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V. B. The first number in order is that of the Book, the second

of the Chapter, the third of the Section or Sections, and the last
is that of the Volume, as exemplified in the first article.

AARON, Antiq. B. II. ch. xii. fedt 1. Abijah, or Abia, the son of Rehoboam,

vol. I. B. XX. ch. x. vol. II. is Antiq. b. vii. c. ¥. 3. II. and b.
made high priest, B. III. ch. viii. viii. c. x, 1. d. succeeds his father,
fect. 1. vol. I. his sons. ib. his sect. d. conquers the ten tribes, b, vii.

death, B. IV, ch. iv, scet. 7. vol. I. c. xi. 2. 3. I.
Aballar, or Sanaballar, Antiq. b. xi. c. Abilamaradochus, or Evil Merodach,
iv. 6. 1.

Antiq, b. x. c. xi. 1,
Abbarus, king of the Tyrians, against Abimael, Antiq, b. i. c. vi. 4. 1.
Apion, b. i. c. xxi. III.

Abimelech tyrannizes over the Sheche-
Abdaftartus, king of the Tyrians, mites, Antiq. b. v. c. vii. 1. I. is

Against Apion, b. i. fect. 18. III. expelled, fect. 3. he destroys them
Abdemon, a Tyrian, Antiq. b. viii. c. all, lect. 4. is killed by a piece of a

v. 3. I. Against Ap. b. i. sect. 17. . 'mill-itone, feat. 5.
18 III.

Abinadab, Antiq. b. vi. c. i. 4. 1. b.
Abdenago, or Abednego, Antiq, b. x. viii c. ii. 8. 1.
C. X. *. I.

*Abiram, Antiq.b. iv. c. ii. e. 1. ,
Abdon, fucceeds Elon as judge, Antiq. Abishag, a virgin, David's nurse, An-
b. v. c. vii, 15.1.

tig. b. vii. c. xiv. 3 I.
Abel, Antiq. b. i. c.ri, s. I. his facri. Abimai, Antiq. b. vi. c. xiii. 9 I.
fice, ib.

Abner, Antiqi b. 4. I, son of
Abenerig, king of Charax Spacini, An. Ner, c. xii. sect. 1. Saul's kinsman,
tiq. b. xx. c. ii. 1. II.

b. vi. iv. 3. I. general of his army,
Abia, or Abijah, the lon of Rehobo. b. vii. c. i. 3. 1. reconciles the Ila
• am. Antiq b.vii. c. X. 3. II. b. viii. raelites to David, b. vii. 4.-1. 4. 1.

c. x, 1. 1. succeeds his father, fe&t. is killed, 1:&t. 8.
4. conquers the ten tribes, b. viii.c. Abram, or Abraham, the son of Terah,
xi 2. 3 I.

Antiq. b. i. c. vi. 5. I. leaves Chal-
Abia, king of the Arabians. Antiq. b. dea,and goes to Canaan, c. vii. lect.
xx, c. iv. 1. II.

• 1. lives at Damascus, fet. 2. advises
Abiathar, the son of Abimelech, Antig. his son to plant colonies, c. xv. in.

b. vi. c. xii, 6. I saves his life, and structs the Egyptians in the mathe-
flies to David, seat, 8. is high priest, matical scientes, c. yiii. sect. 2. di.
b. vi. c. xiv, 6. I. and b. vii. c. v. : vides the country between himself
4. I. and c. ix. 2 and c. xi. 8. and and Lot, lect. 3, God promiles him
c. xiv. 4. is deprived of the high. a fon, c. x. sect. 3. he beats the Al-
priesthood, b. viii. c. i. 3.1.

Syrians, c. x. dies, c. xvii.
Abjbalus, king of the Tyrians, Against Absalom, Antiq. b. vii. c. iii. 3. I.
Apion, b, I. sect. 17. Ill.

flies to Geshur, c. viii. sect. 3. is re.
Abigail, Antiq. b. vi. c. xiii, 7. 1. called by a stratagem of Joab, seal.
married to David, feet, 8.

41 5. rebels againit David, n. vii, c.
Abigail, Amala's mother, Antig. b. ix. pursues after him, c. x. fe&. 1.
vii. c. X. II.

his army is put to flight, luct. 2.
Abihu, the son of Aaron, antiq b, di, hangs on a tree by his hair, ib. is
c. vii. 1.1.

Stabbed by Joab, and dies, ib.


Acenchetes, king of Egypt, Against Ægyptians' false prophet put to flight
Apion, b. i. fe&t. 15. III.

by Felix, Antiq. xx. viii. 6. II.
Acenchres, queen of Egypt, ib.

War ii. xiii. 5. III. .-
Achar, or Achan is guilty of theft, An- Ælius Gallus, Antiq. xv. ix. 3. II.
tiq. v. j. 10. I. is punished, feat. Æmelius Regulus, Antiq. xix. i. 3.

Achitophel, or Ahitophel, Absalom's Æneas, furnamed A retas, fucceeds

favourite, Antiq. vii, ix. 3. I. gives Obodas in Arabia, Antiq. xvi, ix,
evil counsel, lea. 5. hangs himself, 4. II.
fect. 8.

Elopus, a servant, Antiq. XV, iii. 2.
Achonius, Antiq, xi. v. 4. I.

Açme, War, i. xxxii. 6. 111. ber letÆthiopian commodities were Naves

ters to Antipater and Herod, Antiq, and monkeys. Antiq. viii. vi. 51

xvii. v. 7. II. her death, ch. viis &c, and vii, 2.1. :.
· Acmon, son of Araph, or Ish bi, the Ethiopians bordering on the Arabians,

fon of Ob, of the race of the giants, Antiq. ix. v. 3. L. ..
attacks David, Antiq. vii. xii. 1. 1. Agag, king of the Anaalekites, Antiq.
is killed by Abishai, ib.

vi. vii. 2. 1. is killed,
Acratheus, or Hatach, Antiq. xi. vi. Agar, or Hagat, and Ishmael are fent

away by Abraham, Antiq i. xiii.
Adium, battle at, Antiq. xv. v. 1. II. 3. 1. V.

and vi, s, War i. xix. 1. III. in the Aggeus, or Haggai the prophets Aatio.
seventh year of Herod's reign, Antiq. xi.iv. 57. I.he prophecies at the
*Y. V. 8. II.

building of the temple, ib.
Ada, the wife of Lamech, Antiq. i. ii. Agones, or games every fifth year, in

honour of Cæsar, instituted by Her-
Adad, a king of Damascus, Antiq. vii, od, Antiq. xv. viii. 1. II. Wor, i.
v. &, &c. I.

xxi. 8. III. at the finishing Calarez,
Adam created, Antiq. i. &.. I. his Antiq. xvi. v. 1. II.
fall, ib.

Agrippa (Marcus the Roman's) bounty
Ader, or Hadad, an Idumean, Antiq towards the Jews, Antig. xii. ii. &.
viii. vii. 6. I.

II, is splendidly catertained by Her.
Adonias, or Adonijah, pretends to the od, xvi. ii. 1. II. makes equal R.

crown, Antig. vii. xiv. 4. 1. takes turns to him at Synope, fett, 2. bis
sanctuary at the altar, fe&. 6. g. de expedition to the Bosphorus, ib, his
mands Abishag to wife, viii. i. 1, 2. fpeech to the Jews, at Jerusalan,
I. is refused, fcet. 3.

War, ii. xvi. 3, 4. Ili. he confirms
Adonibelek, king of Jerusalem, their privileges, Antiq. xvi. ii. 3.

Antiq. v. ii. 2. is made a prisoner, II. his letter to the Ephefans, in fa-
and has his hands and feet cut off, vour of the Jews, c. vi. sect. 4, and
and dies at Jerusalem, ib.

to those of Cyrene, feft. S.
Adoram, Antiq. vii. v. 4. I. and viii. Agrippa the Great, or Elder, Herod's
ii. 9. I.

grandson, Antiq. xvii, 1. a. II. and
Adrammelech, Antiq. x. i. 5. 1. xviii.v.4.II.War, 1. xxviii. 1. IN.
Adrafar, or Hadadezer, king of so. his various adventures, Antiq. xviii,

phone, or Zoba, Antiq. vii. v. 1, 1. V. 4, &e. II. is manacled and im.
viii. vii. 6. I.

prisoned, c. vi. feet. -6. his future
Æbutius, a decurion, Life. seat. 24. II. liberty and happiness foretold, feat.
Ægypt, named from a king, against 7. is released, and made lord of two
Apion, i. sect. 15. III. ."

Cetrarchics, with the title of king,
Ægyptian kings called Pharaohs for fect. 10. gives Caius a sumptuous

1300 years, till the reign of Solomon, entertainment at Rome, c. xvii.
Antig. viii. vi, 2. I.

fect, 7. is sent by the fenate to Clau-
Ægyptians, famous before all other dius, xix. iv. i, &, IL his advice
nations for wisdom, Antiq. viii. ii. to Claudius, ib. &c. is fent back to
5. I. learned maihematics of Abra. the kingdom, c. vi, fe&t. 1. Claud.
ham, Antiq. i. viii. 2. I. their' sacred ius bestows on hin almost all the
Scribes or priests, ii. ix. 2. I. they dominions of his grandfather,c. v.
held it unlawful to feed calle, ii. seet, 1. his eulogium, c. vii. ledt.
vii, 5.1.

3. his bounty towards chole of

Berytus, fe&t. 3. he treats several calumniates Judas before Demetrius,
kings {plendidly, c. viii. fect. 1, c, x. sect. 1. dies, seat, 6.
entertains Cæsarea with thews, and Alcyon, a physician, Antiq. xix. i.
appears himselfon the stage in a mag- 20. II.
nificent dress, and is applauded as a Alexander Lyfimachus the alabarch,
god, feet, 2. dies soon after, an un- Antiq. xviii. vi. 3. 11. and xix. v.
natural death, ib. his death and 1. Il. and xx. v. 2. 11.

children, War, ii, xi. 5. 6, 111. Alexander, the son of Alexander by
Agrippa, his son by Cypros, War, ii, Glaphyra, War, i, xxviii. 1. 111.

xi. 6. III. did not immediately fuc- Alexander, the son of Antiochus Epi-
ceed in his father's kingdom, Antiq. phanes, Antiq. xiii. ii. i. 11. fur.
xix. ix. 2. II, Claudius gave him named Balas, ib. in not. king of Syr-
that of his uncle Herod Fof Chalcis 1 ia, fect. 2, his letter to Jonathan, ib.
XX, V. a. II, War, ii. xii. 1. III. to engages in a battle with Demetrius,
which he added the tetrarchies of fe&t. 4. demands Ptolemy Philometa
Philip and Lysanias, c. vii, fect. 1. er's daughter in marriage, c. iv. sed.
he is hurt by a fling fone, at the 1. is killed in Arabia, and his head
hege of Gamala, iv. i. 3. III. his let sent to Ptolemy, sect. 8.
ters to Jofephus, Life, fect, 64. II. Alexander and Ariftobulus, Herod's
his famous speech to the Jews, to soas, put in prison, Antiq. xvi. x. 5.
diffuade them froin a war with the II. Itrangled by their father's order,

Romans, War, ii. xvi. 4.5 III. c. xi. sect. 6. War, i. xxvii. 6. IIT.
Agrippa, son of Felix and Drufilla, Alexander, the son of Ariftobulus, An.
Antiq. xx. vii. 2. IL.

tiq. xiv. iv. 5. Il. War, i, viii, 7.
Agrippa Fonteius flain, War, VII. iv. ill. troubles Syria, Antiq. xiv. vi,

2. II. makes war upon the Romans,
Ahab, king of Israel, Antiq. vii. xiii. War, i, viii. 5. 111. is conquered by

1. is reproved by Elijah, fect. 8. Gabinas, ib, killed by Pompey's or.
fights with Benhadad, and beats d er, Antiq. xiv, vii. 4. II, War, i.
him, o. xiv. fect. 1, &c. pardons ix. 2. 111.
him, fe&t. 4. is afterwards killed Alexander Janneus succeeds his broth-
himself by the Syrians, c. xv. fe&t. er Ariftobulus, War, i. iv. 1. 111. a
5, his sons, ix, vi. 5. I.

Sedition raised against him, Antiq.
Ahaz, king of Judah, Antiq, ix. xii. xiii. xiv. &, &c. 18, his expedition
2, 1.

againft Ptolemais, c. xii. fe&t. 2. he
Ahaziah, his son, Antiq. viii. xv. 6.1. . is called Thracidas, for his barbar.
and ix, ii. 2, c. vi. feet 3. I.

ous cruelty, c. xiv. sect. 2. dies of a
Abaziah, king of Judah, Antiq. ix, vi, quartao ague, after three years sick-
3. I.

ness, c. xv. sect. 5. War, i.v.8. III.
Ahijah, the prophet, Antiq. viii. vii. his fons Hyrcanus and Ariftobulus,
7. 1. his prophecy, x. iv. 4. 1.

antiq, xiii. xvi, 1. II. War, i, v.
Ahikam, Antiq. x. ix, t. . g. 1. III.
Ahimaaz, the son of Zadok, Antiq. vii. Alexander the great succeeds his father

ix, 2, c. X. fe&, 4.-5. bigle priest, Philip, antiq. xi, viii. 1. I.conquers
x. viii, 6, I.

Darius, le&t. 3. pursues his victories
Ahimelech, or Achimelech the priest, through Alia, ib &c. fends a letter

or high priest, Nain by the order of to the high-priest of Jerusalem, ib.

Saul, Antiq, vi, xii. 4. &c. I. goes himself to Jerufalem, leat, 5. his
Abitub, Antiq. viii, i. 3. I.

dream,ib. he adores the name of God
Ahitophel, or Achitophel, Antiq. vii. on the high-prcalt's forehead, ib. ena

ix. 1. gives evil counsel, fect. 5. ters the temple, ib. grants privileges
hangs bimself, fect. 8.

to the Jews, ib. the Pamphylian lea
Ai belieged, Antiq. v. i. 12. I. tak. gives way to his army, af tiq. ii,
en, left. 15.

xvi. 5. I. his arms and armour kept
Aizel, or Uzal, Antiq. i. vi. 4. I. in the temple of Diana, at Elymais,
Alans, War, vii. vii. 4. III.

xii, ix, 1. II. his empire divided
Albinus, procurator of Judea, An. after his death, c.i.
tiq. xx, ix, 1. II.

Alexander the son of Phalaelus and
Alcimus, oř Jacimus, the wicked · Salamplio, antiq. xviii. v. 4. II.

high-pricht, Antiq, xiii, ix, 7. II, Alexander (Tiberius) succeeds Caspiring


Fadus as procurator of Judca, an. Amalekites attack the raclites, antio.
liq. xx, v. 2, II. War, ii. xi, 6. , iii. ii. 1. I. are conquered and plat made procurator of Egypt, ii. dered, fect. 4 5.
xv. 1. III. c. xviii. fe&t. 7.' is Aman, or Haman, the enemy of the
made chief commander of the Ro- Jews, antiq. 5. I. his edie
man army under Vespasian, iv, x. 6. against the Jews, sect. 6. orders a gal-
111. ard vi, iv. 3. III.

lows to be erected for Mordecai,
Alexander Zebina king of Syria, is fect. 10, is obliged to honour Mor-

conquered by Antiochus Grypus, decai, ib. his malicious delign laid
· and dies, antiq. xiii, ix. 3. II. before the king, sec. 11. his edi&
Alexandra, Alexander Janneus's countermanded, feet. 12. he is him-

widow, holds the administration af felf hanged on the gallows, fe&t. 13.
ter his death, antiq. xiii, xvi, 1. Amarinus, or Omri, king of the Isra-
II, falls fick and dies, fect, 5, 6. elites, antiq. viii. xii, 5.1.
her eulogium, ib.

Amasa, general of the army,antiq. vi.
Alexandra, daughter of Hyrcanus, X. 1. 1. and xi. 1. the fon of Jether,

wife of Alexander, the son of Aris- c. xv, f:et. 1. killed by Joab, ib. c.
tobulus, Hyrcanus's brother, and xi. feet. 7.
inother of another Aristobulus and Amalias, or Amaziah, king of Judah,
Marianne, antiq. xv. ii. 5II. antiq. ix. viii. 4. I. c. ix. Sect. 1.
writes a letter to Cleopatra, ib, iends makes war on Jehoath king of Ifra-
the pictures of her son and daughter, el, fect. 3, is beaten, ib, and mur-
to Antonius, by the advice of Del dered in a conspiracy. ib.
Jius, $ 6, is feignedly reconciled to Amafius, or Maaseiah, king Ahaz's
Herod, lect. 7. is fuspected by Her- son, frain in battle, antiq. ix. xiin
od, c. iji. fe&t. 2. prepares to fly in 1.1.
to Egypt, ib. bemoans the death of Amalias, or Maasciah, governor of
Aristobulus, le&t. 4. acquaints Cleo- the city, antiq. x. iv, 1.1.
patra with the snares of Herod, and Annathius, antiq. i. vi. 2. I.
the death of her son, lect. 5. is put Ambassadors fent with presents te
into prison, seet.g.ber indecent beha. Hezekiah, antiq. x. ii. 2. 1. ambal-
viour towards her daughter Mariam-, fadors of the Jews flain by the

ne, c, vii, se 9. 4. is killed by Her- Arabs, xv, v, 2. II. this a violation
• od's order, fect. 8.

of the law of nations, feet, 3. c. vii.
Alexandra, daughter of Phalaelus and feet. 9. ambasadors had a right to

Salamprio, antiq. xviii, v. 4. sit among the Roman fenators in the

married to Timius, Ciprius, ib. theatre, xiv. x. 6, II.
Alexander's causeway to the ifle Pha- Ambassage sent by Jona:han to the

ros, sever furlongs long, antiq. xii. Lacedemonians, antiq. xiii, v. 8.
ii. 12. II. a great part of that city II. sent by the Jews to Rome, xii.
afligned to the Jews, xiv, vii. 2. II. x. 6. II.
the Jews declared its citizens on a Ambition and avarice causes of many
brazen pillar, by Julius Cælar, c, x. milchiefs, antiq. vii. i. 5. I.
fect. 1, 2.

Ambivius (Marcus) procurator of Ja
Alexas, Salome's husband, antiq. xvii. dea, antiq. xviii. 1.2. II.

i 1. II. War, i. xxviii, 6. Ill. Amenophis, king of Egypt, against
Alexas Selcias, Alexias's son, antiq. Apion, i. sect.'! 5, 26, 32, III.
xviii. v. 4. 11.

Ameffes, queen of Egypt, againk
Alisphragmutbosis, or Halisphragmu. Apion, i scet. is. III.

thosis, king of Egypt, against Apion, Aminadab, antig. vi. i. 4. I, and
i. feet. 14. III.

iv. 1. I.
Aliturus, a Jew, Life, fe&t. 3. II. Ammonius, antiq. xiii, iv. 6. II.
Alliance between Ptolemy and Anti- killed, ib.
ochus, antiq. xii. iv. 1. II.

Amnon, David's son, antiq. vijiji. 3
Altar of incense, aniiq.iii. vi. 8. I. of 1. falls in love with his fifter Tomat

burnt-offering made of unhewn c. viji, sect, s, is Nain by Abfalom's
fone, War, v. v. 6. III. against order, sect. 2.
Apion, i, lect. 22. III.

Amorites given to the tribes of Reuben
Ainedatha, or Hainmadetba, antiq. xi.
vi. 5. 12. I.

nasleh, antiq. iv, vii. 3. I,


he half tribe of

Amphitheatre built at Jerusalem, and taken off the Jews by Demetrius

another in the adjoining plain, by antiq. xiii. ii. 3. vol. 2.
Herod the Great, antiq. xv. viii. i. Angels of God become familiar with
II. another at Jericho, xvii. viii. women, antiq. i. iii, 1, voli.
2. II.

Anileus, antiq. xviii.ix. 1, 4, 5. vol.
Amram, Moses's father, antiq. ii, ix, 2. killed by the Babylonians, lect. 7.
3. I.

Anna or flannah the wife of E!kanah,
Amram, antiq. xx. i. 1. II.

antiq. v. X. 2. vol. 1,
Amraphcl, antiq. i.ix. I.

" Annibas, put to death by Fadus, for a
Amutal, or Hamutal, antiq. X. v. 2. I. mutiny, antiq, xx, i. i, vol 2.'
Anacharis, or Rabsaris, a general of Annius (Lucius) takes Gerala, War,
Sennacherib, antiq, x, i, . 1.

iv, ix, 1, vol. 3.
Ananclus made high priest, antiq. xv. Minucianus, antiq. xix i, 3.

ii4. II, deprived of it, c. iii, lect, vol, .
1, restored to it, fect. 3.

Rufus, procurator of judea,
Ananias son of Nebedeus, made high- antiq. xviii. ii. 2. vol. 2.

priest, antiq. xx. v. 2. II. War, ii. Anoch, or Enoch, ant.q. i. ii,
xii. 6. III. c. xvii. fcct, 2, his son vol. 1,
Anenus, c. xii. le&t. 6, both sent in Anteius-killed, antiq. xix, i, 15. vol.
fetters to Rome, antiq. xx. vi, 2. 11. 2.
Aain, together with his brother Eze- Antigonus governs Alia after Alexan.
kias, War, ii, xvii. 9. III.

der's death, antiq. xii, 1. vol. 2.
Ananias, (different from the former,), his fleet beaten by Ptolemy, c, xi.

antiq. xi. iv. 9. 1, son of Onias, . fe&t. 10.

xiii. X+4. II. c. xiii. sect. 2. Antigonus, son of Ariftobulus, antig
Ananias, the son of Ma lambalus, high xiv. iv.5.vol. 2. c.vii, fe&t.i. im-
priest, War, v. xiii. 1. III.

peaches Hyrcanus and Autipater, c.
Ananus senior, made high priest, antiq. viii. sect. 4. War, 1. X. 1, vol. 3.

xx ix, 1. Il, his eulogium, War, is conquered by Herod, antiq. xiv.
iv ji. 7. III. '

xii, 1. vol. 2. invades Judea, by the
Ananus jun, the son of Ananus, made help of the Parthians, c. xiii. fe&.3.

high priest, antiq. xx. ix. 1. II. is re-established in the government,
Life, lect. 38. II. War, iv. iii. 9. fect, 10. War, i, xiii, 9. vol. 3, cuts
111. his speech to the people, fe&t. off Hyrcanus's ears, and causes the
10. accused of the murder of James, death' of Phalaelus, ib. susreuders
the Bilhup, antiq, xx. ix. i II. dc. himself to So Gas, antiq. xiv. xvi. %.
prived of the high priesthood, ib. vol. 2. War, i, xviii, 2. vol ġ, is

his dcath, War, iv.v.2. 111. . fent in festers to Marcus Antonius,
Anianus (or Annas] son of Sech, made ib, was the fisit king wholo head

high prielt, anug. xviii. ii, i. II. was cut off by the Romans, antiga
deposed fect. 2.

xv. i. 2. vol 2. reigned before Her-
Ananus, son of Bamadus, one of si od, xvii, v. 2, vol. 2.

mon's lite guard, War, v. xiji, 1. Antigonus, son of Hyrcanus. 1. apd

III flies to Titus, vi. iv. 2. III. brother of king Aristobulus, made
Ananus, governor of the temple, an. commander at the fiege of Samaria,
tiq. xx. vi. 2. II.

antiq. xii. x.. 2, vol. 2, is beloved
Ananus, son of Jonathan, War, ii. xix. by his brother, c, xi. fect. 1. is
5. III.

watched by the queen, and her fa.
Anchus, or Achish king of Gath, an.' vourites, and by their calumnies
ciq. vi. xix. 1.1.

Nain, lect, 2. War, 1. iii. 2, 3, 4.
Andreas, captain of Philadelphus's life. vol. 3.

guard, antiq. xii. ii, 2. 3. 4. II. Antioch is the chief city in Syria, and

againk Apion. ii. sect. 4. vol. 3. the in the Roman empire,
Andromachus expelled the court of. War, iii, ii. 4. vol. 3. the jews

Herod, antiq. xvi. vñi. 3. vol. 2. made citizens thereof by Scleucus.
Andronicus, son of Metalamus, antiq. Nicator, antiq. xii, ii, 1, vol. 2, it
xiii.iii, 4. vol. 2,

is burnt down, War, vii.iii.4. vol 3,
Aner, Abraham's confederate, antiq. Antiochians rebel against Demetrius,
i. *, 2. vol, a.

antiq. xiii, iv. 7. vol. 2. their envy
Aylapso far, or forcible presure againit ehe Jews, xii, iii, 1, vol. 2.

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