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Item, I give and bequeath to my executors all my world. ly fubftance, of what nature or kind foever, (excepting fuch part thereof as is herein after particularly devi fed), for the following uses and purposes: that is to say, to the intent that they, or the furvivors or furvivor of them, his executors, or adminiftrators, as foon as con⚫ veniently may be after my death, fhall turn it all into ready money, and lay out the fame in purchafing lands of inheritance in fee fimple, fituate in any province of Ireland, except Connaught, but as near to the city of Dublin as conveniently can be found, and not incum. bered with, or fubject to any leases for lives renewable, or any terms for years longer than thirty-one. I defire, that a yearly annuity of twenty pounds Sterling, out of the annual profits of fuch lands, when purchased, and out of the yearly income of my laid fortune devifed to my executors as aforefaid, until fuch purchase fhall be made, fhall be paid to Rebecca Dingley of the city of Dublin, fpinfter, during her life, by two equal half-yearly payments, on the feafts of All faints, and St Philip and St Jacob; the first payment to be made on fuch of the said feasts as fhall happen next after my death. And that the refidue of the yearly profits of the faid lands, when purchased, and, until such purchase be made, the refidue of the yearly income and intereft of my faid fortune, devifed as aforefaid to my executors, fhall be laid out in purchafing a piece of land, fituate near Dr Steven's hofpital, or, if it cannot


be there had, fomewhere in or near the city of Dublin, large enough for the purposes herein after mentioned, and in building thereon an hofpital large enough for the reception of as many idiots and lunatics as the annual income of the faid lands and worldly fubftance fhall be fufficient to maintain. And I defire, that the said hofpital may be called ST PATRICK'S HOSPITAL, and may be built in fuch a manner, that another building may be added unto it, in case the endowment thereof fhould be enlarged; fo that the additional building may make the whole edifice regular and complete. And my further will and defire is, that, when the faid hofpital fhall be built, the whole yearly income of the said lands and estate shall, for ever after, be laid out in providing victuals, cloathing, medicines, attendance, and all other neceffaries for fuch idiots and lunatics as fhall be received into the fame; and in repairing and enlarging the building from time to time, as there may be occafion. And, if a fufficient number of idiots and lunatics cannot readily be found, I defire that incurables may be taken into the faid hofpital to fupply fuch deficiency; but that no perfon fhall be admitted into it, that labours under any infectious disease: and that all fuch idiots, lunatics, and incurables, as fhall be received into the faid hospi tal, fhall conftantly live and refide therein, as well in the night as in the day; and that the falaries of agents, receivers, officers, fervants, and attendants, to be employed in the business of the said hospital, fhall not in the whole exceed one fifth part of the clear yearly income or revenue thereof. And I further defire, that my executors, the fervivors or fervivor of them, or the heirs of fuch, fhall not have power to demife any part of the faid lands fo to be purchased as aforefaid, but with consent of the Lord Primate, the Lord High Chan · cellor, the lord Archbishop of Dublin, the Dean of Chrift-church, the Dean of St Patrick's, the phyfician to the ftate, and the furgeon-general, all for the time being, or the greater part of them, under their hands in writing; and that no leafes of any part of the faid lands fhall ever be made, other than leafes for years not exceeding thirty-one, in poffeffion, and not in reverfion or remainder, and not difpunishable of wafte, whereon fhall


fhall be referved the best and most improved rents that can reasonably and moderately, without racking the tenants, be gotten for the fame, without fine. Provi ded always, and it is my will and earnest desire, that no leafe of any part of the said lands, fo to be purchased as aforefaid, fhall ever be made to, or in trust for any perfon any way concerned in the execution of this trust, or to, or in trust for any person any way related or allied, either by confanguinity or affinity, to any of the perfons who shall at that time be concerned in the exe cution of this truft; and that if any leafes fhall happen to be made contrary to my intention above expreffed, the fame fhall be utterly void and of no effect. And I further defire, until the charter herein after mentioned be obtained, my executors, or the furvivors or furvivor of them, his heirs, executors, or adminiftrators, shall not act in the execution of this truft, but with the con. fent and approbation of the said seven additional truftees, or the greater part of them, under their hands in writing; and fhall, with fuch confent and approbation as aforefaid, have power, from time to time, to make rules, orders, and regulations, for the government and direction of the said hofpital. And I make it my request to my faid executors, that they may, in convenient time, apply to his Majefty for a charter to incorporate them, or fuch of them as fhall be then living, and the said additional trustees, for the better management and conduct of this charity, with a power to purchase lands; and to fupply by election fuch vacancies happening in the corporation as fhall not be fupplied by fucceffion; and fuch other powers as may be thought expedient for the due execution of this truft, according to my intention herein before expreffed. And when fuch charter shall be obtained, I defire, that my executors, or the furvivors or furvivor of them, or the heirs of fuch furvivor, may convey to the use of such corporation in fee fimple, for the purposes aforefaid, all fuch lands and tenements as fhall be purchased in manner above mentioned. Provided always, and it is my will and intention, that my executors, until the faid charter, and afterwards the corporation to be hereby incorporated, fhall, out of the yearly profits of the faid lands, when purchafed,


and out of the yearly income of my said fortune, devised to my executors as aforefaid, until fuch purchase be made, have power to reimburse themselves for all fuch fums of their own money as they fhall neceffarily expend in the execution of this truft; and that, until the faid charter be obtained, all acts which fhall at any time be done, in execution of this truft, by the greater part of my executors then living, with the confent of the greater part of the faid additional trustees, under their hands in writing, fhall be as valid and effectual, as if all my executors had concurred in the fame.

Item, Whereas I purchafed the inheritance of the tithes of the parish of Effernock near Trin, in the county of Meath, for two hundred and fixty pounds Sterling, I bequeath the faid tithes to the vicars of Laracor for the time being; that is to fay, fo long as the prefent Epifcopal religion fhall continue to be the national eftablished faith and profeffion in this kingdom; but, whenever any other form of Chriftian religion fhall become the established faith in this kingdom, I leave the faid tithes of Effernock to be bestowed, as the profits come in, to the poor of the faid parifh of Laracor, by a weekly proportion, and by fuch officers as may then have the power of diftributing charities to the poor of the faid parish, while Chriftianity, under any fhape, fhall be tolerated among us, ftill excepting profeffed Jews, Atheifs, and Infidels.

Item, Whereas I have fome leafes of certain houses in Kevin's-ftreet, near the deanery. houfe, built upon the Dean's ground, and one other houfe now inhabited by Henry Land, in Deanery-lane, alias Mitre-alley, fome of which leafes are let for forty one years, or forty at leaft, and not yet half expired, I bequeath to Mrs Martha Whiteway my leafe or leafes of the faid houses. I alfo bequeath to the faid Martha, my leafe of forty years. of Goodman's holding, for which I receive ten pounds per annum which are two houfes, or more, lately built. I bequeath alfo to the faid Martha, the fum of three hundred pounds Sterling, to be paid her by my executors out of my ready money, or bank-bills, immediately af

* Sexton of St Patrick's cathedral. VOL. VIII.



ter my death, as foon as the executors meet. I leave, moreover to the faid Martha, my repeating gold watch, my yellow tortoife-fhell fnuff-box, and her choice of four gold rings, out of feven which I now poffefs.

Item, I bequeath to Mrs Mary Swift, alias Harrifon, daughter of the faid Martha, my plain gold watch made by Quare; to whom alfo I give my Japan writing-desk, bestowed to me by my Lady Worfely, my fquare tortoife-fhell fnuff-box, richly lined and inlaid with gold, given to me by the Right Honourable Henrietta now Countess of Oxford, and the feal with a Pegafus, given to me by the Countess of Granville.

Item, I bequeath to Mr Flolliot Whiteway, eldest fon of the aforefaid Martha, who is bred to be an attorney, the fum of fixty pounds, as alfo five pounds to be laid out in the purchase of such law-books, as the Honourable Mr Juftice Lindfay, Mr Stannard, or Mr M'Aulay †, fhall judge proper for him.

Item, I bequeath to Mr John Whiteway, youngest fon of the faid Martha, who is to be brought up a furgeon, the fum of one hundred pounds, in order to qualify him for a furgeon, but under the direction of his mother; which faid fum of one hundred pounds is to be paid to Mrs Whiteway, in behalf of her faid fon John, out of the arrears which fhall be due to me from my church-livings, (except thofe of the deanery-tithes, which are now let to the Reverend Dr Wilson), as foon as the faid arrears can be paid to my executors. I also leave the faid John five pounds, to be laid out in buying fuch phyfical and chirurgical books as Dr Grattan, and Mr Nichols, fhall think fit for him.

Item, I bequeath to Mrs Anne Ridgeway, now in my family, the profits of the leafe of the two houfes let to John Cownly, for forty years, of which only eight or nine are expired, for which the faid Cownly payeth

See con

Eaton Stannard, Efq; Recorder of the city of Dublin. fiderations concerning the choice of a Recorder, in vol. 3. p. 337. Alexander M'Aulay, Efq; counsellor at law, and made judge of the confiftorial court. Nov. 1745.

John Nichols, Efq furgeon general.

Daughter to Mrs Brent, and who, for many years, had been his faithful domeftic friend.


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