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SPLENDID LIBRARY EDITIONS. BYRON'S WORKS, complete in I vol. 8vo., including all his Suppressed and Attributed Poems.

This cdition has been carefully compared with the recent London edition of Mr. Murray, and made complete by the addition of more than fifty pages of poems heretofore unpublished in England. Among these there are a number that have never appeared in any American edition ; and the Publishers believe they are warranted in saying, that this is the most complete eclition of Lord Byron's Poetical Works, ever published in the United States.

COWPER AND THOMSON'S PROSE AND POETICAL WORKS, complete in 1 vol. 8vo., including two hundred and fifty Letters, and sundry Poems of Cowper, never before published in this country; and of Thomson a new and interesting Memoir, and upwards of twenty new poems, for the first time printed from his own Manuscripts, taken from a late edition of the Aldino Poets, now publishing in London.

The distinguished Professor Silliman, speaking of this edition, observes, “I am as much gratified by the elegance and fine taste of your edition, as by the noble tribute of genius and moral excellence which these delightful authors have left for all future generations; and Cowper especially, is not less conspicuous as a true Christian moralist and teacher, than as a poet of great power and exquisite taste.”

GOLDSMITH'S ANIMATED NATURE, in 4 vols. 8vo., illlustrated with eighty-five copperplates.

*.. Goldsmith can never be made obsolete, while delicate genius, exquisite feeling, fine invention, the most harmonious metre, and the happiest diction are at all valued.

This is a work that should be in the library of every family, being written by one of the most talented authors in the English language.


THE WORKS OF LAURENCE STERNE, in 1 vol. 8vo. with a life of the author, written by himself.

The beauties of this author are so well known, and his errors in style and expression so few and far between, that one reads with renewed delight his delicate turns, &c.


THE POETICAL WORKS OF MRS. HEMANS. Complete in I vol. 8vo.

“As no work in the English language can be commended with more confidence, it will ar que bad taste in. a female in this country to be without a complete edition of the writiars of one who was an honour to her sex and to humanity, and whose productions, frasa first to last, contains no syllable calculated to call a blush to the cheek of modesty and virtue. There is, morcover, in Mrs. Hemans' poetry a moral purity, and a religious feeling, which commend it, in an especial manner, to the discriminating reader. No parent or guardian will be under the necessity of imposing restrictions with regard to the free perusal of every production emanating from this gifted woman. There breathos


throughout the whole a most eminent excmption from impropriety of thought or diction; and there is at tiines a pensiveness of tone, a winning sadness in her more serious compositions, which tells of a soul which has been lifted from the contemplation of terrestrial things, to divine communings with beings of a purer world.”


“Among the beautiful, valuable, and interesting volumes which the enterprise and taste of our publishers have presented to the reading community, we have seldom met with one which we have more cordially greeted and can more confidently and satisfactorily recommend, than that, embracing in a single, substantial, well bound, and handsomcly printed octavo, the poetical works of Eishop Heber, Robt. Pollok, and the Rev. Geo. Crabbe. What a constellation of poctic ardour, glowing picty, and intellectual brilliancy! Such writers require no culogy. Their fame is established and universal. The sublimity, pathos, and piety, of all these writers, have given them a rank at once with the lovers of poetry and the friends of religion, unsurpassed perhaps by that of any other recent authors in our language. A more delightful addition could scarcely be made to the library of the gentleman or lady of taste and refinement. The prize poems, hymns, and miscellaneous writings of Bishop Heber, the Course of Time' by Pollok, and the rich, various, and splendid productions of the Rev. Geo. Crabbe, are among the standard works, the classics of our language. To obtain and preserve them in one volume, cannot but be a desirable object to their admirers.” And it is to be hoped it will be found in the library of every family.

A writer in the Boston Traveller holds the following language with reference to these valuable editions:

Mr. Editor: I wish, without any idea of puffing, to say a word or two upon the “ Library of English Poets” that is now published at Philadelphia, by Grigg & Elliot; it is certainly, taking into consideration the elegant manner in which it is printed, and the reasonable price at which it is afforded to purchasers, the best edition of the modern British Poets that has ever been published in this country. Each volume is an octavo of about 500 pages, double columns, stereotyped, and accompanied with fine engravings and biographical sketches, and most of them are reprinted from Galignani's French edition. As to its value we need only mention that it contains the entire works of Byron, Keats, Cowper, Thomson, Burns, Milton, Young, Scott, Moore, Coleridge, Rogers, Campbell, Lamb, Hemans, Heber, Kirk White, Crabbe, the Miscellaneous Works of Goldsmith, and other martyrs of the lyre. The publisher is doing a great service by this publication, and his volumes are almost in as great demand as the fashionable novels of the day, and they deserve to be so, for they are certainly printed in a style superior to that in which we have before had the works of the English Poets.

JOSEPHUS'S (FLAVIUS) WORKS. By the late William Whiston, A. M. From the last London edition, complete in 2 vols. 8vo.

As a matter of course, every family in our country has a copy of the Holy Bible and as the presumption is, the greater portion often consult its pages, we take the liberty of saying to all those that do, that the perusal of the writings of Josephus will be found very interesting and instructing.

All those who wish to possess a beautiful and correct copy of this invaluable work, would do well to purchase this edition. It is for sale at all the principal bookstores in the United States, by country merchants generally in the Southern and Western states, and at a very low price.

BURDER'S VILLAGE SERMONS, or 101 plain and short Discourses on the principal doctrines of the Gospel ; intended for the use of families, Sunday schools, or companies assembled for religious instruction in country villages.By George Burder. To which is added, to each Sermon, a short Prayer, with some general prayers for families, schools, &c. at the end of the work. Complete in one volume 8vo.

These scrmons, which are characterized by a beautiful simplicity, the entire absence of controversy, and a true evangelical spirit, have gone through many and large editions, and been translated into several of the continental languages. “They have also been

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