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PRINTER and BOOKSELLER, flas lately published the following valuable works, which are for

Sale ai his respective Booksiotesin BOSTON WORCESTER : THE COMPLETE WORKS of the late Rev. JONATHAN EDWARDS, Minister of the Gospel in Northampton, Massachusetts, and afterwards PRESIDENT of the College in Nerjersel, min In Eight VOLUMES, Ocavo, price,

18 Dollars.

KP Perhaps no divine stands higher in repute than Dr. EdWARDS. His works have long been before the public, and the in: co-asing demar for them has induced the Editor to present this his first standard American Edition. A very aged and respect. able English Divine, writing to his friend in this country, says, “ JONATHAN EDWARDS is, in my esteem, the Coryphæus of modern divines, as Dr. Owen was of the precedir:g centuryEDWARDS is every day rising in estrom among the dissenters, so that his works sell very fast in this country."

The DOCTRINE of ORIGINAL SIN Defended : Evidences of its Truth Produced, and arguments to the contrary answered, &c. &c.—By the Rev. JONATHAN EDWARDS, A. M-One Volume Ociavo, price, 2 Dollars.

MERIVALE'S DAILY DEVOTIONS for the CLOSET-o which are added, PRAYERJ on particular occasions. First AMERICAN, from the Third London Edition, with various alterations and corrections.-Pric? 6-cente.

17This litile yolume is eminently calculated for our companion in performing those duties of secret prayer and meditation, which the Saviour of the world enjoined upon all his disciples. 1 he ardent spirit of piety and gratitude contained in each prayer, discov. er the author, to have been deeply impressed with a consciousness of God's overruling Providence, guardian prutection, and parental benevolence. The goodness, the justice and mercy of the Deity are acknowledged with humble reverence; and the name of the Lord jesus Christ is praised in strains of feeling, gratitude.

Secret scrutiny into our own hearts, and private meditations are the only means of obtaining that SELF KNOWLEDGE, which ever precede greater attainments in the Christian life. No one can make these De. votions" a part of his daily religious exercises, without feeling his imperfections, and endeavoring to reform the whole course of his behav. ior. They contain no vain repentions," no inflated expressions of self abasement, but are pious emanations of a mind sincerely desirous of vorhipping God in spirit and in truth. It is to be wished that baoks of this description and merit were more generally multiplied and circulared in our country for the advancement of correct morals and pure religion.


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