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3 I pay this evening sacrifice;

And when my work is done,
Great God, my faith, my hope relies

Upon thy grace alone.
4 Thus, with my thoughts composed to peace

I give my eyes to sleep;
Thy hand in safety keeps my days,
And will my slumbers keep.

FIRST PART. C. M.-Colchester. 5.

For the Lord's day morning.
1 LORD, in the morning thou shalt hear

My voice ascending high :
To thee will I direct my prayer,

To thee lift up mine eye:
er 2 Up to the hills where Christ is gone,

To plead for all his saints,
Presenting at his Father's throne

Our songs and our complaints. p.m 3 Thou art a God before whose sight

The wicked shall not stand ;
Sinners shall ne'er be thy delight,

Nor dwell at thy right hand. vi.f 4 But to thy house will I resort,

To taste thy mercies there;
I will frequent thy holy court,

And worship in thy fear.
5 Oh may thy spirit guide my feet

In ways of righteousness :
Make every path of duty straight,
And plain before my face.

uff 6 My watchful enemies combine

To tempt my feet astray:
They flatter, with a base design,

To make my soul their prey.
ex 7 The Lord will crush them in the dust,

And all their plots destroy ;
While those that in his mercy trust

For ever shout for joy.

di 8 The men that love and fear thy name

Shall see their hopes fulfill'd;
The mighty God will compass them
With favour as a shield.

SECOND PART. C. M.-Colchester. 5

Same subject.
1 SOON as the morning rays appear

I'll lift my eyes above;
My voice shall reach thy list’ning ear,

And supplicate thy love.
2 Within thy house my voice shall rise

Before thy mercy-seat;
There will I fix my steadfast eyes,

And worship at thy feet.
3 Thy righteousness, thy strength display,

And my protection be:
Teach me to know that only way,
Which leads to heaven and thee.

Wrangham FIRST PART. C. M. - Windsor. 6.

Complaint in sickness.
af 1 IN anger, Lord, rebuke me not:

Withhold the dreadful storm,
If thy displeasure waxes hot,

'Twill crush thy feeble worm.
2 My soul's bow'd down with heavy cares,

My flesh with pain oppress'd;
My couch is witness to my tears,

My tears forbid my rest.
3 Sorrow and pain wear out my days;

I waste the night with cries,
And count the minutes as they pass,

Till the slow morning rise.
4 Shall I be still afflicted more?

My eyes consumed with grief?
How long, my God, how long before

Thy hand afford relief? 5 Oh, hear, while dust and ashes speak, P

Restore my fainting breath ;

And save me, for thy mercy's sake, di From the dark shades of death.



SECOND PART. C. M.-Windsor. 6.

Prayer under rebukes.
af 1 IN mercy, not in wrath, rebuke

Thy feeble worm, O God;
My spirit dreads thine angry look,

And trembles at thy rod.
P 2 Have mercy, Lord, for I am weak;

Regard my humble cry:
Oh let thy voice of comfort speak,

And bring salvation nigh.
cr 3 Oh come, and show thy power to save,

And spare my fainting breath ;
For who can praise thee in the grave,

Or sing thy name in death?
4 Satan, my cruel envious foe,

Insults me in my pain;
He smiles to see me brought so low,

And tells me hope is vain.
5 But hence, thou enemy, depart,

Nor tempt me to despair;
My Saviour comes to cheer my heart;

The Lord has heard my prayer.



THIRD PART. L. M.-Darwen. 6.

Same subject. af 1 LORD, I can suffer thy rebukes

When thou with kindness dost chastise ; But thy fierce wrath I cannot bear,

Oh let it not against me rise. р 2 Pity my languishing estate,

And case the sorrow that I feel ;

The wounds thy heavy hand hath made, di Oh let thy gentler touches heal. 3 See how I pass my weary days

In sighs and groans !-and when’tis night, My bed is water'd with my tears ;

My grief consumes and dims my sight. 4 Look how the powers of nature mourn!

How long, Almighty God, how long?
When shall thine hour of grace return ?

When shall I make thy grace my song?

§ 5 Depart, ye tempters, from my soul,

And all despairing thoughts depart; My God, who hears my humble inoan,

Will ease my flesh and cheer my heart, 7.

C. M.-Barby. God's care of his people, and punishment of persecutors. af 1 MY trust is in my heavenly Friend,

My hope in thee, my God,
Rise, and my helpless life defend

From those that seek my blood ag 2 With insolence and fury, they

Would now my body tear,
As hungry lions rend the prey

When no deliv'rer's near.
3 If I indulge in thoughts unjust,

And wish and seek their wo;
Then let them tread my life to dust,

And lay mine honor low.
4 If there were malice hid in me

I know thy piercing eyes-
I should not dare appeal to thee,

Nor ask my God to rise.
cr 5 Arise, my God, lift up thine hand,

Their pride and power control;
Awake to judgment, and command

Deliv'rance to my soul.
di 6 The cruel persecuting race

Must turn, or feel thy sword:
Awake, my soul, and praise the grace

And justice of the Lord. 8. Christ's condescension and glorificatio Baby God made man 1 O LORD, our Lord, how wondrous great

Is thine exalted name!
The glories of thy heavenly state

Let men and babes proclaim.
2 When I behold thy works on high,

The moon that rules the night,
And stars that well adorn the sky,

Those moving worlds of light;


P 3 Lord, what is man or all his race,

Who dwells so far below,
That thou shouldst visit him with grace,

And love his nature so ?
er 4 That thine eternal Son should bear

To take a mortal form,
Made lower than his angels are,

To save a dying worm ?
5 Yet while he lived on earth unknown,

And men would not adore,
f The waves and stormy winds did own

His Godhead and his power. 6 Let him be crown'd with majesty di Who bow'd his head in death;

And be his honors sounded high

By all things that have breath. 8.

SECOND PART. C. M. -Arlington.

Same subject.
1 0 LORD, my King, how excellent

Thy name on earth is known!
Thy glory in the firmament,

How wonderfully shown!
2 When I behold the heavens on high,

The work of thy right hand;
The moon and stars amid the sky,

Thy lights in every land :ex 3 Lord, what is man, that thou shouldst deign

On him to set thy love?
Give him on earth awhile to reign,

Then fill a throne above?
§ 4 O Lord, how excellent thy name!

How manifold thy ways!
Let time thy saving truth proclaim,
Eternity thy praise.

THIRD PART. L. M.-Urbridge.
1 ALMIGHTY Ruler of the skies,

Through the wide earth thy name is spread; And thine eternal glories rise

O’er all the heavens thy hands have made.

Infant hosannas.

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