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CHAPTER 1.-Description of the country ; employmei.

habitants; their guilt and danger; preaching of Evangelist; re-

marks of his hearers,


CHAP. II.-Sensitive and Sincere awakened; go to their ministers

for advice, and are relieved Thoughtful awakened; directed to

submit; does it,


CHAP. III....Ardent overtakes him. Mr. Blindguide; way into the

way; village of False-peace. Mr. Plausible and his Improved



CHAP. IV.-Interpreter; how to understand the Bible; natural and

moral inability; dark rooms lighted; thief and light; music praised,

and then censured,

CHAP. V.-Means and decrees; just judge; Gospel rejected by all,

some made willing; divine sovereignty ; evil intention punishable,

though good inay result,


CHAP. VI.-A satisfied law excludes pardon. Stile of Hypocrite's

Hope; Feel-well, Love-self, and No-law come over; all at the cross, 42

CHAP. VII --Self-conceit denies Christ's divinity; some Antinomian

views; village of Careless; Puff invites them to stop; wrong to


CHAP. VIII.--New house Beautiful; feeling to be promoted; doc-

trinal preaching blamed; Charity tolerant of every thing but truth;

pilgrims dissatisfied,


CHAP. IX.-True house Beautiful; Piety teaches that even deccivers

may be of use to try us; all things work together for good,


CHAP. X.--Religion fashionable; revivals less pure;

increase of error

predicted; the wicked to be destroyed; keeping back the truth;

milk and meat,


CHAP. XI.-Benevolent institutions need to be increased, and sup-

ported from principle; charity rejoiceth in the truth; objections to

giving answered,


CHAP. XII.-Flatterwell and the tower of Spiritual Pride,


CHAP. XIII.-Feel-well and his companions come in by the left

hand path ; , religious feeling; animal feeling; selfish and disinter-

ested affection,


CHAP. XIV.--House of Stephanas; he tells more about Flatterwell;

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describes Self-conceit, and his practical preaching, and the new

house Beautiful,


CHAP. XV.--Stephanas tells the effect of different preaching upon

him; goes to the village of False-peace; to the house of Mr. Self-

confidence ; becomes an assistant to Mr. Blindguide; is truly con-


. 101

CHAP. XVI.-Mr. Any-thing; shadow of death; they read and

sing ; Ardent afraid; our good not most important; truth of the



CHAP. XVII.-Cave; Free-thinking; Providence proved by reason

Feel-well overtaken; knows he is right because he is happy; re-

jects disinterestedness,


CHAP. XVIII.— No-law quotes Antinomian writers; nature of jus-

tification by law; by grace; saints made holy,


CHAP. XIX.-Holiness is conformity to the law; sin cannot be ac-

cepted; Feel-well's doctrine of perfection; different from Thought-



CHAP. XX.-Feel-well's proofs, and their answers; Christian war-

fare; Romans 7th paraphrased,


CHAP. XXI. House of Gaius; modernized by Liberal; pilgrims all

stop; union; supper,


CHAP. XXII.-Thoughtful's dream; council of Pandemonium; va-

rious spirits give their advice,


CHAP. XXIII --Advice to counterfeit revivals; to use orthodox

terms in a new sense,


CHAP. XXIV.-Means of hindering the effect of truth; self-confi-

dence, false doctrine, &c.,


CHAP. XXV.-Courting persecution; familiarity with God; impres-

sions; prayer of faith; success thought to be evidence of right;

address the passions; selfish submission; novices encouraged, 184

CHAP. XXVI.--Town of Vanity; house of Mr. Experience; state

of the town; benevolent institutions; worldly prosperity unfavora-

ble to vital piety, .


CHAP. XXVII. Multiplying houses of worship may be occasioned

by the want of piety; pride wrong; union of denominations by

sacrificing truth,

. 200

CHAP. XXVIII. Mr. Steadfast; Mr. Meek preaches; revival; os-

tentation avoided; no open opposition ; meetings not too frequent,

nor people too much excited,


CHAP. XXIX.-Doctrines of grace necessary to a revival; Mr.

Meek preaches them abundantly; his views of order; never makes

di vision; converts orthodox,



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CIIAP. XXX.—Divine sovereignty, and creature duty; danger of

false hopes; converts wear well; sellish love condemned; stillness



CHAP. XXXI.-Convictions deep and short; no machinery but the

inquiry meeting; opposed to anxious seats, &c.; sinners must re-

pent; their prayers sinful; danger of evangelists, .


CHAP. XXXII.-Mr. Bold; his abruptness; irreverence in prayer;

profaneness; hard talking; the Spirit said to sanction him; female

praying; vulgarity,


CHAP. XXXIII.-Christians should not believe that the zealous are

imprudent; things complained of; pronounced misrepresentations;

some indiscretions; the timid cowards; letter from North street, 239

CHAP. XXXIV.-New measures in Centre street; Mr. Meek sent

for; desired to sanction Mr. Bold; labors to reforın him; letters on

the new measures; Mr. Bold's sermon; remarks of Mr. Meck,


CHAP. XXXV.-Pastoral letter of the Association; Mr. Bold pro-

fesses to agree with it; Mr. Scribus denounces it as giving a false



CHAP. XXXVI.--Prayer of faith claimed to be dictated by the

Spirit; wrong means to frighten people; neglect of the Bible; con-

tempt of orthodoxy; hasty acknowledgment of converts; promising

to submit; abusive treatment; anticipated consequences of new


CHAP. XXXVII.-Mr. Strangeways; protracted meetings; chan-

ges, but no confessions; letter to Mr. Bold; no answer; treaty of

silence ; Feel-well exults at the downfall of Calvinism; Presbyte-

rian assembly on the divine sanction; argument; late revivals not

so good as some have thought; Davenport's estimate of his own



CHAP. XXXVIII -Many unwilling to make distinctions; disinter-

ested and selfish; genuine and spurious work, marks; success

given to bad men and measures,


CHAP. XXXIX.-Want of success not proof of wrong; Noah,

Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Christ; Peter to feed the sheep; approved

according to faithfulness,


CHAP. XL.-Female praying in promiscuous meetings; arguments

for it answered ; arguments against it,


CHAP. XLI. - Praying for people by name offensively; avoiding

offence; Davenport's confession; familiarity with God; loud pray-

ing in secret; several praying and talking at once; some struck

down; "pray out,"


CHAP. XLII.-Bodily agitations; a quiet state desirable; nervous

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affections; Mesmer, tractors, royal touch, women in Scotland, Ken-

tucky, French prophets, witchcraft, Wesley; inspiration,


CHAP. XLIII.--Prayer of faith; dictation of the Spirit; miracles ;

faith in God's wisdom; "taking God at his word;" spiritual and

temporal blessings; duty to pray in faith for all; then why do you not ? 314

CHAP. XLIV.-Converts multiplied by this prayer; likely to be spu-

rious; did Christ pray as he ought? is all prayer wrong which does
not obtain what is asked ? Paul, Moses, Christ; easy method of

testing the theory, .
CHAP. XLV.-Converts in answer to this prayer must not be doubt-

ed; circumstantial changes doubted; Scripture cautions against de-
ception; instruction needed; infants must be fed; ordinances are

nourishment; hasty reception into the church,

CHAP. XLVI.—Guarding against false hopes, by preaching the doc-

trines, not common now; speculating condemned; advocacy of

speedly admission to the church; several instances; bad results ;

converts disappear soon; desire for numbers; apostolic practice;



CHAP. XLVII.--Church confessions better be written; those that

mean nothing, worth nothing; renewing covenant, to be done de-

liberately; a minister denounced in his own pulpit; members of a

church denounced; sinners expecting to be converted will think

they are,

. 344

CHAP. XLVIII.-Promises of sinners; is regenerating grace offered

to sinners ? efforts to get sinners to promise; anxious seats; is God

pleased with unregenerate doings?


CHAP. XLIX.-Sinners allowed to put off repentance; "get them

committed ;' ought preaching to produce its results at the time ? re-
ligion of selfish affection and animal feeling, bad; measures adapt-

ed to promote such religion,

CHAP. L.-Animal feeling condemned by Mr. Bold; how his sermon

encourages one sort; more feeling under Mr. Meek's preaching;

Brainerd's distinctions,


CHAP. LI.- Motives of interest urged; "submit to be saved;" ex-

tract on submission; selfish religion a fundamental and fatal

error; selfish practice,


CHAP. LII.-Altraction and disinterested love compared; selfishness

proved wrong; how to make true converts; sinners unwilling that
justice should be done; preaching, not prayer, the means of true

conversions; how sinners ought to be prayed for,

CHAP. LIII.-In what the glory of God consists; mercy is seen in

the saved, justice in the lost; in which is he most glorified ? holiness

must hate sin; praising God for the exercise of his justice will form

a part of the employments of heaven,


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CHAP. LIV.-Holy beings rejoice in the justice of God; praying for

the destruction of the wicked; virtue not utility, but moral beauty;



CHAP. LV.-Vulgar language; imitators of Mr. Bold; telling stories

in the pulpit; why tell discreditable things ? it pleases scoffers; an-

swered. Revivals desirable, and need to be vindicated; revivals

under Mr. Meek and Mr. Bold compared ; permanent consequences;

new measures remove ministers; rapid declension,


CHAP. LVI.—Protracted revivals; conversion easy; resolve, and it

is done; man's will sovereign; moral suasiun all; Dr. Eloquent

charged with teaching a physical change; light produces conviction;

has not changed Satan's heart; divine power necessary; na-

ture of ability to love God. Tendency of things to change; protracted

meetings given up; schools of Dr. New-way and others; perfec-



CHAP. LVII.--Various changes; efforts of the Pontiff; house of

Mr. Lofty; high pretensions; efficacy of sacraments from author-

ized hands ; rejecting the bishop excludes from the church; other

ministers without authority; bishops mentioned in the Bible; the

same as elders ; not apostles; Timothy an evangelist; apostolical

ordination by the hands of the Presbytery,"


CHAP. LVIII.--Jerome, Cranmer, and others, admit that bishops

and elders are the same; Jewish priesthood and Christian ministry;

no allar nor priest now; baptismal regeneration; other ministers

denounced; opposition to Episcopacy rebellion against God; real

presence in the sacrament; Mr. Lofty hates Protestants; prayers

for the dead, and to the Virgin Mary,


CHAP. LIX.-The succcession doubted, cannot be proved; forms


prayer; the Lord's prayer a general direction; Mr. Lofty says,

prayer and the sacraments are the great means of salvation;"

Paul, “ the foolishness of preaching;" tradition joined to Scripture;

all Episcopalians not like Mr. Lofty; danger of being led into his

notions'; he professes to be liberal, but is very bigoted; unneigh-

borly interference in revivals,

. 431

CHAP. LX --Plain of Ease; conversation on divine Providence, di-

vine agency; God wills, and it is done; “ permission,” how used,

causation more frequent; Hebrew grammar,


CHAP. LXI. This doctrine rich in practical consequences; encour-

ages to trust in God; foundation of prayer; patience, submission;

encourages to unpleasant duty ; perseverance, expect the Gospel to

triumph ; encourages efforts to do good; meekness, equanimity, 444

CHAP. LXII.-Keeps from depression ; better thoughts of God;

keeps from backsliding; promotes humility; shows the use of

prayer; this doctrine more taught than any other,


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