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Enlarged, Revised, and Improved. By Fohn Kersey, Teacher of the Mathematicks : With a new Supplement of eafy Contractions in the neceflary Parts of Arithmetick; Useful Tables of Interest and Flemish Exchanges ; as also Practical Mensuration, by George Shelley, Writing-Matter of Christ's Hospital.

The Harmony of the Canonical and Apocryphal Scriptures, with the Catholick Tradition of Faith in the Trinity and Unity, and the Incarnation of the Eternal Word and Son of God, under xvii Chapters or Titles ; in Answer to the Provoking Challenges, as well as subdolous Impostures of our Modern and Domestick A rians. Composed in Security of the Faith of all that believe the Scriptures to be a Sincere Revelation of the Truth of God, erpecially in the Parish of St. James's Westminster. By Sam. Hill, Rector of Kilmington, Arch-Deacon and Canon Residentiary of Wels. Ads 20. 30. Also of your own selves Mall Men arise, Speaking perverse shings, to draw away Disciples after them.

Compendious Speculations on Valid and Invalid Baptism.

Compendious Speculations concerning Sacerdotal Remission of Sins. Both by Sam. Hill, Arch-Deacon and Canon Residentary of Wels.

The State of the Trade between England, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, &c as delivered in a Report to the Honoura ble Commissioners, for putting in Execution the A& for Stating the Publick Accounts. Cuts proper to bind up

with -ту

Lord Clarendon's History; being the Effigies of all the most Eminent Men mentioned in the faid History.

The Art of Self Government, in a Moral. Effay. In three Parts. Containing, 1. The Nature of Self-Government, together with several Rules of its Practice. 2. A Vindication of the Pleasures of Self-Government, proving, That they are True, Substantial, and Durable, whilst those of Sensuality are Delusive, Uncertain, and Unsatisfactory. 3. The Outward Advan tages of Self-Government, as Health, long Life, Riches and Honours in this world, as well as Eternal Felicity in the World to come. First Written to a Gentleman in the Uni. versity, and fir.ce fitted for Publick Use. The Second Edition Corrected.

Fair Warnings to a Careless World; or, The Serious Practice of Religion, recommended by the Admonition of dying Men, and the Sentiments of all People in their most serious Hours; and other Testimonies of an extraordinary Nature. By Fosiab Woodward, D.D. To which is added, Serious Advice to a Sick Person, by Archbishop Tillotson. As also a prospect of Death. A Pindarick Essay, with suitable Cuts, recommended as proper to be given at Funerals. The Second Edition.

Mr. Ryder's new Practice of Surgery. The 2d Edition.
Five Love Letters writ by a Nun to a Cavalier.

Plutarcb's Morals in five Volumes; Translated from the Greek by several Hands,



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One Hundred and twenty eight Sermons and Discourses on se. veral Subjects by the Right Reverend Father in God, William Beveridge, D.D. late Lord Bishop of St. Afaph, viz.

Vol. I. Christ's Presence with his Ministers in general. The Institution of Ministers. The Manner of Ordination in the Church of England. Salvation in the Church only under such a Ministry. The true Notion of Religious Worship. A Form of found Words to be used by Ministers. The Church establish'd on a Rock. Christianity an Holy Priesthood. The Preparatory Duties for Holy Orders. The Efficacy of Faith in the Ministration of the Word. Ministers the Ambassadors of Christ. The Sacerdotal Benediction in the Name of the Trinity explained.

Vol. II. The Being and Attributes of God. The Love of God in Mans Salvation. The Merits of Christ's Passion. Salvation through Fear and Trembling. The Conkience void of Offence. The Knowledge of Jesus Christ preferable to all other. The new Creature in Christianity. The Nature and Eternity of Heaven's Joys, and Hell's Torments. The Glories of Christ's Cross. The Excellency of the Soul above Worldly, Goods. A Spiritual Life the Characteristick of a Christian. The Obligation of Superi. ours to promote Religion.

Vol. III. The Unity of Christ with God the Father. The Incarnation of Christ. Christ the only Saviour. Christ the fole Author of Grace and Truth. Christ the Saviour of all that come to him. Christ the only Mediator. All Things to be ask'd in the Name of Christ. Christ, as Man, is the Head over all things. Christ is our Lord and Master. The blessed Estate of those who believe in Christ. Admission into the Church of Christ by Baptism, necessary to Salvation. Coming to Christ the only Means of Salvation, Abiding in Christ, the only Means of Universal Happiness. Bearing much Fruit, the Characteristick of Christ's Disciples.

Vol. IV. The Usefulness of Fafting. The Sufficiency of race. Faith the Governing Principle of a Christian Life. Faith in God and Christ, a sovereign Remedy against all Troubles. Faith the Principle of Love and Joy. Christ the Foundation of all the Promises. God our Sovereign Good. The present Security and future Happiness of the Saints. The Coinmunion of the Saints, The Chritian Prize. The New Creation. Stedfastness to the Establish'd Church recommended.

Vol. V. The One Thing Needful. Universal Obedience requisite to Salvation. The Glory of God the final Cause of all Things. God alone to be Serv'd. The Advantages of publick Wormip. The Duty of publick Thanksgiving. The Sufficiency of Scripture. The Preference of Spiritual Food to Natural. The Preference of Things Inviâble and 'Eternal, to Vilible and Temporal, Of Trust in God. The Nature and Neceflity of Restitution.

Vol. VI. Three Sermons on Good Friday. The Mystery of our Reconciliation by Christ, explained. The Satisfaction of Christ

explain di

explain'd. An Easter Sermon. Christ's Resurrection, a Proof of his Divinity. Christ's Resurre&ion a Proof of ours. Christ's Resurrection the Cause of our Regeneration. Christ's Refurre. &tion the Cause of our Justification. Christ's Resurrection an Oba ject of great Joy. An Easter Sermon. Christ's Ascension into Heaven preparatory to ours. A Whitfon Sermon.

Vol. VII. The Danger of Unbelief. Faith the Principle of inward Purity. Faith in Christ the only Means of overcoming the World. Faith in Christ our Title to the Priviledge of Sonhip. The Profession of our Faith in Christ ought to be publick. The Profession of our Faith in Christ ought to be constant. Repentance the End of Christ's coming into the World. Repentance a certain and the only Method of obtaining Pardon. Repentance the only Method of escaping temporal Judgments, preach'd on the Anniversary Fast for the Fire of London. Repentance the only Method of escaping Eternal Judgments. Repentance and Faith the two great Branches of the Evangelical Covenant,

Vol. VIII Holiness the great Design of the Gospel Dispensati. 'on. Christ's Life a Pattern of Holiness to Christians. The Holiness of Christians ought to be conspicuous. The Wisdom of being Holy. The Pleasure of being Holy. The Advantages of being Holy. The exemplary Holiness of the Primitive Christians. Christ's Grace sufficient to make Christians Holy.. .

Vol. IX. The Nature, Extent and Polity of God's Kingdom on Earth. God's Omnipresence the best Guard against Sin. Perpetual Rejoycing the Duty of Christians. Universal Thanksgiving the Duty of Christians. All things to be done to the Glory of God. All things to be done in the Name of Christ. The Mea, ditation of God's Law, the Good Man's Delight. The Vanity of hearing the Word of God without doing it. The Duty and Advantage of seeking things Spiritual. The Sinfulness and Mifchief of Worldly Anxiety. The great Duty of Loving God. The great Happiness of Loving God.

Vol. X. The Easiness of Christ's Yoke. The Chriftian Race. Christ the way, the Truth and the Life. Christ a Saviour before his Incarnation. The Presence of Christ in the Religious Assemblies of Christians. The Way of Seeking God so as to find him. The Way of Plealing God.' The Parable of the Sower. "The Blessing of Purity in Heart. Against rash Swearing. A Spittal Sermon. Obedience to Governours.

* N. B. There are in the Press two Volumes more, at the end of . which will be a general Index; with some Account of the Author and his Writings.

Travels through Denmark and some part of Germany : By way of Journal in the Retinne of the English Envoy, in 1702. With Extracts of several Laws relating to the Absolute Power of the King, Religion, and Government of the Country: Including the Military and Maritime State thereof: The whole Illustrated with divers Curious Remarks ; and a Map of the INe of Huen, &c. Done into English from the French Original.


The Queen's Closet open'd: Being incomparable Secrets in Phylick, Surgery, Preserving, 'Candying and Cookery, after the newest Mode now practised in England, by the most experienc’d Persons of the Times. The seventh Edition Corrected, with many new and large Additions throughout the whole.

The Tatlers in Five Volumes Compleat, large and small Paper. The Speitators in Seven Volumes, in Twelves and O&avo. Miscellany Poems on several Occasions. To which is added Aristomenes, a Tragedy written by the Right Honourable the Countess of Winchelsea.

A Collection of Poems on several Occalions, viz. On FriendThip ; a Satyr against the Muses; on Liberty; Repulse to Alcandar ; the Vision ; Songs of Love; the Emulation on the death of

Fohn Dryden, Esq; the Extalie; to the Queen; to the Lady Cambell; to Mr. Norris, on his Idea of Happiness; the Power of Love; the Invocation on the death of King William; on my Wedding Day, with several others; Dedicated to the Lord Hallia fax. To which is added a Pastoral, entitled, The Fond Shepherdefs, dedicated to Mr. Congreve, by Mrs. Sarah Fryge Egerton.

The Tryal of the Duke of Norfolk by his Peers for high TreaSon against the Queen, on Wednesday the 16th of January, Anno 1571. in the 16th Year of Queen Elizabetb, for attempting to Marry Mary Queen of Scots, without the Confent and Approba. tion of the said Queen Elizabeth. Together with the Learned Arguments of all the Judges and Queen's Council against the Duke ; with his most excellent Defence and noble Conduct of him. felf throughout the whole Tryal, from his Arraignment, to his last Loyal Speech to the Lords after Sentence of Death had passed upon him. To which is added, an Historical Preface, letting the Reader into the nature of the Case. With an Epiftle Dedicatory to his Grace the present Duke of Norfolk.

The second part of the Wolf stript of his Shepherd's Clothing; in Answer to a late Celebrated Book entitled, The Rights of the Christian Church asserted; wherein the Designs of the Atheists, and Commonwealth’s Men, &c. and all sorts of Sectaries against the Church are plainly laid open and exposed; humbly offered to the Confideration of Her Majesty and Her high Court of Parliament. The second Edition, with an Addition of several Letters from the Pastor of the Church of Geneva to the Archbishop o Canterbury, the Bishop of London, the Univerfities, with theia Anfwers.

:-1 Mr. Boyle's Martyrdom of Tbeodora and Dydimus.

The Royal Grammar, commonly call'd Lilly's Grammar, explain'd, by way of Question and Answer; opening the meaning of the Rules with great Plainness, to the understanding of Children of the meanest Capacity. By William Walker, B.Ď, Author of the Treatise of the English Particles and Idioms. The third Edition with Amendments.

Monf. Gendron's Enquiries into the Nature, Knowledge, and Cure of Cancers.

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