirive Church. To which is prefix'd an Introduktory Discourse, shewing the Lawfulness and Necessity of a National Precompos's Liturgy. By Charles Wheatly, M. A. Fellow of St. John Baptist's College in Oxford. The Second Edition with large Additions. Oxford Printed at the Theater, 1714.

'The Lawfulness of Feasting with the Danger of Abusing it. A Sermon Preach'd before the Univerlity of Oxford at St. Mary's, on Sunday Jan 3. 1714, by Charles Wheatly M.A. Fellow of St. John Baptist's Coll. Oxon. Publish'd at the Request of Mr. Vice-Chancellor.

Artis Logicæ Compendium Edit. 2da. Emendata, pluribusque in locis Aucta & Illustrata 12mo. E Theatro Sheldoniano, 1704.

The Supremacy of the Crown, and the Power of the Church, Afferted and Adjusted. A Sermon Preach'd before the University of Oxford at St Mary's, on Sunday fan, 17. 1714. by George Rye, B. D. Fellow of Oriel Coll in Oxford.

BOOKS Printed for, and Sold by

William Taylor, at the Ship in

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THE New World of Words, or an Universal English Di&ioproved, with the Addition of near twenty Thousand Words from the best Authors. By Edwards Philips, Gent.

Botanologia: The English Herbal; or, History of Plants, con taining, 1. Their Names, Greek, Latin, and English. 2. Their Species, or various kinds. 3. Their Descriptions. 4. Their Places of Growth. 5. Their Times of Flowering and Seeding. 6. Their Qualities or Properties. 7. Their Specifications, 8. Their Preparations, Galenick and Chymick. 9. Their Virtues and Uses: 10. A compleat Florilegium of all the choice Flowers cultivated by our Florists, interspersed through the whole Work, in their proper Places, where you have their Culture, Choice, Increase, and Way of Management, as well for Profit as Delectation. Adorned with exquisite Icons or Figures of the most considerable Species, representing to the Life the true Forms of those several Plants. The whole in an Alphabetical Order. By W. Salmon, M. D.

An Historical and Critical Di&ionary. By. Monsieur Bayle. Translated into English, with many Additions and Corrections, made by the Author himself, that are not in the French Editions. In 4 Volumes.

Bishop Usher's Life and Letters.


Geodesia : or, The whole Art of Surveying and Measuring Land, Bi. By J. Love, Philomath. Note, This book is Reprinting, with considerable Additions, which will make it the most compleat Book of Surveying, extant.

Analysis Æquationum universalis ; seu ad Æquationes Algebrricas resolvendos Methodus generalis & expedita, ex nova infinitarum Sea rierum Methodo, deduéta ac de monstrata. Editio secunda, cui acceßit Appendix de Infinito Infinitarum Serierum Progresu ad Æquati. onum Algebraicarum Radices eliciendas. Cui etiam annexum eft, De Spatio reali, feu Ente infinito Conamen Mathematico-Metapleyficum. Autbore Fosepho Raphson, A. M. S Reg. Soc. Socio.

Demonstrario Demonstratio de Deo; sive Metbodus ad Cognitionem Dei Naturalem, brevis ac demonstrativa. Cui accedunt Epiftola qnædam miscellaneæ ; de Anime Natura Immortalitate, de veritate Religionis Chriftianæ, de Universo, 8c. Authore Fosepho Raphson, A. M. & Reg. Soc. Socio.

An Univerlity Oration concerning the different Fates of the Christian Religion, spoken in the Publick Act of the University of Genova the 11th Day of May, 1703. In which the Apoftolical Inftitution of Episcopacy is afferted, Separation on the account of Ceremony is condemnd, and an universal Conformity of the Protestant Churches to the ancient Discipline and Worship is wish'd for. By John Alphonfus Turretin, Pastor, Professor of Divinity and Ecclesiastical History, and Deputy Rector of the University. The Second Edition. To which is added, Dr. Nicholls's Thanks to Mr. Turretin; Written by Order of the Society for Propagation, for his Oration of the different Fates, dedicated to them.

An Oration of composing the Differences among Protestants, wherein the Points in Controversy between the Lutherans and Cal. vinifts are stated, and a Method of Reconciliation proposed, Vio By the fame Author.

Mercurius Theologicus: Or, The Monthly Instructor ; briefly explaining and applying all Doctrines and Duties of Christian Réligion that are necessary to be believed and pra&ised in order to Salvation. By a Divine of the Church of England.

The Monthly Voyages, being a Colle&tion of Voyages and Tra. vels into all.Parts of the World, with the Geography and History of every Country. Done by several Hands, and none of them ever before printed in English. A Work very curious and entere taining.

The Meachant's Magazine, or Tradesman's Treasury, Con. taining, (1.) Arithmetick. (2.) Merchants Accounts. (3.) Bookkeeping. (4) Maxims concerning Bills of Exchange, &c. (5.) The Port-Letters to and from Foreign Countries, 8c. (6.) An Account of the Commodities of Foreign countries. (7.) A Merchant or Trader's Dictionary, and Precedents of Merchant's Writings ; with many other things not extant before, as by the Table of Contents appears. By E. Hatton, Gent.

OCTAVÓ' and" DUODECIMO. The Virgin Unmask'd; or, Female Dialogues betwixt an elderly Maiden Lady and her Niece; on several diverting Difcourses, on Love, Marriage, Memoirs, and Morals of the Times, So.

The Marquess of Langallery's Memoirs ; containing the most secret Intrigues of the French, Spanish, and Bavarian Courts ; and the most remarkable Battles, Sieges, &c. in Germany, Spain, and Flanders ; intermixt with several Original Private Letters, never before made publick; continued down to tbis present Time.



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