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Summons to Parliament, or Patent, in a Method altogether new; Wherein the several Gradations are set down, so as their Prece. dency may be collected and known. And also some new Matter advanced in relation to our Baronage. To which is added, a çompleat Alphabetical Index. By Simon Segar.

The Universal Library; or, Compleat Summary of Science; Containing above Sixty Select Treatises. In two 'Vol.

Of Theology, Philosophy, Metaphysicks, Ethicks, Oeconomy, Re, ligion, Games used at ancient Festivals, Cosmography, Elements, Geography, Hydrography, Travels, Government, Chronology, Hiftory, Laws, Coins, Medals, Weights and Measures, Meteors, Rarities, Mankind in different Sexes, of Men and Women, Phifick, Chirurgery, Chymistry, Cookery and Diet. II, Of Animals, Vegetables and Agriculture, Gems, Metals, Grammar and Languages, Hieroglyphicks, Poetry, Logick, Rhetorick, Musick, Arithmetick, Geometry, Architecture, Surveying, Gauging, Dialling, Navigation, the Millitary Art, Fortification, Gunnery, Astronomy, Astrology, Augury, Magick, Dreams and Appari: ţions, Heraldry, Painting, Colours and Dying, Opticks, Angling, Fowling, Inventions, Ignorance in the Ancients, and Errours as mong the People, with

divers Secrets, Experiments, and CurioGties therein. In two Vol. price jos.

The Memorable things of Socrates, written by Xenophon, in five Books. To which are prefix'd the Life of Socrates, from the French of Monsieur Carpentier, a Member of the French Academy. And the Life of Xenophon, collected from several Authors; with fome Account of his Writings; the Second Edition. By E. Bylbe, Gent. Author of the Art of English Poetry,

Fuffin's History of the World, from the Allyrian Monarchy, down to the Time of Augustus Cæfar; being an Abridgment of Trogus Pompeius's Philippick History, with Critical Remarks upon Fulfin. Made English by Tbo. Brown. The Second Edition, carefully Revised; with many Curious Emendations, both as to the History and, Chronology of Juftin, according to the best Oxford Edition : Besides several other Material Annotations from the various Readings of the MSS. And a new Translation of Bong arfius's Contents of- the Philippick History of Trogus Pompeius. By 0. Dykes, late of Queens College, Oxon.

The Great importance of a Religious Life confidered and enforced. To which is added, a Morning and Evening Prayer, C.

Medula Historia Anglicanæ. The ancient and present State of England ; being a Compendious Hilory of all its Monarchs from the time of Julius Cæfar, to this very Year; written by D. Howel, and continued by an Impartial Hand, to this Tenth Year of Her Majesty's Glorious Reign. And now in this sixth Edition illuItrated with Sculptures, which serve the better to imprint on the Memory, and the calier to find out the most remarkable Passages in the History


An History of the Government of the Primitive Church, for the three first Centuries, and the beginning of the fourth; thewing that the Church in those first Ages, as it has been ever since, was Govern'd by Bishops. By Francis Broosby, B.D. sometime Fellow of Trinity College in Cambridge.

Boetius of the Consolation of Philosophy, in five Books; made English and illustrated with Notes. By the Right Honourable Richard, Lord Viscount Preston. The second Edition Corrected.

The Compleat Fencing-Master; in which is fully describ'd all the Guards, "Parades and Lessons belonging to the Small Sword; as also the best Rules for playing against either Artists or others, with Blunts or Sharps. Together with Directions how to behave in single Combat on Horseback. Illustrated with Copper Plates, representing the most necessary Postures. The third Edition By Sir W. Hope, Kt, and Lieutenant Governour of the Castle of Edinborough.

Ovid's Art of Love, in three Books, Translated by Mr. Dryden, Mr. Congreve, &c. Together with the Remedy of Love, Tó which are added the Court of Love; a Tale of Love from Chaucer, and the History of Love, adorned with Cuts.

The Works of Lucian, Translated from the Greek by several Eminent Hands. With the Life of Lucian. A Discourse on his Writings, and a Character of some of the Present Translators. Written by John Dryden Efq;

The Travels of the Learned Father Montfaucon thro' Italy : Containing, 11.) An Account of many Antiquities at Vienne, Arles, Nijmes, and Marseilles in France. (2.) The Delights of Italy, Viz. Libraries, Statues, Paintings, Monuments, Tombs, Inscriptions , Epitaphs, Temples , Monasteries, Chaunters, 8c (3.) Collection of Rarities, wonderful Subterraneous Passages and Burial Places, old Roads, Gates, &c. Made English from the Paris Addition ; adorned with Cuts.

The Works of Mr. Thomas Brown, Serious, Moral, Comical, and Historical, in Four Volumes. To which is prefix'd, A Cha racter of Mr. Brown and his Writings, by James Drake, M. D. The third Edition Corre&ted, with large Additions, and a Supplement never before Printed.

The Swordsman's Vade Mecum; or, a Preservative against the Surprise of a suddain Attack with Sharps; being a Reduction of the most Essential, Necessary, and Practical Art of Fencing, inte, a few Special Rules, with their Reasons, which all Swordsmen Thould have in their Memories when they are to Engage; but more especially if it be with Sharps : As also some Remarks and Observations not unfit to be known by Fencing Masters and others. By Sir W. Hope,

The Art of Speaking. Written in French by Messieurs Du Port Royal : In pursuance of a former Treatise, entituled, The Art of Thinking, Render'd into English. The second Edition corrected.

Legick i

Logick; or, The Art of Thinking. In which, besides the common, are contain’d many excellent new Rules, very profitable for directing of Reason, and acquiring of Judgınent, in Things as well relating to the Instruction of a Man's self, as of others. In four Parts; (1.) Consisting of Rreflexions upon Ideas, or upon the first Operation of the Mind, which is called Apprehension, Bio (2.) OF Conliderations of Men about proper Judgnients, &c. (3.) Of the Nature and various kind of Reasoning, &c. (4th.) Treats of the molt profitable Method for demonstreating or illustrating any Truth. To which is added, an Index to the whole Buok. The Fourth Edition, corrected and amended.

A Practical Discourse of Repentance, rectifying the Mistakes about it, especially such as lead either to Despair or Presumption, perswading and directing to the true Practice of it, and demonstrating the Invalidity of a Death-bed Repentance. By William Payne, D. D. 2d Edition.

Colle&anea Medica. The Country Physician: or, A choice Collection of Physick, fitted for vulgar Use. Containing, (1.) A Collection of chice Medicaments of all kinds. Galenical and Chymical, excerpted out of the most approv'd Authors, (2.) Hi. ftorical Observations of famous Cures, gathered and seleěted out of the Works of several Modern Phylicians. (3.) Pylaxæ Medicina Pars prima, or the first part of the Cabinet of Specifick, Select, and Practical, Chymical Preparations made use of by the Author. ( 4.) Phylaxæ Medicæ pars secunda, or the second part of the same Cabinet, long Gnce promised to the World, now made publick for the general Good of Mankind. By William Salmon, M.D.

A brief Concordance to the Holy Bible of the most usual and useful Places which one may have occasion to seek for, in a new Method. By Samuel Clark, M. A.

A Collection of Divine Hymns and Poems on several Occasions. By the Earl of Rofiommon, Mr. Dryden, Mr. Dennis, Mr. Norris, Mrs. Kath. Phillips, Philomela, and others. Published by Mrs. Singer ; most of them never before printed.

The Physician's Pulse-Watch, or an Esay to explain the old Art of Feeling the Pulse, and to improve it by the Help of a Pulse-Watch. In three Parts. (1.) The Old Galenick Art, of Feeling the Pulse is described, and many of its Errors corre&ed, the true Use of the Pulses, and their Causes, Differences, and Prognostications by them are fully explain'd, and Directions given for feeling the Pulse by the Pulfe. Watch or Minute-Glass. (2.) A New Mechanical Method is propos'd for preserving Health, and prolonging Life, and for curing Diseases, by the Help of the Pulse. Watch, which thews the Pulses when they exceed, or are defcient from the Natural. (3.) The Chinese Art of feeling the Pulse is defcribed, and the Imitation of their Practice of Physick, which is grounded on the Observation of the Pulse, is recommended. To whicli is added ari Extract out of Andrèm Cleyer, concerna ing the Art of Feeling the Pulse. To which is added, A Letter concerning the Rupture of the Lungs, which is the Cause of

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the Asthma in Mankind, se. In two Volumes. By the Learned John Floyer, Knight.

A Supplement to Mr. Samuel Puffendorf's Introduction to the History of Europe, containing a succinct, but most exact Historical Account of several European States and Countries, not inserted in the said Introduction : viz. The Lives of the Popes, the Turkish Empire, an Historical Account of the European Tartars, and the Cofracks. With some Historical Observations of Lapland and Greenland. By F.C. M. D. S. Reg. S. who obliged the World with Puffendorf's Introduction and Continuation.

The great Necessity and Advantage of publick Prayer and frequent Communion. Design'd to revive primitive Piety; with Meditations, Ejaculations and Prayers before, at, and after the Sacrament. The Fourth Edition. To be had both in a large and small Character. By the Right Reverend Bishop Beveridge.

The Compleat Distiller, or the whole Art of Distillation pra&tically stated, and adorned with all the new Modes of Working, now in use. In which is contained the way of making Spirits, Agua vita, Artificial Brandy, &c. To which is added, Pharma copæia Spagyrica Nova; or, An Helmontian Course ; being a Defcription of the Philosophical Sal-Armoniack, Volatile Salt of Tartar, and Circulatum minus, &c. The second Edition Illustrated with Copper Cuts. By W. T. Worth. - The new and true Art of Brewing, Beer, Ale, and other Liquors, with the manner of ordering of them so as to produce the greatest Quantity of Spirits in Distillation. .. By the fame Author.

A Critical History of the Doctrines and Worship (both Good and Evil) of the Church, from Adam to our Saviour Jesus Chrift, giving an Account of the Origin of all the Idolatries of the ancient Pagans, as far as they relate to the Jewish Worship. Written in Frenclo by Mr. Peter Jurieu; and faithfully done into English. In Two Volumes. - The Works of the late Reverend and Pious Mr. Tho. Gouge, collected into one Volume, for the Use of Families, Bc. To which is prefix'd the Author's Funeral Sermon, and a large Ace count of his Life and charitable Deeds, by Arch-Bishop Tillotson."

Forms of Prayer before; at, and after the Receiving the Holy Sacrament. Some of which may be fitly made use of on other Occasions. The 3d Edition.

Lay-Baptism invalid : Or, An Essay to prove, that such Bap. tism is null and void, when administred in Opposition to the Divine Right of the Apostolical Succession ; occafioned chiefly by the Anti-Episcopal Usurpations of our English Difsenting Teachers. The second Edition corrected and enlarged ; with an Appendix. By a Lay Hand. To which is prefix'd a Letter to the Author, by the Reverend Geo. Hickes, D.D.. : .

A Treatise of Foods in general: First, The Difference and Choice which ought to be made of each Surt in particular. Secondly, The Good and IU Effets produced by them. Thirdly, The Principles wherewith they abound, And, Fourtbly, The Time, Age and Con


Mitution they fuit with. To which are added, Remarks upon each Chapter ; wherein their Nature and Uses are explained, according to the Principles of Chymistry and Mechanism. Written in French, by M. Louis Lemery, Regent-Doctor of the Faculty of Pbyfick at Paris, and of the Academy Royal of Sciences. Now done into Englijb.

England's newest way in all sorts of Cookery, Pastry, and all Pickles that are fit to be used. Adorn'd with Copper Plates, setting forth the manner of placing Dishes upon Tables; and the newest Fashion of Mince Pies. By Henry Howard, Free Cook of London, and late Cook to his Grace the Duke of Ormond, and since to the Earl of Salisbury, and Earl of Winchelsea. Likewise the best Receipts for making Cakes, Mackroons, Bisket, Ginger-bread, French Bread: As also for Preserving, Conserving, Candying and drying Fruits, Confectioning and making of Creams, Syllabubs, and Marmalades of several sorts. The Second Edition with Ads ditions and Amendments. ,

Aristotelis de Poetica Liber, ex Verfione Theodori Gaultoni Perpe. tuis Notis Analyticis illuftrata. Accedunt integræ note Frid. Sylburgii & Dan. Heinsii nec non fele&Aliorum.

Cenforinus de Die Natali Henricus Lindenbrogius Recensuit Notis illuftravit, quibus etiam accedunt Nunnefii in Fragmentum notæ cum spicilegio Annotationum Doctissimorum Virorum Salmafii, Scaligeri, Si. Opus haétenus diu desideratum, ex optimorum Exem. plarium Collatione jam denuo Recognitum atque Auctum.

Pbisico Tbeology Or, A demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God, from his Works of Creation; being the Substance of lixteen Sermons preach'd in St. Mary Le Bow Church, London, at the Honourable Mr. Boyle's Lectures, in the Years 1711, and 1712. with large Notes, and many curious Observations, never before published.

Bishop Beveridge's Thoughts on Religion, printed on a fair Character and 6ne Paper. In two Volumes in Octavo; illustra. ted with eighteen Sculptures, done by the best Masters.

Unum Neceffarium: Or, The Doctrine and Practice of Repen. tance; describing the Neceflities and Measures of a Strict, a Holy, and a Christian Life, and rescued from Popular Errors. Το which are added two Treatises of Original Sin. By fer. Taylor, D. D. and late Lord Bishop of Dodon and Connor. The fourth Edition.

The Practical Christian: Or, The Devout Penitent: A Book of Devotion, containing the whole Duty of a Chriftian in all Occaloris and Necessities, fitted to the main Uses of a Holy Life, In four Parts. By R. Sherlock, D.D. late Rector of Winnick. To which is now added the Life of Dr. Sherlock. By the Right Reverend Father in God, Thomm, Lord Bishop of Man and Soder.

Mr. Wingate's Arithmetick; containing a Plain and Familiar Method for attaining the knowledge and Practice of Common Arithmetick; Composed by Edmund Wingate, of Gray's- Iman, Era:


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