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Sept. 17. 1713.




Ecclefiaftes XI. I.

Cast thy Bread upon the Waters; for Thou shalt find it after many days.

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N these Words we have an Éxhortation from the Royal Preacher to a generous, a diffusive, and disinterefted Cha

rity. And for an Encouragement to the performance of so noble and withall so indispensable a Duty, there is a Promise annex'd to it of a Certain, tho' not always a speedy Reward, an Assurance that That Bread which in the wretched Worldling's Eye seem'd to be lavishly squander'd away, and quite loft, and which the frank bestower himself


without the least prospect or hopes of Return, yet shall certainly tho



after many days be found again, shall sure

at last come back into his own bosome with Intereft and Encrease either in this World or a better.

In the Text therefore there are plainly these two things to be consider'd,

ift. The Duty Enjoyn'd.
2dly. The Reward Promis'd.

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1. The Duty, in These Words , Caft thy Bread upon the Waters, which Expression being Figurative and very Comprehensive, has afforded room to the several Commentators upon the place to give several Expositions of it, yet all of 'em very agreeable to the Truth, and very consistent with each Other, Which I shall therefore brief. ly offer, because from them we may form à right Understanding of the Nature and Qualifications of this Duty, and the manner in which it ought to be perform’d. And their several

Interpretations put together amount to this, that these 'Words import a Command that our Charity should be,

ift. Plentifull and Liberal.
2dly. Willing and Chearfull.
3diy. Universal and without Exception.
thly. Without Design or Hopes of Re-

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