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abandon zoology; we would only add psychical ethnology to physical ethnology. Its object is to fathom the specific mental activity of the various minds, in as far as they form the psychical nature of nations....

Franklin's definition, “Man is a tool-making animal,” is, both theoretically and practically, important. New forces are imparted beyond those given by nature, whilst animals are confined to them. And the instrument and its products re-act on the mind, stimulating its inventive powers. Not less important is it that man can invent spiritual instruments. Rules, laws, and schemes are formed to arrange the perceptions. . .

The metaphysical dispute, whether the history of the human species commences with a gradual progress or decay, does not concern us. Science cannot take into account the mythical suppositions of a destroyed antediluvian civilization; it must attempt to elucidate the development of humanity from historical facts, and the mental condition of mankind as it manifests itself at present.

To the Editor of the Anthropological Review."-Sir,-At page 186 in the report of the discussion before the Anthropological Society* it is stated, that Mr. Bollaert mentioned a case of a number of Negroes being kidnapped and carried to Easter Island, where they rapidly died out of dysentery and measles.

What I said was, that a number of the aboriginal (say Polynesian) inhabitants of Easter Island (between 75° 5' and 75° 12' south latitude, and between 109° and 110° west longitude) had been kidnapped and taken to Peru, with the intention of making labourers of them. They could, or they would not be taught to work. The Indian generally is not a working individual, and, consequent on the change of climate and food, many had died of dysentery and measles.

I may add, that kidnapping of natives from some of the Polynesian islands had been perpetrated, and they had been taken to Peru as labourers. However, the native and French authorities in those seas put a stop at once to this nefarious proceeding, as did also the Peruvian government.

At page 191 of same report the following may be added to my observations relative to Jewish blood in New Granada :-Not long after the discovery of America, some two hundred Jewish families having had Romanism thrust upon them in Spain, emigrated to Antioquia, in the interior of New Granada. Here Spaniards, Israelites, and Criollos mixed freely, producing, according to Samper, a New Granadian writer, “the most beautiful and energetic Mestizo-European race known in Spanish America. At present the state of Antioquia contains more than 300,000 inhabitants : of these 250,000 correspond to this mixed race, in which figures the Jewish element.” London, May 2, 1863.


• We insert Mr. Bollaert's note, but take the opportunity of observing that we do not hold ourselves in any way responsible for the contents of the Journal of the Society, just as the Anthropological Society is in no way responsible for the contents of the Review. Ed.


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