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Meditations of a Divine Soul ; or the Christian's Guide,
amidst the various Opinions of a vain World; wherein are
Arguments to prove there is no material Fire in Hell.
The safest way to Happiness made known ; with an ingenious
Recantation of a greater Proficient in the School of Atheism,
than the late Earl of Rochester, and feveral other curious Subjects
worthy of Note. To which is added an Essay of a retired folia
tary Life; with an After Thought on King William II]. The
second Impreslion corrected and enlarged, with several new Adá.

À System of Rational and Practical Chirurgery ; wherein all
the general Intentions, whether Natural or Artificial, are ac-
counted for and explained, according to the Corpuscular Philoso-
phy, and the evident Qualities of Medicines : Together with the
Causes, Diagnosticks, Prognotticks, and Method of Cure of Tu.
mours, Ulcers, Wounds, Fractures, and Dislocations. To which
is added an Index of Medicines, and their evident Qualities. By
Richard Boulton, late of Brazen-Nose College in Oxford.

Grammar Disputations; or, An Examination of the Eight
· Parts of Speech, by way of Question and Answer, English and

Latin; whereby Children in a very little time will learn not only
the knowledge of the Granimar, but likewise to speak and write
Latin. To which is added, a short Chronological Table of Men
and Things of the greatest Note ; Alphabetically digested, chiefly
relating to the Sacred and Roman History, from the beginning of
the World to this Time : Written for the Use of the Schools of
Great Britain. By Richard Hogarth, Schoolmaster..

Georgii Buchanani Scoti ad Viros sui feculi Clarisimos eorumque
ad eundem Epiftolæ ex MSS. accuratè Defiripta nunc primum in
lucem Editæ.
· Mr. Congreves five Plays, vir, The old Batchelor, Mourning

Bride, Love for Love, Double Dealer, 'Way of the World ,
Printed in a neat Pocket Volume.
: Mr. Steel's Plays, vizi The Funeral, or, Grief A-la mode;
· The Tender Husband, or the Accomplish'd Fools; The Lying
Lovers, or the Ladies Friendship.

The Works of Mr. Thomas Otway, in 2 Volumes 12°. Con-
taining Alcibiades, Don Carlos Prince of Spain, Titus and Bere.
nice; the Soldier's Fortune, in two Parts; the Orphan, or the
Unhappy Marriage, the History and Fall of Caius Marius ; Venice
Preserv'd, or a Plot Discover'd. To which is added fome Poems
and Love Letters.

Four Plays by Ben. Johnson, viz. The Silent Woman; The
Fox; Catáline, and the Alchymist. To which is added, Timor
of Athens, or the Man Hater.

The Works of the Ingenious Mr. William Wicherly, collected
into one Volime, containing Plain Dealer, Country Wife, Gen.
. tleman Dancing-Master, Love in a Wood., ,

Mr. Lee's Tragedies and Commedies, in two volumes in

· Naat

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A Neat Pocket Edition of Hudibras, adorned with Cutts.

The ancient Religion of the Gentlies, and Causes of their Ertors. congder'd. The Mistakes and Failures of the Heathen Priests, and Wise Men, in their Notions of the Deity and Mat. ters of Divine Worihip are examined, with regard to their being altogether destitute of Divine Revelation. By the Learned Ed. ward Lord Herbert of Cherbury.

Private Thoughts upon Religion, digested into Twelve Articles; with Practical Resolutions form’d thereupon. By the Right Re: verend Father in God, William Beveridge, D. D. late Lord Bishop of St. Asaph. Written in his Younger Tears, for the settling of bis Principles, and the Conduct of his Life. The sixth Edition, Illustrated and adorned with Sculptures. · Private Thought upon a Christian Life ; Or, Necessary Dire. ctions for its Beginning and Progress upon Earth, in Order to its final Perfection in the Beatifick Vilion. Part il. By the Right Reverend Father in God, William Beveridge, D.D. late Lord Bishop of St. Asaph. Written by him in his riper Years, and Printed from his Original Manuscripts. The Third Edition, Illustrated and Adorned with Sculptures.

The Book of Cummon Prayer, and Administration of the Sa. cramcnt, according to the Use of the Church of England, with the Apoitles, and an Account of the Original of the Fasts and Feasts of the Church, with several of the Rubricks occafionally explain'd. By William Nichols, D. D. 80. Price 6s. •

Three short Treatises, viz. (1) A modest Plea for the Clergy. (2.) A Sermon of the Sacerdotal Benediction. (3.) A Discourle to undeceive the People in point of Tithes, G. Published by Dr. George Hickes, in defence of the Priesthood and true Rights of the Church, againit the Nanderous and reproachful Treatinent of the Clergy, in a late Book of pernicious and blafphemous Do&trine, entitled, The Rights of the Church.

Miscellanea Antigua: Containing (1.) the Life and Death of K. James V. of Scotland, in which is the Beginning of the Re. formation in that Kingdom: An Account of the Sufferings of the renowned Lady Jane Douglass, Sc. (2.) The Navigation of that King round Scotland, the 'Orkney and Western Illes, Si. (3.) The Camelion : Or, Crafty Statesman, by George Buchanan; Never before published.

Perspective made Easy: Or, The Art of representing all man. ner of Objects, as they appear to the Eye, in all Scituations; con. taining the Elements of Designing and Painting : Illustrated with above Fifty Figures in Copper. Written Originally in French by Father Lamy, and translated by an Officer of Her Majesty's Ordnance,

The Paih to Liberty: Or, the Method of Man's Redemption, by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Chrift: Together with Christian Liberty rightly Stated and Maintain'd, against the impious Te. nets of Ancient Hereticks, now lately Revived, and with great boldness published by soms Modern Writers. By Tho. Rambone,

M. A. M. A. Late Rector of Norton under Hamden in Somerset fire. With a Recommendatory Preface by Dr. Edwards, Principal of Fefus College, Oxon. ,

Mr. Hoadly's Measures of Submission to the Civil Magistrate enquired into, and disprov’d. Wherein is shewn, that Mr. Hoodly has by no Means proved the Lawfulness of forcibly Relifting the Supreme Magistrate in any Case; but after all he has said to the contrary, the Apottle's Doctrine still holds true, That whosoever Refifteth the Power, Refifteth the Ordinance of God; and they that Resist, shall receive to themselves Damnation. By a Presbyter of the Church of England.

Just published, A new Edition of the History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, begun in the Year 1641. With the precedent Passages, and Actions, that contributed thereunto, and the happy End, and Conclusion thereof by the King's blessed Restoration, and Return, upon the 29th of May, in the Year 1660.. Written by the Right Honourable Edward Earl of Clarendon, late Lord High Chancellor of England, Privy Counsellor in the Reigns of King Charles the Firt and the Second. In fix Vo. lumes.

Græcæ Sententiæ è variis Græcorum Libris hinc inde excerpte, quie bus insuper adduntur aurea Carmina Pythagorx, cum Epitaphio A.'.. donidis, una cum Latina Versione de Verbo fere reddita ; quam se: quitur Tabula, in qua ad quam Orationis partem fingula pertinent Vocabula Indicantur ; Et ad quod in Grammaticâ Græcâ Exemplum, Seu Nomen, feu Verbum, seu Participium fit, formandum eft, Indigi, tatur. In ufum eorum qui imprimis sunt Græcarum literarum rudes. Opera J. R. A. M. , · Hilioria Sacræ Libri 7. In quibus narrantur res geftæ veterum Patriarcharum, Judæorum & Chriftianorum, à primo mundi origine, usque ad Excidium Hierofolymitanum. Per Guil. Nicholsium, in usum Sibolarum & Juventutis Chriftianæ.

Gulielmi Nicholsii Presbyteri Defensio Ecclefiæ Anglicanæ : In qua vindicantur omnia, quæ ab Adversariis in Doctrina, Cultu @ Difci, plina ejus, improbantur. Præmittitur Apparatus, qui Hiftoriam Turbarum, é Secessione ab. Eccleßa Anglicana, exortarum continet.

De Christo imitando, contemnendisq; Mundi Vanitaribus libelluss, Authore Thoma Kempilio, libri quatuor. Interprete Sebastiano Castel. lione, quorum ultimus eft de Cæna Dominica. · A Bridle for the Tongue, under these following Heads; viz. Of prophane atheistical Discourse, of Blasphemy, of rash and vain Swearing, of False acculing, or bearing False witness, of Calum. ny or Slander, of Detraction, or Backbiting, and of Tale-bearing and Reproof, of Cenforiousness, or raih Judging, of Scoffing,

Derilion or Mocking, of Contumely or Reproach, of Imprecati · on or Curling, of Brawling, Quarrelling, or Wrangling, of Dile

fimulation or Deceit, of Flattery, of Lying, Equivocation Pro. mise-breaking, and Discovering Secrets, of Talkativeness, Gare rulity, or yain Babling, of Oftentation, or Boasting, of Queru



lousness or Murmuring, of foolish Jefting, of obscene and immodest Talk. By Henry Hooton, A. M.

Three Thort Treatises, viz. (1.) A modest Plea for the Clergy. (2.) A Sermon of the Sacerdotal Benedi&ion. (3.) A Discourse publish'd to undeceive the People in the Point of Tithes, Si. Formerly printed, and now again published, by Dr. George Hickes, in Defence of the Priesthood and true Rights of the Church, a. gainst the sanderous and reproachful Treatment of the Clergy, in & late Book of pernicious and blasphemous Doctrines, entituled, The Rights of tbe Church.

Bibliotheca Scriptorum Ecclefiæ Anglicans : or, A Collection of choice Tracts, relating to the Government and Authority of the Church; containing one of Archbishop Bancroft's, one of Dr. Harry Lesly's, late Bishop of Down in Ireland, two of Dr. John Pearson's, Lord Bishop of Chaster, one of Mr. Samuel Hoard's, Author of God's Love to Mankind; one of Dr. Thomas Bayley's, with several others, Recommended by the Reverend Dr. George Hicks. In O&avo.

A thorough Examination of the false Puinciples and fallacious Arguments advanced. against the Christian Church, Priesthood, and Religion, in a late pernicious Book, ironically intituled, The Rights of the Christian Church asserted, &c. In a Dialogue between Demas and Hierarchia. Humbly offered to the Consideration of the Nobility and Gentry of England, by Samuel Hill, Rector of Kilmington, and Arch Deacon of Wells.. ::

The unworthy Non-communicant. A Treatise shewing the Danger of neglešting the Blefed Sacrament of the Lord's Supper : Wherein its primitive Practice, and the Reasons of its Disuse and Neglect are fully fet forth; what are meant by Eating and Drinking unworthily, and Eating and Drinking our own Damnation, are made plain to the nicanest Capacity, all the most material Scruples and Objections commonly urged and fully answered, together with Forms of Prayers before, at, and after the Receiving the Huly Sacrament. By IViliam Smythies, late Morning-Ledurer at St. Michael's Cornhil, London.

An Antidote against the pernicious Errors of the Anabaptists, or of the Dipping-Sect. Wherein the Doctrines and Practices of the Church of England, in relation to Infant-Baptism, are briefly justify'd and confirm’d by Holy Scriptures and Reason, by the approved Custom of Christians in all Ages since the Apostles, and by the Judgment of all the Reformed Churches of Europe ; and wherein all Obje&tions against it are fully answered. By Marius D'Aligny, B. D. .,

Clavis Ufuere : or, a Key to Interest both Simple and Compound, containing Practical Rules, plainly express'd' in Words at length; whereby all the various Cases of Interest and Annuities, or Leases, either in Possession or Reversion, and purchasing Free-hold Estates, So. may very easily be resolved, both by the Pen, and a small Table of Logarithms hereunto annexed, for 'all Rates of Interest,


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and Times of Payment whatsoever ; illustrated by Variety of Ex. : amples. To which is added, Rules to be observ'd in estimating

the Value of Annuities or Leases, and Insurances for Lives. Also the Business of Rebate or Discompt, and the Equation of Payments (very useful for Merchants and other Dealers) is here rectify'd and truly determined. By Fohn Ward. .

The true Amazons ; or, the Monarchy of Bees; being a new Discovery and Improvement of those wonderful Creatures ; where in is experimentally demonstrated their Sex, Male and Female, the manner of their Breeding, their Wars, their Enemies; with Directions plain and easie how to mannage them, both in Straw Hives and transparent Boxes; fo that with laying out but of four or five Pounds, in three or four Years, if the Summers are kind, you may get 30 or 40 Pounds per Annum. Also how to make the English Wine, or Mead, equal, if not superiour to the best of other Wines. By Foseph Warder, of Croyden, Physician.

The Feast of Divine Love, or plain and easy Directions to Communicants; with Prayers to be used before, at, and after the Holy Sacrament; suited to the several Degrees and States of Christians, in a new and useful Method.; To which are added, Morning and Evening Prayers for particular Perons and Families.

A Demonstration of the Existence, Wisdom, and Omnipotence of God, drawn from the knowledge of Nature, particularly of Men, and fitted to the meanest Capacity. By the most Reverend the Lord Archbishop of Cambray, Author of Telemachus, and translated by the same Hand that English'd that excellent Piece.

A convenient Prayer Book for Private and Family use ; being a Collection of some few select Prayers for that purpose, out of the publick Liturgy, and the Writings of some of the most Emi. nent Divines of the Church of Enngland. By the Author of the Clergyman's Companion.

The Devout Christians daily. Exercise, containing Prayers and Thanksgivings for every Day in the Week, and every Holy Day in the Year ; extracted from the ancient Liturgies, and the moit approved Writers of our own Church.

The History of the present Parliament and Convocation, with the Debates at large, relating to the Conduct of the War abroad, the Mismanagements of the Ministry at home, and the Reasons why some Offenders are not yet Impeached : Iriterspers'd with with several Speeches, and Representations of Grievances in Mate ters Religious as will as Civil," To which is added an exact List of the Parliament and Convocation. N. B. The third Session is now in the Press, printed fo as to bind up with the two former Sessions.

Honores Anglicani : Or, Titles of Honour the Temporal Nobi. lity of the English Nation (quatenus fuch) have had, or do now enjoy, viz. Dukes, Marquiffes, Earls and Vicounts, from the time of the Conquest, and Barons from their first Investiture by Charter, whether by Tenure-Writ, or whether by Writ of


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