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Rest in me and I in Thee,
Build a paradise within me;
Oh reveal Thyself to me,

Blessed love, who diedst to win me;
Fed from Thine exhaustless urn
Pure and bright my lamp shall burn.

Hence all care, all vanity,

For the day to God is holy;
Come, Thou glorious majesty,
Deign to fill this temple lowly,
Nought to-day my soul shall move
Simply resting in Thy love.

Lyra Germanica.

Communion with God.

ORD, I am come alone with Thee!
Thy voice to hear, Thy face to see,
And feel Thy presence near;
It is not fancy's lovely dream,
Though wondrous e'en to faith it seem,
That Thou dost wait me here.

A moment from this outward life,
Its service, self-denial, strife,

I joyfully retreat;

My soul, through intercourse with Thee, Strengthened, refreshed, and calmed shall be, Its scenes again to meet.

How can it be that one so mean,
A sinner, selfish, dark, unclean,
Thus in the holiest stands;
And in that light divinely pure,
Which may no stain of sin endure,
Lifts up rejoicing hands?

Jesus! the answer Thou hast given!
Thy death, Thy life, have opened heaven
And all its joys to me;

Washed in Thy blood-oh, wondrous grace!
I'm holy as the holy place

In which I worship Thee.

How sweet, how solemn, thus to lie
And feel Jehovah's searching eye

On me well pleased can rest!

Because with His beloved Son
The Father's grace has made me one,
I must be always blest.

The secret pangs I could not tell
To dearest friend,―Thou knowest well,
They claim Thy gracious heart;
Thou dost remove with tender care,
Or sweetly give me strength to bear
The sanctifying smart.

Thy promise has a wondrous power;
The sharpest thorn becomes a flower,

And breathes a sweet perfume;

Whate'er looked dark and sad before,
With happy light shines silvered o'er,-
There's no such thing as gloom!

Thou know'st I have a cross to bear:
The needful stroke Thou dost not spare,
To keep me near Thy side;
But when I see Thy chastening rod
In Thy pierced hand, my Lord, my God,
I feel so satisfied!


In Suffering.

ATHER, Thy will, not mine, be done;
So prayed on earth Thy suffering Son;
So in His name I pray.

The spirit faints, the flesh is weak,
Thy help in agony I seek,

Oh! take this cup away.

If such be not Thy sovereign will,
Thy wiser purpose then fulfil;
My wishes I resign

Into Thy hands my soul commend,
On Thee for life or death depend;
Thy will be done, not mine.


Clear Shining after Rain.

OMETH sunshine after rain,

After mourning joy again,
After heavy bitter grief

Dawneth surely sweet relief!
And my soul, who from her height
Sank to realms of woe and night,
Wingeth now to heaven her flight.

None was ever left a prey,
None was ever turned away,
Who had given himself to God,
And on Him had cast his load.
Who in God his hope hath placed
Shall not life in pain out-waste,
Fullest joy he yet shall taste.

Though to-day may not fulfil
All thy hopes, have patience still,
For perchance to-morrow's sun
Sees thy happier days begun;

As God willeth march the hours,
Bringing joy at last in showers,
When whate'er we ask is ours.

Every sorrow, every smart,
That the eternal Father's heart
Hath appointed me of yore,
Or hath yet for me in store.

As my life flows on I'll take
Calmly, gladly for His sake,

No more faithless murmurs make.

I will meet distress and pain,
I will greet e'en death's dark reign,
I will lay me in the grave,
With a heart still glad and brave;
Whom the Strongest doth defend,

Whom the Highest counts His friend,
Cannot perish in the end.

Lyra Germanica.

Songs of Praise.

ONGS of praise the angels sang,
Heaven with hallelujahs rang,
When Jehovah's work begun,
When He spake and it was done.

Songs of praise awoke the morn,
When the Prince of peace was born;
Songs of praise arose, when He
Captive led captivity.

Heaven and earth must pass away,
Songs of praise shall crown that day:
God will make new heavens and earth,
Songs of praise shall hail their birth.

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