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INDEX to the TITLES of the PIECES in

N. B. Whatever verfes are marked with an afterifk prefixed, are
not Dr Swift's.


Dvice to the Grubstreet verfe- Baucis and Philemon vi. 44

writers vi. 305

The Alley vi. 64
Apollo outwitted vi. 110

-to the Dean vi. 254
—; or, A problem solved vii.

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Beafts confeffion to the priest vii.

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Caffinus and Peter vi 366
Caftlenock, on the little houfe by
the church yard of vii. 139
Catullus de Lesbia vii. 125
-in English vi. ib.
Cenfure, on vi. 313

Chandos, D. of. on vii. 124
Charteris, Fr. epitaph on vi. 201
City shower, a description of one

vi. 49

Clad all in brown vii. 111
Clever Tom Clinch going to be
hanged vi. 316

Clinch, Clever Tom. See Clever
Corinna vi. 148

going to bed vii. 1
Country-life vi. 186 (62
Country-parfon's happy life, vi.
Cutpurfe, ballad to the tune of

vi. 73

Damned, the place of the vii. 14
Dean, a panegyric on him vi. 356
on ftealing a crown when

he was afleep vii. 141

The answer vii. 142.

Death and Daphne vi. 352

Delany, Dr, to, on the libels a-

gainst him vi. 210

-Libel on vi. 322

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-on Judge Boat vi. 275
Elephant vi. 85
English Dean to be hanged for a
rape vi. 336

* Epigram on Bp Hough vi. 113
in a maid of honour's
Prayer-book vi. 126

-on Thomas 127

-on feeing a prelate go out of
the church vi. 201

-on Dic vii. 161

from the French vi. 201
-on fcolding vii. 124

-on the toafts of the
club vi. 203

Epigrams vi. 203

-Verfes fent by him to Dr Epilogue to a play for the wea-

Swift vi. 279

-The answer 280

-to Swift, with a filver ftan-
dish vii. 26

-Verfes occafioned by the
prefent vii. 27

Demar the ufurer, elegy on vi.

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vers in Ireland vi. 170

Epiftle to Mr Thomas Snow
vi. 127
Epitaph vi. 203
-on a mifer vi. 172
-on Partridge vi. 89

-of by words vi. 200
-on Swift's dog vii. 142
-on Francis Charteris vi. 201
-on Picus Mirandula vi. 203
-on Judge Boat vi. 276
-on the Duke of Schomberg
vii. 119
Excellent new ballad vi. 336
Fable of Midas vi. 240
The Faggot vi. 246

Fair maid of the inn vi. 138
Fasting, French epigram on vi.
-translated vi. ib.
Floyd, Mrs Biddy, on vi. 109

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Free mafons fong viii. 331
Friend, to one who had been
much abused vi. 369
Game of traffic, ballad on the
Gay, Mr, to vii. 17. (vii. 120
Glumdalclitch's lamentation for
the lofs of Grildrig vi. 162
Grand question debated vi. 330
Grubstreet verfe-writers, advice to
vi. 305

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-to one who defired the author

to write verfes upon her in the
heroic ftyle vii. 126
Lady's dreffing-room vi. 339 (3.20
Ladies, on the five at Sot's hole vi,
-the hardship put upon vii. 22


* Gulliver, Mary, to Capt. Gul- Legion-club vii. 45
liver vi. 164
Hamilton's bawn vi. 330
*Handel and Bononcini, on the
feuds about vi. 125
Hardship put upon ladies vii. 22
Harlequin, on the plot difcovered
by vi. 269

Libel on Dr Delany and Lord
Carteret vi. 322

Harris, Mrs, her petition vi. 68
Haffard, Mr Jafon, on his defi-
ring a motto for his fign vii. 125
Hellham, Dr, letters to vii. 154, 6
Horace epift. 7. b. 1. imitated vi.

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Jackson, Dan, on his picture cut

in paper vii. 97. 98. 99
-His anfwer vii. 100
-Answer to, by Mr G. Roch
fort vii. 101

-by Dr Delany vii. 103
-by Dr Sheridan vii. 105
-Jack fon's reply vii. 106
-Another reply in Jackfon's
name vii. 107
Janus, to, on new-year's day vi.
Impromptu vi. 112 (328
Inns, on feeing verfes written on
windows in vi. 306, 7
Joan cudgels Ned vi. 271
Journal of a modern lady vi. 178
Ireland, on the bishops of vii. 23
Irish feaft, a defcription of one
Judas vii. 15.
(vi. 261
*Lady, on one who piffed at the
tragedy of Cato vi. 126
-journal of a modern lady vi.178

* Lilliputian ode vi. 167
* Lintot's mifcellany, verses to
be prefixed to vi. 90
Little-houfe by the church-yard

of Castlenock, on vii. 139
Logicians refuted vi. 370
* Longitude, ode on it vi. 125
Love, the progress of vi. 151
-to vii. 116

song in the modern taste vii. 27
-fong vii. 161 (mistress vii. 138
-poem from a physician to his
Lover, inconftant, fatire on one
*Macer vi. 106
(viii. 277
Markethill, on cutting down the
old thorn at vi. 317
-the revolution at vi. 343
Mary the cook-maid's letter to
Dr Sheridan vi. 191
Midas, the fable of vi. 240
Minister of state vi. 82
Mifer, epitaph on one vi. 172
Molly Mog vi. 138

Moore, Mr John, to vi. 91
Morning, a defcription of it vi. 51
Mullinix and Dick vii. 109
Newgate's garland vi. 143
Ode to Sir W. Temple vii. 68
-to the Athenian fociety vii. 76
* Orrery, E. of, to Swift, with a
paper-book vii. 25
-Verfes occafioned by that pre-
fent vii. 27

Oxford, E. of, to, in the tower
vi. 252
Panegyric on the Dean vi. 356
Partridge, elegy on his supposed
death vi. 86

Partridge, an epitaph on vi. 89
Paftoral dialogue vi. 189
Peterborrow, E. of, to vi. 238
Pethox the Great vi. 159
Phillis vi. 151

* Phryne vi. 108 (vii 161
Pilkington, Mrs, to Dr Swift
Place of the damned vii. 14
Plot discovered by Harlequin, on
it vi. 269

Poems, one burning a dull one vi.

Poetry, the progress of vi. 154
-on; a rhapsody vii. 31
Power of Time vi. 343
Printer, on one being fent to New-
gate vii. 139
The Problem vii. 136
-folved vii. 13

Probatur aliter vii. 158.

Progrefs of love vi. 151
-of poetry vi. 154
--of beauty vi. 155

(vi. 94

* Prologue for D'Uify's last play
-to The three hours after mar-
riage vi. 95

• Prometheus; on Wood's half-
pence vi. 145. See Wood
Pultney, Mr, on his being put
out of the council vii. 16
Quadrille, a ballad on vi. 136
Quidnuncki's vi. 149
Quiet life and a good name vi. 281
Quilca to vi.299 (tain, to vi. 167
*Quinbus Fleftrin the man-moun-
Receipt to form a beauty vi. 109
-to make a cuckold vi. 126
Revolution at Markethill vi. 343
Richmond-lodge and Marble-hill,
dialogue between vi. 307
Riddles vi. 284-294. vii. 143

to 150

Salamander, a description of it vi.
Sandys's ghost vi. 97 (83

Satire, fragment of one vi. 104
Schomberg, D. of, epitaph on vii.
Scolding, epigram on vii.124(119
Sheridan, Dr, to Dr Swift vi. 243
Swift's answer vi. 244
Letter to vi. ib.

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1720 vi. ib.

1722 vi. 115
1724 vi. 117
1726 vi. 119

-to, who collected and tranfcri-
bed his poems vi. 172

to, vifiting me in my sickness
1727 vi. 216
-at Wood park vi. 272
-Receipt to restore her youth vi.
-to Dr Swift on his birth-
day 1721 vi. 176
Stephen Duck the thresher on vi.
*Strephon and Flavia vi. 147(355

-and Chloe vii. 3.
Swift to Pope, when writing the
Dunciad vi. 206

-Verfes on his death vi. 220
-His life and genuine character
vii. 162

-Rebus written by a lady on vii.

The anfwer vii. 153 (152
-on his own deafness vii. 154
See Dean, Delany, Sheridan,

* Sylvia; a fragment vi. 107

Tale of Chaucer vi. 63
Temple, Sir Wm, ode to vii. 68
Thorn, on cutting down the old,
at Markethill vi. 317


Tim and the fables vii. 66
Time, the power of vi. 343
Tofts, Mrs, on vi. 125
Toland's invitation to Dismal vii.
Tom's metamorphofis vii. 159.
Traulus, the first part vi. 347

the fecond part vi. 350
Two or three vi. 126.
* Umbra vi. 99

(it vii. 121
Union, verfes faid to be written on
Vanbrugh's houfe vi. 74
-The hiftory of vi. 78. (vi. 92
Verfes on an &c. at D'Urfy's name
* —under the picture of England's
arch-poet vi. 204


On feeing verfes on windows in
inns vi. 306, 7

for women who cry apples,
&c. vii. 114, 15, 16

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in Dr SWIFT's works.

The volumes are denoted by numeral letters, and the pages by figures.

When different pages are referred to at any article, if the numbers are
dis joined by a comma, the first figure or figures in the preceding num
ber are fuppofed to be repeated in the subsequent.

When feveral particulars occur under an article, all to be found
in one volume, the volume is not repeated.

L. ftands for the sketch of the family of Swift, and the author's
life, both prefixed to vol. 1. and n. for the notes in the different vo-


Bbey-lands, how the poffeffion of them was confirmed vii. 225.
Addrefles, general, fhew the true fenfe of the nation ii. 325.
Of the address against making peace without the entire
reftitution of Spain 332. The folly and wickedness of it ib. The
true meaning and defign of it 333.

See Peace.

Bolifts, their principles defcribed i. 99.105.

Age, old, its inconveniencies viii. 256. How thefe are to be borne ib.
Agrippa, ancient and modern, his character ii. 384, 6, 7.
Alcibiades, his misfortunes ii. 23. 24.

Allies, their conduct in the war ii. 96. A character of this piece ib. n.
Of those in the war at the revolution 99. 100. Of thofe in Queen

I i


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