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gies; this I discovered accidentally, through the perceptive powers

of a CLAIRVOYANT or clear seer; one who, when her eyes are closed and body is in a peculiar magnetic state, has her perceptions opened, independent of the usual visual powers. Many deny the existence of such a power; they laugh, deride, and sneer at the assertion of such a power; to such I would in passing, advise a suspension of their risible powers, and in place thereof, take a business-like consideration of the subject by personal examination; possibly, I may in the proper place, give a proof by the evidences which upset my disbelief in the existence of the power called clairvoyance; at present our attention is to be fixed on stones.

If Stones, of a particular quality, have the power of neutral. ising disease, by a patient holding a given one in the palm of the hand, or having it applied to the sole of the foot, or to any diseased part of the body; the stone has effected the cure without any diminution or pulverization of the solid. The cure must have been effected by something unseen out of the stone, which, entering the human system, effects the cure.

On pursuing my experiments in the same manner I had done with shells; I found that, as I before stated, every stone shed a light, which lights were of divers colours,—white, black, red, yellow, and blue, with their shades. That those lights were absorbed by the body of the patient, and by the law of demand and supply, the nerves and ligatures of the human body became conductors of the lights to the diseased part; and in proportion to the intensity of the light issuing from the stone into the body, was the rapidity of the cure effected. Some stones appeared to have a great affinity to the nerves, and their effect on the patient was so great, as would in olden days have had the credit of the results, thrown on the shoulders of the “devil.” Indeed, in passing, I may say, that the earnestness of my researches in going far and near to collect stones of various kinds, and trying their power on diseased persons and others, caused a report to be spread in my neighbourhood, that I was in league with that notable personage; and if I had not understood the fact

that the chemical light-power of the stone, produced the effects, I might have supposed the existence of a supernatural power. Let me here narrate one instance which flashes in my memory. I cannot paint it in words, or give the minute atoms of incident which made


the scene; but having by means of sensitives learned the nature of the stones and the colours of the light streaming from them, I used my reason in suggesting experiments. Take this incident. I placed a female sensitive on a chair on glass stands; I placed two stones of a peculiar colour in a jug of water, previously tying a worsted thread round the stones, wetting the worsted, and placing the other end in the patient's hand. I performed the same operation with two stones of another kind; the patient was talking at the time about something which had no connection with the business. I placed the second string in her hand, when


bounded the patient, and she was shot off the pedestal like a rocket, the very picture of fright. I said, “What's the matter?” She tried to speak, but she seemed tongue-tied. She stuttered, and shook from head to foot; which, with the affrighted face, produced one of the richest scenes of the comic I had ever seen. Perceiving my out-of-season enjoyment, she tried to look angry, but the effort increased the grimace. The girl then seemed aware of her ludicrous position-commenced laughing, but could not get complete control of the muscles of the face. There, standing in the middle of the floor, unable to move a step, she was laughing, grinning, and stuttering her wish to be free.--I had ample proof of the power of the unseen soul-essence, light, or body, issuing from Stones. Guided by my knowledge, I selected a particular stone to cure a gathered finger my late wife had ; the gathering was full, the pain great. I requested her to place her finger upon the stone, which was one about four inches by two in size. In about twenty minutes the whole of the matter was absorbed by the stone, leaving the stone discoloured and yellow with the matter, and my wife's finger free from any vestige of it, and quite healed. The power of certain stones on the nerves is asto

nishing. I used to carry in my waistcoat pocket two stones ; with one, when held in the palm of their hand, sensitives were driven into slumber, as if a narcotic had been administered ; with the other, I could, as if by an electric shock, neutralize the narcotic influence of the first, and restore to a normal condition. To persons suffering from affections in the nerves, causing neuralgia, irritability, &c., the holding of that description of stone in the palm of the hand would remove the irritability, &c.; and if the mind were clouded, or, in other words, the nerves of the body were in an unhealthy state, the stone light would neutralize the mischief, and restore the nerves to their natural tone; the size of the stones were half an inch by quarter of an inch in thickness. If I were writing a book on diseases, their cause and cure; I would here amplify by showing certain laws, very simple when pointed out, which would show the nerves to be the helm which guides the ship of man's body, their ramifications, their root in the brain, the minute size of the root, or life-power which governs the whole fabric of the human body; and the lights from any distinct genera in nature, getting possession of that root or helm; if guided by intelligence, say human, will pilot that body with its powers, whithersoever the helmsman wishes. This helmsman power over human beings will be developed hereafter, when we, leaving the consideration of the body and soul powers, come to the soul and spirit powers in nature.

Suffice it to say, that with the influence from stones I have produced tempers, dispositions, and language fit only for the bottomless pit, in persons whose previous life was of a contrary nature. I may here say, that on mentioning my discoveries, I was told by a lapidary, that he had an old book published some hundred years ago, stating that gems, such as diamonds, amethysts, rubies, garnets, &c., had curative powers. I saw and read the work, and evidently the author had a glimmer of the truth; but it was so mixed up with other things and the sayings of alchemists of the olden days, that it would rather lead a reasoning mind off the track. However, there

are both curative and clarifying properties in precious stones ; the diamond, and one kind of rock-crystal possesses great power; and with sensitives, are of great use in clearing the nerves and refitting them for mental action. I will close up this portion of the evidence by producing from my own family two proofs of the power of stones.

A kettle of boiling water fell over my foot one evening, the pain was excessive, my shoe was off, but the stocking on. Mrs. Jones suggested that I use a stone. At first I refused, as I thought my system so tough, as to withstand stone influence; however, I was glad to yield. The stone I pointed out to be used, was passed over the leg and foot at the fifth pass of the stone, I felt a cold current passing along the scalded parts, aecompanied with pricking pains; the stone was so passed for about fifteen minutes ; all the “Fire” had been taken out of the leg and foot, and I put on my shoe within half-an-hour after the accident; all well. Another similar case occurred a few weeks ago--one of my daughters, while taking the kettle off the fire, poured the boiling water over her foot; when I reached home, she was in great pain, and unable to put shoe or stocking on. I at once thought of the stone which had cured me in a similar emergency-it so happened, I had a visitor, a sensitive, who sees the lights issuing from substances, even in daytime, and her description of the action of the stone was, that when applied near the sole of the foot, a body of colour seemed to ascend from the stone into the foot; that when I placed it above the foot, showers of sparks seemed to descend from the stone to the foot-in about half-an-hour all the "Fire" was taken out, and the girl put on her shoe and stocking as if nothing had been the matter. The interesting appearance of the sparks, I consider to have been produced by the heat or aura from the foot ascending towards the stone, and the aura or lights from the stone meeting, produced the stars or lights, on the same principle as in the atmosphere we have what are called the meteoric lights-or shooting stars. My daughter was pleased to have her foot cured-I was pleased


the stone had done its duty-and the lady was delighted with having watched the appearances--stars, &c. coming from the stone, and entering the foot. The deprecatory assertion, often heard, “It was imagination," can have no application in the two cases above detailed. The power of magnets is well known, but very few persons appear to be aware that a powerful aura or light, jets out from the magnet_lays hold of the steel, or needle, and draws it up to the solid : I have often amused my children by placing iron sand on a sheet of white paper, on a table; then holding a magnet in different positions under the table, the subtile power passed through the dense wood, and attracted the atoms of sand. In whatever direca tion I moved the magnet, it created wonder and amusementthus showing the power of an invisible body to pass through a solid visible one. This branch of the subject has been so scientifically examined by Baron Richenbach of Vienna, about the same time I was busy with myexperiments on shells, stones, and human bodies; and since published under the title of “Researches in Magnetism," that I will not repeat those evidences here, but refer my readers to the work itself-a book not recognised by his cotemporaries in science, but which will be the text-book for universities and colleges in the next and following generations of students. The Baron proves, that a substance of light a new power, not electricity, issues from magnets and stones—that crystals and minerals have polarity, and that the lights so issuing from substances is a new power, not hitherto recognised by seience. To those lights, he has given the name of “Odic," and speaks of it as the “odilic force.” This force I have called soul-power, or apparitional; phosphorentin degree, and chemical in its character as much as the solid is, in which it dwells.

VEGETABLE SUBSTANCES. The woods of trees are also luminous, and possessed of colours of various tints, which stream out, and act chemically, as do shells, &c. The fragrance of flowers, the odour of musk; are all bodies of light, chemically in harmony with the plant from which they issue.

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