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The Life of DAVID BRAINERD here offered to the reader, is taken, by permission of the Rev. Josiah PRATT, Editor of the Missionary Register, from that work, with the addition of some farther passages from President Edwards’ Memoir, which seemed too valuable to be omitted.

The Editor of this volume, in prefixing a few Introductory remarks, will first give one or two general reflections occasioned by the Memoir, and then such particulars respecting its usefulness in the cause of Missions, and respecting the congregation over which Brainerd laboured, and the present state of the North American Indians, as he has collected from other sources. He adds also a slight sketch of the progress of Missionary labours.

The devotedness of Brainerd to our Heavenly Master was the most striking peculiarity of his character. He gave up himself entirely to his work, abandoning every thing for it. While he himself underwent all sort of privations, he surrendered his own private property without reserve to educate others. God always honours such devotedness. Self-sacrifice for the sake of Christ has a present reward in the good done, as well as a future reward from the Lord of all. The success with which it pleased God to crown Brainerd's labours, perfectly corresponded to that patient zeal and holy earnest



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