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would go away into everlasting pun- He has no interest in establishing ishment, just as Christ says they a doctrine of everlasting punishwill, and have expressed their belief ment, unless it is true. He has alin plain language. Many bave ar- ways an interest in the truth, let it gued against it. And those who bear where it may. But I do not have argued against it, have been know of a single interest of his kingable to express it. They could al- dom which would be permanently ways tell what they were trying to promoted by his preaching this docdisprove. Every scholar who un- trine, unless it is the truth. The derstands Greek knows very well grand interests which he seeks, are that the Greek philosophers, and the holiness and happiness of his poets, and other writers, treated up- true followers. It cannot be to proon everlasting duration. And they mote the happiness of mankind, that had words to express their thoughts he attempts to terrify them with the intelligibly. The Scriptures speak idea of going away into everlasting of the eternity of God, and of his punishment. Neither is the doceverlasting throne, and of the eternal trine favorable to their virtue, unlife, or everlasting happiness, of less it is true. True virtue consists those who go to heaven. And they in a supreme regard to God. It may could equally speak of everlasting strengthen the virtuous principles of shame, or misery without end. It is the good to think that God is so hoplain, therefore, that our witness ly and pure that he cannot bear sin, need not be at a loss for expressions and that he will punish the ungodly to state the fact of everlasting pun- with everlasting destruction from his ishment. Now I ask our scholars, presence, und from the glory of his who understand Greek, what words power. And it may operate as a a plain honest witness would use to restraint upon the evil passions of express his intention of sentencing the bad, to have it impressed upon a part of mankind to everlasting their minds, that the wicked shall be punishment? Suppose it were a- turned int', hell, with all the nations gainst the law to hold the doctrine that forget God. But if it is not of everlasting punishment; and sup- true, it must some time or other be pose a man was on trial for holding found out, and then the effects will it, and witnesses should testify that all be the other way. The virtuous they heard him say a part of man- will no longer regard God as so ho. kind would be sentenced to ever. ly. Neither will the wicked fear lasting fire, and would go away into his righteous indignation any more. everlasting punishment : Would not Thus, instead of growing better by the jury consider the charge as pro- the influence of this doctrine, upon ved? The charge is proved in re- the supposition of its falsehood, the spect to Jesas Christ. He has de reaction would immediately make clared this very fact, and in the them worse. Many persons have most plain and simple language pos- flattered themselves that they had sible. Now when a witness has this detected the fallacy of Christ's tespower of using language in a clear timony on this point, and it has aland discriminating manner, we als ways made them worse. ways expect to understand him in As Christ has no interest, neither the most direct and simple manner. has he any feelings, which would be He is one who knows what he is gratified by establishing a wrong saying, and speaks just as he means, belief about everlasting punishment. and we always know how to take He has no desire to add to the burhis meaning

dens of an oppressed and miserable 2. Of his disinterestedness. Has world. He came into the world to he any interest or strong feeling to preach deliverance to the captives, give a bias to his testimony ? and the opening of the prison doors

to them that are bound ; to heal the Persons who have such strong reawounded' spirit; to make the bro- sons to wish a thing were not so, ken heart rejoice. He proclaims are not very credible witnesses. tidings of good will and peace.

Ile Suppose you were on trial for muroffers rest to the weary and heavy der, and one of the witnesses should laden. He declares himself to be acknowledge that it would make the fountain of living waters, and him perfectly miserable to think the invites all who thirst to drink of prisoner was innocent. Would you the water of life freely. He soothes think it fair that he should be allow. the anxious breast when he says, ed to testify against you ? But Jesus Little children, let not your heart Christ has no wishes which would be troubled : ye believe in God, bias his judgment or give a false believe also in me. He comforts coloring to his testimony. His ever the foreboding mind. I will not memorable declaration when he leave you comfortless. Peace I wept over Jerusalem, is proof on leave with you. Not as the world this point. O Jerusalem, Jerusagiveth, give I unto you. Such a lem, thou that killest the prophets, being as this would not afflict peo- and stonest them that are sent unto ple without a cause. He could thee, how often would I have gathhave none of that idle malice, which ered thy children together, even as takes a pleasure in exciting ground- a hen gathereth her brood under less terrors, and sports with the her wings, and ye would not. fears of the ignorant. He would 3. Of the particularity of his not say that he should send. a part testimony. of mankind away into everlasting The honest witness, who knows punishment, merely for the satis- what he is saying, and who has no faction of witnessing the anxiety wish to have things appear different which this doctrine often produces from the truth, may generally be Why should he wish to excite the known by the artless frankness with distressing apprehensions that many which he details particular circunpersons have had for fear that they stances. In the case before us, should dwell in everlasting fire pre- Jesus details the circumstances unpared for the devil and his angels? der which he shall sentence a part Why should he cause that agony of mankind to everlasting punishwith which husbands anticipate that ment. He tells how he shall make such may be the doom of their be- his appearance. The Son of man loved companions, and wives of shall come in his glory, and all the their husbands, and parents of their holy angels with him. Then shall dear offspring, and children of their he sit upon the throne of his glory. parents? Why, if there is no truth

He tells also who shall appear benor reason in it.

fore him, and what preparation he He did not testify to everlasting will make for the judgment. And punishment because, in itself con- before him shall be gathered all nasidered, he wished it to be true. tions, and he shall separate them People are sometimes liable to the one from another, as a shepherd disuspicion of testifying that there is videth bis sheep from the goats. no such thing as everlasting pun. And he shall set the sheep on the ishment because they wish it to be right hand, but the goals on the left. true. Some have even said as What he will say to one class : Come much. They say it would make ye, blessed of my Father, inherit the them perfectly miserable to believe kingdom prepared for you from the this declaration of Jesus Christ foundation of the world. And to about everlasting punishment. And the other : Depart, ye cursed, joto there can be no doubt that it would, everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels. The reason Still, with all this evidence, there why he calls the righteous to glory: are not wanting those who confiFor I was an hungered and ye gave dently affirm that all mankind will me meat, &c. The reason why he

be saved. bids the wicked depart: For I was On this point they have not the an hungered and ye gave me no testimony of Jesus Christ. He tesmeat, &c.

Describing exactly the tifies to the existence of two classes leading characteristic of the two of men on earth, the righteous and classes. All this is told with the the wicked; he that belicveth on the undisguised simplicity of conscious Son of God, and he that beliereth truth.

not. He distinguishes them at 4. His consistency.

death. One class die and are carHe has said that at the day of ried by angels into Abraham's judgment he shall send a part of bosom; the other die and are burimankind away into everlasting pun- ed, and in hell they list up their ishment. And he never has said eyes being in torments. There is any thing different. Never did his a distinction at the resurrection. feelings of anxiety for the salvation All that are in their graves come of all the sinners in the world lead forth ; they that have done good, to him to drop a single intimation that the resurrection of life, and they that all would be saved. Even when have done evil, unto the resurrection he wept over Jerusalem, he says, of damnation. He carries them Behold your house is left unto you forward to the tribunal of judgment desolate. In his most glowing de- in two classes, the one on his right scriptions of the dignity and effica- hand, and the other on the left. He су of his mission into the world, he separates them in their sentence, always introduces some such lan- saying, to those on his right hand, guage as this: le came unto his come ye blessed of my Father, and own, and his own received him not. to those on the left, depart ye cursed This is the condemnation, that light into everlasting fire. He sees the hath come into the world, and men sentence carried into effect, and have chosen darkness rather than testifies to his return. These shall light. They all with one consent go away into everlasting punishbegan to make excuse. None of ment, but the righteous into life them that were bidden shall taste of eternal. And we hear nothing my supper. Ye will not come unto more about them, only that the me that ye might have life. And it righteous shall shine as the sun in the cannot be pretended that he ever kingdom of my Father; and that varied from this statement. Those the others shall be cast in outer who have labored the most strenu- darkness, where shall be weeping, ously to disprove the testimony of and wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Christ on the subject of everlasting And there the testimony "closes. punishment, have never fastened The witness has told 'what he upon him the charge of inconsis. knows. He leaves them in the tency in his statements.

everlasting fire, suffering the horBy the testimony of Jesus Christ rors of everlasting punishment. then we have the fact fully proved,

The subtle or ingenious advoas far as the testimony of such a cate on the other side may put the witness can prove any fact, that most crafty questions in the crossa part of mankind will be senten- examination, in order to draw out ced to everlasting fire, and will go of the witness some conjectures or away into everlasting punishment. hearsays, or may-bes ; but in vain.



The witness is faithful and true, his heart more unrelenting than and speaks only that which he knows, that of an earthly parent ? and only that which he has seen. Cross.examined. - You, witness,

Question ?-But is not God too a parent, Could you drown good to inflict eternal misery? all your children, as God actually

Answer.--God so loved the drowned the old world ? Could you world, that he gave his only begot- let the stream of burning lava from ten Son, that whosoever believeth a volcano flow over them, as God on him should not perish but have rained fire and brimstone out of eternal life.

heaven upon the cities of the plain? Question.-But will not his heart Could you bear to fill your house relent at last, and his mercy inter- with perpetual sickness and pain fere to crush that gnawing worm, and death, as God has made this and quench the tormenting flame, world a vale of tears ? Could you short of eternity ?

disappoint the hopes of your family Answer.-Their worm dieth not and break their limbs, and put them and the fire is not quenched. to all the varieties of death, as God

Question.-Will not that compas- treats the human family? Is it not sionate Savior finally interfere in possible that you cannot judge so behalf of those for whom he has well what God will do, as he could died, and bring them all to glory? who was the bosom counsellor of

Answer.-If ye believe not that I the Father ? Do you know any thing am he, ye shall die in your sins, about it? Our witness knows. He and where I am, thither ye cannot says, all things that I have heard of


Futher I have made known unio Question.--Will he not draw all you. Did you ever hear God say men unto him, and so save them all ? any thing like this? What if God,

Answer.--Ye will not come unto willing to shew his wrath, and 10 me that ye may have life.

make his power known, endured with Question.-Can the trifling er- much long suffering the vessels of rors of so brief a life deserve ever- wruth fitted to destruction ? Witlasting punishment ?

ness, what if it is so ? can you reAnswer.—This is the condemna- ply against God? tion. Ye have no cloak for your 2d. Witness. God is able to subsins. Therefore your sin remain- due all things to himself, and he has eth.

decreed the final restoration of all Baffled in his cross-examination, things. It is evident that this the learned counsel brings forward view is most honorable to God's the witnesses on his own side. character. It also reconciles all Let us now attend to the testimony the difficulties of theology. It is on the other side.

also supported by many men of the 1st. Witness.-God is too good to greatest talents.

greatest talents. How glorious is make any of his creatures eternally the prospect, that all things will finalmiserable. He delights to repre- ly be restored, so that praise shall sent himself in the character of a resound to God without a single parent, and teaches us all to call discordant note throughout all the him Our Father. Which one of created universe. you, gentlemen of the jury, would Cross-e.camined. Do you know put one of your dear little children, all this? Conjecture, and impres. for a trifling offence, into a glowing sions, and imaginations, are not furnace, or throw him to be de- what we want upon this trial. It is voured by wild beasts, or plunge too solemn a case to go upon uncer. him into a gloomy lake.

tainties. We want your evidence, not all God's children? And is not your opinions. Do you know

Are you


any thing of all this? Did you that man who died in a drunken ever see a person who died without fit appeared in the courts above, a Christian hope, restored after to take possession of an inheriwards to the love of God ? That tance in the kingdom of heaven? infidel who died with the horror of Has God assured you that every despair depicted on his counten. murderer hath eternal life? Did you ance, and the blasphemies of hell mark the course by which Tardy, rolling from his tongue-did you the pirate and suicide, winged his follow him down to the regions of way to paradise ? Have you ever punishment, and see him tormented walked the golden streets, and seen in that flame, and see his obstinacy murderers and their victims. tyrants gradually relent, until his whole and their oppressed subjects, perse. soul was subdued to love, and all his cutors and saints, hypocrites and corruptions were burned up; and honest men, basking in that ineffa. then did you see an angel of mercy ble light, and hymning the praises in those dark abodes, apply a heal- of boundless love ? Do you know? ing balm to his wounds, clothe him Here the evidence closes. And in white raiment, and bear him back now every reader is under obligaacross that great gulf, into Abra- tions equal to the most solemn oath, ham’s bosom? Our witness knows. to give a true and impartial senDo you know? Are you certain. tence. Is it true or false, that a Jesus Christ is positive, that they part of mankind will suffer everlastgo away into everlastng punishment. ing punishment? If there is not any

3d. Witness.-Every wicked per- reasonable ground of doubt that Jeson has hell enough in his own bo- sus Christ has testified truly, intel

He suffers everlasting fire ligently, consistently, and impartialevery time he does wrong. And ly, you are bound to say TRUE. that is his punishment. So that If it was as likely to be true that when he dies he will go direct to the yellow fever was in a place, as heaven.

it is that the wicked will go into evCross-examined. Are you sure erlasting fire, would you go there? that this inward suffering is as much If it was as likely that you would as sin deserves from a holy God? lose your life by sleeping in your Do you know that it is always ex- bed to-night as it is that you will actly proportioned to guilt. If a

If a lose your soul unless you become a humble Christian actually suffers Christian, would you dare to sleep? more for being cold and formal

LEGULEIUS. in his secret devotions, than a profligate does for cheating his neighbor, and getting drunk, and blas- TRANSLATION OF ISAIAH XXI. 1-10, pheming his God, is that equal pun

WITH EXPLANATORY REMARKS. ishment ? But leaving argument, TheOracle concerning the Desert of the Sea. what do you know about it? Have

1 How the whirlwinds sweep along in you ever seen any of these wicked

the south, persons die in their sins, and go im- From the wilderness they come, from a mediately where Jesus Christ is? terrible land,

2 A dreadful vision is disclosed to me: Did you see the mockers of the old

The robber is robbed-the waster is world all glorified with God in heav

laid waste, en, while Noah was tossing about Go up, Elam; lay seige 0 Media, and buffeting the waves in the ark? All the sighing of the oppress'd will I Did the smoke which rose up from

make to cease.

3 Therefore are my loins filled with disthe cities of the plain waft the souls

tress, of its polluted inhabitants up to

Anguish like that of travail hath seizglory? Were you present when

ed me,

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