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Kas the ark carried to Jerusalem, feat.“ Syria Damascena, antig, xiü. xii. 2
2. is reproached by Michal, feet 3. vol. 2. his alistance defired by the
purposes to build the temple, fečt. Jews, feet, 6. he makes war upon
4 his vi&tories, c. v. lect. 1. his . Alexander, and conquers him, c.

liberality to Mephibuleth, sect. s. xiv, lect. 1. War, i. iv. 4, s, vol.
* be falls in love with Bathsheba, c. 3. he makes war with his brother

vii, fe&t. 1, vol, a. caules Uriah to Philip, is carried prisoner into Par.
de fain, ib. marries Bathsheba, vii. thia, and dies there, antiq. xiii. xiy.
vii. s. vol, 1. is reproved for all by' 3. vol. 2,
Nathan the prophet, c. vi, fé&. 3. Demetrius of Gadara, Pompey's freed
his son by Bathsheba dies, lect. 4 . man, obtains the rebuilding of that
Ke mourns for Abfalom's death, c. city, antiq. xiv, iv. 4. vol. 2.
a. le&t. 5, orders the people to be Demetrius Phalereus, keeper of the Al.
numbered, c xiii,fe&,, chooses the exandrian library, antig. xii, ü i.
peftilence rather than famine or the vol, 3. against Apion, 'ii, fect..
Iword, sea. 2, makes great prepara. vol. 3. his petition to king Philadel
tions for the building of the temple, phus, antiq. xii. ii, 3 vol. 2. be
c. xiv. seet, exhorts Solomon to places the seventytwo interpreters
build it, fecta; g divides the near the sca fide, fea, e.
priests into twentyfour courses, sect. Demetrius Soter, son of Seleucus, made
7. he dies, c. xv. lect. 2, is buried king of Syria, antiq, xii. x. 1, vol,
with great pomp, fect. 3. the treas. 2. puts'king Antiochus to death, ib.
ure's hidden in his monumen:, ib. Sends Bacchides and Nicanor again
xiii. viii 4. vol. 2, and xvi. vii. 1. the Jews, feet. 2, 4. his character,
vol. 2 War, i. ii. s. vol. 3:

xiii. ii. i, vol. 2. his letter to Jos.
Day unusually lengthened, antiq. v. i. athan, fe&t. 3. is killed in the war
17. vol1

against Alexander, feat.
Debora, antiq. v.v. 3. vol. 1.

Demoteleles, antig. xiii. v. 8 vol. 2.
Deceased, what care was taken of them Diana's temple at Elymais in Persia, 20.

by the Jews, against Apion, ii. fe&t. tiq. xii, ix. 1, vol. 2. Country Dia-
26, vol. 3.

na's temple in Egypi, xiii, iii, 1.
Decrees of the Romans, &c, in favor vol. 2.

of the Jews, antiq. xiv. viii. s. vol. Dido, queen of the Tyrians, agang

2.. X. le&t. e -8, 10,11- 26. Apion, i, sect. 18. vol. 3.
Dedan, antiq. i. vi, 2. vol. 1.

· Diklath, antiq i, vi. 4. vol. 1..
Dellius the wicked, antig. xiv, xv. 1. Dinah, Jacob's daughter, antiq, i, xxi.

vol. 2. and xv. ii: 6. War, i. xv. 3. 1. yol. a.
vol. 3.'

Dioclerus, antig. viii, ii. 3, vol.s.
· Deluge, antiq. i.iii. 3, &c. vol. 1. Diodorus, son of Jafon, antig' xiii, is.
Demetrius, alabarch at Alexandria, ane 2 vol. 2.
tig. xx. vii. 3. vol. 2

Diodorus, or Tryphio, antiq, xiii, v.
Demetrius, the son of Demetrius, joins 1. vol.'&.

with Jonathan and Ptolemy his fa. Dionyfius, tyrant of Tripoli, antiq.
ther in law, and conquers Alexan- ' xiv, iil 2, vol. 2.
der, antiq. xiii, iv. 7, 8. vol. 2. Diophantus, a forger of letters, antiq.
called Nicator, le&. g. his letter in xvi. x. 4. vol, %.
favor of the Jews, ib. is hated by An- Divorce, what are the causes of it, an
tiochus, c. v. lect. 3. breaks friend ciq. iv. vii . vol. 1. whether is
Mhip with Jonathan, ib. is conquet be lawful for a wife to send a bill of
ed by Antiochus, and flies into Cili.' divorce to her husband, antiq. XV.
cia, fect 4. is made prisoner by Arn viii, 10, vol. 2,
faces, and released, seet, 11. Trypho Doeg the Syrian, antiq. vi. xii. 4.
rebels against him, c. vii. sect. 1. is vol, 1,
hated by the army, c. ix. fe&t. 3. is Dogs, it is not natural to them to de-
defeated, and flies in vain to Cleopa. Vous the bones with the fleth, antiq.
tra his wife, ib. goes thence to Tyre, xi. iv. g. vol. 2,

is made prisoner and dies, ib. Dolabella's letter to the Ephesians in fa-
Demetrius Eurerui, louria son of An. vor of the Jews, antiq. xiv. X, 18.

slochus Grypus, is made king of vol, s,

Dolelus, War, iv, vi. 2, vol. 3. , Ecoibalus,king of Tyre,against Apion,
Domitia kind to Jofephus, Life, fe&t. i. fe&t, 21. vol. 3.
76. vol. 2.

Eglon king of Moab opprefies the Ile
Domitian, the son of Vespasian is made "raelites, antiq. v. iy. 1, vol. 1.

regent in his father's absence, War, Ehud, kills Eglon, antiq. v. iv. s. vol.
iv. xi. 4 vol. 3. is kind to Jose "1. is made a judge, ib,
phus, Life, fcat, 76. vol. 2. his ex. Elab succeeds Baasha in the kingdom
pedition against the Germans, War, of lfrael, antiq. yiii. xii 4. vol. i.
vii iv. 2. vol. 3

Elam, antiq. i, vi 4. vol. 1.
Domitius Sabinus, War,v.viii, 1.vol.3. Elçapah,orElkanah, antiq ix.xii.c.vol.
Doris, Hrod's first wife, antiq. xiv. Elcanah, or Elkanah, Samuel's father,

xii, 1. vol. 2, is mother of Antipa. antiq. v. x. 2. vol. 1.
ter, ib. xvii. i. 3. vol. 2. War, i. Elcias the high priest, antiq. X. viii. 6.
xxviii. 4. vol. 3. is expelled the vol. 1.
court, i. xxx. 4. vol. 3.

Eleazar's house, antig vii.xv.7. vol. ).
Dorians creat Cæsar's ftatue in a Jewish Elcazar's commendation, War, v. vi.

fynagogue, antiq. xix. vi. 3. vol. 3. 1. yol. 3.

Petronius's edict against them, ib. • Eleazar the son of Aarod, antiq. iii.
Dorotheus, antig, xii ii. is, vol. e, viii. 1, vol. a.
Dortus, antig, xxvi. 2 vol. 2. Eleazar, 'the fon of Ananius, high
Dofitheus, a Jew, his perfid:upsnels, 'priest, autiq. xviii. ii. 2. vol. 3.
antiq. xv, vi. 3 vol 2.

• War, ii. xvii. 2. vol 3.
Dofitheus, a general of the Jews, a. Elcazar, the son of Dineus, antiq. xx.
gairilt Apion, sect 5 vol, 3.,

vi. 1. vol. 2, c. viii, lect. s. War,
Dove sent forth out of the ark, antiq. ii. xii. 4. vol. 3.
i.iii. 5. vol. i.

Eleazar, the son of Dodo, antiq. vii.
Draco's laws, against Apion, i, sect. 4. xii. 4. yol, 1.
vol. 3.

Elcazar, cafts out a demon, antiq. viij.
Drufilla, daughter of Agrippa sen. by ii. 4. vol i.
Cyprus, antiq. xviii. v. 4. vol. 2. Eleazar, the brother of Joazar made

married to Azizus, king of Emela, high priest, antiq. xvii. xii. s. vol.
xx, vii. a, vol, 2. afterwards to Fée 2. deprived, ib.

lix, procurator of Juda, lect. 2. Eleazar, brother of Judas Maccabees,
Drusius, her brother, antiq. xviii, v, called Auran, antiq .xii. vi. i.
4. vol. 2,

vol. 2. c. ix. le&t. 4. is crushed to
Drulus, brother of Tiberias, antiq.xviii, · death by an elephant, ib. War, i. i.
vi. 8. vol. 2.

S. vol. 3
Duration of the Jewish law, again A. Elcazar, a ringleader of the robbers,
pion, ii. fe&t. 31, vol. 3.

antiq. XX, 1, 1. yol, 3. War, vii.
Eagle, golden eagle pulled down from viin, s. vol. 3. is taken prisoner, and

the front of the temple, antiq. xvii sent to Rome, antiq. xx, viii. s.
vi. 3. yol, 2, holding a dragon in vol. 2. War, ii, xiii, 2. vol. 3.
his claws in the seal of the Laccde. Eleazar of Malada's speech to his garri.
monians, xii, iv, 10, vol. 2.

fon, War, vil viii. 6. vol 3.
Earthquake, wherein the followers of Eleazar the son of Moses, antiq. ii, xiii.

Dathan and Abiram were swallowed 1. vol. i.
up, antiq. iv. iii, 1, vol. 1.

Eleazar, the high priest in the days of
Earthquake, a very great onc in Judca, Joshua, antiq. iv, iv 'y. vol. 1. he
antiq. xv. V, 2. vol. 2,

dics, v, i. g. sol, 1.
Eating the finew upon the hip, why Eleazar, the high priest in the days of

refused by the Jews, antiq. .. xx. e. Philadelphus, antiq. Pref. fect. 3.
vol. 1.

vol, 1. and xii. ii. 4. vol. . and
Ebal, antiq. i. vi. 4. vol. a.

xvii. xiii. '1. vol. 2. his letter to
Eban, David's son, antiq. yii. iii. 3. Philadelphus, xii. ii. 7. vol. 2. he
vol. 1.

dies, c. iv le&. i.
Ebucius a Decurion, War, iii. vii. 3. Eleazar, treasures of the temple, antiq.

vol. 3. Nain in battle, iv, i. s. xiv. vii. 1. vol. 2.
vol. 3

Eleazar, the son of Sameas's valor, Wa:
Ecliple of the moon, antiq. xvii, si, iii, vii, es, vol. s.

4. vol. e.

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Eleazar, the lon of Simon, War, ii. xx. Empos, David's fón, antiq. vii. it

3. vol. 3. and iv. iv. i. vol, 3. and vol. 1.'

V. i. 2. vol. 3. c. iii. scct. 1. vol. 3. Ennaphen, David's son, antiq. vii. iii.
· and vi. iv. I, vol. 3.

3. vol. I.
Eleazar, the companion of Simon dies, Enemies, when conquered, may be
War, iv, ix. 5. vol. 3,

lawfully killed, antiq. ix. iv. 3.
Elcazar, commander of the temple, an vol. a.

tiq. xx. ix. 3. yol, 2. War, ii. xvii. Enoch, antiq. i. ii. 3. vol. 1. c. iii,

2. vol 3
Eleazar, taken prisoner by Rufus, Enoch and Elijah, trandlated, antiq. ic.
War, vii. vi. 4. vol. 3.

ii. 2. vol. 1.
Eleutheri, horlemen so called, War, i. Enos, the son of Seth, antiq. i, iii. ..
xiii. 3. vol. 3.

vol. i.
Elhanan, antiq. vii. xii. e, vol. 1. Enligns of the Romans, wich Czlor's
Eli, the high priest, antiq. viii. i. g. image, antiq. xyii. ij. e. "vol...

vol. 1, is judge in Israel after Sam. Sacrifices offered to them, War, vi
fon, antiq. v. ix, 1. vol. 1. his prof. vi, I. vol. 8.
ligate fons, c. x. Ieet, 1.

Epaphroditus, his chara&ter, antig.
Eliakim, antiq. x. i. 2, yol. s.

Pref, leå, 8. a grear friend of Jole
Eliashib the high priest, antiq. xi. v. phus, Lisc, feat. 76. vol. 2.

4. &c, vol. i. dies, c. vii. fe&t. 1. Ephesians, their decree in favor of the
Elien, David's son, wtiq. vii. iii, 3. Jews, antiq. xiv, *. 25. vol. 2,
- vol. I.

Ephod, antiq. i. vii. 3. vol. 1.
Elijah, the prophet, antiq. viii. xiii. Epicrates, antiq. xiii. X. 2, 3. vol. e-

2, &c. vol. 1. his miracles wrought Epicureans, their crror concerning
for the widow of Sarepta, ib, he providencc confuted, antiq. x. xi.
prelents himself to Ahab, fca. 4. 7. vol. a.
foretels raio, ib. the false prophets Epiphanes, the son of Antiochus, king
are killed by his order, fe&t. 6. calls of Commagena, antiq. xix, ix. ,
for fire from heaven, ix ii. l. vol, yol, 2.
j. is laken up, feet 2. his letter co Epiftle of Jonathan 'the high priek to
king Jehoram c. 5. fect, e.

the Lacedemonians, antiq. xiii. .
Elimelech, antiq. v. ix. i. yol... 8, yol. 2. of Philadelphus for free
Elioneu's, the son of Cactharus is made ing the captive Jews, antiq. xii. i.

high priest, antiq. xix. viii, 1. 3. vol. 2. to Eleazar the high priest,
vol. 2.

feet. 4. of Solomon, and Hiran
Elipnale, or Eliphelet, David's son, ane king of the Tyrians, vüü.ü, 6, 7.
tiq. ii. iii 3, yol. 1.

yol. a. of Xerxes to Eldras, xi, v.
Elila, antiq. i. vi. 1, vol. 1.

1. vol. 5. of Artaxerxes to the gov-.
Elisha the prophet, the son of Shaphat, ernors near Judea, c. vi. fe&t. 13. of

antiq. viii. xiii. 7. vol. 1. and ix ii. Antiochus ihe Great, to Prolemy
a. vol. 1.c iii. sect. 1. his miracles, Epiphanes, xii, iii, 3. vol. 2. of the
ix. iv, 1, &c vol. 1. his death and Samaritans to Antiochus Theus, c. .
culog:um, c. yiii: iect. vi, his cure le&. s. of Alexander Balas to Jona-
of the barren founçain, War, iv. viii. than, xiii, ii, 2. vol. 2, of Onias to
3. vol. 3.

Ptolemy and Cleopatra, c. iii feat.
Elkanah, or Elcanah, antiq. ix, xii, 1. d. of Demetrius to Jonathan and the
vol. s.

Jews, c. iii, fect. r. of Demetrius to
Elkanah, or Elcanah, Sainuel's father, Jonathan and the Jews, c. iv, fedt.
antiq. V. x, 3. yol, 1.

9. of Julius Cæfar to the Roman
Elmodad, antiq. i. vi 4. vol. 1. magiftrates, xiv. x. 2, &c. vol. 2. of
Elon succeeds ibson as judge, antiq. Mark Antony to the Tyrians, c. xü.
* v. vii. 14. vol. I.

re&t, 4.
Elpis, Herod's wife, antig xvii. i. 3. Elaiah the prophet, antiq. ix. xiii. 3.

yol. 2. War, i. xxviii, 4. vol. 3. yol. 1. and x. i. 3, 4. vol. 1. c. ii.
Elthemus, general of the Arabians, sect, 1, 2, his ealogium, fect. 2, his
War, i, xix. 5, vol. 3.

prophecy concerning the Affyri-
Elulers, king of the Týrians, antig; t. , ans, x. xiv. vol. 1. concerning Cy.
xiv. e, voi, 10

rus 110 years before his reign, xi, i,



dl. . the fame read by Cyrus, Eutychus, Caius Cæfariscoschman, ani.
b. his prophecy concerning the ten- tig. xix. iv. 4. vol. 2.

ple of Onias, War, vii. x. 3. vol. 3. Exempt from military service, who,
Elau or Edom, antiq. ii. i. 1. yol, 1. antiq. iv, viii. 41. vol. 1.

his birth, i. xviii. 1 vol. I. Exorcisms, or forms for casting out
Lícol, antiq.i, X, 2, vol. 1.

demons, composed by Solomoa,
Bidras, antiq. xi. v, I, &c. vol. 1. his antiq. viii. ii. s. vol. i.

grief for the foreign marriages, fect. Ezechias a ringleader of the tobbers,
3. he reads the law of Mofes to the antiq. xiv. ix 2. vol. e.
people, fect. 5. he dies, ib.

Ezekiel the prophet, antiq. X. v. 1.
Effen, or high priest's brealt plate, an. vol. 1.c, viii. fect. 2. is carried

tig. iii. vi. g. vol. 1. when its fhin captive into Babylon, c, vi, fect. 3.
ing ceased, fe&t. 9.

his prophecy concerning the dela
Efens honored by Herod, antiq. xv, X. Struction of the Jews, c. vij. fect. 2.
g. vol. 2. are against swearing, War, his prophecy reconciled to that of

. viii. 6. vol. 3. their mariners, Jeremiah, ib.
rites, and do&trines described, an- Fabatus, Cælar's servant, antiq. xvii.
tig, xiii. v. 9. vol. 2. and xviii. i. iii. 2. vol. 2. Herod's Reward, Wan
5. vol. 2. War, ii. viii. 2, &c. vol. i. xxix, 3. vol. 3.
3. they abstained from anointing Fabius, governor of Damascus, antiq.
chemselves with oil, fect. 3. their dil xiv. xi. 7. vol. 2. War, i. xv. in
igence in reading their sacred books, vol. 3.
Sect. vi. Simon the effen an inter. -Fabinus, a centurion, antiq. xiv. iv. 4,
preter of dreams, antiq. xvii. xiii, vol. 2. War, i. xii. 3. vol. 3.
3. vol. 2,

Factions, three in Jerusalem, antiq. v,
Esther, antiq. xi. vi. 2. vol. 1, is mar. i. 1,4. vol. 1.

ried to thie king, ib. is concerned for Fadus (Cuspius) procurator of Judea,
the Jews, feet, 7, &c. invites the antiq. xv. xi. 4. vol. 2. and xix.-ix.
king and Haman to an entertainment, 9. vol. 2. and xx. 1, &c. vol. 8.

War, ii. xi. 6. vol. 3.
Ethan, antiq. viii, ii. s. vol. 1. . Faminc in Judea in the 13th year of
Kthbaal, or Ithobalus, king of Tyre, Herod's reign, antiq. xv. ix. s. vol.

antiq. viii. xiii, s, %, vol. r. againk 2, another in the reign of Claudius,
Apion, i. sect. 18, 21, vol. 3.

lii. xv. 3. vol. 1. and xx, ii. 6.
Ethi, or Ittai the Gittite, antig, vii. ix, vol. 2, c, . feet, 2. a dismal fam-
2. vol. 1.

îne in Jerusalem, War, V. X. 2. vol.
Ethnarch (Simon) antiq. xii. vi. 6. 3. c.xii. fe&t. 3. and vi. 3. vol. 3.

vol. 2. contracts thence dated, ib, for Saul's cruelty to the Gibeonites,
Ethnarch (Archelaus) antiq. xvii. xi, antiq, viii. xii, 1, vol. s. at Samaria,

4. vol. 2. War, ii. vi. 3. vol. 3. xiii. x. 2. vol. 8, famine and pesti-
Euartus Cous, antiq. xvi. x, 2. vol. 2. Teace, two of the greatest evils, x. vii.
War, i, xxi. 5. vol. 3.

4. vol. 9.
"Luáriftus Arruntius, antiq. xix. i. 10. Fannius the consul's decree in favor of
vol. 2,

the Jews, antiq. xiv. X. 15. vol. e.
Eve created, antiq. i. i. 2. vol. s. her 'Fannius, a Roman prætor, antiq. xiii.
fall, sect. 4.

ix. 10, vol. 2.
Evi, king of the Midianites, antiq. iv, 'Fast observed at Jerusalem, antiq. xiv.
vii. 8. vol. 1.

xvi. 4. vol. 3. on the day in which
Evil-Merodach, antiq. x, *i, 2. vol, 1. Pompey took Jerusalem, ib. c. iv.

against Apion, i. sect.' 20. vol. 3: fect. 3.
"Euodus freed men of Tiberias, antiq. Fate unavoidable, antiq. viii. xv. 6.
'xviii, vi. 8, vol. 2.

vol. 1. War, v. xiii. 7. vol. 3. and
· Eupolemus lon of John, antiq. xii, X. vi. i. 8, vol. 3. c. ii, felt, s. c. iv.
.6. vol. 2,

"fect. 8. and c. v, sed. 4.
Eurycies Nanders the sons of Herod, Feast of unleavened bread. See paflo.

antiq. xii. x, 6. vol. 2. War, i. ver. Guests placed at feasts accord.
'xxvi. 1, &c. vol. 3. he returns to ing to their condition, antiq. xii:
his own country, left: 4.

jv. 9. vol. 2, funeral feasts among
Eutychus, Agrippa's freed man and the Jews, War, i, .i. . volny.

charioteer, antiq. xviii, vii si vol, 8.

Felicity, too great, the cause of many Friends never frece from any, antie

evils, antiq. viii. x. 2. vol 1. vi. iv. 3. vol. 1,
Felix, antiq. xiv. xi. 7. vol. 2. Frigius (Titus) War, vi. iv, 3. vol. 3.
War, i. xii, 1. vol. 3. brother of Pronto, War, vi, iv. 3. vol. 3.
Pallas, and procurator of judca, an- Fulvia, a lady defrauded of her money
tig. xx, vii, 1. vol. 2. c. viii, lect. by a Jew, antiq. xvii. ii. 5.
5. War, ii. xii. 8. vol. 3. c. xiii. vol 2,"
kat. 7. he punishes ebu mutineers, Furius, a centurion, antig. xiv. iv. 4.
antiq. xx. viii. 7. vol. 2, is accuied vol, 2. War, i. vii. 4. vol. 3.
at Rome, left. 9.

Gaal protects the Sienemites against
Festivals of the Hebrews, antig. iii. x. 'Abimelech, Antiq.v, vii. 3. vol. 16

1, &c, vol. 1, three great ones, ib. Gaam. antiq. i. vi. s. vol. 1.
xviii. iv. 3. vol. 2. at those festivals Gabaris, or Gabares, antiq, vüi. ii. 3.
Roman guards were pofted at the vol. i.
'komple, War, ii. xii. 1. vol. 3. im Gabinius, antiq, xiv. ii, 2. vol. 3. c,
munity granted them at those fefti iv. fect, a. War, i, vi, 6. vol. 3 is
vals by Demetrius Soter, antiq. xiii. , made president of Syria, antiq. xiv.
ii. 3. vol. 2, celebrated by the Jews, v. 2. vol. 2. War, i. yiii. z. vol. 3.
in thining garments, c. xi. lect. 1. Gad, the prophct, antiq. vii. xüi, 2,
and on them did no manoer of work. &c. vol. 1.
jii. . 6. yol. i, celebrated by the Gadara taken by Vespasian, War, iv:
Gentiles in idleneis, and plealure, vii. 3. vol. the Gadarens made
i, xxi. 1. vol. 1. co mourning 1. prisoners, and killed, iï, vii. .
mong the Jews' at such times, xi, v. vol. 3.
3. vol. 1. nor did obey then travel Gaddis (John) antiq. xiii, i. 2. vol. e.
far, ini. viii. 4. vol. 3. Egyptian Galadens, their queen Laodice, antiq.
women appeared at such times in xiii. xiii. 4. vol. 2.
public, ii. iv. 3. vol. 1. wood car. Galba, an'iq. xviii, vi. g. vol. 2. fuc.
sied on a festival day for the altar, ceeas Nero, War, iv. ix. 3. v.1.3.
War, ii. xvii. 6. vol. 3. teftival of is murdered in a conspiracy, ib.
dedication of the temple by Judas Gaiilee comes all under the Roman

Maccabeus, antiq, xii. vii. 7. vol. 3. dominion, War, iv, i, 1, vol. 3. c.
FeAus (Porcius) procurator of Judea,

antiq. xx. viii 9. yol, 8. he dies, Galli, eunuchs so called, antiq. iv, viii.
c. ix, fe&. 1.

40. vol. I.
Haccus (Norbanus) proconsul, antiq. Gallicanus, War, iji, viii. 1. vol. 3.

xvi. vi, vol. 2. president of Syria, Gallus (Ælius) antiq. xv, ix. 3. vol. e.
xviii, vi. 2, vol. 2.

Gallus (Cestius) prelident of Syria, Life,
Fielh of horses, mules, &c. forbidden lect. 43. vol. 2. War, ii, xiv. 3.

to be brought within the walls of vol. 3.

ferulalem, antiq. xii, iii. 4. vol. 2. Gallus, a centurion, War, iv. i. s.
Flies (the god of) i.e. Belzebub, the vol. 3.
god of "Ekron, antiq, ix, ii. i. Gallus (Rubrius) War, vii, iy. 3.

vol 3.
Yorus (Gellius) procurator of Judea, Gamala besieged, War, iv, i, 1, &c.

antiq. xviii. i. 6. vol. 2. and xix. vol. 3.
ix, 2. vol. 2. and xx. ix, 3. vol. 2. Games of the circus, antiq. xix. i.4
is the cause of the Jewish war, c. xi, vol. 2. Olympic games reftored by
feft, 1. Life, sect. 6. vol. 2. War, Herod, xvi. v. 3. vol. 2. Cesarcas
ii. xiv. 3, 6. vol. 3. c. xv, fect. 1, games infticuted by Herod, xv, vin,
&c, he is derided by the people, ii. 1. vol. 2. and xvi, v. i. vol, 1.
xiv, 6. vol. 3. he plunders the city,' War, i, xxi. 8. vol. 1. ordained by
fect, 9. he calumniates the Jews be. Titus on the birthdays of his father

fore Cestius, War, ii. xvi. i, vol. 3. and brother, vii. ii. i. vol. 3.
Fontcius Agrippa, killed by the Scyth. Garizzim, its temple demolished, an-

ians, War, vii. iv. 3. vol. 3. . tiq. xiji, ix. I. vol 2.
Fountain near Jericho, War, iv. viii. 3. Gauls, War, ii. xvi. 4. vol. 3. pofle's

vol. 3. is cured by Elidha, ib. its at home the fource of happiness, ib.
wonderful virtue, ib.

came Herod's life-guards, i. xx. 3•
sol, 3.

vol. I.

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