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Antiochus, king of Commagena, antiq. vol.2, is enowned in his youth, tut.

xviii, ii. 5. vol. 2, and xix, v. i. v. 3 vol 2. enters into alliance with
vol.2. c. viji, fect. 1. War, v. xi. 3. Jonathan the high-priest, fect. 4. is
vol. 3. and yii, vii, 1, vol. 3. a part lain by Tryphon, his tutor,.c. 1.
of Cilicia, together with Commagc- fect. i. War, 1. 2. 1. vol. 3.
na, granted him by Claudius. antiq. Antiochus, the brother of Seleucas,
xix, v, 1, vol. 2,

flain in battle, antiq. xiii. xii. 4.
Antiochus Cyzicenus, antiq. sili, x, vol, 2,

1. vol 2, aflifts che Samaritans, but Antiochus Soter, brother of Demari-
is put to flight, fect, 2. War, i, ii, us, father of Grypus, antiq, xiii. x,
7. vol, 3. is taken prisoner, and 1. vol. 2. makes war with Trypho,
put to death by Seleucus, antiq, xiii, C, vii. lect. 2.
xii, 4. vol. 2.

Antipas, Herod's lon by Malthace, a
Antiochus Dionyfius, fourth lon of · Samaritan, antiq. xvii. i. 3. vol.i

Antiochus Grypus king of Syria, War, i.xxviii, tetrarch of
makes an expedition again the Gallilce, c. viii, fect. 1. c. xi. fect.
Jews, antiq. xiii. xv, 1. vol. 2. 4, and i. xxxili. 7. vol, 3. goes to
War, i. iv. 7. vol. 3.

Rome to get to be a king, antiq.xvii.
Antiochus the Great, antiq. xii, iii. 3. ix.4. vol. 2, War, ii. ii. 3. vol. 3.

vol 2, his letters in favour of the what was left him by Herod, antiq.
Jews ib. &c. his wars with Ptole. xvii, viii. I. vol. 2. What was given
my Philopater, and Physcon, ib. him by Cælar, c, xi, fect 4. once
marries his daughter Cleopatra to declared king by Herod, War, i.
Ptolemy, c, iv. iect 1.

xxxii. 7, vol. 2.
Antiochus Epiphanes makes an expe. Antipas, one of the royal lineage, is

dition into Egypt, antiq, xii. v. 2. put in prison and flain, War, iv. ii.
vol. 2. takes Jerusalem, and plun- 4. S. vol.3.
ders the temple, sect. 3, &c. 'War, Antipater, the Idumcan, Herod's father,
i. i. 1, &c. vol. 3. and vi. x. called Antipas, excites troubles, an-
vol. 3. goes into Persia, antiq. xiii. tiq. xiv, i. 3. vol. 2. is lentumbal-
vii. z. vol, 2. designs to destroy the fador to Aretas, by Scaurus, c. y.
Jews upon his return, ib. his answer fect. 1. his wife Cyprus the Anbi-
to the Samaritans, c, v. Sect. s. his an, and children, c, vii. lect. 3. bis
impiety, xiii.viii, 2, vol. 3, he dies, valour, c. viii, lect. 1. he advies
and leaves the administration to Hyrcanus to put himself under the
Philip, xii, ix. 1, 2. vol. 2.

protection of Aretas, War, i, vi, s,
Antiochus Eupator, his son invades vol 3, makes his fon Phafaelus gor.

Judea, antiq.xii. ix, 4. vol.2, fights ernor of Jerusalem, and Herod af
with judas, ib. War, i, i, 5. vol Galilee, antiq. xiv, ix, 2. vol. 3.
3. makes peace with the Jews, antiqu War, i. x. 4. vol. 3. endeavouri
xii, ix, 7. vol. z. breaks it, ib. is to deserve Crelar's favour,e vil. lect.

killed by Demetrius, c. x, sect. 1, 1. and i, ix. 3, vol. g. is bonoured
Antiochus Grypus, son of Demetrius by Cæfar, and made citizen of

Soter, antiq. xiii. x, 1, vol. 2. his Rome, antiq.xiv, viii.3.vol. 3. War,
death, c, xiii, sect, 4.

i, ix. s. vol. 3. his defence agaiak
Antiochus Philometer, antiq. xiii. Antigonus, antiq xiv. in 4. vol. 1.
xii. 2, vol. 1.

War, i.x. 2. vol. 3. is made gore
Antiochus Pius, son of Antiochus ernor of Judea, antiq. xiv. vii. 5*

Cyzicenus, makes war with Seleu vol. 2. War, i. *. 3. val. 3. I greatly
cus, antiq. xiii. xiii. 4. vol. 2. is efeemed among the Jews, antiq. xiv.
flain in battle, ib.

ix. 2, vol. 2. is poisoned, c. xi.
Antiochus Eusebius, or Pius, the sect. 4. War, i. xi. 4. vol. 3.

brother of Demetrius, besieges Jeru. Antipater, son of Phalaelu, and Se
falem, antiq. xiii. viii. 2. vol. a. lampfio, grandson of Herod e
raises the fiege, $ 4. makes an expedie Great, antiq. xviii, v. 4. vol. 2.
tion against the Parthians, is defeat. Antipater, son of Salome, impesches
ed and killed, ib.

Aichelaus before Cæfar, antiq. wykła
Antiochus the grandson of Seleucus, ix. s. vol. 2.

and son of Alexander, is common- Antipater son of Herod, antiq, xiv.xii.
ly called The god, antiq. xii, iii, 2, 1, vol. 2, is sent to Rome to Cæsar,

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xvi. iii. 3. vol. 3. War, i. xxix. 2. Antonius (Lucius) Mark Antony's son,
vol. 3. c. xxxi. sect. 2. while he is sends a letter to the Sardians, in fa-
there, he by letters, lets his father vour of the Jews, antiq. xiv, x.
against his brethren, antiq. xvi iv, s. 17 vol 2
vol. 2. War, i xxiii, i. vol. 3 c. Antonius Primus, War, iv. xi, 3.
xxiv fect. 1. his subtlety, antiq. xvi. vol 3
vii. 2. vol 2 is recalled by Herod, Anubis, a god, antiq. xviii. iii.4. sol.
c-iii, sect. 3. and xvii. v. s. vol. 2.
he reigns jointly with his father, c. Apachnas, king of Egypt, Against
i. sect. 1. is hated by every body, Apion, i. seçt 14. vol. 3.
after the flaughter of his brethren, Apame, Darius's concubine, antiq.
ib. attempts his father's life, ib. is xi. iii. 5. vol. a.
concerned for himfelf, ib. War, i. Apion, ambassador for the Alexandri.
xxxi.g. vol. 3. appears before Varus's ans to Caius, antiq. xviii. viii, 1,
tribunal, antiq. xvii. v. 3. vol. 2. vol. 2.
War, i. xxxii. 1, vol. 3. his plea for Apollo's temple at Gaza, antiq. xiii.
himself, ib. is put in irons, antiq. xiii. 3. vol. 2.
xvü, v. 7. vol. 2. War, i. xxxii. 5.

in the palace at Rome,
vol. 3. is put to death, antiq. xvii. War, i, ii. 6. vol. 3.

vii. vol. 2. War, i. xxxiii, 7, Apollodorus, captain of the Gazeans,
- vol. 3.

antiq. xiii xui 3. vol. 2. killed, ib.
Antipater, a Samaritan, antiq. xvii iv. Apollonius, son of Alexander, antiq.

2. vol. 2. War, i, xxx. 5 vol. 3. xiii. ix. 2. vol. 2. .
Antipater, Herod's sister's son, an- Apollonius Daus, governor of Calo.
tiq. xvii. i. 3 vol. 2. ..

Tyria, antiq. xiii. iv, 3 vol 2. chal.
Antipatris, taken by Vespasian, War, lenges Jonathan to an engageinent,
iv. vii, 1, vol. 3..

and is defeated, ib
Antiphilus, antiq. xvii. iv, 2. vol. 2. Apollonius, governor of Samaria, an.

War, i. xxx. S. vol. 3. his letter to tiq. xii, v. s. vol 2. c. vii, lect 1.
Antipater, Heiod's son, antiq. xvii. Aponius, antiq. xix. iv. 5. vol. 2.
v. 7. vol. 2.

Apophis, king of Egypt, Agaiost
Antonia, Claudius's daughter by Peti. Ap on, i sect, 14. vol. 3.

na, War, ii, xii, 8. vol. 3. , Aplalom, War, ii. xvii. 9. vol. 3.
Antonia, Claudius's mother, and Dru. Aplan, or Ibzan, judge after Jephtha,

sus's wife, lends money to Agrippa antig v. vii. 1), 14. vol, 2.
the eldes, antig, xviii. vi. 4. vol. 2. Aquila, the murderer of Caius, antiq.
her eulogium, lect. 6.

xix, i, 14. vol. 2.
Antonia, the tower, called Baris be. Arabians circumcise their children

fore, War, i, iii, 3. vol. 3. is taken when thirteen years old, antiq, i.

by Titus, vi. i. 7. &c, vol. 3... xii. 2. vol. 1. ten towns taken from
Antony, a captain, War, iii. ii. 1, &c. them by Alexander, king of the
vol. 3.

Jews, xiv, i. 4. vol. 2. Ethiopians
- centurion, c. vii. sect. 35. ate their neighbours, ix. v. 3. vol.
Antony (Mark) his valour, antiq. xiv. 1.

v. 3. vol. 2. War, i. viii. 4. vol. 3. Arabia borders on Judea, antiq. xiv.
his and Dolabella's decree in favour i. 4. vol. 2. Petrea the king's refi.
of the Jews, antig. xiv. X. 9, &c. dence, ib. Zabdiel their lord, c. iv.
vol. 2. he marches into Alia, after fect 8. Arabians are defeated, xv. v.
Caffius's defeat, c. xii. sect. 2. his S. vol 2. their women are great
letter to Hyrcanus, fect. 3. to the poisoners, xvii. iv. d. vol, 2,
Tyrians, fect. 4. he falls in love with Aram, antiq. i. vi. 4. vol. i.
Cleopatra, c. viii. sect. 1 makes Pha. Aran, or Haran, the father of Lot, an-
faelus and Herod tetrarchs, ib. ore tig. i. vi. s. vol.a.
ders their accusers to be put to Aralca, or Nilioch, a temple, antiq.
Death, sect. 2. confers signal favours x. i s. vol. s.
on Herod, c. xiv. sect. 4, s. fo. Arales or Rezin, king of the Syrians,
journs at Athens, c. xv. Sect. 5 anciq, ix xii, 1, vol. 1.
War, i. xvi. 4 vol. 3. his luxury, Arauna or Orouna the Jebusite, antiq.
mtig. x, ji, 6. vol. 2

vii, xiii.4.vol... his threshing floor,

ib, the place where Isaac was to xii. ii. 4. vol. 1, Against Aspion,
have been facrificed, and where the ii, fect. 2. 4. vol. 3.

temple was afterwards built, ib. Ariftobulus, son of Hyrcanus 1. an-
Archelaus king of Cappadocia, comestiq. xiii. x. 2, vol. 2. the firet high

to Herod, antiq. xvi, viii. 6. vol. 2. priest who assumed the title of King
C. *, séct. 7. War, i. XXV. 1. &c. of the Jews, c. xi. fect. I called
vol. 3. goes with him to Antioch, Phillclen, or lover of the Greek, lect. 3.
ib, reconciles Herod to his son Al Ariftobulus, son of Alexander Janne.
exander, and to his brother Phero. us, an enterprising and bold man, aa-

Tas, ib. War, i. xxv. 3. 4 vol. 2. tig. xiii. xvi. 1. vol. 2, complains
Archelaus, son of Herod the Great, of the Pharisees, sect, 3. reproaches

antiq. xvii, i. 3. vol. 2. c. iv. lect. his mother Alexandra, lect. 3. en-
3. War, i. xxvii. 4. vol. 3 c. deavours to take poffeflion of the
xxxi: fect, 1. is made ethnarch, an kingdom during his mother's life,
tiq. xvii. xi. 4. vol. 2. War, ii, vii. fect. 5. fights with his elder brother
3. vol. 3. marries Glaphyra, antiq. Hyrcanus for the crown, xiv, i, 2.
xvii. xii. i. vol 2. War, ii. vii. vol. 2. brings him to an accommo-
4. vol. 3. is proclaimed king af. dation, ib. War, i. vi. . vol. 3.
ter Herod's death, antiq. xvii, viii.

sends a golden vine to Pompey, an-
i vol 3. War, i, xxxiji g. vol. 3. tiq. xiv. iii, 1, vol. 2. is with his
his speech to the people, antiq, xvii. children, brought captive to Rome

viii. 4. vol. 2. War, ii. i. 1. vol, by Pompey, c. iv. 5 5. cícapes out
. 3 he endeavours to appease the peo of prison, but is retaken and sent

ple, antiq. xvii. ix, 1. &c. vol. 2. back again to Rome by Gabinius, c.
goes to Rome, fect 3. War, ii. ii. vi. $1. War, i. vii, 7. vol. 3. c. accused there by the depu. viii. 5 6. his firmnels in adversity,
ties of the people, antiq. xvii. xi. 2. antiq. xiv, vi. Si, vol. 2. is poison-
vol. 2. War, ii vi. r. &c. vol. 3. ed by the partizans of Pompey, c.
is banished to Vienna in Gaul,c.vii. vii. $ 4. his children, ib.
fc&t. 3. his dreams and Glaphyra's, Ariftobulus son of Herod the Great,
antiq. xvii. xiii. 3, 4. vol. 2. War, antiq. XV, X. 1. vol. 2. marties
ii vii. 3. 4 vol. 3.

Berenice, Salome's daughter, xvi.i.
Archelaus, son of Chelcis, antiq. xix. 2. vot, 2. is put in prilon, c, x, 55.
ix. 1, vol. 2,

is accused by his father in an affem-
Archelaus, son of Magadatus, War, vis bly at Berytus, and condemored, c.
iv. a. vol. 3.

xi. lect. e, is strangled," sect. 6.
Aremmantus, antiq. x. viji. z. vol. 1. War, i, xxvii. 6. vol. 3. his child.
Aretas, king of the Arabians, antiq. ren, antiq. xvii. i 2. vol. 2. War,

xiii. xiii. 3. vol. 2, and xiv. i. 4. i, xxviii. . 1 vol. 3.
vol. 2. and xvi. x. 9, vol. 2. War, Ariftobulus, son of Herod, king of
i. vi. 2, vol. 3. c. xxix. sect. 3. Chalcis, antiq. xx, viii.4. vol. s.
vol. 3. makes an expedition against War, vii, vii, 1. vol. 3.
Ariftobulus, antiq. xiv. ii, 1. vol. Ariftobulus, fon of Joleph and Mari-
2, succeeds Obodas, xvi. ix. 4. vol. amne, antiq. xviii. v. 4. vol. 2.
2. affords succours to Hyrcanus, Aristobnlus, son of Ariftobulus, and
War, i. vi. 2. vol. 3. impeaches Gifter to the famous Mariamse, :
Syleus, jointly with Antipater, be. beautiful youth is made high-priett
fore Cæsar, antiq, xyii, iii. 2. vnl. by Herod, antiq. xv. ii. 1, 3. vol.

2. is drowned by the secret order of
Aretas, king of Colosyria, makes an the same Herod, ib. War, 1. xxii. 2.

expedition into judea, antiq. xiii. vol. 3.
XV, 3. vol. 2.

Ariftobulus, son of Ariftobulus and
Aretas of Petrea, antiq. xvii.x.9. vol. Berenice, and grandion' of Herod the
2. and xviii. v. s. vol. 2,

Great, antiq. xviii. v.4. vol. 2.
Arioch, captain of Nebuchadnezzar's Aristocracy the best form of gor.

life-guard, antiq. x. x. 3. vol. 1. ernment, antiq. iv. viii. 17. vol. i.
Arion, treafurer of Alexandria, antiq. Ariftocracy instituted in Judea by Ga-
xii. iv, 7, &c, vol, 2.

binius, War, i, viii. 5. vol. 3.
Aristras, or Ariftæus, one of Ptolemy Arithmetick and astronomy came frem

Philadelphus's life-guard, antiq. Chaldea to Egypt, and thence into


Greece, antiq. i. viii. 2. vol. 1. A famoneus, antiq. xii. vi 1. vol. s.
Arius, king of the Lacedemonians fends Alamoneans, the end of their reign, ano

a letter to Onias the high-priest, an- tiq. xiv, xvi. 4. vol, 2.

tiq. xii. iv, 10, vol. 2. c. v,fect. 8. Ascalonites, punished for their ftub.
Ark of God, its description, antiq. bornness, antiq. xii. iv. 5. vol. 2.

jii. vi. 5. vol. 1. taken by the Phil. Alermoth or Hazermaveth, antiq. i. vi.
itines, vi i. 1. vol. 1. restored to the 14. vol. i.
Israelites, $ 2. &c. carried to Jerufa. Alery.mus, king of the Tyrians, Against
lem, and lodged in the house of O- Apion, i, lect. 18 vol. 3.
bed Edom, after it had been with Aldod or Azotus, taken by Jopathan,

Amminadab, antiq.vii. iv. 2. vol.1. aatia xiii, iv. 4. vol. 2. its inhabit.
Ark of Noah, where it refted, antiq, i. ants plagued on account of the ark

iii, 6. vol. 1, mentioned by all bar- of God, vi. i. ., vol. 1.
barian historians. ib. its remains long Ashkenaz, antiq. i. vi. s. vols.
preserved, xx. ii. 3. vol. 2

Alpenaz, an eunuch, antiq. X. X. 26.
Armais king of Egypt, Against Apion, vol. 1.
• i. fect. 15. vol. 3.

Ashur, antiq. i. vi. 4. vol. 1.
Armenia conquered by Antonius, an- Afia, its convention at Ancyra, antiq.

tiq. xv. iv, 3. vol. 2. Cotys king of Xvi. vi. 2. vol. 2. Valerius proconful
the Lesser Armenia, antiq. xix. viii. of Ala, xix. i. 20. vol. 2. five hun-
1. vol. 2.

de dred towns of Asia, War, ii. xvi. 4.
Armestes, king of Egypt, against Apion, vol. 3. ..
i. lect. 15. vol. 3.

Afineus and Anileus, two brethren, an-
Armory of David in the temple, antiq. tiq, xviii, ix, 1, &c, vol. 2.
ix. vii, 2. vol. s.

Alochcus or Shishak, king of Egypt,
Aropheus, or Amariah, antiq. viii. 1.3. War, vi. x. vol. 3.
vol. 1.,

Afprenas, antiq. xix. i. 13. vol. a. cut
Arphaxad, antiq. i. vi. 4. vol. 1.

in pieces, fect. 15.
Aruntius (Euriftus) antiq. xix, i. 18. Allemblies forbidden to all at Rome
vol. 2.

but to the Jews only, by Julius Cæ-
Aruntius (Paulus) antiq. xix. i. 14. far, Antiq. xivx. 3. vol. 2.
vol. 2

Als's head falsely reported by Apion
Arlaces, king of the Parthians, antiq. as an object of workip among the

xiii. v. I. vol. 2 c. viii, sect. 4. Jews, Against Apion, ii. sect. 7:
Artabanus, king of Media, antiq. xviii. vol. 3.
ii. 4. vol. 2.

Aflis, king of Egypt, Against Apion,
Artabanus, king of the Parthians, antiq. i. le&t. 14. vol. 3.

xviii. iv. 4, 5. vol. 2. c. ix. feét. 3, 4. AfTyrian empire overthrown, antiq. x.
he flies to Izates, XX, iii. 1. vol. 2. ii. 2. vol, 1.
is kindly received by him, and re- Aftarte's temple, antiq. vi. xiv. 8. vol.
Lored to his kingdom, fect. 1, 2. 1. Againk Apion, i, fect. 18. vol, 2.
dies, fect 3.

Aftarius, king of the Tyrians, Agajoft
Artabazes or Artavasdes, son of Tigra- Apion, i. lect. 18, vol. 3.

nes, is given as a prelent to Cleopatra Astronomy; for its improvement the

by Antonius, War, I. xviii. 5.vol.3. firft men lived near a thousand years,
Artaxerxes, king of the Persians, antiq. antiq, i, iii, 2. vol. i. came out of

xi. vi, 1. vol. s. his cdi&t against the Chaldea into Egypt, and thence into

Jews, fect. 6. contradicted, le&t. 12. Greece, i. vii. 2. vol. I.
Artaxias, king of Armenia, antig. xv. Asyium or right of lanctuary, belong-
V. 3. vol. 2.

ing to some towns in Judea, antiq.
Artorius cunningly saves his own life, iv. vij. 4. vol. s.
War, vi. iii. 2. vol. 3.

Athenians decree honors to Hyrcanus,
Arucas, antig. i. vi. 2. vol. 1.

antiq. xiv viii. 5. vol .
Arudeus, antig. 1. vi. 2. vol. I. Athenio, apliq. xii. iv. 3. vol, 2.
Ala, king of Jerusalem, antiq, viii. xii.

a general of Cleopatra, War,
1. vol. 1, makes an alliance with the i. xix. 2 vol. 3. his perfidiousnels,
king of Damascus, fect. 4.

antiq. xv, V. I. vol. 2.
A lahel killed by Abner, antig.viii. 3. Athronges, a shepherd, crowns hiin-
vol, 1.

Self king of judea, antiq. xvii. x. 7.

vol. 2. War, ii, iv, 3. vol. 3. is ylon, x. xi. I. vol. 1. its walls not

conquered with his brethren, ib. built by Semiramis but by Nebuchad.
Atratinus, Herod's advocate, antiq.

nezzar, according to the testimony of
xiv. xiv 4. vol. 2.

Berofus, Against Apion, i feet, 19, 20
Auguftus's arrival in Syria, antig: xy. vol 3. its walls curiously built by

* 3. vol. 2, his letter to Herod, Nabonadius of brick and bitumen,
xvi. xi. r. vol. 2. tolds a council according to the same Berolus, ib. its
about the affairs of Judea, xvii, ix, pensile gardens erected by Nebuchad.
f. vol. 2, his edict and letter in fa. nezzar, in imitation of the mountains
vor of the lews, xvi, vi. s, &c. vol. of Media, ib, antiq. x. xi. 1. VOL .

2. is angry with Herod, c. ix. fe&. 3. Bacchides, antiq xii. X. 2. vol. 2. c. xi.
· is reconciled to him by the means of fect. 1. be attacks the Jews, xiii. i. a.

Nicolaus of Damascus, c. x. fe&t, 8 3. vol. 2 he rages against them, and
divides Herod's dominions, 'War, ii. is slain, i. i. 2, 3. vol. 1.
vi. 3. vol. 3. his death, antiq. xviii, Badezorus, king of the Tyrians. A.

iii 2. vol. 2. War, ii, ix. I. vol. 3. gainst Apion, i, fect, 18. vol. 3.
Axioramus, high priest, antiq. x. 'vii. Badus or Bath, a Jewish measure, an
6. vol. 1.

tiq, viii ii, 9. vol. I.
Azariah, the prophet, antiq. viii. xii. 2. Bagoas, an eunuch, antig. xvii. ii. 4.

vol. 1.
Azarias, high priest, antiq. *. viii. 6. Bagoses, an enemy of the Jews, antiq.
vol. 1.

xi. vii. 1. vol. 1.
Azarias, one of David's companions, Balak, king of Moab, antiq. iv, vi, e,
- antiq. x, X. r. vol. 1.

&c. vol. i.
Azarias, a commander ur der Judas, is Baladan, king of Babylon, antiq. x.ii.

defeated by Gorgias at Jamnia, antiq. 2 vol. 1.
xii, viii. 6. vol. 2.

Balaam, the prophet, antiq. iv. vi. 2, &c.
Azau or Hazo, antiq. i. vi. 5, vol. 1. vol. 1. bis als speaks, ib.
Azizus, king of 1 mela, antiq xx. vii. Balatorus, king of the Tyrians, Against
- T. vol.2. is circumcised, and marries Apion, ilect. 21, vol. 3.

Drufilla the lister of Agrippa junior, Baleazarus, king of the Tyrians, A.
ib. dies, c. viii. sect...

gainst Apion, i fe&t. 18. vol. 3
Azotus, or Ashdod, its inhabitants Ballas or Berea, king of Sodom, antiq.
- plagued on account of the ark of i. ix, 1. vol. i.
God, antiq. vi. i. 1. vol. 1. taken Balm or Balsam, near Jericho, antiq.

by Jonathan, xiji. iv. 4. vol. 2. xiv, iv. i. vol, and xv. iv. 1.
Azricam, antiq. ix. xii. i. vol. i. War, i. vi. 6. vol. 3.
Baal, king of 'he Tyrians, Against Baltafar, [Belshazzar, or Naboandel, or

Apion, vi, fet: 21. vol. i. . Nabonadius] king of Babylon, an-
Baal, god of the Tyrians, Antiq. ix, tiq. x. xi 2, vol. 1 bis terrible vil
vi. 6. vol. 1.

ion, and its interpretation, ib. his
Baalis king of the Ammonites, antiq.x, death, ib.
ix. 2, 3. vol, 1.

Balthaiar, [Belteshazzar] Daniel's name
Baan h, the lon of Rimmon, antiq. antiq. X. X. 1, vol 1.
viii, ii. j. vol. 1.

Banacates, antiq. viiii, 3. vol. 1.
Baaras, a place, and a plant there grow. Banus, an hermit, Jofephus's master,
ing, War, vii. vi. 3. vol. 3

Life, sect 2. vol. 3.
Baasha, king of Israel, antiq viii. xii. Barachias, antiq, ix. xii. 2. vol. 1,

3. vol. 1. kills Nadab his predecef- Barak, excited by Debora, encounters

lor, c xi fect. 4. dies, c. sect. 4. Sisera, antig, v, v. 2, &c. vol. 1.
Baba's children prelerved by Costoba. Barbarians, their riches formerly con-

rus, antiq xv vii, 10, vol. 2, after. fifted in cattie, antiq. ii. xi, 2. vol.

wards killed by Herod, ib.
Babylon, derived from Bahel, confu- Bardanes, king of the Parthians, antig.

sion of languages) antiq. i. iv. 3. xx. iii. 3. vol. 2. he is slain, ib.
vol. 1. taken by Cyrus under the Baris, a tower built at Ecbatana by
reign of Balcafar, x. xi. 4 vol. 1. the Daniel, antiq, x. xi. 7, vol. 1. -
great number of Jews who lived there, Barnabazus, antiq. xi, vi. 4. vol. 1.
Xv ži, i vol 2. and xvii ix. I vol. Barlas, king of Gomorrha, antiq, i, ix.
2. Nebuchadnezzar's building at Bab 1, vol, a.



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