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Honour the king.--1 Pet. ii. 17. all the nations, &c. This greatly dis

But chiefly them that walk in the pleased God; and he said to Samuel, lust of uncleanness, and despise go- They have not rejected thee, but vernment, &c. and dominion, &c. they have rejected me, that I should They are not afraid to speak evil of not reign over them, &c. And they dignities : whereas angels, which are said, Nay, but we will have a king greater in power and might, bring over us.—1 Sam. viii, 1–7. 19, 20. not railing accusation against them Ye have this day rejected your God before the Lord.—2 Pet. ii. 10, 11. who himself saved you, &c. Ye have Jude 8, 9.

said, But set a king over us.—1 Sam.

x. 19. III. To pray for them.

Samuel afterward tells them their Exhort therefore, that first of all wickedness was great in the sight of supplications, prayers, intercessions, the Lord in asking a king. Which sin and giving of thanks be made for all the people acknowledged, when God men ; for kings, and for all that are had sent thunder and rain in wheat in authority (or eminent place), that harvest.-1 Sam. xii. 16-19. we may lead a quiet and peaceable They have set up kings, but not by life, in all godliness and honesty: for me : they have made princes, and I this is good and acceptable in the knew it not.-Hosea viii

. 4. sight of God our Saviour.—1 Tim. And thy judges, of whom thou ii. 1-3.

saidst, Give me a king, and princes : IV. To endeavour to get good Ma

I gave thee a king in mine anger, and

took him away in my wrath.-Hosea gistrates.

xiii. 10, 11. When Adonijah exalted himself, It is a severe misfortune to want saying, I will be king; and prepara- magistrates.-Judges xxi. 25. tion was made for it; then Bathsheba the queen, and Nathan the prophet, made application to David, to set up

CHAP. XXIII. Solomon to be king ; and accordingly of an OATH FOR TESTIMONY, conprevailed.-1 Kings i.

FIRMATION, AND ENDING OF CONV. To discover Treasons.


SIONS; AND EVIL OATHS. Mordecai discovered the design of two of the king's chamberlains against ABRAHAM said to the king of Sodom, him.-Esth. ii. 21-23.

I have lift up my hand unto the Lord, VI. To submit to lawful Magistrates, not take, &c. any thing that is thine ;

the most high God, &c. that I will which God hath set over us ; even lest thou shouldest say, I have made though they be not such as they Abraham rich.-Gen. xiv. 22, 23. should be.

Abimelech, &c. spake unto AbraWhen Samuel was old, he made ham, saying, God is with thee in all his sons judges over Israel, &c. and that thou doest: now therefore swear his 'sons walked not in (or followed unto me here by God, that thou wilt not) his ways, but turned aside after not deal falsely with me, nor with my lucre, and took bribes, and perverted son, &c. And Abraham said, I will judgment. Then all the elders of swear, &c. They swore both of them. Israel gathered themselves together, -Gen. xxi. 22-24. 31. Josh. ii. and came to Samuel unto Ramah, and 12–14. said unto him, Behold, thou art old, Abraham said unto his servant, and thy sons walk not in thy ways : Put, I pray thee, thy hand under my now make us a king to judge us, like thigh, and I will make thee swear by




the Lord, the God of heaven, and the an oath of the woman suspected, to God of the earth, that thou shalt not clear herself.-Numb. v. 19. take a wife unto my son of the · Thou shalt fear the Lord thy God, daughters of the Canaanites, &c. and serve bim, and shalt swear by his And the servant did swear.-Gen. name.-Deut. vi. 13. X. 20. xxiv. 2-4. 9.

At the mouth of two witnesses, or Abimelech and Isaac swear one to three witnesses, shall he that is woranother, not to hurt one the other.- thy of death be put to death ; but at Gen. xxvi. 28, 29. 31.

the mouth of one witness he shall Jacob and Laban made a covenant, not be put to death. The hands of and sware to it: Jacob swore by the the witnesses shall be first upon him. fear of his father Isaac.-Gen. xxxi. -Deut. xvii. 6, 7. 44. 50-53.

One witness shall not rise up Joseph swore by the life of Pharaoh. against a man for any iniquity, or for -Gen. xlii. 15, 16.

any sin. At the mouth of two witIsrael called Joseph his son to him, nesses, or at the mouth of three witand desired him to swear unto him nesses, shall the matter be established. that he would bury him not in Egypt, If a false witness rise up, &c. the but in his father's burying-place. judges shall make diligent inquisition: Joseph did swear unto him.-Gen. and if the witness be a false witness, xlvii. 29-31. 1. 5.

&c. then shall ye do unto him, &c.— Joseph had straitly sworn the chil- Deut. xix. 15—19. dren of Israel, saying, &c. Ye shall Joshua made peace with the Gibcarry up my bones away hence with eonites, &c. and the princes of the you.—Exod. xiii. 19. Gen. 1. 25. congregation sware unto them, &c. Josh. xxiv. 32.

The princes said, We have sworn Thou shalt not bear false witness unto them by the Lord God of Israel; against thy neighbour.—Exod. xx. 16. now therefore we may not tonch Prov. xxiv. 28. xxv. 18.

them.-Josh. ix. 15. 19. ii. 12. 14. If a man deliver unto his neigh- vi. 22. bour an ass, &c. and it die, or be The elders of Gilead said unto hurt, or driven away, no man seeing Jephthah, The Lord be witness beit; then shall an oath of the Lord tween us, if we do not so according be between them both, that he hath to thy words.-Judges si. 10. not put his hand unto his neighbour's The men of Israel had sworn in goods; and the owner of it shall Mispeh, saying, There shall not any accept thereof.—Exod. xxii. 10, 11. of us give his daughter unto Benjamin

If a soul sin, and hear the voice of to wife, &c. How shall we do, seeing swearing, and is a witness whether we have sworn by the Lord ? &c.he bath seen or known it; if he do Judges xxi. 1. 7. 18. not utter it, then he shall bear his Jonathan said to David, Go in iniquity.-Levit. v. 1. 4.

peace, for as much as we have sworn If a soul sin, and lie unto his both of us in the name of the Lord, neighbour, &c. or have found that saying, The Lord be between me which was lost, and lieth concerning and thee, and between my seed and it, and sweareth falsely; in any of all thy seed for ever.—1 Sam. xx. 13. these that a man doth,sinning therein, 17. 42. &c.-Levit. vi. 1-3.

Saul said unto David, Swear now And ye shall not swear by my therefore unto me by the Lord, that name falsely; neither shalt thou pro- thou wilt not cut off my seed, &c. fane the name of thy God.-Levit. xix. And David sware unto Saul.-1 Sam. 12. Prov. xiv. 5.

xxiv. 17. 21, 22. xxx. 15. The priest was commanded to take The king said unto Shimei, Thou


shalt not die ; and the king sware A false witness shall not be ununto him.—2 Sam. xix. 23.

punished, &c.-Prov. xix. 5. 9. God brought a famine upon Israel, Keep the king's commandment ; for the sin of Saul, in slaying the and that in regard of the oath of God. Gibeonites ; with whom Israel had -Eccles. viii. 2. made a covenant, to which the princes He that sweareth in the earth, swore.—2 Sam. xxi. 1-3.

shall swear by the God of truth.David had sworn to Bathsheba Isa. Ixv. 16. Jer. xii. 16. his queen, by the Lord his God, And thou shalt swear, the Lord that Solomon his son should reign liveth, in truth, in judgment, and in after him, &c. And the king sware, righteousness.-Jer. iv. 2. xii. 16. v. 2. and said, As the Lord liveth, &c. even How shall I pardon thee for this? as I swear unto thee by the Lord, &c. Thy children have forsaken me, and even so will I certainly do.—1 Kings sworn by them that are no gods.i. 17. 29, 30.

Jer. v. 7. They set up false witnesses against Will ye, &c. swear falsely, &c. and Naboth.—1 Kings xxi. 10. 13. Matt. come and stand before ine in this xxvi. 59. Acts vi. 11. 15.

house, which is called by my name? Jehoiada sent, &c. the rulers and &c.-Jer. vii. 9, 10. captains, &c. and made a covenant Because of swearing the land with them, and took an oath of them mourneth, &c.—Jer. xxiii. 10. Hosea in the house of the Lord, and shewed iv. 1-5. them the king's son, &c.——2 Kings The king sware secretly unto Jerexi. 4, &c.

miah, saying, As the Lord liveth that Asa, with Judah, entered into a made us this soul, I will not put thee covenant to seek the Lord God of to death.-Jer. xxxviii. 16. their fathers with all their heart, and God threatened the Jewish king with all their soul ; that whosoever for breaking his covenant, and dewould not seek the Lord God of spising the oath which he made to and Israel, should be put to death, &c. with the king of Babylon; and said, And they sware unto the Lord with Surely mine oath that he hath dea loud voice, &c. And all Judah re- spised, and my covenant that he hath joiced at the oath ; for they had broken, even it will I recompense sworn with all their heart.—2 Chron. upon his own head, &c. I will bring xv. 8, 9. 12–15.

him to Babylon.-Ezek. xvii. 15, 16. Ezra made a covenant, &c. He 18—20. made the chief priests, the Levites, I heard the man clothed in linen, and all Israel to swear, that they &c. when he held up his right hand, should do according to this word. and his left hand unto heaven, and And they sware.—Ezra x. 3,5. sware by him that liveth for ever,

Nehemiah called the priests, and that it shall be for a time, &c.took an oath of them, that they should Dan. xii. 7. do according to this promise.—Neh. God threatens to cut off them that

swear by the Lord, and that swear by False witnesses did rise up, they Malcham.—Zeph. i. 4, 5. laid to my charge things that I knew Every one that sweareth, shall be not.-Ps. xxxv. 11.

cut off, &c. I will bring it forth, The king shall rejoice in God: saith the Lord of hosts ; and it shall every one that sweareth by him, shall enter into the house of the thief, and glory.-Ps. lxiii. 11.

into the house of him that sweareth These six things doth the Lord falsely by my name, &c.—Zech. v. hate, &c. A false witness, that 3, 4. speaketh lies.- Proy. vi. 16. 19. Love no false oath : for all these

v. 12.

xx. 7.

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are things that I hate, saith the Lord. foolishness of preaching, to save -Zech. vüïi. 17.

them that believe.—1 Cor. i. 18-21. Swear not at all: neither by hea- 23, 24. ven, for it is God's throne: nor by I have planted, Apollos watered : the earth, for it is his footstool, &c. but God gave the increase.—1 Cor. But let your communication be yea, iii. 6—9. yea; nay, nay: for whatsoever is I declare unto you the gospel which more than these cometh of evil.— I preached unto you, which also you Matt. v. 33–37. James v. 12. Exod. have received, and wherein ye stand;

by which also ye are saved, &c. for I Herod swore rashly to Herodias's delivered unto you first of all, that daughter.—Matt. xiv. 6, &c. which I also received ; how that

They sought false witness against Christ died for our sins, according to Jesus : at the last came two false the scriptures; and that he was witnesses.Matt. xxvi. 60. Prov. buried, and that he rose again the xiv. 5.

third day according to the scriptures. They suborned false witnesses -1 Cor. xv. 1, &c. against Stephen.-Acts vi. 11. 13. How shall they believe in him of

Men verily swear by the greater : whom they have not heard? and how and an oath for confirmation, is to shall they hear without a preacher ? them an end of all strife. Wherein and how shall they preach except God, willing more abundantly, &c. they be sent :-Rom. x. 14, &c. confirmed it by an oath.-Heb. vi. And though the Lord give you the 13. 16–18. Jer. xxii. 5. Numb. bread of adversity, and the water of xiv. 21, 22.

affliction, yet shall not thy teachers And the angel, &c. lifted up his be removed into a corner any more : hand to heaven, and sware by him but thine eyes shall see thy teachers. that liveth for ever, &c. that there —Isa. xxx. 20. should be time no longer.-Rev. x. 5,6. The Lord said unto Jeremiah, Thou

shalt go to all that I shall send thee:

and whatsoever I command thee, CHAP. XXIV.

thou shalt speak. Be not afraid, &c. OF GOSPEL - Jer. i. 7, 8.

If thou take forth the precious from the vile, thou shalt be as my

mouth.-Jer. xv. 19. Sect. 1. What the Gospel is, and its

The word of the Lord was made a Efficacy.

reproach unto me, and a derision How beautiful upon the mountains daily: then I said, I will not make are the feet of him that bringeth mention of him, nor speak any more good tidings, that publisheth peace, in his name ; but his word was in &c. that publisheth salvation !—Isa. mine heart, as a burning fire shut up lii. 7.

in my bones : and I was weary with The gospel of the kingdom shall forbearing, and I could not stay. be preached in all the world, for a Jer. xx. 8, 9. witness unto all nations, &c.-Matt. If thou speakest not to warn the xxiv. 14.

wicked from his wicked way, to save The preaching of the cross is, to his life, &c. he shall die in his inithem that perish, foolishness; but quity, but his blood will I require at unto us which are saved it is the thy hand, &c.—Ezek. ïïi. 18, &c. power of God, &c. after that, in the Freely ye have received, freely wisdom of God, the world by wisdom give: provide neither gold nor silver, knew not God; it pleased God by the nor brass in your purses, &c. for the




workman is worthy of his meat, &c. soned in the synagogue every sabbath, I send you forth as sheep in the midst &c. He testified to the Jews, that of wolves ; be ye therefore wise as Jesus was Christ, &c. Apollos shewserpents, and harmless as doves.- ing by the scriptures that Jesus was Matt. x. 8–10. 16. John xx. 21. Christ.-Acts xviii. 1-5. 28. Luke x. 1, &c.

Paul preached three months, disGo ye therefore, and teach all na- puting and persuading the things contions, baptizing them in the name of cerning the kingdom of God; but the Father, and of the Son, and of when divers were hardened, &c. he the Holy Ghost : teaching them to separated the disciples, disputing, &c. observe all things whatsoever I have -Acts xix. 8, 9. commanded

you: and lo, I am with Paul said, I kept back nothing that you alway, &c.—Matt. xxviii. 19, 20. was profitable unto you: but have John xx. 21–23.

shewed you, and have taught you He that despiseth you, despiseth publicly, and from house to house, me; and he that despiseth me, des- testifying, &c. repentance toward piseth him that sent me.-Luke x. 16. God, and faith toward our Lord

He that speaketh of himself, seek- Jesus Christ, &c. Neither count I eth his own glory: but he that seeketh my life dear, so that I might finish his glory that sent him, the same is my course with joy, and the ministry true, &c. John vii. 18.

which I have received of the Lord JeThe apostles were very desirous to sus, to testify the gospel of the grace do good to the souls of others, and of God. I am pure from the blood of therefore took all occasions possible all men: for I have not shunned to to preach the gospel every where.- declare unto you all the counsel of Acts ii. 13, &c. iii. 12, &c. iv. 8ml. God, &c. I have coveted no man's v. 29–31. 42. vii. 1, &c.

silver, or gold, or apparel; ye yourWhen the apostles were forbid to selves know that these hands have preach Christ, they answer, Whether ministered unto my necessities, and it be right in the sight of God to to them that were with me.--Acts hearken unto you more than unto xx. 20, 21. 24. 26, 27. 33–35. God, judge ye; for we cannot but The Gentiles, unto whom now I speak the things which we have seen send thee, to open their eyes, and to and heard. --Acts iv. 19, 20.

turn them from darkness to light, &c. We will give ourselves continually -Acts xxvi. 17, &c. Gal. i. 10–12. to prayer, and to the ministry of the 15, 16. word.-Acts vi. 4.

Paul dwelt two whole years in his Sirs, why do you these things ? we own hired house, and received all that also are men of like passions with came in unto him: preaching the you ; and preach unto you, that ye kingdom of God, and teaching those should turn from these vanities unto things which concern the Lord Jesus the living God, which made heaven Christ.-Acts xxvii. 30, 31. and earth.-Acts xiv. 15, 16. xvii. I thank my God,&c. that your faith 22, 23.

is spoken of, &c. Without ceasing I

make mention of you always in my Sect. 11. Of Gospel Preachers, their


&c. I long to see you, that Duty and Recompense.

I may impart unto you some spiritual Trese men are the servants of the gift, to the end that you may be esmost high God, who shew unto us tablished, &c. I am not ashamed of the way of salvation.-Acts xvi. 17. the gospel of Christ: for it is the

Paul, being a tent-maker, abode power of God unto salvation.-Rom. with Aquila, being of the same craft, 1.8--11.16. Col. i. 9. Eph. i. 15, 16. and wrought with him, &c. He rea I will not dare to speak of any


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