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Gata taken and demolished, antiq. xiii. God, (the true God) his presence in the
xiii. 3. vol. 2.

tabernacle, antiq. vi. viii. s. vol. 1.
Gazeans grievously punished by Jona- his wisdom, and that he cannot be
chan, antiq. xii, v vol 2.

bribed, c. xi. fe&t. 3. his mercy on
Gamel'us (Tiberius) antiq. xviii. vi. 8. ly obtained by religion, v. i. 38.
vol. 2.

vol. 1. his foreknowledge, and that
Gamellus, Herod's friend, expelled his his decrees cannot be avoided, iv. iii.

court, antiq. xvi, viii. 3. vol & 2. Vol. s. his will is irresistable, ii,
Gentile gods not to be derided, in the ix. 3. vel, 1, without his will noth-

opinion of Josephus, antiq. iv. viii. ing can happen, c. vi. lect. . his
10. vol. 1. Against Apion, ü. fe&t. proyidence asserted against the epicu-
34. vol. 3.

Teans. x, xi. 7. vol. 1. that nothing
Geoinetry invented by the long lived is concealed from him, ii. iii. 1.
! patriarchs, antiq. i, iii.g. vol. 1. vol. 1. it is dangerous to disobey
Gera, the father of Ehud, antiq. v. in. him, vi. vii, 3. vol. 1. whether it is
8. vol. 1.

easier to serve God or man? viii. .
Gerastratus, king of the Tyrians, As 8. vol. I, he uses beasts to puni

gain ft Apion, i. feat. 21 vol. 3. the wicked, x, xi. 6. vol. s. judged
Germanicus's house, antiq xix. 1. 15. to be only the god of the bills by the
· vol. 3, the father of Caius, xviii vi. Syrians, viii. xiv 3. vol. s. is not

8. vol, 2. is seot into the caft, c. ii. to be imposed on by the wicked, iv.

lect, s is poisoned by Piro, ib. viii. 38. vol. 1. delights not in sacri-
Germins described, War, ii. xvi, 4. fices, but in good men, vi. vii. 4.

vol. 3. are en la ved by the Romans, vol. 1. is called on in time of dan-
'vi, vi 2. vol. 3. they mutiny, vii, ger, by even bad men, xvii, v. 6.
iv. 2. vol. 3. a German's predictions vol, e, foretels futurities, that men
concerning Agripps, antiq. xviii. may provide against them, ii. v. 6.
vi 7. vol 2, German guard, xix. i. vol. . affords assistance only when
1$. vol. 2.

che cafe is desperate, c. xv. 'fect. 5.
Gellius Florus, procurácor of judea. delights in thote that promote his
See Floruś above.

worship, xvi, ii. 4. vol. 2, discovers
Gether, antiq. i. vi. 4. vol. 1,

his ineffable name to Mofes, ii. xii.
Giants, antiq. v. ii. 3. vol. i. and vii. 4. vol. 1, is by nature merciful to

xii. i, &c, vol. 1. their remains in the poor, iv, viii, 26. vol. 1, is om-
Hebron, antiq. iii. xiv. 2. vol. 1, and nipresent, ii, iii. I. vol. 1. and vi.
v. ii. 3. vol. I.

xi, 8. vol. 1. his bounty the cause of
Gibeah, its inhabitants guilty of a rape, all mens' happiness, iv. viii. 2. vol. I.
antiq. v. ii, 8. vol. 1.

Gods (false gods) of Laban stolen, an-
Gibeonites, by a wilc, make a covenant tiq. i. xix. 9, &c, vol. 1, of Cutha

with Joshua, antiq.v.i, 16. vol. 1. in Persia brought to Samaria, ix. xiv.
their fraud detected and punished, 3. vol, 1. of the conquered Amale
ib, they are satisfied for the attempt kites, worshipped by Amaziah, c. ix.
of Saul to flay them, vii. xii. i. fect. 2. of the heathen, not to be cur-
vol. 1.

fed or blafphemed, in the opinion of
Gideon's fratagena, 'antiq. v. vi. S. Jofephus, iv. viii. x, vol. ).
vol, 1. he dies, sect. 7.

Against Apion, ii. 14. vol. 3.
Glaphyra, daughter of Archelaus, king Belzebub, the god of flies at Ekron,

of Capadocia, is married to Alexan. antiq. ix. ii. 1. vol. 1.
der, che son of Herod, antiq. xvi. i. Goliath of Gath, a giant antiq. vi. ix,
2, vol. 2, c. vii, sect, 2, her enmity 1. &c. vol. I. challenges the Jews ta
with Salome, c.i. fect, 2, &c. War, a single combat, ib. is flain by David,
i. xxiv, 2, &c, vol. 3. her pride, ib. lect. 5.
her lamentation when her husband Gomer, and Gomerites, antiq. i. vi. i.
was put in chains, antiq. xvi. x. 7. vol. 1
vol. 2. The is sent back a widow to Gorgias, governor of Jamnia, is put to
her father, xvii. i. 1. vol. 2. she is flight, antiq xii, vii. 4. vol. 2. has
afterwards married to Juba, king of better success afterwards, c. visi,
Libya, and afterwards to Archelaus, fect. 6.
ethnarch of judea, c. xüi, fed. Corion he son of Josephus, and Sim.
her dream, and death, ib. . . oo the son of Ganediol, esto.10 Non
people to attack the mutineers, antiq. Hazo, or Azay, antiq. i. vi. s. sol.
iv. ii. g. vol. I, is put to death, c. Heber, antiq. i. vi. 4. vol. 1.
vi. lect. I.


Hebrews twice carried captiyes be
Gratas, procurator of Judea, antiq. yond Euphrates, antiq. x, ix. 7.

xviii. vi. 5. vol. 2. puts Simon, vol. 1. thought by fome to have
Herod's old Nave, to death, xvii. x. come originally from Egypt, and not
6. vol. 2, meets Varus coming to from Chaldea, ii. vii. 4. vol. 1. not
Jerusalem, War, ii, v. I. vol. 3. put to servile labor, in the days of
one Gratus discovers Claudius, and Solomon, viii. vi. 3. vol. 1. of those
brings him out to be emperor, antiq. Hebrews that came to offer their fa-
xix. iii, 1. vol. 2,

crifices from beyond Euphrates, iii,
Greeks cailed old nations by names of xiv, 3. vol. 1. they have peculiar

their own, antiq. i. V. vol. 1. and rules about meats and drinks, iv. vi.
put the Hebrew names into their 8. vol; 1. they fight the Canaanites
own form, c. vi.

against Moses's order, c. i. fect. 1. ten
Guards placed about the temple by the tribes lived beyond Euphrates, and

Romaos, antiq. xx. v. 3. vol. 2. out of the bounds of the Roman em-
Hadad, king of Syria, antiq. vii. , 2, pire, xi, y. 2. vol, 1. their language
&c. vol. 1.

and character came near to the Syriac,
Hadad, or Hadar, an Edomite, be. xii. ii. 1. vol. 1. their nouns have

cones Solomon's enemy, antiq. viii. all the same formation and termina-
vii, 6. vol, s.

tion, i. vi 2, vol. 1. they have but
Hadadezer, or Hadarezer, king of so. one temple and altar, iv. ylii. 5.-

phene, or Zobah, antiq. viii, vii, 6. yol, 1, met at Shiloh thrice in a year,
vol. i.

v. ii. 12. vol. 1, only the two tribes
Hagar, and Ithmael, are sent away by under the dominion of the Romans,

Abraham, anlig. i. xiii. 3. vol. 1. xi. V. 2. vol. 1. an unexampled le-
Haggai, a prophet after the captivity, dition among them, iv. i. 1. their

antiq. xi. iy. S, 7. vol. a. he and wise men, in the days of Solomon,
Zechariah encourage the Jews to te. viii, ii. 5. vol. I.
build their temple, ib.

Hecatontomachi, antiq. xii. xii. 5
Haggith, David's wife, antiq. vii, xiv. vol. 2.
4 vol. 1.

Helcias the Great, antiq. xvii. viii. s.
Halicarnassean's decree in favor of the vol. 2.

Jews, antiq. xiv. X. 28. vol. 2. Heicias treasurer of the temple, agtig.
Haman, an enemy of the Jews, antiq. XX, viii. 11. vol. 2.

xi. vi. 6. vol. 1. his edict against the Helopa, queen of Adiabene, embraces
Jews, in the name of Artaxerxes, the Jewish religion, antiq. xx. ii. i.
fect. 6. he orders a gibbet to be erecto vol. 2. goes to Jerusalem, lect. 6. is
ed for Mordecai, sect. 10, is obliged buried there,c. iv. lect. 3.
to honor Mordecai, ib, the edict is Hephzibah, antiq. x. iii. s. vol. 1.
contradicted, fect. 12. he is hanged Hercules's temple. Against Apion, i.
on his owo gibbet, fe&t. 13.

fe&t. 18. vol. 3.
Hannah, the wife of Elkanah, antiq. Herennius Capito, governor of Jacocit
v. 2. vol. 1.

antiq. xviii. vi. 3. vol. 2.
Haran, the father of Lot, antiq. i. vi. 5. Hermeus, or Dapaus, king of Egypt,
vol. 1.

Agaioft Apion, i, feat, 26. Vol. 3.
Haran, oi Charran, a city of Mesopo. Herod, the son of Antipater, anca.

tamia, anriq, i vi. 5. vol. 1. . xiv, vii. 3. vol. 9, War, i, viii. 9.
Harlois, (commonones) excluded from vol. 3, began to rule in Galilee in the

marriage, antig. iv. viii. 33. vol. 1, 15th [25th] year of his age, antig.
Hatach, or Acratheus, antiq. xi. vi. 7. xiv. ix. 2. vol. 2. puts Ezechias
vol. 1.

and other robbers to death, ib. War,
Havilah, the son of Cush, antiq. i. vi, 2. i. x. 5. vol. 3. being accused for it,

vol. 1, his country Havilah, sect. 4. be takes his trial, antiq. xiv. ix. 9.
Hazael, king of Syria, antiq. viii. xii, 7. vol. 2, makes his escape, fect. 4. goes

vol. 1. and ix. iv. 6. vol. 1. he to Sextus Cæsar, and is by him mado
plunders Judea, c. viii, lect. 4. he governor of Celclyria, fedt, so is in
dies, sect. .

favor with Caffius, and the Romans,
Hazarmaveth, antig, i. vi. 4. vol. 1. c, xi. fca, e, i, made a governor c:


• Syria by him, feet, 4. War, i. xi. 4. he himself came to an ill end, feet.

vol. 3. puts Malichus to death, fect. 5. his presence of mind before Au.
6. beats Antigonus out of Judea, guftus Cæsar, sect. 6. he is confirm-
antiq. xiy. xii. 1. vol. 2. bribes ed in his kingdom by Cæfar, sect. 7.
Mark Antony, le&t. 2. is impeached War, i, xx. 2, &c. he entertains Cæ.
by the Jews, but is notwithstanding far inagnificently, ib. he receives
made a tetrarch by Antony, c. xiii. more favors from Cæsar, and has his
feet, 1. gets the better of the Jews dominions enlarged, antiq. xv. xi.
that oppose him, fe&t, 2. escapes the 3. vol. 2. War, i. xx. 3. vol. 3. he
Inares of the Parthians, feet, 6, 7the puts Mariamne, his wife, to death.
accidents of his flight, fect. 8. War, antiq. xv. vii. 4, s. vol. 2, War, i.

i. xiii, ). vol. 3. goes to Egypt, xxii. 5. vol. 3 he is very uneasy at
' and thence to Rhodes, and thence to her death, antiq. xv, vii. 7. vol. 2,

Rome, antiq. xiv, xiy, 2, 3. vol. 2. War, i. xxii. 5. vol. 3. he is afflicted
-- War, i. xiv. 2, 3. vol. 3, made with a kind of madness by divine
• king by the Roman senate, at the de. vengeance, antiq. xvii. vi. 5. vol. 2,

fire of Antony, antiq. xiv. xiv. 4. War, i. xxxii. 5, vol. 3. departs
· vol. 2, War, i. xiv. 4. vol. 3. fails from the manners and customs of the

back to Judea, and fights against An. " Jews, antiq. xv. viii. 1. vol. 2.
tigonus, antiq. xiy, xv. 1, vol. 2. builds theatres, and exhibits shews
takes Joppa, and belieges Jerusalem, to the people, ib. a conspiracy against
fe£t. 1, 2, War, i. xv. 4. vol. 3. him, lect. 3, &c, builds a temple at
takes Sepphoris, antiq. xiv. xv. 4. Samaria, fact. 5. a palace at Jerusa.
vol. 2, conquers his enemies, and the lem, c. ix. feét. 3. and a citadel six
robbers in judea, sect. 4, 5. joins furlongs from Jerusalem, fect. 4. re-
his troops with Antony's, at the lieves the people in a great famine,
fiege of Samofata, and is received feet, 2. marries Simon's daughter,
there with great honor, fect, 8, 9. is sect, 3. his policy, sect. 5. he builds
providentially delivered from great Cesarea, sect. 6, he sends his lons to
dangers, fect. 11, 13. defeats Pape Rome, c, x, feet, 1. builds a tem
pus, fect. 12. besieges Jerusalem, ple to Cæsar, fect. 3. eases the peo.
takes it, makes Antigonus prisoner, ple of a third part of their taxes,
and fends him in chains to Antony, lect. 4, forbids the people to meet
xiy, xyi, 1, 4. War, i. xvii. 9, &c. together privately, ib, keeps his spies
vol. 3. promotes his friends, and and becomes one bimself, ib, honors
destroys those of Antigonus, antiq. the Effens, feet. . rebuilds the tem.
xv. i. vol. 2. marries the famous ple at Jerusalem, c. xi. sect. 1. War,
Mariamne, the daughter of Alexan- 1. xxi. 1. vol. 3. makes a new law
dra, c. ii. fe&t. 5. War, i, xvii. 8. concerning thieves, antiq xvi. i. 1,
vol. 3. complains of Alexandra, his &c. vol. 2. goes to Cæsar, brings
mother in law, antiq. xy. ii. 7. home his fons, and marries them
vol. 2. causes his wife's brother A. feet, 2, entertains Marcus Agrippa,
riftobulus to be cunningly drowned c. ii, fect. I. is in great favor with
at Jericho, c. iii, $ 3. is fummoned Agrippa, c. ii. fect, I eases his subz
by Antony to take his trial for it, jects of the fourth part of their tax-
feet. 5. brings Antony over to his in es, feet. 5. the quarrels in his family,
tereft by bribes, fect. 8. puts Joseph c. iii, fe&t. 1, he favors Antipater in
to death, fect. 9. is folicited to adul opposition to the fons of Mariamne,
tery by Cleopatra, c. iv. sect. 2. fect. 3. goes to Aquileia, and im-
makes war against the Arabians by peaches his sons at Rome before Cæ-
Aotony's order, c. v. fe&t. I. War, far, c. iv. sect. 1. is reconciled to
i. xix. 1, &c. vol. 3. his speech to thein, fe&t. 4. War, i. xxüi. 3. vol. 3.
the army in distress after lae had been celebrates games in honor of Cæsar,
beaten, antig, xv.3. vol. 2. War, i. antiq. xvi. v. 1. vol. 2, builds
xix. 7. vol. 3. he beats the Arabiaos towns and caflles, fe&t. e. builds
in battle, antiq. xy. V. 4. vol. 2. Apollo's temple, and renews the O-
War, i, xix. 6. vol. 3, he puts Hyr- lympic games, lect. 3. War, i, xxi.
canus to death, antiq. xv. vi. 2. vol. 12, vol. 3. his lemper described, an-
2. Herod's comentaries, fect. 3.or- tiq. xvi. v. 4. vol. 2. he opens Dam
ders Mariamne to be put to death, if yid's fepulchre, c, vii. feet. I, bre

faspects his kindred, fc&t. 3. he is ac- Herod, Herod's lon by Cieopaus of
culed by Sylleus before Cælar,.c. ix. Jerusalem, antiq. xvii. i. 3. vol. 2,
fect. 3. his cruelty to his fons, c. xi. War, i, xxviii. 4, vol. 3.
foct. 1. he accuses them in a coun- Herod: Agrippa senior's brother, king,
cil at Berytus, fećt. 2. enquires of of Chalcis, antig. xix. v. I. vol. 2.
Nicolaus of Damascus what they he marries Marianne, daughter of
chink of him and his lons at Rome, Jolephus by Olympias king Herod's
lect. 3. he orders them both to be daughter, xviii, v 4. vol. 2. he has
itrangled, sect. 6. provides for their the power over the templegiva bim
children, xvii. i. 2. vol. 2. his by Claudius, xx. 1: 3. vol. 2, his
wives and children, lect, 3. xviii, v. death and children, c v. sect. 2.
4. vol. 2, he contracts marriages for ' War. ii. xi, 6. vol. 3.
Mariamne's children, xvii, i, 2. vol. Herod, Ion of Phalaelus and Salampío,
2. War, i. xxviii, 6. vol. 3. alters Antiq. xviii, v. 4. vol. 2.
those contracts, fe&t. 6. fends Anti- Herod, Polemo's brother, king of
pater to Cæfar, artiq. xvii, iii. 2. Chalcis, antiq. xix. viii. 1. vol. 2.
vol. 2. War, i, xxix. 2. vol. 3. is Herodias, daughter of Ariftobulus, by
made to believe that his brother Phe- Bernice Salome's daughter, antiq.
roras was poisoned, antiq. xvii, iv. xviii, v. 1. vol. 2. War, i. xxviu.
1. vol. 2. War, i, xxx, !, vol. 3. 1. vol. 3. Agrippa senior's Gifter,
finds the poison was for himself, and wife of Herod the tetrarch, and
antiq. xvii. iv. 2, vol. 2. War, i..envies Agrippa his royal dignity,
xxx, , vol, 3. tries Antipater, and antiq. xviii. vii. 1. vol. 2, War, ij.
puts him in chains, antiq, xvii. v. 7. ix. 6. vol. 3, follows her husband
vol. 2, his bitterness in his old age, in his banishment, antiq. xvii, vii.
c, vi, fect. 1, be makes his will, ib. 2, vol. 2, married to Herod, ion of
bis terrible sickness, lect. 5, War, i. Herod the Great, by Mariamne, Si-
xxxiii. 1. s. vol. 3. his barbarous mon's daughter, c. 1, lett. . c. vi.
order for murdering the principal sect. 2, afterward married to Herod
of the Jews, antiq. xvii. vi. 6. vol. 2. the former husband's brother. while
he attempts to murder himself, fect. her former husband was alive, c. v.
7. hc alters his will, c. viii. sect. 1. fect, 4.
Þis character, ib. his death and buri. Hezekiah, king of Jadab, antiq. ix.
al, lect, 1, 3. War, i xxxiii, 8, 9. xiii. 1. vol. i. his religious speech to
vol. 3. his will oponed and read, the people, ib, his luftration of the
antiq. xvii, viii. 2. vol. 2, not to temple, and folemn celebracios of
take place till confirmed by Cælar, the passover, lect. 2, 3. he makes
c. xi, fe&t. 4.

war upon the Philistines, fe&t. 3.
Herod, the son of Herod made te defends himself from Sennacherib, x.

trarch, antiq. xviii, ii. 1. vol. 2. c. i. 1. vol. 1. recovers from fickoels,
vii. fect. 1. War, ii. ix. 1, vol. 3. c. 2. fe&t. 1, dies, c. iii. lea. 1.
he builds towns in honor of Cælar, Hin, an Hebrew measure, antiq. .
ib. sepds a letter to Cæfar, ansig. viii. 5. vol. 1.
xviii, iv. 5. vol. 2. makes war up- Hilkiah, the high priest, antiq. x,v.1.
on Aretas king of Arabia, c. v. vol. 1. c. viii, sect. 6.
fect, ., &c, is banished, ib. War, ii. Hiram, king of Tyre, David's friend,
ix, 6. vol. 3.

antiq. vii, iii, 2. vol. 1.
Ilerod, half brother, to the tetrarch, an. 'Hiram, king of Tyre, fends ambalia-
tig, xviii, v. I. vol. 2.

dors to Solomon, antiq. vili. ii. 6.
Herod, son of Ariftobulus by Salome, vol. 1.
iect. 4.

Hiram, king of Tyre, against Apion, i.
Herod, ton of Ariftobulus by Bernice, feet: 17, 18, zi. vol.8.

Salome's daughter, antiq. xvii, i. 2. Historians, their duty, antiq. xiv. i. In

vol. 2 War, i. xxviii, 1. vol. 3. vol. 2.
Herod, Flerod's son by Mariamne, Si- Hophni, son of Eli, antiq. v. x. 6, vol.

mon's daughter, antiq. xvii. i. 2. j. he is Sain in battle, c. xi, feci. 2.
vol. 2, c, iii, fect. 2. and xviü. v. House of the forest of Lebanon, anscic.
1. vol. 2, War, i. xxviii, 4 val. 3. viii, vi, 5. vol. 1.
c. xxix. lect. x. he is blotted out of Hofhea, King of Israel, antiq, ix, ai
Herod's will, War, i, xxx. 7. vol. 3.


1. vol. I. he is made a prisoner, c. turns to Herod, sv. ii. 2. vol. 2. hc
'xiv. lect. 1.

is perfidioully treated, and put to
Huldah, the prophetess, antiq. x, iv. death by him, ib. the various adven-
2. vol. 1.

cores of his life, fect. 4
Human sacrifice, antiq. ix. iii. 2. Hyltaspes, father of Barius, antiq.wi.
yol. 1.

iii. i. vol. 1.
Hur, a prince of the Midianites, antiq. Jabal, antiq. i. 1. 2. vol. a.

iv. vii. 1. vol. 1. an head of the E. Jabesk, father of Shallum, antiq. ix.
phraimites, viii. ii. 3. vol. I.

XI. 1, vol. 1.
Hushai, antiq. vii. ix, 2, 6, 7. vol. 1. Jabesh Gilead demolished, antiq, v. ii.
c. x. sect. 4, 5.

11. vol. 1.
Huz, antiq. i. vi. 5. vol, 1.

Jabin, king of Canaan, enflaves the Il-
Hymns, compofed by David in vario raclites, antiq. v. ii. 11. vol. 1.
'ous forts of metre, antiq. vii. xii. 3. Jacimus, or Alcimus, the wicked high
vol. 1.

priest, antıq. xii. ix. 7. vol, 2.
Hyrcanus, son of Joseph Tobias, antiq. Jacob born, antiq. i. xviii. 1. vol. 1.

xii, iv. 6. vol. 2. his artful inven.. contracts with Laban for Rachel, c.
tion, ib. he is fear to Ptolemy, and xix, fect. 7. he wrestles with an an.
kindly received by him, fect. 7, 9. gel, c, xx, fect. 2. his sons, sect. 8.

his actions and death, fect. 10. c. xxi. le&t. 3. he privately departs
Hricanus (John) fon of Sinon the from Laban, Icet. 9. his pofterity,

Maccabee elcapes being sain, antiq. when they went down into Egypt,
xiii. vii. 4. vol. 2. attacks Ptolemy, ii. 7. 4. vol. 1. he weeps upon
civiii. led. 4. War, i. ii. 3. vol. 3. tending away his son Benjamin i to
is made high priest, antiq. xiii. viri. Egypt, c, vi, fect. 5. he meets with
1. vol. 2. War, i, ii. 3. vol. 3. is his brother Efau, i. xx. 3. vol. 1.
buleged by Antiochus, antiq xiii. Jacob, loo of Sofas, War, iv, 2. vol.
viii, 2. vol. 2. buys a peace with 3. and y. vi. 1. yol. 3. and vi, viii.
300 talents, taken out of David's 2. vol. 3.
fepulchre, lect. 3, 4, 5, marches into Jacob, an Idumean, betrays his coun-
Syria, and recovers the towns that try, War, iv, ix, 6, vol. 3.
had been taken away, and renews the Jadus, or Jaddua, for of John, high
alliance with the Romans, antiq. xiii. pricit, antiq. xi, vii, 2. vol.'i. he
ix. 1, 2. vol. 2. besieges Samaria,' meets Alexander in his pontifical
takes it and demolishes it, c, x, seet. garments, c. viii. sect. 5. he dies,
2, 3. his intercourse with God, ib. fect. 7.
his dream concerning his sons, c. xii. Jadon, the prophet, antiq, viii, viii, 5.
lect. 1. he was ethnarch, high priest, vol. 1. is killed by a lion, c. ix.
and prophet, War, i, ii. 8. vol. 3. - vol. 3.
his death and eulogium, antiq. xiii. Jael, wife of Heber the Kenite, kills
X, 7, 8, vol. 2.

Sisera, antiq. v.v. 4. yol. 1.
Hyrcanus II. Son of Alexander Janne. Jahazial, the prophet, antiq. ix, i, 2.

as, made high priest, antiq. xiii. xvi. vol. i.
1, 2. vol. 2. War, i. v. i. vol. 3. Jamblicus, a Syrian ruler, antiq. xiv.
agrees to leave the civil government viii. 1. vol. 2. War, i. ix. 3. vol. 3.
to his brother, antiq, xiv. i. ii. vol. James, the brother of Jesus Christ, fton.
2. his inactive genius, and why he ed, antiq. ix. xix. 1, vol. 2.
fled to Aretas, io, he in vain tries to Japias, king of Egypt, again ft Apion,
bribe Scaurus to be for him, c.ii. j. fe&. 14. vol. 3.
tect. 3. pleads against his brother be- Japhet, antiq. i iv, i, vol. 1. what
fore Pompey, c.lii. fećt, 2. recovers countries his fons poflefled, c. vi.
the high priesthood, c. iv fcêt, 4. sect. 1.
is confirmed thereia by Cæsar, c, jarden, a woodland, surrounded by
viii. sect. 5. War, i. *. 3. vol. 3. is Bassus, War, vii, vi. 5. vol. 3.
honored by the Romans and Athen. Jared, antiq. i. 1. 2. vol. 1. c. ii.
ians, antiq. xiv. viii. 5. vol. 2. and leå, 2.
by Julius Cæsar, x. ii. vol. I, is Jason, or Jelus, antig, xii. v. i, vol. 2.
taken prisoner, and has his ears cuc Jafon, son of Eleazar, antiq. xji, x, 6
off by Antigonus, cxiii. fect. 10. vol. 2.
is released by the Parthians, and re.

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