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6 This scene will all my labors end ;

This road conduct on high; With comfort I'll review the past,

And triumph though I die.


C. M.

MERRICK. Dangers of Youth. 1 PLACED on the verge of youth, my

mind Life's opening scene surveyed; I viewed its ills of various kinds,

Afflicted and afraid.
2 But chief my fear the dangers moved

That virtue's path inclose;
My heart the wise pursuit approved,

But 0, what toils oppose! 3 For see, while yet her unknown ways

With doubtful step I tread,
A hostile world its terrors raise,

Its snares delusive spread.
4 O how shall I, with heart prepared,

Those terrors learn to meet ?
How from the thousand snares to guard

My inexperienced feet?
5 Let faith suppress each rising fear,

Each anxious doubt exclude ;
My Maker's will has placed me here,

A Maker wise and good. 6 He to my every trial knows

Its just restraint to give ;
Attentive to behold my woes,
And faithful to relieve.


C. M.


God's Word a sure Guide for Youth.

1 The morn of life, how fair and gay!

How cheering and how new! What hopes illume each opening day,

And brighten every view!
2 Youth's ardent mind, with joy elate,

Elastic and sincere,
Suspects no ills that may await,

Nor yields a thought to fear.
3 But slippery is the path they tread

In pleasure's dangerous way;
A thousand snares around them spread,

And oft their feet betray. 4 How shall they, then, their course pursue

Through life's uncertain road? What friendly hand will point their view

To duty and to God?
5 In God's own word the way is sure,

And clear to every eye ;
It leads us in a path secure

To brighter worlds on high.
6 O be this word our constant guide,

Our steadfast hope and trust !
This ne'er can fail, though all beside

Shall mingle with the dust.

S. M.

*FAWCETT. *How shall a Young Man cleanse his Way?' Ps. 119. 1 With humble heart and tongue,

Great God! to thee we pray ;
O make us learn whilst we are young,

How we may cleanse our way.
2 Now in our early days,

Teach us thy will to know;
O God, thy sanctifying grace

Betimes on us bestow.
3 Make us, unguarded youth,

The objects of thy care;
Help us to choose the way of truth,

And fly from every snare.
4 Our hearts, to folly prone,

Renew by power divine ;
Unite them to thyself alone,

And make us wholly thine.
5 O let the word of grace

Our warmest thoughts employ ;
Be this, through all our following days,

Our treasure and our joy.
6 To what thy laws impart,

Be all our souls inclined;
O let them dwell within our heart,

And sanctify our mind.


C. M.


Advantages of Early Piety. 1 HAPPY is he whose early years

Receive instruction well;
Who hates the sinner's path, and fears

The road that leads to hell.
2 Our youth, devoted to the Lord,

Is pleasing in his eyes ;
A flower, when offered in the bud,

Is no vain sacrifice.
3 'Tis easier work, if we begin

To fear the Lord betimes;
While sinners who grow old in sin,

Are hardened in their crimes. 4 It saves us from a thousand fears,

To mind religion young;
With joy it crowns succeeding years,

And renders virtue strong.
5 To thee, almighty God! to thee

Our hearts we now resign; 'Twill please us to look back and see

That our whole lives were thine. 6 We'll do thy work, we'll speak thy praise,

Whilst we have life and breath; Thus we're prepared for longer days,

Or fit for early death.


C. M.


'Remeinber thy Creator.'

In life's gay morn, when sprightly youth

With generous ardor glows,
And shines in all the fairest charms

That beauty can disclose ;
2 Deep on thy soul-before its powers

Are yet by vice enslaved,-
Be thy Creator's lofty name

And character engraved.
3 For soon the shades of grief may

cloud The sunshine of thy days; And cares and woes, an endless round,

Encompass all thy ways.
4 Soon may thy heart the woes of age

In mournful groans deplore,
And sadly muse on former joys,

That now return no more. 5 True wisdom, early sought and gained,

In age will give thee rest;
O then, improve the morn of life,

To make its evening blest !

620. C. M. 81.

'Forgive, and thou shalt be Forgiven.'
1 0 God! my sins are manifold,

Against my life they cry,
And all my guilty deeds foregone,
Up to thy temple fly;

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