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him away.

and that other disciple, and Woman, why weepest thou ? came to the sepulchre.

She saith unto them, Because 4 So they ran both together : they have taken away my Lord, and the other disciple did outrun and I know not where they Peter, and came first to the have laid him. sepulchre.

14 "And when she had thus 5 And he stooping down, and said, she turned herself back, looking in, saw 'the linen clothes and saw Jesus standing, and lying; yet went he not in. knew not that it was Jesus.

6 Then cometh Simon Peter 15 Jesus saith unto her, Wofollowing him, and went into the man, why weepest thou? whom sepulchre, and seeth the linen seekest thou? She, supposing clothes lie,

him to be the gardener, saith 7 And the napkin, that was unto him, Sir, if thou have borne about his head, not lying with him hence, tell me where thou the linen clothes, but wrapped hast laid him, and I will take together in a place by itself.

8 Then went in also that 16 Jesus saith unto her, other disciple, which came first Mary. She turned herself, and to the sepulchre, and he saw, saith unto him, Rabboni; which and believed.

is to say, Master. 9 For as yet they knew not 17 Jesus saith unto her, the scripture, that he must Touch me not; for I am not rise again from the dead. yet ascended to my Father:

10 Then the disciples went but go to *my brethren, and away again unto their own say unto them, 'I ascend unto home.

my Father, and your Father; 11 T " But Mary stood with and to " my God, and your God. out at the sepulchre weeping: 18 * Mary Magdalene came and as she wept, she stooped and told the disciples that she down, and looked into the sepul- had seen the Lord, and that he chre,

had spoken these things unto 12 And seeth two angels in her. white sitting, the one at the head, and the other at the feet, xii. 34, 35.-, Mark rv1. 5. -. Mat. xxviii. 9. Mark Ivi

. where the body of Jesus had writ. 19: _Rom. viii. 2. Het dui. ch. xvi. 28.–m lain.

See Matthew XXVIII. 1-10. 13 And they say unto her,

8 XCV.

a Mat. xxviii. 1. Mark yri.l. Luke xxiv.1.-bch. xlii. 23; & xix. 26; & xxi. 7, 20, 24.-c Luke xxiv. 12.-d ch. xix. 40.chPs. xvi. Acts il. ; & Eph, i. xxvili. 10. Loke xxiv. 10.

unto them, Except I shall see in CCLXXVIII.

bis hands the print of the nails, CHAP. XX. 19-31.

and put my finger into the

print of the nails, and thrust Jesus appeareth to his disciples. The my hand into his side, I will incredulity and confession of Thomas. not believe. The Scripture is sufficient to salvation.

26 | And after eight days 19 [Then the same day at again his disciples were within, evening, being the first day of and Thomas with them : then the week, when the doors were came Jesus, the doors being shut where the disciples were shut, and stood in the midst, assembled for fear of the Jews, and said, Peace be unto you. came Jesus, and stood in the 27 Then saith he to Thomas, midst, and saith unto them, Reach hither thy finger, and Peace be unto you.

behold my hands; and reach 20 And when he had so said, hither thy hand, and thrust it he shewed unto them his hands into my side: and be not faithand his side. Then were the less, but believing. disciples glad, when they saw 28 And Thomas answered the Lord.

and said unto him, My Lord 21 Then said Jesus to them and my God. again, Peace be unto you : 1 as

29 Jesus saith unto him, my Father hath sent me, even Thomas, because thou hast seen SỢ send I you.

me, thou hast believed : " blessed 22 And when he had said are they that have not seen this, he breathed on them, and and yet have believed. saith unto them, Receive ye the 30 And many other signs Holy Ghost :

truly did Jesus in the presence 23 Whose soever sins ye of his disciples, which are not remit, they are remitted unto written in this book : them; and whose soever sins 31 But these are written, ye retain, they are retained. that ye might believe that Jesus

24 | But Thomas, one of the is the Christ, the Son of God; twelve, 'called Didymus, was not and that believing ye might with them when Jesus came. have life through his name.

25 The other disciples therefore said unto him, We have 22.–9 Mat. xxvii. 18. ch. Ivii. 18, 19. Heb. i. 1., seen the Lord. But he said John i 1.-4.2. Cor. v: 7 Pet. i. 8. ch. xxi. 25.them, 'Children, bave ye any See Matthew XXVIII. 11-17.

o Mark xvi. 14. Luke xxiv. 36. 1 Cor. xv. 5.-pch. xvi.

y Luke i, 4,-2 ch, iii. 15, 16; & v. 24, 1 Pet. i. 9.

meat They answered him, $ XCVI; and Luke XXIV. 36.


6 And he said unto them, • Cast the net on the right side

of the ship, and ye shall find. CCLXXIX.

They cast therefore, and now

they were not able to draw it CHAP. XXI. 1-25.

for the multitude of fishes.

7 Therefore that disciple Christ appearing again to his disciples, whom Jesus loved saith unto was known of them by the great draught Peter, It is the Lord. Now of fishes. He dineth with them: earnestly commandeth Peter to feed his lambs and when Simon Peter heard that sheep; foretelleth him of his death ; re- it was the Lord, he girt his buketh his curiosity touching John. The fisher's coat unto him, (for he conclusion.

was naked,) and did cast himAfter these things Jesus shew- self into the sea. ed himself again to the disciples 8 And the other disciples at the sea of Tiberias; and on came in a little ship; (for they this wise shewed he himself. were not far from land, but as

2 There were together Simon it were two hundred cubits,) Peter, and Thomas called Didy- dragging the net with fishes. mus, and "Nathanael of Cana 9 As soon then as they were in Galilee, and the sons of come to land, they saw a fire of Zebedee, and two other of his coals there, and fish laid theredisciples.

on, and bread. 3 Simon Peter saith unto 10 Jesus saith unto them, them, I go a fishing. They Bring of the fish which ye have say unto him, We also go with now caught. thee. They went forth, and

11 Simon Peter went up, entered into a ship immediately; and drew the vet to land full and that night they caught no- of great fishes, an hundred and thing.

fifty and three: and for all 4 But when the morning was there were so many, yet was now come, Jesus stood on the not the net broken. shore: but the disciples c knew 12 Jesus saith unto them, not that it was Jesus.

Come and dine. And none of 5 Then Jesus saith unto the disciples durst ask him,


Who art thou ? knowing that it thou shalt stretch forth thy was the Lord.

hands, and another shall gird 13 Jesus then cometh, and thee, and carry thee whither taketh bread, and giveth them, thou wouldest not. and fish likewise.

19 This spake he, signifying 14 This is now the third by what death he should glotime that Jesus shewed himself rify God. And when he had to his disciples, after that he spoken this, he saith unto him, was risen from the dead.

Follow me. 15 | Sowhen they had dined, 20 Then Peter, turning about, Jesus saith to Simon Peter, seeth the disciple - whom Jesus Simon, son of Jonas, lovest loved following; which also thou me more than these? He leaned on his breast at supper, saith unto him, Yea, Lord; and said, Lord, which is he that thou knowest that I love thee. betrayeth thee? He saith unto him, Feed my 21 Peter seeing him saith to lambs.

Jesus, Lord, and what shall this 16 He saith to him again man do? the second time, Simon, son of

22 Jesus saith unto him, If I Jonas, lovest thou me? He will that he tarry 'till I come, saith unto him, Yea, Lord, thou what is that to thee? follow knowest that I love thee. 'He thou me. saith unto him, Feed my sheep. 23 Then went this saying

17 He saith unto him the abroad among the brethren, third time, Simon, son of Jonas, that that disciple should not lovest thou met Peter was die : yet Jesus said not unto grieved because he said unto him, He shall not die; but, if I him the third time, Lovest thou will that he tarry till I come, me? And he said unto him, what is that to thee? Lord, *thou knowest all things; 24 This is the disciple which thou knowest that I love thee. testifieth of these things, and Jesus saith unto him, Feed my wrote these things: and Pwe sheep.

know that his testimony is true. 18 'Verily, verily, I say unto

25 'And there are also many thee, When thou wast young, other things which Jesus did, thou girdedst thyself, and walk- the which, if they should be edst whither thou wouldest : written every one, 'I suppose but when thou shalt be old, that even the world itself could

ach. i. 45,

iv. 21.-cch. xx. 1.-- Luke xxiv.

2.- Acts x. 41.-h See ch. xx. 19, 26.-i dets xx. 28. Heb. xiii. 20. 1 Pet. ii. 25; & v. 2, 4.-k ch. ii. 24, 25; & xvi. 30.-1 ch. xiii. 56. Acts xii. 3. 4.-M 2 Pet. i. 1.nch. xiii. 23, 25; & xx.2.--O Mat. xvi. 27,28; & xxv. 31. 1 Cor. iv. 5; & xi. 26. Rev. ii, 25; &ni, Il; & xvii. 7,

not contain the books that my hope is in thee."

my hope is in thee.". Happy they should be written. Amen. who have quitted all those low de

sires and pursuits, which are un41. || Or, Sirs.-e Luke v. 4, 6,7.--% ch, xiii. 23 ; & xx.

worthy of a generous and immortal spirit, and have fixed their love on

one: whose heart and hopes are set 20.-pch. xix. 35. 3 John 12.--qch. xx.30.-r Amos vii.10.

upon that one, in 'whom all things READER.Lovest thou me? In all excellent meet and centre. A cheerlove, three things are necessary; ]st. ful joy always shines on their face, Some goodness in the object, either nor do their cheeks glow with the true and real, or apparent and shame of repulse and disappointment. seeming to be so: for the soul, be While we are wandering hither and it never so evil, can affect nothing thither, in the vicious and perplexed but what it takes some way to be pursuit of flattering objects, what good. 2nd. There must be a know- frequent lamentation, what fond comledge of that goodness ; for the most plaint of delusive fortune, and the excellent things, if altogether un- tragical outcry of grievous and painknown, affect not. 3rd. There must ful wounds! What crowds of fears be a suitableness or agreement of and cares divide the mind, and hurry that good thing with the nature of it now one way and now another ! those, which should affect it; other. But when we fix our hope and our wise indeed, how good soever it is, heart on the only support, on the it is not good to them.--Leighton. only true and all sufficient good, all

Let me beseech you strictly to is safe, and the soul treads firm as it examine your own souls, enquire were while the whole globe trembles. what it is that they chiefly wish, Let external things be borne this hope and desire; whether they give way or that, there is peace within; chase as it were to every painted fly; nor, when all methods have been whether, “ forsaking the fountain of examined, can any other be found living waters,” they are digging for for the establishment of the mind, themselves “cisterns” of clay, and than that it should lay all its stress these leaky too, with great and un- upon the one immoveable and improfitable labour. O wretched de- mutable rock. -LEIGHTON. ceitfulness of every earthly hope, Blessed soul that can say, Lord, which mocks and deludes us so much thou seest that I desire nothing but the more in proportion to the extra- thyself, (as Peter said, Lord, thou vagance of its promises ! Blessed knowest I love thee, all the corners are they and only they, who fix their of my heart stand open in thy sight, eyes and their souls above, and say thou seest if there be any other dewith the Psalmist, “Lord, I wait on sire or expectation but to please thee; thee, my soul doth wait, and in thy and if there be any such thing in word do I trust :” and as elsewhere, me, (for I see it not,) I pray thee, "and now, Lord, what wait I for, discover it to me, and through thy

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