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phet,' antin

Javan, antiq. i. vi, 1, vol. 1.

liance with Ahab, ib. his fleet brok-
Ibhar, or Jeban, son of David, antiq. en to pieces, c. i. sect. 4. his death,
vii. iii. 3. vol. 1. '

c, iii. lect. 2.
Ibis, an animal in Egypt that destroys Jeholhebah, sister of Ahaziah, king of

serpents, antiq. ii. x, 2. vol. 1. Judah, antiq. ix. vii. r. vol. 1.
Ibzan, a judge of Israel after Jephthah, Jehu, son of Nimshi, antiq. viii. xii.
antiq. v. vii. 13, 14. vol. 1.

7. vol. 1, is made king of Israel, ix.
Ide, a freed-woman, antiq. xviii, iii. vi. 1, &c. vol. 1. his actions, $ 3.
4. vol. 3. fhe is hanged, ib.

&c. he puts Baal's priests to death
Idumeans, antiq. xii. viii. 1. vol. 2. fact, 6. he dies, c, viii. fe&t. I.

War, iv, iv. 1, 4, 5, 6, 7. vol. 3., Jehu, the prophet, the fon of Hanani,
and vii. viii, 1. vol. 3. refuse to antiq. viii. xii. 3. vol. 1.
give the Israelites passage, antiq. iv. Jenae, David's son, antiq. vii. ii, 3.
iv. 5. vol. 1, turn Jews, xii. ix. I. vol. I. .
vol, 2. are but half Jews, xiv. xv. Jephtha puts the Ammonites to flight,
2. vol. 2. Coze their former idol, antiq. v. viii. 9. 10. vol. 1. facrifices
xv. vii. 9. vol. 2, celebrate the Jew. his daughter (according to the opin-

ish festivals, xvii. x. 2. vol. 2. jon of Josephus) ils, makes a great
Jeban, or Ibhar, David's son, antiq. laughter among the Ephraimites,
vii, iii. 3. vol. 1.

feet. 11.
Jebofthus, or Ilh botheth Saul's fon, is Jeremiah the prophet, antiq. X. v. 1.
made king, antiq. vii. i. 3. vol. 1. vol. 1. his lamentations upon the
he is treacherously murdered, c. ii, death of Josiah, ib, his prophecy
feat. 1.

against Jerusalem, c, vi. fe&. 2. c.
Jecoliah, antiq. ix. x. 3. vol. 1.

vii, fect. 2, 3, 6. his icribe Baruch,
Jedidah, king Josiah's mother, antiq. c, vi. sect. 2. he is accused and dic
x. iv. I. vol. 1.

charged, ib, his prophecy read in the
Jehicl, one of the posterity of Moses, temple, and his roll bomt, ib. his

antiq, vii. xiv, jo, 11. vol. i. prophecy of the Jews release from
Jehoahaz, king of Judah, antiq, x. v. captivity, c. vii, lea, 3. he is put in

2. vol. 1. he dies in Egypt, ib. prilor, and thrown into the dyn-
Jehoahaz, son of Jehu, king of Israel, geon, sect. 3, 5. is left with Baruch
antiq. ix, viii. i. vol. I.

in Judea, after Zedekiah's captivity,
Jehoash, son of Ahaziah, sayed, antiq. antiq. x. ix, 1. vol. 1.

ix. vii. I. vol. 1. is made king, feci. Jericho taken, antiq. v. l. 5. vol. I.
2. murdered, c. yiii, fect. 4.

its rebuilder curled, sect, 8. it is
Jehoiachin, or Jeconiah, king of Juw plundered by the Romans, xiv, 29,
dah, antiq. x. vi. 3. vol. 1.

3. vol. 2.
Jehoiada, antiq. vii. ii. 2. vol. 1. Jeroboam, the son of Nebat, conspires
Jeboiada, the high priest, antiq, x, viii. againft Solomon, antiq. viii. vii. 7.
6. vol. 1.

vol, 1. he is made king of the tea
Jehoiakim, king of Judah, antiq. X. v. tribes, c. viii. fect. 3. &c, creas

2, vol. 1. c. vi. he rebels against the golden calves, feet, 4. his hand
Babylonians, c. vi. sect. 2. he is withered, feet. s. his expedition 2
Nain by Nebuchadnezzar, and caft gainst Abijah, c, xi, le&. 2. he dies,

out of the gate of Jeruialem, fect. 3.
Jehonadab, an old friend of Jehu's, Jeroboam II. the fon of Jehoahaz, king
antiq. ix. vi. 6. vol. 1.

of Israel, antiq. ix. X. 1, vol. 1. he
Jehoram, king of Judah, antiq. ix. iv. makes war against the Syrians, ib.
si &c. vol. 1,

he dies, feat, 3.
Jehēram, king of Israel, antiq. ix. ii. Jerusalem taken by David, antiq. vit.

2. vol. 1. his expedition against the it, &c. vol. 1, whence that name
Moabites, c, ii, fe&t. 1. his diftem was derived, fect. 2. besieged and
per, and death, c. v. fect. 2, 3. c. 6. taken by the Babylonians, x, xü. 4.
fe£t, 1,

&c. vol. 1. c. viji. feet, 2. beleged
Jehofaphat, the son of Abitub, antiq. and taken by Pompey, xiv. iv, 2,
vii. v. 4 vol. 1.

&c. vol. 2. by Herod and Sobus, c.
Jehofaphat, a pious king of Judah, an. xvi. fedt. 2, 4 by Ptolemy, the son

tig. viji, xv. I. voi ii and ix, 1.1. of Lagus, xii, i. vol. 2, how many
vol. I, pardoned for making au al. simes taken, War, vi. *, vi. made

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vol. 3.

tributary to the Romans, antig, xiv. consults about the partition of the
iv. 4. vol. 2. levelled with the land, seet. 20, &c. his speech to the
ground, War, vij, i, a. vol. 3. de. two tribes and half, fect, 25. his
clared holy, inviolable, and free, by deach, fect. 29.
Demetrius, king of Syria, antiq. xiii. Jesus, son of Saphat, ringleader of the
ii. 3: vol, 2. two citadels therein, robbers, life, fe&t. 22. vol. 2. War,
xv, vii. 8. vol. 2. who first built it, ui, ix, 7. vol. 3.
W , vi. x. vol. 3. situated in the Jesus, son of Thebuthus, a pries, War,
middle of Judea, iii, iii. 3. vol. 3. vi. viii. 3. vol. 3.
fet on fire by the Romans, vi, viii. Jesus, son of Joledek, antiq. xi. 3. 10.
5. vol. 3. a fast kept there yearly, vol. I.
antiq. xiv, xvi. 4 vol. 2. as also · Jethro, the Midianite, antiq. v. ii. 31
when it was taken by Pompey, and vol. 1.
by Herod, and Sofius, c iy, let 3. Jezebel, Ahab's wife, antiq. viii, xij.
c. xvi. fect 4. a Jebusste king of Je j . vol. 1. is torn to pieces by dogs,
rufalem, with four others, make war ix. vi. 4. vol. 1.
on the Gibeonites, y, i. 17. vol. i. Jezaniah, antiq. x. ix. 2. vol, a.
they are put to flight by Joshua, ib. jidlaph, antiq. i. vi. 5. vol. 1.
Jerusalem described, War, v. iv. Images, or brazen oxen, were not law.
vol. 3. against Apion, i. sect. 22, ful to be made by Solomon, in the

opinion of Josephus, antiq.yii, vii.
Jerushah, Jotham's mother, antiq. ix. 3. vol. 1. images of animals are a-
xi, 2. vol. i.

gainst the Jewish law, xv. viii.
Jelsai, the son of Achimaaz, antiq. vii. vol. 2. c. ix. feet. 5. War, i. xxxiii.
xii. 2. vol. 1

2. vol. 3. to set them up, or consom
Jesle, the son of Obed, and father of crate them, was forbidden the Jews,

David, antiq. vi, viii. 1, vol. 1. antiq. iij. vi. 2. vol. 1, and xvi, vi.
Jesus Chrift, a testimony to him, antiq. 2. vol. 2.
xviii. iii. 3. vol. 2.

Impostors throughout Judea, antiq.
Jesus, the son Phabet, deprived of the xx, viii, 5, vol. 2.

high priesthood, antiq. vi. v. 3. Incense, only to be offered by the por-
vol, 2,

terity of Aaron, antiq. ix. *. 4.
Jesus, son of Ananus, his ominous vol. 1.

clamor, and death, War, vi, v. 3. Infants murdered in Egypt, antiq. ii.
vol. 3..

ix, 2. vol. I.
Jesus, or Jalon, antiq. xii, v, 1. vol. 1. Innocence makes men courageous, an-
Jesus, the lon of Sapphias, governor of tiq. xii. vii. i. vol. 2.

Teberias, life, sect. 12, 27. vol, 2. Joab, general of David's army, antiq.
War, ii xx. 4. vol. 3.

vii, i. 1. 3. vol. 2. takes the citadel
Jefus, brther of Onias, deprived of of Jerufalem, c. iii. fect. 1. con-

the high priesthood by Antiochus spires with Adonijah, c. xiv, lect, 4.

Epiphanes, antiq. xv. iii, 1. vol. 2. &c.
Jalus, son of Gamaliel, made high Joathan, or Jotham, bigh priest, an.

priest, antiq. xxix. 4. vol. 2. tiq. viii. i. 3. vol. 1. and x, viii.
Jesus, the eldest priest after Anagus, 6. vol. 1,

War, iv. iv, 3. vol. 3. c. v, fua. 2. Joazor, son of Boelhus, high priest,
his speech to the Idumeans, c. iv. antiq. xvii: vi. 4. vol. 2. and xviii.
fe&t. 3.

i. 1. vol. 2. c. iii. sect. 1. is de-
Jelus, son of Damneus, made high prived by Archelaus, xyii. xiii, I.

priest, antiq. xx. ix, 1. val. 2. vol. 2, and xviii, ii, 1, vol. a.
Jesus, son of Gamala, life, !cct. 38, 41. Johanan, the fon Kareah, antiq. xrix.
vol. 2:

2, vol. 1, he puriues after Ishmael
Jesus, or Joshua, the son of Non, an. fect. 5.

tiq. iii. xiv, 4. vol. 1. becomes the Tobn Hytcanus. See Hyrcanus.
successor of Moles, iv, vii. 2. vol. 1. John the Baptift, put to death by Hor-
commands the Israelites against the od, antiq. xviii. v. 2. vol, 2.'
Amalekites, iii. ii. 3. vol. i. proph- Johu, the son of Dorcas, War, iv, iii.
ecies in the lifetime of Moses, iv. s. vol. 3.
viii. 46. vol. 1. leads the Iraelités Tobo, called Gaddis, Jonathan's broth.
to the river Jordan, y, i, de vol, i. er, is killed, antiq, xiii. i. 2. vol. 2.

John, son of Levi, rebuilds Gischala, er Simon defeats the Nabatheans, feet,

Life, fe&t. 10, vol. 2. War, ii. xx. 4. makes peace with Bacchides, feat.
6, vol. 3. and vii. viii. 1. vol. 3. 6. restores the divine worship. c. ii,
an enemy to Josephus, Life, fect. 13. {cct. 1, &c. defeats Demetrius's cap-
&c. vol. 3. lect" 25. War, ii. xxi. talns, fect. 7. Tenews the league with
1, vol. 3. aims at an absolute domin the Romans and Spartans, c. v. iect.

ion, iv, iii. 13. c. vii. lect. 1. 8. his letter to the Spartans, ib. be
John, son of Solas, War, iv. iv. 2.

is killed by Trypho, c. vi. feat .
vol. 3.

Joppa, taken by the Romans, War, it.
John, the Elene, War, ii. xx. 4 vol. xviii. 10. vol. 3, demolished, ili,

3. and iii. ii. i. vol. 3. - ix, 2. vol. 3.
John, Ion of Judas, high priest, antiq. Joram, high priest, antiq. x, viii. 6.

xi, vii. 1. vol, murders his broth. vol. i.
er in the temple, le&t. e.

Jordan, the Israelites pals over it, antiq.
John, captain of the Idumeans, killed, i. 3. vol. 1.
War, v. vi. 6. vol. 3.

Josedek, high priest at the captivity,
John, son of Elialıb, antiq. xi, v. 4. antiq. x. viii. 6. vol. 1,
vol. 1.

Joleph, son of Zacharias, antiq. xi.
john, or Johanan, son of Kareah, an- viii, 6. vol. 2.

iq x. ix. z. vol. 1. purluer after Joseph, son of Antipater, antig, xiv.
ihmarl, lett. 5

vii. 2. vol. 2, War, i. viii. 9.
Jokian, aniq i vi. 4. vol.a.

vol. 3.
Jonadab, Amon's kiniman, antiq. vii, Joleph Cabi, son of Simon the high-

viii. i vol. o. fon of Sameas, le&. priest, antiq. xx. viii. 11. vol. 2,

3. he krils a giant, c, xii. fect. 2. he is deprived, c. ix, le&. 1.
Jonas, the prophet, antiq. ix. *.1. Joleph, lon of Camus, is made high
&c. vol s.

priest, antiq. xx. i. 3. vol, 2. he is
Jonathan, ion of Ananus, antig, xix, deprived, c. v. fect. 2.

vi 4. voi, 2. refuses the high priest. Joseph, called Caiaphus, is made high
hood, ib his actions, War, ii, xii. priest, antiq. xvii. ii. 2. vol. 2, ke
5. &c. vol. 3. he is murdered by the is deprived, c, in, fe&t. 3. •
Sicarii, c, xui, left. 3.

Joseph, son of a female physician, itirs
Jonathan, called Apphas, the Macca- up a ledition at Gamaly, Lile, lett.

bee, zotia. xii. vi. 1. vol. 2. he 37, vol. 2.
snakes a scague with Antiochus Eu. Joleph, son of Daleas, War, vi. v. i.
pator, War, i, ii, 1. vol. 3. is fur. vol. 3.

prised by Trypho, and killed, ib. foleph, ion of Ellemus, officiates for
Jonathan, son of Saul, beate a garrison Matthias the high priest, antiq. xvii,

of the Philistines, antiq. vi. vi, 2. vi. 4, vol. 2.
vol, 1. reconciles Saul to David, c. Joseph, a relation of Archelaus, Wx,
xi. sect. 2. his conference with Da- ii. v. 2. vol. 3.
vid, lect 27. is Nain in battle by the Joseph, a treasurer, antiq. xv. vi, s.

Philistines, antiq. vi. xiv. 7. vol. i. vol 2,
Jonathan, a Sadducee, provokes Hyr. Joseph, fon of Gorion, War, ii. xx, 3,

canus again it the Pharisees, antiq. vol. 3.
xiii. x. 6. vol. 2,

Joseph, Herod's uncle, antiq. xv. iii.
Jonaihan, a Jew, challenges the Ro. 5. vol. 2. he married Salome, Her-
mans to a Ting e coinbat, War, vi, od's fifter, War, i. xx. 4. vol. 3. be
ii. 1. vol. 3. he is killed by Prif discovers his injunction to kill Ma-
cus, ib.

riamne, and is put to death, antiq.xv.
Yonathan, son of Abiathar, antiq. vii. iii. s. vol. e. War, i. xxii. 4.
ix. 2. vol. I.

vol. 3.
Jonathan, ringleader of the Sicarii, Joieph, Herod's brother, antiq, xis.
War, vii. xi. 1. vol. 3.

xv. 4. vol. 2, and xviii. v. 4. vol.
Jonathan, the high priest, murdered by 2. he is sent into Idumea, xiv. xy.
the order of Felix, antiq. xx. viii. 4. vol. 2. War, i. xvi. i. v. his
5 vol. 2.

death, antiq. xiv. xv, 10. vol. 2,
Jonathan, the Maccabee, made com War, i. xvii, 1, 2, vol. 3.
mander of the Jews after Judas, an. Joseph, on of Joleph Herod's brother,
tiq. xiii, i, 1. vol. 2. with his broth- antiq, xvii, v. 4. vol...

Joseph, fon of Tobias, reproaches his his moderation, fect. 19. his deligro

uncle Onias, antiq. xii, iv. 3. vol. in writing the Antiquities, antiq.
2. goes on an embally to Ptolemy, xiv. i. 1. vol. 3. his diligence is
ib becomes his tax gatherer, fect. 4. writing history, ib. he promises oth-
goes to Syria to gather the taxes, lect. er works, antiq. Pref. fect.4. vol.,
5. his wealth and children, fect, 6. and xx, xi, vol. 3. and a book of .
begets Hyrcanus on his brother's Jewish customs, and their reasons,
daughter, ib, dies, sect. 10,

iv, viii, 4. vol. i. when he finish-
Joleph, son of Jacob, his dreams, an- ed the hotiquities, xx. xi. 2. vol.

sig. ii. ii. 1, &c. vol. 1, he is fold 2, when he was born, Life, leal, 1.
to the Ishmaelites, c. iii, fect 3. bis vol. 2, his conduct, to Gaililee, lett.
chastity, c. iv. lect. 4. hc is putin 8, &c, he appeals to Vespasian, Ti-
prilon, c. v. sect. s. he is released, tus, and others, for the truth of his
lect. 4. he discovers his brethren, c. hiftory, against Apion, i. fact. 9.
vi, fect. 2. he cries them, c. v, fect. vol. 3.
7. he discovers himself to them, fent. Joshua, son of Nun. See Jesus.
10 his death, c. yiii, sect, I.T

son of Sie, high priest, antiq.
Josephus, son of Matthias, made gover. xvii. xiii, 1 vol. 2.
nor of Galilee, War, 1. xx. 4. vol. Josiah, king of Judea, his piety, antiq.
3. his danger at Tarichez, c. xxi. x. iv, 1. vol. 1, his death, c. v.
lect. 3. 'he reduces Tiberias by a fe&t. i.
Aratagem, lect. 8. 9. is in great dan. Jotapata besieged, taken and demolish.
ger, again, v. xiii. 3. vol 3. his ed, War, iii. vii. 3.-36. vol. 3.
mother, laments him as dead, ib. Jotham, bo of Gideon, his parable to
his speech to the Taricheans, Life, the Sichemites, antiq. v vii, 2. vol..
fect. 29. vol. 2, his stratageins, sect, Jotham, king of Judea, antiq, ix, xi,
30, 32, 44 45, 51, 58, 63. War, iii. 2. vol. 1, his death, c, xii. lect. 1.
vii. 13. vol. 3. he escapes a great dan- Ireneus the pleader, antiq. xvii, ix, 4.
ger, lect. 29, 30, he goes to Tiberi. vol. 2.
as, fect. 33. his wonderful dream, Iron harder than gold, or filver, or
lect. 42. he goes to Taricheæ, fect. brass, antiq. x. x. 4. vol. 1, blunted
$4, 59. his father put in chains, v. by flaughter, xiii, xii. 5. vol. a.
xiii. i. vol. 3, his love to his coun- lsaac, antiq. i. x. 5. vol. 1.
try, vi vii, 2. vol. 3. he is betray- Ilaiah. See Efaiah.
ed by a woman, iii, viii. l, vol. 3. In bosheth, son of Saol, is made king,
he surrenders himself to Nicanor, antiq. vii, i. 3. vol. 1, he is mura
- fect. 4. his speech to his compan- dered by treachery, c. ii, feet, 1.
ions, fect. 5. he is in danger of his Ishmael, antig, i, m. 4. vol. 1.
life, sect. 6. he advises the casting of son of Nethaniah, murders Gea
lots, sect. 7. he is carried to Vespasi daliah, the son of Ahikam, antiq. x,
, an, lect. 8. his speech to Vespasian, ix 3, 4. vol. 1.

leå. 9. he is honored by Vespasian, Isis, her tempie polluted and demolith-
and Titus, ib. Life, léct. 75, 76. ed, antiq. xviii, iii. 4. vol. 2,
vol. 2. by Domician and Domitia, Ifrael. See Jacob.'

fect. 76, he is set at liberty, War, iv. Israelites, numbered, antiq. ii, xii. 4.
• X. 7. vol. 3. his speeches to the vol, 1. and vii. xiii, 1, vol. 1. their

Jews, advismg them to surrender, v. religious zeal slackened, v. ii. 7. vol,
ix, 2. vol. 3. and vi, ii, 1, vol. 3. 1, they are carried captive into Medi-
he is accused of a conspiracy, vii. a and Persia, xiv. 1, vol. 1.
xi. 1, vol. 3. Titus gives him lands INob, or Ishiob, king, antiq. vii. vi.
in Judea, life, fe&t. ;6, vol. 2. he r. vol. 1.
had in all three wives, fect. 75, 76. Tíus, high priest, antiq. x. viii. 6.
his children, feet. 76. he was great vol. i.
ly skilled in Hebrew and Greek Ithamar, ton of Aaron, antiq. iii, viii.
learning, antiq. xx. xi. 2. yol, 2. of 2. vol. 1, his family, vii. xiv, 7.
the lect of the Pharisees, Life, lect. vol. 1, it lotes the high priesthood,
2. vol. 3. he goes to Rome, re&t. 3. antiq. viii. i. 3. vol. 2.
he is made govergor of Gallilee, lečt. Ithobalus, or Ethbaal, king of Tyre,
7. frees the Sepphorites from fear, antiq. viii. xiii. 1, 2. vol. 1. again at
ictt. 8. ftays m Galilee, fect. 12. Apion, i, feat, 18. 21, vol. 3.

Juba, king of Libya, antiq. xvii, xiii. pa, feet, 2. by Antiochus the Greate
4. vol. 2.

ib, are shut up in the Hippodrome,
Jubal, antiq. i, ii. 2. vol. i. .

but afterwards released, xvii, viu
Jubilee, 'antiq. iii. xii. 3. vol. 1.

2. vol. 2, pray for the welfare of the
Jocundus, one of Herod's life guard, Spartans, xiii, v. 8. vol. 2. Antio.

raises a calumny against Alexander, chus, a Jew, accuses his own father
antiq. xvi, x. 3. vol. 2.

at Antioch, War, vii. iii. 3. vol. 3.
Jucundus (Æmilius) War, ii, xix. 7. jews have privileges granted them
vol. 3.

by the kings of Aha, antiq. xv, vi,
Jucundus, captain of horle, War, ii, 1, vol. 2. Egyptians and Tyrians
xiv, 5. vol. 3:

chiefly hated the Jews, against Api-
Judadas, or Dedan, antiq. i. vi. 2. - on, i. lect. 13, vol. 3. Demetrias
vol. 1,

remits them part of their tribute, an.
judea, it begins at Coreæ, antiq, xiv. · tiq. xii, ii, 3. vol. 2. Jews at Alex.

iii. 4. vol. 2. a great earthquake in andria are allowed an ethoarch or
Judea, xv, v. 2. vol. 2. its fertility, alabarch, xiv. vii. 2. vol. 9, are al.
against Apion, i, sect. 22. vol. 3. lowed to gather their facred colloca
contains 3,000,000 of acres of good tions at Rome, c. X. feet, 8. enjoy
land, ib. its description, War, iii. their liberty under the Romans, on.
iii. vol. 3. length, breadth, and Jy are to pay their Caxes, xviii. ii.
limits, fect. 5. but lately known to 2. vol. 3. are derived from the
the Greeks, against Apion, i, fect. same origin with the Spartans, xii.

2. vol. 3. when firft so called, an iv. 10, vol. 2. have their own laws
tiq. xi, v. 7. vol. 1. abounding under Alexander the Great, xi. viii.
with pasture, 1. vol. 3 War, 3. vol. I are pohibited to meddle
iii. iii. 2. vol. 3. taken from Archelaus, with foreign women, xii, iv. 6. vol.

and annexed' lo Syria, antiq. xviii. i: 2. are very tanacious of their own
. 1. vol. 2. parted by Gabinius into laws, againit Apion, i, fect. 28, vol.

five jurisdictions, xiv. v. 4. vol. 2. - 3. their ambasador's place at Rome
entirely subdued and pacified by in the theatre, antiq. xiv X. 6. vol.

Titus, War, vii, X. 1, vol. 3. made 2. are numerous at Alexandria, c. vii.
tributary to the Romans, antiq. xiv, feet. 2. at Babylon, xv, ii, 2. vol.
iv, 2. vol. 5. .

2. the form of their government, xi.
Jews, governed of old by an aristocra. . iv. 8. vol. i. their quarrel ith the

cy, antiq. xiv. v. 4. vol. 2. War, i. Syrians at Cesarea about their privi,
viii. 5. vol. 2. Jewish priefts careful leges, xx. viii. 9. vol. 2. their mar.
to marry according to their law, a riages, against Apion, ü. lect, 24.
gainst Apion, i. sect. 7. vol. 3. at vol. 3. they had a synagogue at Ar.
Alexandria had equal privileges with tioch, War, vii. iij. 3. vol 3. tbcir
the Greeks, War, ii. xviii. 7. vol. 3. privileges under the Romans, antiq,
are in great danger at Antioch, vii, xvi. ii. 4, vol. 2. they send zo em-
iii, 3. vol. 3. at Ecbatana near Galio baffy to Cæfar, against Archelaus,
lee, Life, lečt. 11. vol. 2. are cut off xvii. xi. r. vol 3. the Afiatic Jews
at Cesarea, War, ij. xviii. 1. vol. 3. send an embassy to Cælar, xvi. vi.
at Scythopolis, fect. 3. are in fac 1. vol. 2, a great slaughter of Jews,
tions on account of the high priest xviii, ix. 9. vol. 3. War, i. xviii.
hood, antiq. xii. v. 1. vol. 2. 3. &c. vol. 2. and vii. viii. 6. vol.
are killed on the Sabbath day, c, vi. 3. their calamities in Mesopotamia,
fect. 2. Jews beyond Eupbrates, xv.. and Babylonia, antiq. xviii. ix. 1.
iii. 1. vol. 2. at Alexandria in E. vol. 2, beginning of the Jewish war,
gypt, and Cyprus, xiii. x. 4. vol. xx, xi. ). vol. 2. antiquity of the
2. go to war under Alexander, the Jewish rites, xvi. ii. 4. vol. 3.
Great, xi. viii. 5. vol. 1. are carri towns in Syria, Phænicia, and Idu.
ried into Egypt by Ptolemy Lagus, mes, belonging to the Jews, xiii. XP.
xii. i. 1. vol. 2. are banished Rome, 4. vol. 2.
xviii, iii. 5. vol. 3. desire to be a Judas the Essen, a prophet, antiq. xili.
Roman province, xvii, xi. 2. vol. xi. 2. vol. War, i. ii. 5. vol. 3.
2. are favored by Seleucus Nicator, Judas, a Galilean or Gaulonite, the au-
xii, ii, 1, vol. 2. by Vespasian and thor of a fourth sect among the Jews,
Ti118, sect. 1. 2. by Marcue Agrip antig, xviii, 1, 1, 2, 6, voi, 2. and

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